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  1. Thanks! After bugging them on Twitter+Facebook they are reissuing to the correct address (I hope!)
  2. HELP PLEASE! Lol Ok, so got an email from Cunard just now saying they are refunding me by cheque BUT they are sending it to completely the wrong address- they're sending it to another building in London with the same name. I was wondering what to do? Also HOW LONG would it take the cheque to come through the post- I've managed to contact the other address and they've said they'll keep a look out but I have no idea when to expect the cheque... Thanks so much in advance and I hope we can all make it through!!!!!!! I miss cruising!!!!! xxx
  3. Bummer! So it’s all FCC or pray it gets cancelled if u want any semblance of money back? Eeek!
  4. Oh wow! Thanks so much! Much appreciated. the only thing is if the cruise does go ahead then I’ll be stuck with a ton of credit (im guessing it’s non transferable as id probably use theirs!) haha xo
  5. Ok, I can’t see anything about a refund 😞 basically we’re due for a cruise 2nd May and ideally we’d like as much as refund (as I don’t think my friends would ever go again at this rate esp as they are older!). so my dilemma is to take the 40% refund now OR wait until it’s likely to be cancelled nearer the time (considering they may just offer credit OR go bankrupt by then!) any informed advice/opinions would be great. Thanks so much! 🙂
  6. OMG! Can someone who’s completely sure confirm that IF they cancel your cruise they are no longer offering a refund?? Just future cruise credit? https://www.cunard.com/en-gb/contact-us/travel-health-advisories/flexible-cancellation-policy/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=CUEMEROCancelTermsNewPolicy&utm_campaign=pre_cruise_journey&utm_term=CU-89075976&utm_content=here#transfer
  7. Cunard have updated so 70+/those with illnesses can get a refund. If there are 2x people in the room and one cancels and gets full refund - what happens with the other person who isn’t ill/under 70?? X
  8. Thanks!!! Do keep me updated if anything. Another one in our party is 62. Do u think this will impact at all?
  9. Just got this. Any idea what could happen- full refund? gosh it’s so heartbreaking to see my most fave industry unravelling 😭 in light of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, the UK Government has issued advice against cruise ship travel for British nationals aged 70 and over and people with pre-existing health conditions. We understand if you are concerned by this advice. As your voyage is departing outside 14 days, we will be in touch as soon as possible with further guidance.
  10. I did say!!!... I can’t say the first reviews have been encouraging... 🤭 they should’ve hired me as a consultant (I did write to them haha!)
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