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  1. So if I am sailing from Auckland to Sydney, it would be best to book a balcony cabin on the starboard side for good views?
  2. I had to go to the shore excursion desk to get my Platinum credit and they indicated that unless you requested it, you would not get it. The $50 per port credit was on the folio the evening after we completed the excursion. I also booked by phone before the cruise so the cost would show up on my folio instead of prepaying.
  3. Thanks so much for taking time to do updates! We will arrive on the ship just as you are leaving. I heard that the ship arrived early to the Falklands. How early was it necessary to queue for the tenders?
  4. When are you going on your cruise? I am on the 5 Jan 19 sailing
  5. Pretzel rolls, oatmeal cookies, and crepes with hand scooped ice cream on top!
  6. Great tips! I've added this info to my notes. Thanks so much for sharing!
  7. Thanks, BQ! Gives me a little hope.
  8. Is it possible to see the dolphins as you are entering the port area? I have been trying to locate a dolphin excursion for January 2019, but have not been successful.
  9. What is the maximum number of people who can sit at a grill table? We are a group of ten. Also, when one person called, she was told that they cannot make reservations for our number and we would have to do it on the ship. Do you thin if we call someone at the Latitudes department they would be able to do it? Thanks!
  10. I found a tour that I really like on their website (shore excursion Punta Loma and Welsh heritage), but I haven't seen any reviews for their service. Has anyone had experience with this company? Thanks!
  11. That's what I am hoping as well! When we were in Italy and Greece last year, we would have a meal or snack in cafes with Wifi to connect.
  12. Fabulous start! My friends Janice and Drew are on this cruise. Hope you all have fun!
  13. Thanks so much for sharing your pics! And happy anniversary!
  14. Can you tell me more about what you do/see on this tour?
  15. Fabulous! I have my group of ten booked on this tour in January. What time of year did you go?
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