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  1. And now Mein Schiff 6 has 12 cases of Covid 19 confirmed. https://www.ekathimerini.com/257461/article/ekathimerini/news/cruise-ship-heads-back-to-crete-from-milos-after-12-contract-coronavirus
  2. They do but max capacity can not go over 112 regardless. Capt Steinar told me when I sailled that max number of souls onboard can be 208, due to lifeboats
  3. And the fox news article claims 123 guests... have they expanded SeaDream I? That was one bad article
  4. https://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/i/rABORw/smitteutbrudd-paa-hurtigruten Covid 19 has been confirmed on Hurtigruten's Roald Amundsen today. 3 crew in hospital, hope they have a speedy recovery
  5. I called today and was told Aug1 and 8th was sold out
  6. There is hardly any virus left in Norway. Was one new case yesterday in the whole country.
  7. Why do you want to force a company out of business? The best thing for any tourism company is that everyone rebooks and not ask for refunds. But of course everyone can do as they want. But for us that love to cruise it is important that we save the industry not cripple it
  8. The way I read Marinetraffic it states Rotterdam June 11. Sd advised me that the funds we paid for Norway sailing is on a secure account until after the voyage departs in case the virus spikes again
  9. I have done a crossing without ac for 10days... not plessant. So if they sail empty to avoid stuff like that .. then they get my praise
  10. Sent a booking request for Norway sailing yesterday. Was advised they hade a backlog of bookings due to extreme demands on the Norway sailings. One 7 night(20 june) is sold out and 1 of the 12 night is almost full
  11. There is plenty of work that can be done after the vessel leaves dock. If they use the weeks in dock to the fullest they do not have to spend time cleaning in dock, but can clean up and finish the small stuff when sailing empty
  12. Remember that sd2 was supposed to go across empty and have dry dock this spring for renovations. This was cxl due to Covid
  13. They have paid several refunds. They are paying 90 days after the cxl request per the New travel law in Europe. I have several people I know that have received their funds at 90 days. The web site is updated, and they are sailing from June 20th in Norway
  14. I called them today. It is only one voyage that start at 1900usd. The 12 night sailings start at 3900USD per person. And goes up to 10000usd for the owner suite. The first sailing from Bergen to Oslo is almost sold out according to my TA. And it is open for sale for Danish as well.
  15. Germany is on the shortlist to be allowed to Norway in July. They are starting the ferry from Oslo to Kiel June 1st but only for Norwegians. They can not disembark in Kiel, but it is a start
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