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  1. Cafe Florian menu - 2019 - website has no indication it has finally closed, though Jan 21 reports of closing definitely looked grim. Fun to look back and hope it makes it to its 300th birthday: https://www.caffeflorian.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Florian_menu_Tavoli_inverno_2019.pdf
  2. Looks like the tables are more obvious on the one side, but not the Florian side. Thanks for the update. Many a memory of $50 dishes of gelato at Florian's ...while the music was playing. My very first visit in the late 1960's coming into the piazza from under the clock tower , seeing for the first time these well-photographed monuments, accented by the sound of the smaltzy little orchestra music ......reduced me to tears. I was touched instantly by the magic of the place, but in those days we pretty much had it to ourselves. We were living an hour and half away by
  3. There are encouraging reports of successful therapeutics for "covid". Prevention along with treatment are now part of the "covid" package. As these therapeutics develop and are confirmed, it will bring more security to the post-covid travel world. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33278625/
  4. Noticed on my webcam of Piazza San Marco the outdoor tables are finally back at Florian's and Quadri cafes. Start of summer and/or end of "pandemic"? A harbinger. https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/italia/veneto/venezia/piazza-san-marco.html
  5. For Explorer passengers: about a three hour flight, from Santiago, Chile to Puerto Williams, Chile
  6. World Penguin Day - April 25 - pick your favorite and celebrate - Krill Kocktails at 5pm on the aft deck at 5pm - formal attire please: https://www.penguinsinternational.org/2021/04/20/world-penguin-day-april-25th/ Or celebrate World Malaria Day - same day. Take your pick.
  7. I don't know how it is on Silversea, but on other ships we have been on, this same type of question also gets asked. (This is our first Silversea cruise) One finds with the bathroom, entry passage and closets between the cabin's interior living/sleeping space and the outside hallways and/or service areas or even elevators, there is virtually no noticeable outside noise coming into the cabin. Deck plans show a similar floor plan arrangement for Silversea cabins - with this sound buffer zone between the outside hallways..
  8. Dutch Harbor Ship Supply gets you in the spirit for upcoming episodes. https://www.alaskashipsupply.com/product/deadliest-catch-ball-cap-with-boat-names/
  9. DUTCH HARBOR - ALASKA Silly side note if you eventually do the Alaska-Japan cruise, is to watch early re-runs of The Deadliest Catch TV series, which features Dutch Harbor. We had never heard of the program when we visited, but saw signs for it all over town in their souvenir logo offerings. Figured we would take a look once we got back and amazingly got hooked on the series - vivid and personalized views inside the crab fishing industry - the main livelihood of Dutch Harbor - and the rugged personalities, flawed in many ways, who carry out this arduous task. (PS: our seas were
  10. Did a similar itinerary - Alaska to Japan on another line (ours started in SF and also spent two weeks cruising around Japan and back and forth to Kamchatka, ending in Yokohama) I liked it very, very much - much of it well off the beaten path for many ports. Chance to see a very unique part of the globe that does not have the typical vacation cruise appeal, but lots of intimate, on the ground travel experiences. Sort of place where you see every day lives in a remote part of the world, where it is fun is a visit to a Russian shopping mall - real life, not made for touri
  11. Not sure why it happened now, but when we renewed our GOES we did not need an additional interview - might have been the beginning of "covid" and just like our California drivers licenses, we just got an automatic five year extension - even though we are over 75. Everything was done online. When we got our GOES the first, we did schedule a remote location at the California-Mexican border (Calexico) because the closer LAX location was backed up over three months. So we planned a short overnight sweep into into LA - Salton Sea Imperial Valley area to take care of two tasks -get our
  12. Petropavlosk, Kamchatka - there was a 4X4 excursion on a very rough road to have a volcano cooked dinner - weather permitting. The in town Volcanarium was a very limited exhibit, intended more for school children, but the signature skyline lets you know you are in the middle of volcano country.
  13. How many still carry their yellow WHO vaccination certificates? My yellow fever vaccination "proof" is now over 50 years old. If this document still works for Yellow fever, why not "covid"? Des it still get honored today as proof of yellow fever vaccination, or any other vaccination history? I don't like the idea of business corporations alone forcing blanket medical decisions on us; instead of personal individual decisions made between doctor and patient; in conjunction with national public health agency advisories. Yellow fever being a good example - according to C
  14. Proving there are no guarantees when traveling - this is the best we got to finally and unexpectedly seeing a puffin in Petropavlosk, Russia Far East - a photo obviously put to shame compared to the prior offerings. But as they say, while wildlife is plentiful sightings are not guaranteed! At least we were finally able to take the puffin off mythical status. DH is dutifully embarrassed by this puny photo offering - but it does illustrate the varieties of the travel experience when it comes to getting those killer shots. I am reminded we did see puffins at the North Cape, Norway
  15. Thanks for the great puffin photos - just what we wanted to see, but we were never able to get up close and personal, after our many attempts. We were ready to assume they were a tourism marketing hoax! We unfortunately learned too late they do have a very limited season on land for breeding and do spend most of their time out at sea - so plotting on the calendar is a must. We even took a spacial trip to a "puffin island" off the northern shore of Iceland. After a long ride on a small boat to learn the puffins had just left, but we got to walk among hundreds of their nesting holes
  16. We did much of what appears to be a similar itinerary on another cruise line a year or so ago - SF to Yokohoma - via Alaska, Russia Far East and two weeks around Japan. Pretty fabulous, but very much off the beaten path port stops. They are not geared for traditional "tourism" and often limited in what can be offered, but they are very much real experiences in far away places. Surprisingly interesting stops were both very small Dutch Harbor - Unalaska and rather grand Vladivostok. This itinerary is more rugged, than glamorous. I would grab this opportunity, if you simply like t
  17. Greetings, also trying to figure out whether to rent or buy boots upfront for an upcoming 2022 cruise - but to South Georgia rather than Antarctic. Those who did rent boots from Silversea, did you get your shoe size recommendation (larger) or go up a size or more to accommodate thick socks? What if your regular shoe size falls in between two sizes - did you take the larger or one that might be smaller? Size 8 here and they offer a (7.5 -8) or an (8.5-9) size boot. Thanks. Assume the larger would be the safer choice.
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