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  1. I believe it stated to be on the lookout for an email to link to the form, to be filled out 72 hours prior to cruising. I’m going to take a screenshot of mine, after filling it out, and print it and take it to port with me. We cruise in 7 days so I’ll let you know how it goes.
  2. I cruise in 7 days. It states that they’ll send you an email to fill out the remaining health question form 72 hours before your cruise. The 14-16 days link is for registering all your info and choosing a boarding time. It only asks at that time if you are vaccinated but not if you’ve had symptoms or exposure. That’s to be answered at the 72 hours mark. I have no way of knowing if there’s a way to verify they received it. I may take a screenshot and print it outside take it with me, in case.
  3. What he stated happened was, (or is my understanding of the situation), that she stated she filled out her form 72 hours in advance, but for whatever reason, Carnival didn’t see it, so they canceled her cruise and issued an automatic refund to her, which takes 3-5 business days to show up in her bank account. When she got to port and found they didn’t have that form, it sounds like that they possibly were going to allow her to fill out the short form there, but only if she could repay the cruise fare that she now owed since it was refunded. But because the credit wasn’t showing up on her debit/credit card yet, she did not have enough funds to pay for the cruise yet again. That’s why she had to leave. But my brother is a travel agent. I told him this story and he said if she had a PVP or a travel agent, she could have called them and they could have gotten her banking company and Carnival on the phone regarding this credit issue. He said he’s actually done it for cruises and flights several times, and gotten it resolved so people could move forward on their vacations…so never leave until you’ve called your bank and Carnival and your travel agent.
  4. You’re welcome! I just filled out mine a week ago! I checked at 11pm Central time and it was up! 🎉 Have a great cruise!
  5. Yes. It goes by the Eastern time zone clock. So depending on where you live, you may not have to stay up until midnight!
  6. Does the Vista now have drink machines? I recently saw a video of one of the ships that did…I can’t recall if they were doing that on all ships or just a few.
  7. Oh wait…my husband reminded me on Vista, it’s closed at dinner…
  8. That must be only on Horizon? I believe it’s all no charge on Vista…
  9. Wait…I thought Pig and Anchor was included. I recall eating there in prior cruises. Is there a fee now?
  10. That’s where I’m confused, as well…unless they asked at check in, if she had one with her (since her sister seemed to have requested water for it), and she said she decided not to bring it. Then maybe she slipped through boarding and they decided she’s at risk for an apnea event and they don’t want to assume liability for it. But who knows? It’s a very hard story to follow.
  11. She could have had a bipap machine that required oxygen and decided not to bring it because of the Covid restrictions. I just wish we had the full story and not 3rd hand. 😂
  12. Right. There are cpap machines with an oxygen component. We’ve cruised numerous times with a CPAP for my husband, and never once been questioned about bringing it on board. Crazy they are alerted, as we’ve never had to even tell them we were bringing one, and we brought our own extension cord!
  13. My husband uses a CPAP. I’d probably cover his head with a pillow if he forgot his. 😂. Maybe hers was actually with the oxygen component and when she found out no oxygen was allowed, she decided against bringing it. I don’t know. I just think it’s odd they let her board the ship and then tracked her down. Again my question is how did they know she didn’t bring it? Maybe she told them at boarding check in? Maybe it’s asked on the health questionnaire they send 3 days prior to boarding. I’m not sure. We leave on the 31st on Vista. I’m making darn sure my husband has his. I’m not leaving the ship. 😂
  14. I wonder what the delay was that they didn’t catch this at boarding and actually allowed her on the ship? 😳
  15. This issue showed up on a Galveston Cruisers FB page. It’s very confusing. It sounds like the woman’s sister registered her with needing distilled water for her CPAP machine on their cruise, but when the woman showed up with no CPAP, (and was allowed to board), they hunted her down on the ship and made her get off? I’m so confused by this. Is it possibly because she stated on her health questionnaire that she was bringing one, and didn’t so Carnival thinks she’s a medical risk? My question is, how did they know she didn’t bring it? Has anyone heard about this, and what are your thoughts? Kinda strange! I can’t seem to attach the FB video associated with this issue so you can hear the story.
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