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  1. Barcelona cruise terminal was being renovated winter this year before lockdown . There is a cafe outside , there are souvenir shops inside , plus duty free perfume. There is also wine and water to be found there and maybe snacks . It depends on what you want .
  2. I uploaded this in April MSC Terms&Conditions_GBR_ENG.pdf
  3. long ago pulled down and replaced by housing . Lots of big names played there but we only saw the Nolans 😆. Do you remember The Dooleys ? Saw them at Irlam fair one summer , about 1974 before they became ‘famous’ , they lived in a big house near where I live now . In fact one of them attended the Mother and toddler club I went to with my babies . 😆 aw , the memories 😆.
  4. I watched it. I saw the Nolans in 1978 when they played the Talk of the North in Eccles. Loved Bernie , RIP, had the nicest personality. I thought the programme was disappointing, focused on the family disputes and performing THE song, not an awful lot of the ship was shown. I will watch the rest of the series to see if we recognise any crew from our time onboard.
  5. We are booked on the Seaside TA in March , not had official notification yet of all our changes to our reservation i.e. change of embarkation port, change of date ( one day less ) , change of cabin from the one booked . Interesting that you think 214 miles is not much of a difference for those who may have booked flights into Miami already and now have to get to Port Canaveral 😡 .Thank goodness for us we don’t fall into that camp but others have booked hotels and flights and now have to book some method of getting to Port Canaveral , not everything comes with a free cancellation . That is the biggest thing learned with the pandemic , always ,always book travel with free cancellation. After doing several cruises with MSC this is the first time we will be experiencing their customer service or lack of and look forward to receiving their ‘ offer ‘ when we eventually get it. Thank goodness for CC and social media otherwise we would have been clueless!!
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8507291/Foreign-Office-tells-tourists-not-cruises-coronavirus-risk.html
  7. hi there , remember me ? 😆. Gosh I think it is 10 years ago when we met 🤩 We had official news today our 2nd September Preziosa cruise is cancelled , not booked directly with MSC , the UK travel agent phoned this morning and I requested a refund, she said it would take upto 120 days . I am fine with that so long as they tell you straight away . The agent is doing refunds by BACS and an e.mail was sent to me requesting our info. We have done 60 nights with MSC now on 8 cruises and have really had a great time but our loyalty will be tested on how they handle the major changes on our Seaview TA, they changed from Miami to Port Canaveral for embarkation, thank goodness we have not booked flights or hotels yet . They changed the date and itinerary and also switched our cabin. So far no official notification but there is an OBC on the reservation for €200. This is unprecedented times for cruiselines and none of them will have a perfect record for customer service. We have done a L&S with RCI and two months later still waiting for an invoice with correct pricing AND notification that since I L&S the embarkation port has now changed making the transfer now a 2.5 hour drive from the airport . Not good for John. 😠. I know one thing for sure whomever you cruise with it ain’t ever going to be the same 😔. Stay well and keep safe .
  8. We have not received any communication yet detailing the major changes in our Seaview Transatlantic though that is to be expected as it isn’t until next March and MSC are prioritising earlier cruises . We have had departure date AND port changed , one day less and ports 200 miles apart, the itinerary has changed , that can happen but our cabin has been changed too. I can see the 200€ online on my booking for the change of itinerary but am looking forward to see what else they offer .We will cancel if not satisfactory.
  9. I just got the phone call this morning confirming our 2nd September Preziosa cancelled. Luckily we hadn’t thrown any more money at it with travel costs as we were expecting it to go .
  10. Just received my phone call confirming 2nd September Preziosa cancelled . I am having the refund although will take 120 days to process according to Lily at the travel agents. 😞. We had the premium drinks package included for free with our reservation, I think the days of those freebies are long gone .
  11. I have been having that message all day too when trying to log in to my reservations. Frustrating.
  12. I have met Antonio Paradiso on the Bellissima inaugural , nice guy , he won’t remember me though. I hate to put a dampener on things but at the end of the day it is the local authorities who will decide who can enter their ports . Did you not see back in January when all this virus kicked off when the Mayor of Civitavecchia went dashing down to the port to stop anyone disembarking Costa Smeralda because the ship had two people sick onboard, thankfully was a false alarm at the time . Ships have to notify ports of any sickness onboard . So Grandiosa could be sailing but where too ? On the upside Hurtigruten HAVE started cruising with very few guests onboard and NO port stops on a 14 night cruise . If you like sea days that is fine and they are cruising Norway with stunning scenery so not all bad . This was in the Express a couple of days ago.
  13. We paid for the transfers during the booking process online directly with RCI , I think you may need to phone them to add them to your reservation . Cost - now here ‘s the thing. Our cruise for next year is a Lift and Shift from this year where the port should have been Venice . At the time the transfers seemed expensive , we have done DIY in Venice with the airport bus, people mover etc etc. but had free RCI flights so swings and roundabouts . We paid £46 pp return .
  14. With a paid transfer your name will be on a list , maybe ,or at least you will have a voucher to hand in to reps at the airport but the main thing is you are guaranteed a seat on a particular bus . With a complimentary shuttle , unless you are on a RCI packaged flight , you will be guided to a bus with all others and depending on numbers when you arrive who knows how it will run. I have a feeling if you are on a RCI packaged flight as they know you are due to arrive they will possibly have a bus labelled for your flight , like hotel holiday packages . I am just guessing all this but one thing I know I can do is organise and that is what I would do.
  15. This is why I am keeping with the paid transfer . We booked it for convenience , getting too old , I know 61 isn’t old these days , but believe me when I am doing all the humping of luggage by the time I get to the ship I am pooped and for the sake of a few quid ! . Now that the port has changed to a longer journey that paid transfer is going to have more CVD. 😆 😆. CVD = Cruise Value Dollar
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