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  1. Back from our cruise and wanted to add our experience. We left the port and walked left past the taxis to the area for the water taxi. It was the San Perdro Belize Express. We bought our round trip tickets with a credit card ($28 USD pp). Note if you use paper bills they must be clean and no tears. Waited until the 10:30 arrived, were able to sit up top. About a 50 minute ride. Got off and hired a taxi (golf cart) for $20 for a 45 minute tour around the island. Our driver was Max, very nice man. Rode us around the "main roads" (dirt), to the airport, to the resort with the seahorses, to the pier with the tarpons, and to the Split. Schools kids were on lunch break and I enjoyed seeing them ride their bicycles around. Took about an hour and he dropped us off near the pier and we bought local beer at the Brisas del Mar bar. Took the 1:30 back. We really enjoyed the island and I would recommend this as an inexpensive and relaxing port experience.
  2. We are considering taking the water taxi as something to do for the day. What are some things to do/see once on Caye Caulker?
  3. So what do they expect people to do until Wednesday?
  4. I refer to it as the cone of confusion. 🙂 I am wondering how they will compensate people who used the free airfare/hotel. I know last night my sister called Delta to try and get on a later flight today, and they told her she would have to go through the booking agent. The agency NCL used only had regular M - F business hours...
  5. Just got off the phone with my sister. She flew down to Miami this morning and was ready to go to the port early as per the website. Her friend who was flying in later got a call from the consultant warning them that there was talk of the cruise being cancelled. Supposedly they took the update off the homepage so they can come up with the correct wording.
  6. So if I am sailing from Auckland to Sydney, it would be best to book a balcony cabin on the starboard side for good views?
  7. I had to go to the shore excursion desk to get my Platinum credit and they indicated that unless you requested it, you would not get it. The $50 per port credit was on the folio the evening after we completed the excursion. I also booked by phone before the cruise so the cost would show up on my folio instead of prepaying.
  8. Thanks so much for taking time to do updates! We will arrive on the ship just as you are leaving. I heard that the ship arrived early to the Falklands. How early was it necessary to queue for the tenders?
  9. When are you going on your cruise? I am on the 5 Jan 19 sailing
  10. Pretzel rolls, oatmeal cookies, and crepes with hand scooped ice cream on top!
  11. Great tips! I've added this info to my notes. Thanks so much for sharing!
  12. Thanks, BQ! Gives me a little hope.
  13. Is it possible to see the dolphins as you are entering the port area? I have been trying to locate a dolphin excursion for January 2019, but have not been successful.
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