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  1. Yes, as you may already know, your travel insurance will likely require a medical doctor's diagnosis in order to consider your claim for trip interruption according to the specifics of your insurance policy. Trip cancellation claims usually have a specified number of hours/days in which to file your claim - which is defined in the policy.Trip interruption may also have similar provisions. I would also look into your policy for medical evacuation coverage.
  2. Thank you. My pleasure. Happy trails.
  3. Hi, Squakman, PCR/Antigen time requirement is specific to 1) your destination country requirements and/or 2)Viking "requirement" which follows the CDC's guidance "should be tested" for cruises sailing out of the US. The bottom line is that Viking requires everyone to arrive with a negative covid test in hand. If the airline and/or the destination country does not require the covid negative, Viking does and they will specify the time line and test acceptable. Example, FLL port departures PCR or Antigen test says "2 days". The Netherlands currently says PCR 48 hours/Antigen 24 hours prior to boarding the flight to AMS. (As of 9/22/2021 no quarantine for vaxxed/tested/negative visitors.) In the case of Hawaii, their requirement seems to change hourly. I suspect that International countries will respond in kind to the US testing requirements opening travel. Somewhat like the visa system operates, which appears somewhat reciprocal.
  4. Yes, you must carry the original with you and be prepared to present it on request. I would also put a copy of it in the carryon luggage and keep a copy on your cell phone too. Suggest that you review your card to confirm that it has all the information properly filled out before submitting to Verifly.
  5. Thank you for the heads up about transiting through LHR. Not unexpected and good to be confirmed.
  6. Daily testing plus contact tracking what a perfect combination!
  7. SantaFe1 - Sorry to say, other cruise lines are now tracking/tracing via bracelets ... and putting labs on board. Have not seen any information on daily testing other than Viking. ? Makes some feel "safe", until or unless you are deemed to be a close contact or found to have covid and you are asymptomatic. Regent has the most comprehensive and generous protocol regarding covid passengers - as long as the passenger tests prior to coming to the pier to board.
  8. Hi Doc and others following Bahamas and Caribbean ports, Cruise Critic posted an article August 2021, which was updated 9/2/2021 listing open and closed ports, some of them having additional information, restrictions, etc.
  9. Clay. I have been following your posts. Thank you for the cc information post 1343. I will look into this as well.
  10. NJhorseman, thank you for posting this link.
  11. Fudgbug, Thanks for your information on Viking's end run on the AMS arrivals. What other modifications are they making to your 9/15 sojourn?
  12. Oops! On USA Today 3 hours ago . Us visitors to the Netherlands need to quarantine 10 days. Can cut to 5 days with interim test.
  13. Thank you very much for the Netherlands link. Confusing but important to research further.
  14. Jeri, you are good. Your post further clarifies the issue. Viking's daily testing serves to "legalize" - in Iceland anyway - Viking's quarantine and other measures for "positive" and "close contacts" of "Covid positive" passengers whether or not they are symptomatic.
  15. Yes, and it is Viking's daily testing which is not an Iceland requirement that serves to "confirm" a close contact. Land tour and other visitors to Iceland have not been subject to daily testing to my knowledge.
  16. Hello Twichly, It is Viking (not any country to my knowledge) which has the tracking/daily testing requirement. In the absence of a Viking's positive finding and/or a symptomatic passenger, Iceland's quarantine policies would not come into play. (i.e. positive or close contact of positive - including Viking excursion bus passengers). Iceland does have a phone app which they "suggest", not require, be used for tracking purposes, available for citizens and visitors. Viking tracking device is mandatory for all passengers. Opinions are all over the map about this. Sometimes it may just come down to whether and how the individual posting has been negatively affected by the Viking's daily testing/tracking/quarantine/disembarked policies. So, yes, it is the potential negative result of Viking's daily testing - as well as other factors - that continue to be a deal breaker for many ....
  17. This was further confirmed by a post which pictured a bus behind a chain link fence obviously port side. The photo showed suitcases which were lined up in front of the bus. So many that they ran the length of the bus. Someone opined that they may have been crew luggage. Rubbish!!
  18. Iceland: Official language on testing in people without symptoms, case by case and close contact definition, (bus travel) (In the community) (Also 15 pages specifically on "port" requirements)
  19. fyi - Possibly you have come across this information already: Most travel insurance policies will waive the pre-existing clause if you purchase within X days of initial trip payment (air, deposit, etc). X days varies by state, policy and sometimes cruise co. (if the ins. is thru them).
  20. "covid.is" is a good place to start, also googling too.
  21. Jay 23, if you booked through a travel agent, your luggage tags, etc may have gone to them.
  22. You are most welcome. Once the pandemic is up, more folks will be forthcoming --- as you probably know, asking couples, families, if you can take their photo is an excellent ice breaker.
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