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  1. Sorry about your experience on board the Queen Isabel. We cruised the Douro 2 years ago on the Queen Isabel and did not encounter any of the problems you described. In fact, it was one of our favorite river cruises. The ship might not be one of Uniworld's finest, but the staff, service and offered itinerary made up for any shortcomings. We especially loved that all of the crew was Portuguese, and their love and pride of their country was evident throughout the cruise. I have found that bus rides are part of river cruise excursions on many itineraries, in order to take passengers to interesting places, and I try to embrace the bus travel as part of the journey.
  2. Nothing specific on their website, but I'm checking with my TA.
  3. Yes, I was wondering specifically about Uniworld's schedule for the TGV trip. (We'll be on Uniworld's Grand France cruise, and the train from Paris to Lyon is included). I don't think they have anything scheduled for the day we arrive in Lyon, and I'd like to know how much of the day we'll have in Lyon for exploring on our own.
  4. We're on the Uniworld Grand France river cruise in March. Could anyone tell me what time we depart Paris and what time we arrive in Lyon (or what your experience was)? I'd like to plan what we might do when we arrive in Lyon, depending on the time of arrival.
  5. Not necessarily a bad thing that Crystal has a limited number of ships. Rather than mass marketing like some river cruise lines, they can provide a more concentrated effort on what they offer to passengers, and from my experience they excel in almost every aspect of their product. For me their only real downfall is that their cruises are limited to the Rhine, Moselle and Danube. I agree that you have to sort through some of the subjectivity of Cruise Critic comments, but they are a valuable resource when considering a river cruise.
  6. I've been on several Uniworld cruises and one Crystal river cruise, and I think they both offer similar experiences. Itineraries and offered excursions, staff, customer service, food were very comparable. My husband and I thought that the entertainment on board Uniworld was generally a little more lively and provided more opportunity to mingle and dance.
  7. We were on the Bach a few months ago and also found the food to be consistently delicious! Combined with the beautiful presentation and impeccable service by the staff, meals were always something to look forward to on our cruise.
  8. I'd also consider Crystal, if the itineraries they offer are something your Mom might enjoy. There were several solo cruisers on our Crystal Bach cruise this summer, and they all seemed to enjoy interacting with the rest of the passengers. Crystal staff took great care of all passengers, and paid special attention to those needing a little extra help. We found their customer service on par, if not a notch better, than that we received on our Uniworld cruises.
  9. We were in a petite suite on the Bach this summer, and although initially I thought storage space was lacking, we found space for all that I packed (and I'm not a particularly light packer)!
  10. We had a stop in Dusseldorf on our Bach cruise in August. Several excursions were offered. We chose the historical walking tour, which was very interesting. We sailed by Cologne around midnight, and it was worth staying up to see the cathedral all lit up! We toured Cologne during the day on a previous cruise, and other than the cathedral, I think the time spent in Dusseldorf was just as appealing (but WWII history is of interest to me).
  11. Hi Lois, glad that you had a wonderful time on your trip! Uniworld's Gems of Northern Italy continues to be one of our favorite cruises (so much so that we took it twice)! We really enjoyed exploring the Venice lagoon in depth, and the visits to the various islands. We've booked Uniworld's Grand France for late March/early April which combines their Paris and Normandy trip with their Burgundy and Provence trip. Our first river cruise was on the Seine with Uniworld, and although the river will be a repeat, many of the excursions offered are different from that first trip. We're especially looking forward to the trip to Mont St. Michel!
  12. We were on Crystal Bach's Enchanting Moselle. It was a wonderful itinerary, with several nights spent in ports so we had lots of time to explore on our own after the guided excursions. The trip included was round trip Amsterdam and included stops in Dusseldorf, Koblenz, Bernkastel, Cochem, Trier, ( and Luxembourg), Bonn, and Arnhem. While docked near Trier we had the opportunity to take and independent excursion to the Eltz Castle...one of the highlights of the trip!
  13. Thanks for sharing! We were on the Moselle this summer and thoroughly enjoyed the scenery, the beautiful towns and the history. The Moselle is so much more serene and peaceful than the Rhine.
  14. We had no problem fitting our two large (soft sided) suitcases under the bed on our Crystal Bach cruise.
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