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  1. We have just booked our 4 th Princess cruise and out of curiosity looked at the Crown grill speciality restaurant menu, WOW ! Compared to RCI’s Chops Grill and $45 plus 18% gratuity it looks a whole lot more for your money at the Crown grill with a lot more choice . So is the menu on Princess’s website current ? I do hope so , hubby is a big seafood fan and I am all for the beef 🥩 😆
  2. I have now asked the question on Twitter asking why the new policy is not being applied to UK guests . Let’s see what happens now .
  3. @Ourusualbeach, thank you so much for that , it will be a great help. I am just hoping that being in the UK we are not being treated differently under these exceptional circumstances . There are plenty of folks here who had cruises cancelled and are now holding multiple FCCs . Thankfully we only have the one to deal with . Once again thank you.
  4. Sorry, maybe I should have been clearer. I have had two e.mails from RCI saying I have to wait ‘til new reservation has sailed before they will issue a new FCC for the remaining credit . I wrote to them saying I was aware the policy recently changed and asked for a new FCC but still got the canned reply policy states new reservation has to be completed before new FCC issued. This is why I need something to refer to which is official. It really annoys me that the FCC is for my money actually paid out in Feb of this year , not ‘free’ money for an incident that happened onboard and would pos
  5. Sorry to jump in on the OPs post but I was about to start a new thread re this exact thing as I am having difficulty getting RCI UK to issue me with a new FCC for my remaining credit for an FCC I used on 23rd Oct. Do you have something official to refer to for this change in policy that I can screenshot and send with a third e.mail to RCI?
  6. Crew discounts are usually only 10% on merchandise . I have a friend’s daughter who works onboard and she is allowed to use her discount for her mum and I .
  7. 😆, sorry no, I have never met John Denton but believe he is one or THE best Hotel Directors with RCI.
  8. So basically you are calling me a liar , very sad . Do you believe in paying forward ? A concept we live by , a small gesture of kindness can lead to unexpected reactions . We were there , we know what happened , my conscious is clear .
  9. Our first ever cruise was with Celebrity 20 years ago on the Mercury in the Caribbean , we found it boring for a couple who were then still in their early 40s, we gave them another two tries and are Elite through reciprocal loyalty with RCI . I am a party girl and like the theme nights on MSC kicking my heels up at every opportunity even now in my early 60s 😆. Food is subjective and we have never starved on any of our cruises 😆.
  10. @Annoyed Cruiser thanks for coming back with your result . Our cancelled cruise date is 2nd September so no rush for us yet . I am having just as much fun with a UK booked RCI cruise getting funds and Future Cruise credits . The USA and German booked ones money came back very quickly . Doesn’t make sense .
  11. On another line, RCI , a member of staff as a way of apology for not being able to join us for a drink sent us a tote bag with every single give away logo item you could think of in it plus wine , our room steward could hardly carry it to deliver it 😆. here is a photo .
  12. If you have cruised enough and are known to the crew you know there are ways and means for staff to bypass being scrutinised. On our very first MSC Cruise our waiter was fantastic . Hubby was nipping out to the sports bar one night in between courses to get the football results , our waiter supported the same team , they both had good banter and rapport during the meal and luckily the team won . At the end of dinner our waiter brought us a Limoncello as a celebratory drink compliments from him. Another time during lunch I was on my own and our waiter saw me and asked would I like a glass o
  13. @drsel, having cruised many times with RCI we often got complimentary drinks given to us from bar staff when we ordered . We were quite gobsmacked when it happened on Grandiosa but it was much appreciated how ever the guy did it . In fact he would come straight out to us when he saw us and just say “ usual? “. Made it a little awkward when one of the other staff came to us but we did place orders with them too.
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