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  1. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/gbr/en/resources/contact-us they usually have a live chat box during day good luck!
  2. Thanks all!!! Got the emails this even and all sorted- fingers xd! x
  3. Thanks i've called a LOT and nothing Is this ok https://www.traveltesting.eurofins.co.uk/test-to-depart
  4. Hi guys we booked a couple of days- sailing this Sunday on the Anthem from Southampton. Erm, we still haven't got the covid test links (despite asking a LOT!) what to do? Also, any tips/advice on last min upgrade - we are in a junior suite but I may like the grand suite but obvs it's pricey! Any advice on last min upgrade and when is it not possible to upgrade? Thanks!
  5. Due to last min change, my friend's mother may be joining him on his cruise which is on Friday. Given their age/technological ability, I don't think checking in on the app is an option tbh. Are they able to turn up in person and check in manually at Southampton? Thanks so much!
  6. Thx! Yeah I love the shows, i just couldn't see it on the app!
  7. Onboard next Sunday- just booked, any idea when I get the covid test booking link? Also, are there any shows? Spectra's cabaret or Broadway musical etc x
  8. Hi, I'm planning a last minute for 12th Sep (next week!) Anthem of the seas staycation. What's the step by step procedure - with the testing centre? My partner is in NI but can come to London before Are centres open on Saturdays? Any other tips would be great!
  9. Hi! I know with covid etc things are different but I was wondering about early disembarkation? Basically my boyfriend may need to leave the ship at any time as he's waiting for his work visa. Is it possible to leave the ship at any point. I know in the good old days this was ok but obvs with covid this may not be allowed. Any help much appreciated! Thanks so much! xxx
  10. In Portsmouth, they check ur proof of Vax then do a very gentle nasal swab, wait for result in the main room then board ship!
  11. No probs- I turned $50 sailor loot into $80 cash x
  12. Main BJ table - 3:2, $5 min, hit soft 17
  13. Oh gosh complicated- I hope u get it- they offered the FCC so they could keep our custom (I originaly wanted a refund as I don't usually sail much with rccl), they should honor it. defo give live chat a go, the guy said he'll request refund, I'll find out in a month i guess lol
  14. Have you tried the live chat option? I just went on there and they were v helpful... So annoying tho!
  15. I can't be the only one having an issue?!!!! I did a dummy booking to check- I entered the code on the site and it said 'accepted' I'm on the phone to them now and on live chat...
  16. Gosh, thanks will call them tomo morn. What a pain lol
  17. But how do I book online? As it gave me a box to enter the code im confused- can I use it on a regular booking? Thx all
  18. Hi all. I got £75 FCC for a cancelled sailing last year. I’m not too familiar with how it works. Went to book a U.K. anthem cruise and entered the code, it was accepted (no money was deducted off the payment), I figured they manually had to check the amount and refund it or something. I just got an email saying the certificate cannot be applied as the booking is paid for. I’ll go call them in the morning. But any advice/help would be appreciated! thx!!!
  19. Ooh so we can use Sailor Loot on the blackjack tables?! Cool! Do u know if they had any poker games going (not the one against the dealer)
  20. Think school goes back first week or so of Sep
  21. Hi all. Hope ur well! Haven't really considered RCCL UK staycations but the Anthem prices are crazy good... Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated (I can't keep up with all the different rules of the lines!) I've done MSC and Princess this summer but I think RCCL are a bit different. Some questions: - With the Covid test you have to arrange in a couple of days time before the criuses is it nasal and throat swab?? - I believe the buffet is closed for dinner (sob sob) are there many/any quick alternatives other than the MDR/Speciality?
  22. Hi all. Hope ur well! If anyone has any great tips for the Anthem staycations UK that'd be cool!
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