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  1. The Betsy. As said above - unique.
  2. I'd ask on the boat. Rather simpler than relying on a forum like this. It's funny how people find holidays so complicated!
  3. If you lived in the UK you'd know that pink gin is made by the barman with normal gin and bitters. Buying it coloured by Gordons is a waste of money. I am sure the bar on the boat can give you a pink gin if you ask. Flavoured gin is the big thing over here at the moment - to take our minds off Brexit and that dreaded Mrs May. But ordinary gin can be given any flavour you want for a few pence.
  4. I forgot to mention that Manfred was Cruise Director when we were on the Esprit at Christmas. Those who remember him from Seabourne will know his level of experience. We were considering the Esprit cruise around the west coast of Greece and Croatia. He offered us insights you would rarely get from 'a future booking person'. Read into this what you like. I say no more so don't erase this post Mr Moderator! Tony
  5. On the list shown I saw only two SS ships .... the problem with some journalists is they adopt the motto of ‘Never let the truth get in the way of a good story’ 😀 Agreed. Who could sell an article on cruise line found to have clean ships? In the UK we are amused by the one newspaper running the royal baby story with headlines like 'American actress has child'. But back to the dirty ship story. Have you ever read a newspaper article about something you know a lot about and found it true? Takes too long for the fee the journos earn. Tony Ex publisher of magazines in the UK!
  6. There was at Christmas in the Caribbean. It is a small ship so they all double up - but the girl on at Christmas was fine at sales. Tony
  7. Do ask Isklaar but in my experience they never leave you unable to get into the centre of interest FOC.
  8. New mirror needed then wripro. I thought you were going to say your pet dog when its walkies time.
  9. Just go to their web site and you won't see the t/shirt brigade any where. I made this point some time ago. Thank you for reminding us - and hopefully Seabourn. Those pictures in the advertising are what they believe they are selling to fill their vessels. They are letting those customers down if that is not the experience they find when aboard. If I see a red car in an advertisement and it turns out to be green when it arrives I feel cheated. OK this is a more extreme deception but it is the way some people see things. I put it on Seabourn not the passengers testing the system. Agreed.
  10. In theory it should not take even half an hour once you are in your cab. What is uncertain is how long it will take to find one. The black cabs might all be grabbed and Uber is a moving feast in London. BUT when we got back from our Norway trip last year the tender service itself was slow. It was being supplied by those Clipper folk that we use a river taxis from Putney. I was told they had supplied one boat and not the two requested by SilverSeas Quite frankly I'd get off the boat as soon as you can. If you arrive at Kings Cross an hour early you can go to the hotel and have a nice cup of coffee. You have seen the picture of that gangway. I guess we stood on it in a queue for half an hour. It is just one of those little things that can go wrong and there is nothing you can do about it.
  11. Be warned that there is little space for taxis and driver cars to park shoreside. Be prepared to hunt for your car if you have pre-booked one. And don't expect to see a stream of black cabs plying for hire. I am not suggesting it is major problem but if you are worried about getting a cabin bag on to the shuttle boat it is something you should be prepared for when you get ashore. We were travelling as a couple. My wife went in search of our pre-booked car and I stood guard over our cases until she found it. Tony London UK
  12. Wearing a tee shirt as you describe conjures up impressions of someone who has a problem ranging between arrogance and insecurity, with a whole range of possibilities in between. So, how should one respond? Maybe pity? Never anger Dusko. What a mature response. And I am not being sarcastic. I'm close to my nineth decade and have still to work out the right way to regard folk like that. One part of me says be quiet. And the other part of me says what can I do to help people like that. But the quiet man in me wins. And the other guy will go on wearing tee shirts in smart restaurants until he reaches his nineth decade. But I do think I've had more fun than he will ever have.
  13. I am pretty sure it was on the boarding day when we were on the Esprit at Christmas. It stayed overnight at St Maarten on the dock. I guess the logic is that if something goes wrong like an overnight fire they want you to know where to muster. Tony London UK
  14. A few on this Christmas Esprit trip. http://www.tonygamble.uk/Carib_Cruise_Xmas_2018/index.html Tony London UK
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