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  1. Happy Cruisers 67

    Queens Grill Initial Thoughts

    We travel queens grill at least once a year. Congratulations on a well balanced report.
  2. Happy Cruisers 67

    Britannia Suite D102

    Which cruise are you sailing on?. We have booked D101 for the 29 March 2019 cruise. We've sailed on Britannia once before but in one of the aft suites. If you are sailing before us i would be interested in your opinion.
  3. Happy Cruisers 67

    Cunard fax number down

    In the uk on the shareholders benefits info we get the same info as you - we are given a fax number an mailing address, no e mail address. However buried in the FAQ pages on the uk Cunard site i managed to find the e mail address mentioned by Host Hattie. We have used this for the past few cruises with no problem. It may be worth seeing if there is similar advice on the US site.
  4. Happy Cruisers 67

    Lisbon dock. Shuttle?

    We visited lisbon in April this year on QV and docked close to the city (not by the bridge). Cunard provided a shuttle bus to the city centre. However if you enjoy a walk it can be quicker in rush hour to walk than catch the bus.
  5. Happy Cruisers 67

    Free Spa facilities

    There are 2 types of sauna on board. The first is actually in the male and female changing rooms, a seperate one in each. These are single sex as they arre actually within the changing rooms. I have seen people in these clothed and unclothed. These are the free saunas The second is in the Royal bath house. These are clothed and mixed. These are not free and a per day fee applies as per Host Hatties post.
  6. Happy Cruisers 67

    Free Spa facilities

    Both brian1 and Host Hattie are correct. As Brian1 said QV has a free sauna in the changing rooms (or it did in April this year). There is no steam room . There is also the Royal bath house where there is a sauna, steam room and thelasotherapy pool. These need to be paid for as per Host Hatties post.
  7. Happy Cruisers 67

    Carnival Stock Down

    At todays rate for shares (£47 per share) our dividend received in the past 12 months worked out at approx 3% p/annum. It's also worth remembering that the onboard credit does not only apply to P&O , but all Carnival brands, ie Carnival, Princess, Holland America, Seabourn, Cunard, Costa, Aida and of course P&O The onboard credit is paid in the onboard currency of the particular line. For ships that use US$ the rates are $250, $100, $50. The ones in £ they are £150, £60, £30. The ones in € are €200, €75, €40. And the ones in Aus$ , aus$ 200, aus$ 100, aus$ 50. All of the above are based on 14 days plus, 7- 13 days and 6 days or less. The onboard credit also appears to be combinable with any other onboard credit offers and is irrespective of whether a saver fare or select price is booked. The onboard credit is in addition to any dividend received, so if you cruised on P&O for 14 nights per year, you would be in fact receiving over 6% return on your money, which is far better than any uk savings. Although I am a share holder, i am not a financial adviser and would recommend that anyone considering purchasing shares seek financial advice to ensure that they are suitable for you.
  8. Happy Cruisers 67

    Guaranteed cabin

    KazLP We are also on this crossing - sailing from Southampton on 4th November. As this is your first TA with Cunard, you may wish to join the roll call for this crossing and get tips from fellow passengers who have done it often. Hope to see you on board. Charles & Janet
  9. Happy Cruisers 67

    How to properly eat a scone?

    Unfortunately I have to disagree. In June my wife and I were invited to attend the Royal Garden Party at Buckingham palace. The scones were served with cream followed by jam. If it's good enough for the Queen, who are we to disagree?
  10. Happy Cruisers 67

    Wine Packages on QM2

    Please see attached link to all drinks packages available https://ask.cunard.com/help/cunard/life-on-board/drinks_package
  11. Happy Cruisers 67

    Cunard drinks are such a rip off..

    When we started cruising in 1992 on QE2 the cost for an inside cabin Southampton to Southampton was approx £100 per person per night. Using government inflation factors, this would now be £191 per night. A cruise on QE about the same time this year is approx £100 per person per night for an inside cabin. For both cruises you would still have to pay for drinks and tips. Port shuttles were included in 1992. Even taking into account economies of scale, cruising provides a luxury holiday at a good price, however the cruise company has a bottom line and is responsible to its shareholders. As can be seen from the above per night costs, Cunard have to make up the revenue somewhere. The drinks may not give the same value for money as they did 26 years ago but you have the option how you spend on board and cruising is still excellent value for money as compared to a land based holiday of the same quality.
  12. Happy Cruisers 67

    Complimentary Airport Coach to Southampton

    Last year we too had a suite on Britannia Transatlantic to Barbados and took the free airport coach to Southampton but from Manchester. We like you were told that we were on the first coach at 8:00 am as we had priority check in. We even rang P&O who assured us we would be on the first coach. We arrived at the coach station at 7:20 to find out that we were allocated to coach 12 as passengers had been there since 6:00am we told intercruises that we had been allocated to the first coach but they weren't interested and said that coaches were on a first come first served basis. This resulted in us arriving at Southampton at 13:30 rather than 12:00. Never again! We'll make our own way in future!
  13. Happy Cruisers 67

    New to Cunard

    As you are dining in the Queens Grill you will get a very extensive breakfast menu and will be served at the same table by the same waiters that you have for dinner. They quickly become aware of your requirements. If you want a quick breakfast or lunch they will accommodate you. Also for lunch you have the opportunity to eat al fresco in the courtyard with full Queens Grill menu (weather permitting). As an alternative your butler will serve you any meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner in your suite
  14. Happy Cruisers 67

    Formal Dress for Men

    This 007 anorak can! The film was Diamonds are Forever and the ship was the SS Canberra.
  15. Happy Cruisers 67

    Port to Rome

    Take the free bus to the port drop off point and as you leave, walk down the sea front keeping the sea on your right hand side. The train station is approx 20 minutes walk. When you get there ask for a "BIRG" ticket which covers your return train travel on local trains to Rome and unlimited underground (metro) use in Rome for the day. If you are doing this do not forget to authorise your ticket at one of the machines on the platform before boarding. You can either get off the train at the stop for st Peter's which is close to the Vatican and st Peter's basilica, or carry on to Rome terminali. If you dont want to use the underground there are tour busses available at the terminali station. If you enjoy walking and the weather is not too hot, you can walk to most of the sights. The train journey is just over an hour each way so we would recommend this if you have a long time in port.