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  1. Yes, cancelled our Feb 13 Sapphire cruise on Feb 9. Filed a credit card dispute May 9, have temporary credit but not solved yet. We received 50% FCC upon cancellation, received the other 50% last month after contacting customer relations.
  2. We have been waiting for a refund and FCC’s from our Feb 13 Sapphire cruise. The FCC’s just showed up tonight, no sign of a refund yet. We did file a dispute for credit card charges last week, not sure if that is related in any way. IF the refund shows up soon the dispute can be cancelled. It would be nice to have it all settled.
  3. For those of you who paid quite a while ago and are concerned that your credit card company won't file a dispute, give it a try. We have a Chase Reserve and I just called to file a dispute for our Feb 13 Sapphire cruise booked on July 4, 2019. They are processing the 4 disputed charges made from July 4 through October 25. Right now I'm waiting for the form to come from Chase to fill out, but they are working on it. The wait time wasn't bad either, the entire call took less than 20 minutes. We'll see how it works out, if we can get the cash refund we will then work on getting the promised
  4. We were supposed to be on a cancelled Feb 13 Sapphire cruise from Singapore and were never given the options to choose from. In fact, everything I’ve seen about the forms show dates beginning March 12 and beyond. Has anyone with sail dates before the mass cancellations been asked to complete any kind of form? We were told by our TA what the compensation would be at the time our voyage was cancelled, but can’t confirm anything with Princess. Our TA called them today asking specifically about our account and talked to three different people and received three different answers, she is now
  5. We were supposed to be on the Feb 13 Sapphire that was cancelled. No refund yet.
  6. Good to know, thanks for sharing. I would guess ours might be a little different because we canceled the night before leaving home and the cruise was still on at that time. We have been told multiple times we will still receive a full refund along with the 100% FCC. We received 50% FCC immediately since that was the policy at the time. Still waiting for the rest.
  7. We were supposed to be on the Feb 13 Sapphire which was cancelled the day before sailing, no refund yet or FCC yet
  8. Thanks for the information. Did they discuss those that were cancelled before the options were offered? We were supposed to be on the Feb 13 Sapphire cruise and were told we would receive a full refund and 100% cruise credit. 50% credit was given at the time of cancellation, but nothing since then. Our TA is still giving us the 60 day time frame.
  9. I may have missed it, but I haven’t seen any reports of refunds being issued yet. We received 50%FCC when we cancelled (couldn’t justify taking a chance out of Singapore), but when the cruise was cancelled a day later we were told we would receive a refund and a total of 100% FCC. Our TA has checked several times. At first it was 5-10 business days, then 30 days, now 60. Maybe we will start hearing refund reports soon.
  10. I hope our Feb 13 cruise is processed soon, our 60 days has come and gone.
  11. Thanks, mine shows All of my completed cruises but doesn’t show the cancelled Sapphire cruise.
  12. We were supposed to be on the Feb 13 Sapphire sailing. Once the cruise was cancelled all info disappeared from the online site unless I’ve missed it somewhere. Is there a place in your account to find all cruise history including cancelled trips? I am trying to find documentation of it being canceled to submit with an insurance claim. We used a TA for the booking and never received a formal cancellation notice (I have contacted them to get something from them). I have records from them stating that a refund and FCCs will be issued, but it isn’t from Princess and doesn’t mention the reason for
  13. Our cruise was scheduled to leave on Feb 13 - nothing yet, getting VERY close to 60 days!
  14. Is the 60 days for refunds considered to be from date of cancellation or from March 20 when the advisory was posted? We were supposed to be on the Sapphire sailing on Feb 13 from Singapore. We have received 50% FCC and are waiting on the additional 50% FCC promised and the full refund. Originally we were told 5-10 business days, then 3-6 weeks, and as of last week were told it could be another 60 days.
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