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scooter rental?
I have used Care Vacations 3 or 4 times and never had a problem. They are setting up one for me in Venice in a few weeks. First time non US. Hope it goes as well.
reply to Capgt Data
Thanks for your info. I would expect to pay MORE than that. I guess I could just ask a couple of them if they would be interested???
manual wheel chair?
My wife and I are booked on Veendam April 29 from Venice. We have a power scooter booked but will also want a manual for shore trips. I am not able to push her. Does anyone know if it is OK to get...
wheelchair renal
I have used Carevacations several times successfully, For a 7 dauy Carib. trit from Ft Lauderdale. They put the scooter in your cabin or suite and pick 7it up on return. My cost was about $250.
in suite dining on Whisper
We recently did the Whisper , because we are handicapped we ate in suite many times. No problem.
Monarch mishaps
I sailed on Monarch a few years ago -- right after it went aground. No problems on board. Bad karma???
chartered out from under me
[QUOTE=Cruise or Lose!][b]OK then, let's do a poll. This will be my 5th cruise. Those of you with 10 or more under your belts, has this ever happened to you?

I have had my trip chartered out...
I have never tried to take a scooter ashore. Best bet would be to rent a wheelchair and "pusher."
Many of the Euuropean ports do not have scooter rentals available.
It's hell to be disabled isn't...
I love the Rotterdam. Of course we were in a Cat S Deluxe Verandah suite.
Gene in Birmingham
HAL vs X
I have been on both (and several others as well). Each has its srong points/
The HAL suites are larger and the S category offerss some vey nice perks.
The food is aout same IMO.
Gene in Birmingham
Pressing quality
I have found that the quality of the pressing and laundry is fine. Also that the prices are likely LESS than on shore unless one lives in a high cost city (e.g. NYC, San Francisco)
Laundry/dry cleaningq
If you are in a CAT S suite laundry and dry cleaing/[pressing) is free. Quite a plus!
I am a cigar smoker! I did not realize that my smoke was a possible problem when I smoke outside on the verandah, I only smoke 4 a day . No one has ever complained -- if they did I would hold off...
laundry etc.
All the HAL ships I have used had dry cleaning and laundry service -- at what I judge to be fair prices. Should you be in a cat S suite, both services are free, which goes a long way to making up the...
time since last cruise
I just got back from a SO Carib trip on Constellation (Celebrity) but got a flyer for Holland America (Rotterdam) for the Mediterranean in mid summer. Very tempting. I wish the air part of a trip...
cost of extras
I cheat! I always take a bottle of gin in my luggage so do not spend as much on drinks. I do buy a couple though at dinner. Not a wine lover, so don't do that and can't imagine paying for a spa...
Just got back from Constellation. Many little ones. Did not see that many teens, but there were some. Saw no misbehavior at all. Even little ones had superb table manners!
Gene in Birmingham
If you want peace and quiet -- and boredom -- try going on a Silversea ship.
Little stiff.
Upgrade my aunt Minnie! I do not like the guarantee plan and willl never do it again. I have never been upgraded in 14 cruises and uncounted air trips.
It was in mine also. But there is SO much in that packet that it's easy to overlook what you want. I am not wild about how they now put everything in a spiral book.
HAL vx X
I have done both and find both very good. Best SERVICE ever was on Seabourn Goddess II (Now called something else).
If my investments do well, I may try Silversea, which I am told is THE best, and...
hotels in San Juan
I was glad to see the prior post about the MIramar hotel in old SanJuan since I have booked a night there soon. Never heard of it but I picked it from a number of places. Price not TOO high. But I...
Captain;s Table?
I have been to the table only once -- on a Renaissance ship. I would rather do my own thing. I have all the opportunity I need to be around Big Shots and don;t pinefor the privilege.
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Thanks Leela for the added info. Only a few of us are aware of the various "old" levels of formalwear.
I like to wear my white dinnner jacket in summer and traveling in the Carib.
However, I am...
All these comments are why I no longer do the guarantee thing. I used it once and found little benefit and was discomfited by having to wait so long to find out what my cabin was.

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