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  1. It's so strange to see a battle ship with a wooden deck.
  2. Wonder if it's the same Konos that on Maui? You just made me go down memory lane. Oh heck, I'm going to have to go dump out my two matches jars to find the ones from Konos. OK.....Not Kono, it was Kimo's. Found the matches and did some more memory lane walking. Thanks!
  3. Like other have said.....thanks for the vitural vacation. And yes, it was too short.
  4. Looks like the monkey had a good time.
  5. OK... I'm off the clock and ready for my virtual Cozumel HH and a real one.
  6. yep....but still on the clock!!!!!
  7. Your pictures have made me feel.... ahhhhhhhhhhhh...... Looks like you have having a good time. Love me local Flea Markets.
  8. Thank goodness there are others going somewhere that I can virtually go with them. I may just keep my sanity after all.
  9. I'm ready for a virtual trip to Hawaii ! ! Been to Maui twice.
  10. Hey Harry. Tell your wife I love the mask. And thanks for the Disney pictures. I know what you are saying on the visit to Disney parks but...….I have a DVC ressie in September that I rented. You know....use or lose. We are still a go as of today. Monday I had to do the "reserve your park" thing. But as you know us people that are an**...ah...early planners. We have our spread sheets and know what park we want on what day. I know that others were on the site for hours and more and never got in. I signed in and was done in less then 45 minutes. T
  11. Harry's back...sorta.... So how did you like Disney in Japan? At least it was open when you went? Can you imagine if you trip was this year????!!!!????
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