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  1. Cruise Critic will also be on this sailing. As in, me! I've been on a small ship in Alaska already since being fully vaxxed but am excited to get back to a large ship. Will be at the Meet & Mingle -- see you there?
  2. So things are changing all the time -- I took your question specifically back to Travel Alaska. Juneau was also operating under stricter guidelines in March than other places in the state. Alaska does want travelers to fill out the portal. It basically asks when you are arriving and where you are staying in case you have to quarantine. They "recommend" a PCR test but it's no longer required. The form didn't ask me if I was vaccinated (I was). They stop you at the booth and go over things, but they aren't forcing you to take a test. Of course, by the time you go this summer, th
  3. Hi Don. Alaskan Dream Cruises will require vaccinations for both crew and passengers when their full season begins in late May. This was a special April sailing and they did allow the unvaxxed couple from Albuquerque to sail, with the dual COVID test requirement (for what it's worth, the couple were intending to get the vaccine when they got home so it wasn't a political stance; they had simply not become eligible yet). The rest of us passengers were fully vaxxed, as were most of the crew. There was one crew member who was not, and he was leaving the ship after this sailing. All of us, r
  4. Hi all - I was just in Alaska with the small ship cruise line Alaskan Dream Cruises, kicking off the 2021 season. Here's my Live From, with more coverage to come. Let me know if you have any questions about ADC or small ships in Alaska overall; this was my third small ship cruise there in a decade.
  5. Hi all. I'm just back from an early April sailing on Alaskan Dream Cruises, one of a handful of small ship cruise lines in Alaska that will be running sailings in 2021. Here's my Live From, and more coverage to come. Happy to answer questions about it, or other small ship cruises; this was my third small ship cruise in Alaska in the past decade.
  6. Hi there. I just sailed on Alaskan Dream Cruises' first sailing of the season (and the first small ship cruise in Alaska for 2021). Here's my Live From about the trip.
  7. Hi everyone. This is indeed confusing. The answer we have received from the line is that vaccines are required through April 10, and not after. They did say that things could change, though. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5978/
  8. Our story: https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5949/
  9. We also wrote two news stories from the event: On test cruises being expanded internationally: https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5765/ On the new show for Odyssey of the Seas (which looks super cool): https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5764/
  10. Hi all - As you know, we had a freelancer on the Caribbean cruise last week that had the COVID cases. We worked with her on this follow-up article, on the lessons that the industry can take away from the experience. Some points in here on what SeaDream did really well, and what parts needed work. It's worth noting, again, that SeaDream did have a successful Norway season, as well as transatlantic. Here's hoping that the line will be able to resume the Caribbean season at some point in 2021.
  11. Andreas, thank you for continuing to provide our members with info and feedback. I'm sure many will want to attend the webinar.
  12. Our writer has made it back to the UK. Here's her last dispatch, which is part of our larger article: Leaving The Ship On Friday, the group of six and the couple who had tested positive departed SeaDream I, transferring to an isolation facility at Harrison Point on Barbados. The ship’s crew later told me that the group of six, including the man with the original Covid case, had returned home to the US by private jet, five of them having tested positive. In total, ten people left the ship on Friday; one British couple had booked a villa on Barbados
  13. Hi all. We are continually updating our stories, as we have a freelance writer onboard (Sue Bryant). This am, the count is seven positives. Five are from a family group traveling together and then another couple. The crew and the rest of the passengers are negative, after two tests (one from the ship and the other by the Barbados authorities). We will be updating these two stories as we get more information: Live from SeaDream: When Your Caribbean Cruise Has a COVID-19 Case SeaDream Yacht Club Cuts Short First Caribbean Cruise Back
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