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Thanks everyone for all your replies :)
Thanks everyone for all your replies :)
my mom just broke her hip, yes she had insurance,...
my mom just broke her hip, yes she had insurance, However, she wants my daughter to take her place does celebrity allow this?? If this is allowed do I call my travel agent or celebrity. Btw, mom...
We did a tasting last June hoping they'll have...
We did a tasting last June hoping they'll have something for our upcoming trip in April on the Equinox.
Thanks I understand now!!
Thanks I understand now!!
UK....if I purchase the unlimited online which I...
UK....if I purchase the unlimited online which I do believe I save 10% then when I go on the ship will they deduct the additional 25% off of my pre-cruise online purchase because I'm select?
Thanks for all the info😀
Thanks for all the info😀
Unlimited internet 8 night cruise equinox cost
also, we are also captain select im assuming that is 25% off the cost?
BLU same wait staff each night?
Also, what about breakfast and do they seat you with other guests like the main dining room??
Aqua questions...embarkation & room service dining questions
the day we arrive....since we are Aqua do we have a lounge to wait in before allowed to get onto the ship since we are Aqua or do we just to the general embarkation area?

Dining with room service...
When arriving in SJU airport can I purchase liquor??
i know when you are leaving SJU there's duty free in the airport just not sure if we can buy it when arriving?
End of cruise how hard to get an uber XL from POM to Fll hotel ?
would getting off the ship earlier be better or
Later to get an UBER XL?
BLU fresh squeezed OJ ?
just curious thanks
Florist near Homewood suites in Brickell
need to purchase a floral center piece for my mom to celebrate her birthday and bring it on the ship with us.
Is there a decent florist near our hotel or in the area?
4:10 pm arrival (Friday) in Fll heading to Brickell area...traffic how bad?
and what would be our chances in getting an Uber XL for 3 people with luggage for a pre-cruise
Arriving in Fll at 4:20 pm need to head to Miami brekell area to spend the niguber
Ugh auto correct, lol.... Fll to brekell uber XL
We want to spend the night pre cruise in Miami ....about how much would it cost for 3 adults and 4 large pieces of luggage ??
Equinox whisky tasting
hi we were on the Equinox this past June going again in April when we were on the ship in June, my husband went for a whisky tasting and there was a man explaining all about the different types and...
Will do thanks!!
Will do thanks!!
Sugar free desserts question
not sure if anyone knows the answer but if I order a no sugar or sugar free dessert what artificial sweetener do they use?
Thanks for explaining!!
Thanks for explaining!!
Aqua dress code for men question
If husband wears a long sleeve dress shirt with dress pants and tie is this ok or does he need a suit or sports jacket too When dining?
thanks for the link I didn't know there was a...
thanks for the link I didn't know there was a stateroom sticky
Equinox cabin 1547 information please...
hi, if someone knows any info on this cabin I would love your feed back.

1. Has anybody heard noise above?

2. Balcony is it larger than the norm and also is there any obstructions?