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  1. We will be on QM next June stopping in LHavre and are interested in visiting the American D-Day Omaha Beach using a Cunard excursion. All of the their excursions show a price of $999. Has any one taken one of these excursions recently with Cunard and can tell us the cost was? Thanks in advance.
  2. This guy with his dog was on our Anthem cruise 3 weeks ago. Carted the animal around in his little cart getting oohed over by some passengers. Saw him in the dining room with the dog and asked our head waiter why they allowed dogs. His comment was that the dog can sense when the guy’s blood pressure goes up and warns him and that he is a frequent customer. At that point my BP was up. Wonder what he does if the dog warns him!
  3. Any suggestions as to where to stay in Southampton for two nights between cruises.
  4. We were on another cruise until Sunday. It was the other beanies that we were loosing that has us upset. We tried to switch to another sailing, but would lose all our other discounts. When paying that kind of money, why accept something you would not be happy with in the last night run. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. After our TA notified us on 5 Oct that our Grandeur 16 March 2019 cruise had been cancelled, the three of us called RCCL on 8 Oct to get info on the only alternate cruise they offered that suited us. This alternative would have included an additional $200 OBC. After a very long hold a very business-like and unsympathetic RCCL rep said all cabins on that sailing are sold out so the only alternative is a cabin guarantee. We don't care for the possibilities of that so we cancelled. We had booked the original on board so it included several discounts and was an excellent price plus substantial OBC. The rep did promise a return of our "non-refundable" deposit but the good price and all OBC would not transfer to a new booking and would be lost. We have cruised RCCL a lot and are Diamond level but are very disappointed with RCCL's response to their own cancellation. We hope to see our deposit returned!
  6. We would like send an email of thanks and appreciation for services provided by the medical staff on our recent QM2 voyage. Can any one recommend a name and email address of a Cunard exec that would have the most impact?
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