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I don't understand the second part of your...
I don't understand the second part of your response.
How many to a stateroom
Good evening,
My dh and I thought it would be nice to take our girls on a cruise to the Bahamas during Spring Break. Can the 4 of us (2 adults, 11 and 13 years old) stay in an interior cabin? If...
Where to purchase wine in Ft. Lauderdale
DH and I will be flying in Saturday morning and due to arrive around 10:00am. Is there anywhere near the port to purchase a couple of bottles of wine? Walking distance would be great, otherwise we...
Where to purchase wine in Ft. Lauderdale
I'd like to know where we can purchase wine near port? We're flying in on the morning of 4/20 and would like to pick up a couple of bottles if we can. Thanks.
Taxi cost from airport to cruise terminal
Can anyone give us a rough estimate for a taxi (2 adults) from FLL to cruise terminal? Thank in advance.
Luggage Advice
Would DH and I be ok with packing 1 bag to check-on the plane and 1 to carry-on, 2 total for a 7 night vacation?

Airport to pier transportation in Ft. Lauderdale
What's the best and least expensive mode? Thanks.
Father diagnosed with emphysema yesterday
Do all insurance plans provide coverage in the event that a non-traveling family member becomes seriously ill?
How do I know which insurance company to use?
I've been to and there are just so many companies and policies. How can I choose? Any recommendations? Thanks.
Would you recommend a land package through...
Would you recommend a land package through Princess? If not, where should we look?

Alaska for 1st cruise
DH and I are hoping to finally take our first vacation since our honeymoon 12 years ago. This will also be our first cruise and we're considering Alaska. Should we do a 7 or 10 day? Which tours...
Gluten Free Options
Does anyone know what brand of GF bread/rolls are used onbaord? Our TA told us that we could bring GF food with us, but I'm hoping to not have to do that. Thanks to anyone who can help.
Ruth, May I ask you what you would have for...

May I ask you what you would have for breakfast? We've got our own set of dietary restrictions which leaves us for few choices in the morning. It's so that I've been reading up on the...
Drink Pacakge Payment
We just booked our July 2012 sailing and are interested in the beverage package now that it's on sale. Just one question..Do we need to pay for it up front or is it factored into the total?
We just booked our July 22, 2012 crusie today. ...
We just booked our July 22, 2012 crusie today. Can we book this too?
Select Dining and Gluten Free Needs

We're finally booked for the Summit in late July!! Our TA told us that we've got select dining. From reading the posts here and for other cruise lines, it sems like peole with special...
I totally understand. Gluten is my culprit (Both...
I totally understand. Gluten is my culprit (Both dd and I have Celiac disease) as is shellfish and eggs. I am on your side!
Summit Wine List
With all the changes the ship is undergoing, does anyone know what the wine list will look like? I'm trying to decide if we should purchase a drink package. I prefer sweet wines and want to know if...
Dining Options on Summit
What will our dining options be on the Summit in July? Thanks. Are there any specialty restaurants you could suggest?
Dining Options aboard the Summit
Another question. What will our dining options be aboard the Summit? We're sailing in late July. Thanks.
What exactly is Concierge Class?
Our TA has recommended Concierge Class. Can someone tell me what exactly that provides me?
Aqua Class--What are the benefits?
We're looking to do a cruise on the Summit in July. From what I've read, there will be some up grades done. Can anyone tell me the benefits of having an Aqua Class cabin versus a standard cabin? ...
Please help me choose between Celebrity and Royal Caribbean
I have Celiac Disease and our TA has suggested that we choose between Celbrity and Royal Caribbean. Food is important to me and I want to be able to enjoy this long overdue vacation. I've been...
Dietary Restrictions

We were going to cruise with Princess in April, but after looking at our vacation schedule more closely we won't be able to. Since we wanted to cruise the Caribbean, RCI and Carnival look...
Which should we do first?
Happy Holidays! DH and I want to know if we should purchase our airline tickets or cruise tickets first. Today, we can buy plane tickets. But next Friday (pay day) we can purchase both. We're...