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  1. We're on the Vista this Saturday. They're now calling it "extended maintenance" and "an enhancement plan for the ride." We were looking forward to trying it, but won't exactly ruin our cruise without it. The official email said this: Dear Carnival Vista Guest, Due to extended maintenance, SkyRide will be closed for the duration of your cruise, while our team completes an enhancement plan for the ride. We apologize for any disappointment this may cause and know you'll enjoy the many other fun features on board. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to welcoming you on board for a fun and memorable cruise.
  2. Unfortunately she appears to have left CC. Profile shows last visit as Sep 23.
  3. We've done both of the 8 days that you've listed. Either one is great. Given your choices and all else being equal, I'd choose the 8 day with Aruba and Curacao as those are beautiful beach ports that don't show up on many itineraries.
  4. Interested in this as based on the Fun Times I have seen for Vista, they seem to do PG comedy absurdly early. How did you pull off going to PG comedy, dinner, show and adult comedy? We've done everything nightly on other ships, but it seems to be almost impossible on Vista given the scheduling.
  5. The 8 day cruises we have been on had main shows of: Night 1 - Welcome Aboard 4 additional Nights - Playlist shows 1 night - solo entertainer, typically magician/illusionist, etc 1 night - Love and Marriage show (possible preceded by Hasbro) 1 night - Lip Sync Battle The 7 day used to have the solo entertainer (this was pre-Lip Sync battle), now I think that the LSB replaces the solo entertainer on the 7 day, at least that seems to be the case on current Fun Times that I've seen.
  6. We have had one balloon drop on 6 cruises (I believe it was the Splendor). The premise was that you put your name inside the balloons, put them in a net on an upper deck above the atrium and then after the drop they would pull random balloons and give prizes to the name inside. I have no idea if the prize thing was actually done or not since the drop was scheduled during the heart of Early Dining so we were in MDR eating at the time and they said you had to be present to win.
  7. I was afraid of that. 9 day "Cuba overnight" itinerary and not even a full day in Havana. The 4 and 5 day Cuba itineraries give you more time in Havana than that. And to think, Carnival has the nerve to call Day 5 "Havana" even though you're only there for two hours from midnight to 2am.
  8. Not trying to be dumb here, and I should know this, but when the itinerary says: Day 4 - Havana 11am overnight stay Day 5 - Havana depart 2am Day 6 - Half Moon Cay 9am-5pm That means in Havana for most of Day 4 and all of Day 5, leaving at 2am Day 6?
  9. There's a mac n cheese in the kids section although likely not the nice M&C platter with the add-ons that is on the current sea day brunch. It looks like the bagel/lox combo is gone as well as the french toast with cereal stuck on it. OP, I see the pressed juice upcharge. I presume that the regular juices (orange, apple, etc) are still free?
  10. Prior to our last cruise, I would never have thought to even ask, but this past summer we wanted to get to Hasbro so we told our server that we were going to skip dessert. She said that we should just take it with us. So we told her what we wanted and a minute later had them to go and then ate them in the theater during Hasbro. Gotta love the MDR servers - they're the best.
  11. In looking at recent Funtimes for Vista, I see that the cooking demonstration on the first sea day is listed as taking place in the atrium. As far as I know and have seen, it's in the steakhouse on the other ships. For anyone who has been on the Vista, do they really do this in the atrium, and if so, how?
  12. Frankly, I think you made a mistake if you're looking for less crowded public spaces. Vista class has similar spaces as Sunshine, but with considerably greater number of passengers to squeeze into them. We were on the Sunshine in August. There were about 3600 on board. At no time did it ever seem crowded. And if there were crowds, there would be plenty of ways to avoid them. Like the "secret" breakfast in Ocean Plaza (one morning, we were the only ones there), and the Havana Bar/Cucina area for lunch (where we always found an empty table). Overall, the Sunshine was absolutely our favorite ship, although the Breeze would be a close second. Sunshine had more included food options and more entertainment than any other ship we've been on. I'd sail on her again in a heartbeat.
  13. In addition, if the new rate is a guaranteed cabin rate code as opposed to a pick your own, realize that you might lose your cabin choice to get that rate.
  14. As far as I know, Ft Lauderdale has always been the embarkation port to get the 8 day Southern. We did that itinerary out of Ft Lauderdale on the Splendor in 2017. It's now currently being handled by the Conquest until next Spring and then the Magic will take over. I didn't know that there were any Southern out of Port Canaveral, but apparently there is. The Sunshine appears to be doing the 8 day Southern about once a month through the Spring as you found out. The Horizon will also continue to do that itinerary out of Miami.
  15. Having just come off the Sunshine 7 weeks ago, I can say that she gave us more entertainment choices and more included food options than any other ship we've been on. 3600 on board in what would seemingly be less public space than the smaller ships with far fewer passengers, but it never felt crowded. We were skeptical going in and the reviews were certainly mixed, but the Sunshine gets a huge thumbs up from us.
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