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  1. We were on the Esprit in the Caribbean for Christmas 2018. The only dining outside in the evening was from the Grill and that shut at 8.00.
  2. Maybe the only bad airline is American Airlines. We will never use them again. KLM will be subject to the EU compensation ruling. AA avoid it - and it shows. But certainly the airport was not fully recovered last January. Maybe another year has enabled them to sort themselves out. Have a lovely holiday and forget about any worries.
  3. St Maartan has a cavalier attitude to outgoing flights. Beware as I read our experience is far from rare. We were returning from a cruise in early January this year. The aircraft was overloaded and underfuelled. It took them two hours and several thousand dollars to buy enough volunteers off the plane to make it safe to fly to Charlotte. We arrived in Charlotte too late for our UK connection and the next one was 24 hours later. We were billetted in a rubbish hotel overnight with a pitiful meal allowance. How much is this can be blamed on the storm damage is anyone's guess - but be prepared to accept that if things go wrong you may find the recovery skills rather lacking.
  4. We stayed in Trapani in May. It is easy to walk around the old town and, depending on time, there is a hilltown, Erice, which is historical and picturesque. You can get to Erice on public transport. A local bus and then the cable car. IMHO there are no sites that 'really should be seen' but if you want a flavour of old Sicily go to Erice. Tony London UK
  5. The Betsy. As said above - unique.
  6. I'd ask on the boat. Rather simpler than relying on a forum like this. It's funny how people find holidays so complicated!
  7. If you lived in the UK you'd know that pink gin is made by the barman with normal gin and bitters. Buying it coloured by Gordons is a waste of money. I am sure the bar on the boat can give you a pink gin if you ask. Flavoured gin is the big thing over here at the moment - to take our minds off Brexit and that dreaded Mrs May. But ordinary gin can be given any flavour you want for a few pence.
  8. I forgot to mention that Manfred was Cruise Director when we were on the Esprit at Christmas. Those who remember him from Seabourne will know his level of experience. We were considering the Esprit cruise around the west coast of Greece and Croatia. He offered us insights you would rarely get from 'a future booking person'. Read into this what you like. I say no more so don't erase this post Mr Moderator! Tony
  9. On the list shown I saw only two SS ships .... the problem with some journalists is they adopt the motto of ‘Never let the truth get in the way of a good story’ 😀 Agreed. Who could sell an article on cruise line found to have clean ships? In the UK we are amused by the one newspaper running the royal baby story with headlines like 'American actress has child'. But back to the dirty ship story. Have you ever read a newspaper article about something you know a lot about and found it true? Takes too long for the fee the journos earn. Tony Ex publisher of magazines in the UK!
  10. There was at Christmas in the Caribbean. It is a small ship so they all double up - but the girl on at Christmas was fine at sales. Tony
  11. Do ask Isklaar but in my experience they never leave you unable to get into the centre of interest FOC.
  12. New mirror needed then wripro. I thought you were going to say your pet dog when its walkies time.
  13. Just go to their web site and you won't see the t/shirt brigade any where. I made this point some time ago. Thank you for reminding us - and hopefully Seabourn. Those pictures in the advertising are what they believe they are selling to fill their vessels. They are letting those customers down if that is not the experience they find when aboard. If I see a red car in an advertisement and it turns out to be green when it arrives I feel cheated. OK this is a more extreme deception but it is the way some people see things. I put it on Seabourn not the passengers testing the system. Agreed.
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