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  1. Lurker coming out to say: joining for the ride. Both Breakaway and leg breaks.
  2. Thanks a bunch Zen's. I for one had a bunch of fun. Cool socks? Hummmmmmmm.
  3. I do. Got the idea from others.
  4. Hello...my name is Amy....and...well...I like door decorations. Not grumpy old men...or young men or women for that matter. To quote a classic: Hey you, get off of my cloud.
  5. Dreaming of the French Onion Soup for my birthday in September. Great day!
  6. I have only cruised NCL once. I'm sure my experience was a fluke, but we could not get a restaurant that we wanted on the night we wanted. Even when we first embarked. They were having a group dinner there. This was a birthday dinner for mom. We had to switch. Lesson learned. Have a plan B.
  7. OP, thanks for the update. I'd be miffed.
  8. Cozumel next? I'm having fun with your review zc's.
  9. Did it last year on The Bliss. Loved it! If you need help with the transportation from the airport to downtown/port, just let me know. It was rainy in Vancouver and Victoria, so be prepared. Or it could be very nice. You just never know. In Canada, some places use the chip method on your CC and you will need the pin number. Victoria: If the ship births at Ogden Point Pier A or B. Downtown Victoria is a 30-40-minute walk from the cruise terminal & it is well marked. Or the shuttle bus is $10. You can also hail a taxi that will fit 2-4 people for about the same price. The San Francisco stop was a cluster. We took a 3 1/2 tour came back and no one could get back on the ship because they hadn't cleared customs yet. Make plans accordingly.
  10. Benn there...done that....but all over the phone. Who did I buy the certs from...someone on here. But he called the CN peeps and my TA called the CN peeps. Sure...no problem.....nope couldn't use them on the curse that I had booked. Oh well, made lemonade and used them on another one.
  11. Thanks for the low down. We are doing the Breakaway also. Is there a bar that you would recommend for people watching?
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