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  1. On the Westbound TA's do you typically get nice enough weather for pool time?
  2. What sail date did you move to? I think I am going use L&S to move to April 11 of next year. Also, I'm thinking about booking a cruise on the EDGE that departs the same date the Infinity is back at Miami port. We would need to get from Miami port to Ft. Lauderdale airport. Thanks Sue
  3. Did you get this deal today? I was looking and can't find it.
  4. I have a 5 night cruise booked on the Infinity Mar 15 2021 in a suite. I was considering using the lift & shift to move this cruise to 2022. I got such a great deal on this cruise that 125% FCC wouldn't be enough to rebook to another ship or sail date. If Infinity leaves the fleet do you think they will give options to move to another ship and sail date? That's the only way I don't lose out on the great deal I got. I need to decide if I should move to 2022 or not.
  5. It was great! We didn't notice any noise. The view was not obstructed. We saw the magic carpet go by our room maybe 2 times. I'd definitely select this cabin again and the price for S3 was so much less than the S2.
  6. I saw a great deal for a suite thru a TA site for these sailings. Bu by the time I saw it the deal the cabins were gone and prices were much higher. Sometimes you just have to be lucky. I always wonder if it's an IT mistake or they purposely put these out there for a great deal.
  7. Can you share any great deals you found today or yesterday? What ship, itinerary, date, cabin type, cost and perks? Was it a senior, military, or resident discount? Was it with NCL or a TA? We can't mention the specific TA but I think it's fine to say if the it was directly with NCL or thru TA. Thanks
  8. I have my first 2 grand babies coming in March and May of this year. Since I'm still working I'm resisting the deals for this year to save my vacation days to help my daughter and daughter-in-law and spend time with my new babies! So I'm looking for deals for 2021 and 2022. Thank you for all the great feedback. I'll keep looking and watching this post for updates.
  9. Hi Denny, I understood your points from your original post and didn't take it as a put down. I agree that finding out about a great deal that is gone doesn't really help me now. But I have actually been able to take advantage of 2 great deals based on someone posting the deal. I've also gotten some great tips on websites that can help with the search. I do search for my own deals but usually do not have much luck. Thanks Sue
  10. Thank you for your feedback. I knew that I could expect some choppy weather on a TA but I thought it would still be warm enough to sit outside by the pool. Is the weather typically colder?
  11. I think I can cancel up to 120 days before the cruise with no penalty.
  12. Thank you for the feedback. I haven't checked much into the expected weather. I thought it would still be warm enough to sit outside. That's another to consider because I love sitting outside by the pool.
  13. I'm trying to decide if I should keep my reservation for the Epic TA on 4/11/2021 from Miami to Barcelona. I'm in an H9 Spa Haven and have the premium beverage, internet, shore excursion credit & 5 night dining package. We also have flights from Detroit plus 2 day deviation at beginning and end and transfers from airport to the port. Our total price for 2 of us is 7200. I think this is a pretty good deal. These are the points making me second guess the reservation: The SPA cabins are in terrible location and there is alot of noise from the pool deck above. This is the only Ha
  14. Thank you for the great tips. So far we've sailed on Royal, Celebrity and NCL. I will remember your tips for future cruising with Princess & HAL.
  15. Thank you! I do want to follow the rules. Who are CC's authorized advertisers?
  16. Can you share any great deals you found within the lasts few days? What ship, itinerary, date, cabin type, cost and perks? Was it a senior, military, or resident discount? Was it with Celebrity or a TA? We can't mention the specific TA but I think it's fine to say if the it was directly with Celebrity or thru TA. I was recently able to take advantage of a great deal on a 5 night Infinity cruise in March 2021 because of a fellow cruiser that posted this deal. Thanks
  17. Did you book the Best of Japan cruise 4/11/2021? That's the only one I see on Millennium on April 11. It looks like the deal went quick because the Aqua & Suites are expensive out and the other categories are sold out.
  18. I must of missed the best deal. I did put a 1A Balcony on hold for total of 2060 for 2 of us. That's with no perks. Is that a good deal? Thanks
  19. I must of missed this because I can't find this rate! This was quite the deal.
  20. What do you get for owning Celebrity stock? Maybe now would be a good time to buy some.
  21. We will be on the Infinity Mar 10-15 2021 in an S2 suite. We were recently on the Edge this past Dec in an S3 suite. We had such a good time. The retreat area on the Edge was beautiful and so relaxing. Will the "M" class retreat areas have a hot tub, pool, and bar? How's the entertainment options on Infinity compared to S or E class ships? Thank you!
  22. I have been having such a hard time using these websites - Cru----- or Cost---. I guess that by big box TA you mean Cost--. But I can't for the life of me figure out how to do a custom search.
  23. Is this deal still available? I’ve been trying to browse the Celebrity site for deals in 2021 and 2022. It feels like looking for a needle in a haystack. Appreciate any tips you could provide.
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