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  1. Hi, Caroltovt, Any explanation from Cunard for the difference between reported and actual?
  2. Hello, Trevor33. So, what are the alternatives. One which comes to mind is to contact the credit card company and ask them to reverse the charges as the "goods" have not and will not be provided. Cunard might see this as playing "hard ball" but in some cases that is exactly what they might understand. After all. Cunard and others have no problem processing charges same day to credit cards, why the apparent difficulty in refunding to a credit card -- takes 1 minute at best! Your point is well taken. Thank you for your post.
  3. Hi, RJChatsworth, A Cunard rep did try to tell me that I would be assessed an air penalty for a July 6 cancelled cruise, cancelled by Cunard in 4/23/2020. Cunard had more than ample time to avoid ticketing the flight, as it was "flexible air", due for ticketing on 5/21/2020. A moot point as American had cancelled the flight! (involuntary) When I sent the air confirmation, the penalty went away. A voluntary flight cancellation is one initiated by the passenger - and subject to the airline's and Cunard's penalty. An "involuntary" cancellation is one initiated
  4. Hi, Cool Cruiser 1776. No 125% for you -- did the $ transfer without a penalty or an upcharge for switching to 2021?
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