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    Reliability of Flybe on the day of cruise departure

    Its an unnecessary risk, look at the BA fiasco
  2. If the place you stopped for lunch looked as per the photo yes it was from Flaam!
  3. Stavanger I would recomend the Pulpit Rock trip as I think that you need to find something to do, Stavanger was a bit subdued for us on a Sunday! Olden We did the Briksdal Glacier from Geiranger, which was an exceptionally long time on a coach, must be better from Olden and is well worth it, you need to do a bit of walking at the top to see the Glacier, but it is fantastic! In Flaam we did a tour that involved getting another train at the top of the Flaambahn (Myrdahl) and went to Voss I think, where we had lunch we then had a coach drive back to the ship, excellent scenary on that trip, someone said on another forum that it is called Norway in a Nutshell, I cant remember!

    UK cruises buying obc

    Although priced in Dollars when you come to pay the amount is converted to GB pounds before checkout if you are in the UK at the OBC rate.The credit card conversion isn't necessary

    UK cruises buying obc

    You can pay with OBC, but even if you pay for excurtions in advance you will get the same exchange rate as your OBC, you are locked into that rate!

    UK cruises buying obc

    You can check this on the webpage on your planner. The dollar amounts of OBC are fixed at $25/$50/$100, so if the cost is shown £12.50/£25.00/£50.00 then the exchange rate is $2/£1, if however if it is showing £17.25/£34.50/£69.00 then the exchange rate is indeed $1.45/£, so stock up on it. You will not be able to get any excess out directly in cash, (methods do exist though) but you will get a cheque after you arrive back, (mine took 11 weeks) so you need to be in a position that you dont need the cash! Nb You can search these boards for 'the other methods' too complicated for me I waited for a cheque!

    Shuttle question in the Baltics

    The locals all speak very good English, its an excellent stop with no help from Buses needed, just wander around!

    All inclusive Beverage Package

    I thought you could cancel before you sail anyway!

    Left over OBC refunded question

    Check out this thread! http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2423977 Mine took 11 weeks
  10. SWORRUB1

    AIBP - minis, small wine and champagne

    Had no problem getting unopened bottles with the AIBP in the Summer of 2016 on the Emerald.
  11. SWORRUB1

    Purchased OBC pre boarding

    Sorry thought I wrote that in post # 20, however Cheque was in GBP ie the currency of my home country and the exchange rate was the current rate at the point I asked for it, not the rate I purchased it at.
  12. SWORRUB1

    Purchased OBC pre boarding

    The rate ruling when I asked for it. Strange but thats what happened. :)
  13. SWORRUB1

    Purchased OBC pre boarding

    This is correct I booked my recent summer 2016 cruise in Jan 2016 Exchange rate 1GBP= USD1.54. Bought everything I could at that rate including Excursions and OBC. Had about USD 700 left in the account when I returned. Requested it to be refunded and a cheque turned up 11 weeks after I disembarked. I did try to get a little cash from Customer Services for cash tips but they were reluctant to do this and only in small amounts. Other methods exist for getting cash out of the OBC account and involve getting a casino account and cashing out. These are detailed on this forum.
  14. SWORRUB1

    Purchased OBC pre boarding

    Not for me it wasnt I got a cheque 11 weeks later
  15. SWORRUB1

    post BREXIT vote OBC

    The cheque has turned up today from Carnival. It has refunded the OBC at the rate applicable when I asked for it to be refunded. So that's 11 days from their promise of 10-14 days, well done, but 11-12 weeks since I docked back in Southampton. :-( The moral of the story is to have excess OBC when your home currency is falling, but not when its increasing in dollar value!....and if you need the cash DONT DO IT!