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  1. deeko

    Will we like the Koningsdam?

    Wine director on K ??? Not sure. We are just off a week ago. Beverage Manager is Eileen. Very approachable and helpful. Various servers in the various Restaurants are noticeable by wearing their "tastevin" They too are helpful. deeko
  2. Hello Nefoodies, Just a couple of points following our recent Fjords cruise on the Koningsdam. Our Aft verandah was both wide and deep. Bigger than our Haven H4 NCL verandah!!! We too had been loyal to another cruise line......Platinum NCL and we were very favourably impressed by H A. The MDR was very good. Not sure if New Amsterdam has Tamarind.....if so do go. We went twice and enjoyed it a lot. Have a great time. deeko
  3. Hi all, Just a quick reply to all who answered my query about embarkation times. They were all really helpful. Thanks again for your time and thoughts. Deeko
  4. Hello to all. I will soon be saying hello to HAL for the first time. On this site there is a lot of chat about where to have lunch on embarkation day. Many suggestions are given and all helpful. The MDR is mentioned and it seems it is open from approx. 12 noon to 1.30. So far so good. Now here's the subtlety. HAL send out suggested times for embarkation. Most are well into the afternoon and way beyond 12 noon. This illogicality is remarkable. On the majority of cruise lines embarkation begins around 11.30 or just a little later. Even for non suite guests. So are these times a ploy by HAL to save money on lunches (under the guise of being helpful and making all guests more comfortable) or are these times often ignored and guests who turn up at say 11.30, perhaps just off a flight, can board at a time other than HAL say. At first sight I must say it seems very "dictatorial" to write as they do. After the website and emails sticking.....first impressions are not fantastic!! Perhaps others know the truth of these embarkation times?? Thanks Deeko
  5. Thanks to you both. Now why didn't I say I was leaving from Amsterdam??? Told this was the place for Dummies!! Thanks again
  6. Hello all......again!!! OK so this thread is for Dummies.......... Does anyone know (I bet they do!) what deck we will embark on when embarking the Koningsdam? Thanks Deeko
  7. Thanks Ruth, As always you are a mine of information. Thanks. We are looking forward to trying HAL. Deeko
  8. Hello to all. New to HAL so a very simple question. What tie do we have to keave the ship (Koningsdam) in Amsterdam? It arrives at 06.00. That seems very early to disembark even allowing for customs clearance. On Princess and NCL we were not rushed off and even had time to have breakfast in the MDR or the Haven. Our flight to Alicante is not until 14.00 so we have time. I'd love to hear from those who have disembarked at a more relaxed pace!!! Thanks for all info Deeko
  9. Hi Shake Daddy, I'm on the same TA. I'll be out on deck watching!!! Wear something distinctive and I'll wave......maybe a sweat shirt!!! You'll probably be in a sweat!! Good Luck whatever you do. Deeko
  10. I understand what you are saying. Without being too philosophical can I just say being retired does give a lot more freedom......but hey......maybe don't rush to be there. There are other subtleties like we are "older". After open heart surgery a couple of years ago it seemed wise to "carpe diem". One last point about flying Aer Lingus out of Dublin.......we do pre clearance before we board. We are in the USA before we leave!! That does save time at the other end!!! Thanks for your reply. non genius Deeko
  11. Firstly can I thank everyone for their replies. It has been very helpful. CC people invariably are!! We are now much wiser about the variety of methods and the variety of pitfalls!! Just now we are in Ireland, though we also have a home in Spain. Aer Lingus have excellent Business Class fares to Miami as well as Orlando. We are under no pressure of time so that accounts for what some may feel is a roundabout route to Miami. We know Miami from other cruises and we just wanted to see more of Florida. We sail on the Jade out of Miami to the Caribbean B2B at the end of the week so arriving MCO on Monday is fine. At the end of the B2B we sail out of Port Canaveral on the Epic TA. Epic arrives in Barcelona. We will stay there a few days and take an excellent Spanish Renfe train to our home below Alicante. That by the way leaves us with the return part of the air ticket. We will sail Epic in November into Port Canaveral.....and fly to our home in Ireland out of Orlando. This is bit long.......but I reckoned some explanation was required by some folk. So Disneyland......no!! nothing Mickey Mouse about this trip!!! Thanks again to all.....you are terrific. Deeko
  12. Hello to all. We fly into Orlando (first time) and want a taxi to an Orlando downtown hotel. Hotel has no shuttle. Then next day we want transport from Orlando hotel to Miami hotel. I've read lots of reports about the "problems" people encounter. I'm sure some cruisers have done this many times. So your experience and ideas are really welcome. Thanks. deeko
  13. deeko

    Priority embarkation on Epic

    Hi Trician, I was very interested in your response re your disembarkation from the Epic. We have been in the Haven 2brm suite 3 times now. The only frustration came as we were walking off. Waited for concierge......a long time while he gathered more and more people. Then we went to the exit deck. He delayed us for another long time while he engaged with some other passengers not in our group. Eventually my wife and I simply walked off without the others some of whom had pre arranged taxis and were now well beyong their arranged time. This was the most pathetic organisation I have ever known on NCL (platinum). Was the concierge BR-NO???? Just wondering!!!!! Roll on next year.....we are off next month Deeko
  14. deeko

    Epic Haven......H6 Aft or H4

    Thank you FLcruisergrl I have no doubt that it is a fabulous suite. That's why we choose the aft on the Jade when the Haven has no dining room or lounge. The view is fabulous. I worry not about the money difference but on the TA didn't want to be aft!!! Coward!! Next year in the Caribbean it has made me ask about aft Haven v court yard Haven. What you say is very helpful.....hey if life had no more problems that the one I ask about......... Makes me think.....when I see what I worry about....wow wise up deeko!! Really enjoyed your reply. Thanks again. Deeko
  15. wow.....I can't think what a better offer would be......maybe thet will pay you to take it!!! deeko