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  1. My hubby has a theory , please don’t shoot the messenger 😆. His theory is that she will allow the cruise ships because if there is an increase in Covid cases in Scotland she will lay the blame with the cruiselines and not the thousands of footie fans expected who apparently will not be temperature checked beforehand or have to provide a negative test !! Madness .
  2. Well I don’t know about you but I break chocolate up into pieces before eating any , ask John 😆, so that won’t be a bother. There is a solution to every problem 😎. Tupperware box packed . 😂. I love white chocolate and if it is anything like the mini ships they had in the buffet on Grandiosa , yum yum.
  3. Might just take a Tupperware box so I can bring it home 😆😝
  4. Wow , that flew by ! Bet your glad you had those extra 3 nights gratis . I had to laugh at your bookface comment and saw your M in the group 😎.
  5. I knew about those areas from my explorations on Grandiosa and like you say used by smokers or crew trying to pick up wifi while in port . Buyer beware for the balcony cabins above !
  6. We sailed on Costa Smeralda Jan 2020 , just before the proverbial hit the fan , our first and last Costa cruise . We got a fab deal including the basic drinks package and upgraded that to the next one . Had wanted to try the line after many cruises with RCI and a few with MSC. The inside cabin was small and perfectly formed , had the best design bathroom we have ever experienced on a ship for storage and size of shower . We loved the ship especially the Solarium where they held the evening parties and had a band playing too . Cabin serviced only once a day , fine can live with tha
  7. Great start to your review Julie , love seeing your faces again . Have you met LB yet , she will be on the jogging track don’t forget 😆 .
  8. Thanks J . I was debating whether to upgrade the drinks package but think I will save that money and put towards any e.mail upgrade bid we might get. John loves insides for his sleeping so I know I will win that battle about giving up a balcony 😆. Looks like you are going to have great weather , you and M have a fabulous time enjoying the YC sundeck and bar !! X
  9. Well done ! And 7 nights too ! Have you been in an inside on one of the other ships in the class? , we have. From pictures I have seen of the YC ones the only difference is there are two easy armchairs and a table. You don’t get any seating for regular insides . There is very little drawer storage , only 2 deep ones in the wardrobe plus a couple of shelves. We are currently in a Bella balcony for our cruise and if I get the bid up e.mail like you would be very tempted to try for it as it would probably be the only time ever to try YC. Have a great time . P.S. could you reveal ho
  10. We met a young girl from Zimbabwe who served us our first drinks on Preziosa , think her name was Brenda , she had her interview for MSC in South Africa , such a delightful girl . Her first time away from home I think , we made sure we took time to chat with her anytime she served us and on the last night she cried when we said our goodbyes . OMG tugs at your heart strings .
  11. Yes it does . The only place on the ship you cannot use your drinks package for drinks is Rob the robot and the Jeanne Phillipe chocolate cafe .We remember the days when you could also your package for the gelato ice cream , sadly no longer allowed . Enjoy your Cognac ,I am still sitting on the fence whether to upgrade or not.
  12. @Stu UK, thank you so so much for posting all the photos and PDFs which I have downloaded but you have upset me tonight , 😔 😆. I noticed that individual drinks prices have been hiked in the menus but what upset me is that in Butcher’s cut there isn’t a single wine by the glass that is covered by the Premium drinks package ! In the past there has been , so annoyed with that . We do not need to upgrade the package as there are plenty of drinks covered by the Premium for us to enjoy but I do like a glass of red when having a steak . Looks like I might have to do my own carry in and look che
  13. the theatre shows never usually last more than 45 mins in our experience . We like early dinner then show .
  14. I registered for the test cruises and I think there was a survey about cruising expectations but the coffee morning things I just deleted. I had better things to do with my time even during lockdown. Didn't see the point of rehashing over stuff read time and time again. You only have to look at what is happening still in the USA with the CDC. They are no further on
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