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  1. marshabear

    Carnival Magic Questions

    yes the cabins have the switch no tickets needed for punchliner can't help with pool table questions Marsha
  2. marshabear

    Magic / Live / Solo / Sep 30-Oct 7 2018

    I, like you, am depressed on the last day but do try and make the best of it and enjoy your day! I am surprised they don't have towel animals on all the lido deck chairs around the pool area on your last sea day! Marsha
  3. marshabear

    Magic Delayed Arrival???

    we were once delayed getting on a ship as the previous sailing had been to Belize...apparently Customs checks people more thoroughly returning from Belize....maybe this is the reason? Marsha
  4. marshabear

    Mr. Sanchos-BUffet and/or Menu

    with the AI, you can eat off the buffet, AND/OR order from the menu...items on the buffet included nachos and fixins, enchiladas, etc..dont remember much as we just ordered from the menu...the buffet items sat out for awhile and did not look as appealing so we recommend ordering off the menu... Marsha
  5. marshabear

    Magic / Live / Solo / Sep 30-Oct 7 2018

    Hearing alot about lack of good A/C in some cabins...what is your experience? We have an aft cabin on deck 6 in less than 2 weeks! Marsha
  6. marshabear

    Magic / Live / Solo / Sep 30-Oct 7 2018

    we sail in 2 weeks! same itinerary and ship! anxiously awaiting your review and pictures..... Marsha
  7. we sail in a few weeks! can't wait for more! Marsha
  8. enjoying your review! we sail in October! Marsha
  9. marshabear

    Carnival Magic for reunion cruise July 14, 2018

    Enjoying your review! We sail in October! Marsha
  10. is there an adults only pool? does Serenity area have hammocks? do you need to get tickets for comedy shows? Marsha
  11. We wish they would improve their pizza! Years ago, it was much better! Marsha
  12. marshabear

    Flights by Celebrity - questions

    A few days after our TA booked our air thru Celebrity, she was able to go in and select our seats as we requested... Marsha
  13. I drink Cafe Mochas...would that qualify for this coffee card? We sail to Alaska in a few weeks and I see many hot drinks in my near future! We do not have a drink package...:( Marsha
  14. marshabear

    concierge lunch?

    We did a B2B in September on the Equinox and were invited to the MDR for lunch with the other concierge people...it was very good! Marsha
  15. marshabear

    Question for those who sailed Equinox and Summit

    Yes, the Equinox does have a grilling station...it is right in the middle of the buffet=between the international selections and the nachos and fixin section...not hard to find...not "hidden" like the M class buffet in the back Marsha