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  1. Can someone give me an example of a full cabin number so that I can tell exactly where this is on the deck map? That balcony looks great.
  2. Is your cruise port intensive? I did a 7 day one a few years ago with only one sea day. I was in a balcony cabin but would have been just as happy in an outside one since my days were filled with excursions. I could have used the price difference to pay for some of those excursions. Have fun!
  3. Hello from a fellow Virginian! My niece and her husband and baby live in Chantilly, so I’ve driven past Centreville many times on my way to visit them. I wish we had private messaging on CC because I’d like to ask you a question. If you don’t mind, could you email me at cef8n@yahoo.com?
  4. I’ve only heard of this happening on the Royal ships. If it was per CDC guidance, I would think I’d be seeing similar comments on the other boards. (As a caveat, I usually only frequent Celebrity and HAL, so perhaps I’m just not aware of other cruise lines also doing this.) To be honest, that would probably be the last straw for me. I spend a lot of time and spend extra money to get the cabin I want. And yes, before anyone reminds me, I realize that the cruise lines can do this per the cruise contract. It doesn’t mean that I have to like it. If Royal is going to do this going forward, they should only let you book guarantee cabins in the category that you want. No more being able to select a specific cabin.
  5. OP, I’m sorry to hear about your thwarted trip. Is your husband feeling OK physically? Hopefully the rest of you will continue to feel fine and test negative.
  6. I went the week before Memorial Day, and it was too early for me. Ended up having to buy a winter coat and gloves on the cruise. It snowed during one of our excursions. The worst thing for me was seeing no wildlife except for bald eagles. Apparently it was just too early for them (bears and whales) for them to be back.
  7. Could you let her swim in her regular bathing suit? Then when she says she has to go just put a pair of pull-ups over her suit and wrap her in a towel just in case you can’t find a bathroom in time?
  8. Lucky you! I’d really like to live there but I can’t convince my 92 year old mother to move there with me, so I have to stay in Virginia for the foreseeable future. Sorry for hi-jacking your thread.
  9. Totally off-topic, but do you live in the Solivita development in Florida?
  10. For the crew members who don’t want to work this cruise, does the cruise line pay for them to live off the ship for a week or do they just stay on the crew deck levels for the duration of the cruise? Do they go without any compensation for the week? I wasn’t sure if they worked for tips only.
  11. I feel bad for the crew, but I’m guessing some of them have had to work on such cruises before. And from my understanding, most of these clothing optional people aren’t necessarily the type you might want to see nekkid. If a ship has to be sanitized for Covid between cruises, I can only imagine the amount of cleaning that will be required after this cruise!
  12. You might have better luck asking this question on the Celebrity board.
  13. 99.9% of me agrees with you. Then I think about what would happen if I fly down there, only to get a positive test right before I’m supposed to get on the boat. I’m not going to be able to fly home having just received a positive test. Ugh, I hate these decisions!
  14. I also take a power cord with me for the same reason. It was taken from me when I was on a Celebrity ship going to Bermuda out of NJ. I was able to get it back at the end of the cruise. That’s the only time I’ve ever had it taken from me.
  15. Paul Lynde always had the best lines. Loved that show!
  16. Going around the Outer Banks can definitely be an issue. The roughest seas I’ve ever experienced was two of those Maasdam cruises. On one of them it actually felt like the stern was coming out of the water on a downward wave with the propellers rotating in the air, thus vibrating the entire ship. Now, I doubt that’s what was really happening, but that’s certainly what it felt like! I know RCL sails out of Baltimore. Do they report the same problems coming by the Outer Banks?
  17. I miss sailing out of Norfolk. I did three cruises on the Maasdam out of there. Also a Celebrity cruise to Bermuda. I seem to remember that Norfolk spent a lot of money on a new/updated terminal and most cruise ships pulled out of there not long after it opened.
  18. So I’m trying to figure out this point situation. If I cruise solo in a JS for a seven night cruise, how many points would I get in this double points promotion?
  19. Such disappointing news for so many folks. I have to wonder if the 2022 world cruise will be able to go.
  20. Sounds like cruising should not be your vacation of choice right now if it makes you this upset.
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