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  1. My next scheduled cruise isn't for 571 days, but we will be on the ship for 19 days.
  2. Based on the bottles I'd guess Malibu, infused vodka (strawberry/raspberry), grenadine, ???, lemon juice, orange or pineapple juice. Can't tell what the second bottle in the back area after grenadine was.
  3. We just did Panama canal on the Miracle in October. I think only the crew was allowed in the front area on that deck, or at least crew were the only people I saw.
  4. They removed Baileys from the fun shop a number of years back.
  5. I can't help with the noise question since I won't be on the Horizon for a couple of years but in all of the research I found, 9466 is a wider balcony even though it appears the same on the deck plans.
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