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  1. Ahhh, I thought as much! Eek, shame that! Methinks Celeb won't be launching a new Edge class ship in our neck of the woods anytime soon lol
  2. Woo! Booked on this- the Single balcony was the cheapest I could find. The insides on Celeb's site and everywhere else were disappeared? Do people think the prices will go down nearer the time or just get higher as it's likely to be v popular. Anyone any idea why they doing this? I was originally booked on the 7 night Med cruise- but they got cancelled and replaced with 10 night ones! Wonder why that did that too??? Anyone any idea. This taster cruise is perfect in terms of duration! Can't wait! x
  3. Thanks for the reassurance guys!!! Sounds amazing! Feeling much better about it! ❤️
  4. Hi, interesting concepts- I've been assigned what I think is a connecting cabin 10168 (Apex). What do people think? Will noise/general disturbance be an issue?? Thanks! X
  5. True- the proof of the buffet will be in the eating! It'll either crush the staff so they'll have to reassess or it'll start a new trend- which would horrible as I'm quite picky and love the buffet- also good for my baby nephew!
  6. I was really curious and excited to see what they could bring to the table but I really am unimpressed with most of the renderings. Celebrity edge is breathtaking and so have paid more to go on it. My concern is for the customers, but more for the staff when dealing with non-buffet/custom order scenario. Embarkation/disembarkation/excursion/lectures are busy enough when there's a buffet and that's instant serve. Trying to take individual orders when customers are shirty enough is gonna be horrendous for the staff! X
  7. Have been pleasantly surprised prices haven't been crazy- always the cheapest inside for me haha 7 night Med booked- Aug 2020! X
  8. I believe they will be released when all cruises go on sale on 27th Nov. I think it'll be of standard 7 nights hopefully lol would love to sail from Southampton but it's not great time of year for me sep/oct is good! X
  9. Wow. £1449 isn't bad for an inaugural cruise, I thought it might be wayyy more. Is that price definite or just speculation? Thanks so much!
  10. OMG!!! Well done!!! Are these the only ones from Southampton- any idea of starting prices? Any info on the Barcelona season? Thanks so much!
  11. https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/news/3522/ Breaking news!
  12. I'm so excited for the Apex to come to Southampton! Does anyone have any idea or knowledge about schedules or approx pricing? I'm guessing the standard 7 day fjords is going to be a staple. Anything else like a mini cruise etc? I'm booking as soon as! It's the 27th Nov? I'm Elite Plus! Xxx
  13. I can't say I'm sold- neither the pictures of the ship nor the dining (no buffet/main dining room?) inspires me...
  14. No buffet??? On a very practical level how are the staff going to manage?!
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