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  1. I didn't care we didn't get anything, as I stated, but I was disappointed that we didn't get the gift our travel agent paid for and ordered for us! That was my point, Celebrity dropped the ball on an ordered item!
  2. We just returned from a TA cruise on the Infinity..celebrating our 30th anniversary, which was noted on our reservation....received NOTHING! Also, our TA had paid for something to be delivered to our room but we did not receive that either! Now, this did not bother us really, but felt bad when the TA mentioned she had ordered something and asked if we got it and enjoyed it.... The trip was still the best one yet! LOVE Celebrity! Marsha
  3. We are embarking on the Infinity tomorrow for the TA from Rome to Miami...can we put our remaining Euros on our sail and sign account once onboard or does it have to be US dollars?
  4. Can someone post the lunch menu please? We decided to not do the dinner one but may be interested in lunch! Marsha
  5. Crazy pool games ONLY on sea days? Just great, we have 7 sea days in a row on the TA!! UGH It has been reported that the CD is the one initiating the pool games and such.....so now what? Marsha
  6. We are on the Oct 11 sailing too....between the CD's crazy pool games and hearing this about the deck music, we may avoid the pool deck! 😞
  7. Any updated info for the Transatlantic cruise Oct 11th on the Infinity from Rome to Miami? Marsha
  8. I really hope this CD is replaced before the TA in October as pool games and the like are not our thing either and we love to lay by the pool.... Marsha
  9. I was able to locate the sticky where all the info is! Thank you! Marsha
  10. I can't locate the sticky-where exactly is it please?
  11. We received an email this morning for an opportunity to bid for an upgrade on our TA cruise on the Infinity in October. This is the first time we have been given this option but we went ahead and bid . How long before we will hear anything one way or another? What are all of your experiences with this? We are currently happy with our original choice of cabins but an upgrade at a discounted price would be awesome! Thanks for any comments you can give us. Marsha
  12. After reading this, I sure hope that CD is replaced for the TA coming up in October....we had booked this particular cruise to go to the Canary Islands and we love Celebrity for their usual "a step up" from other lines we cruise....we love Carnival for their caribbean itineraries but for the TA, we love Celebrity as it is calming and soothing to have all those sea days....love to lay by the pools but if they have these "games" going on, we will have to sit elsewhere....
  13. yes the cabins have the switch no tickets needed for punchliner can't help with pool table questions Marsha
  14. I, like you, am depressed on the last day but do try and make the best of it and enjoy your day! I am surprised they don't have towel animals on all the lido deck chairs around the pool area on your last sea day! Marsha
  15. we were once delayed getting on a ship as the previous sailing had been to Belize...apparently Customs checks people more thoroughly returning from Belize....maybe this is the reason? Marsha
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