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Comparing North Cape cruising options for 2018
Is anyone else trying to compare itineraries to North Cape for 2018 on HAL and Princess. Princess mentions Tromso and Gravdal ports. Holland mentions Eidfjord cruising and Bronnoysund. I know I could...
Trondheim overnights
Yes, your link shows cruising for two days after Trondheim; the US website says "overnight" on each of those two days. I am sure your UK website is the accurate one. Thanks for providing it. If I...
Trondheim overnights
Sorry that I could not do a link, but the cruise is NCL North Cape on the Jade on July 4, 2017- 12 days. Website shows the overnights on the details of the cruise.
NCL Trondheim overnights
Just saw a Norway/Arctic Circle cruise with NCL that has two overnights in Trondheim. It seems unusual. I would appreciate comments about whether you have spent time there and whether there are...
Mistake regarding our noisy cabin - not the Ryndam
My spouse just pointed out my error in my original question when I said we had a noisy cabin on the Ryndam. We were not on that ship. We were on the Veendam when our cabin creaked a lot and kept us...
Prinsendam-creaky, noisy cabins?
Having had bad experience on Ryndam inside cabin having very creaky, noisy walls and ceiling once ship was moving, we are concerned about the Prinsendam. Has anyone experienced their inside or ocean...
Cruise review of HAL
We have taken 5 cruises on HAL with the 6th coming soon. When I do a review for a different site, I am used to writing a paragraph or two as a summary of the experience. Cruise reviews seem to be...
Hamilton taxi about 10am
We do not normally get off the ship until about 10am. That may be later than many others seeking licensed taxis. Do you think licensed taxi/guides will still be available at that time of the morning...
Overnight in Keflik
We have flown Icelandair several times out of JFK going to Europe. Each time we arrived at almost midnight, took a taxi to a Keflik hotel, slept, had hotel breakfast about 9am, left hotel at about...
What does "operated by" mean?
An Iberia flight is noted as "operated by American Airlines." What does that mean? AA plane and AA crew?
Thanks for response
ccrain: thanks much for your thorough response. I know how individual reactions can be at sea. At this point, I think we just need a few "less rocky" cruises under our belt before trying another one...
Rough waters to/from Hawaii
I will try my question here. My DH and I are concerned because we just came off a cruise where one night we had 24 foot waves and we were not well. It really "colored" the idea of ever again going...
Generic bonine
For those of you near a Costco store, they (mine does in Phoenix area) sell meclazine for about 5 dollars.
Rethinking/stock market
We are certainly cruising on Aug.24 as it is paid for. However, we may definitely rethink what we can do in the future. Unfortunately for us, we wanted to do a major trip in 2013 for our 50th...
Iceland currency
We used US dollars in Iceland for taxi and tour guides. I believe Iceland is still quite expensive. We thought so when we were there about a year ago.
TSA info
The TSA says liquids, gels, need to be 3.4 oz. or less (or 100 ml or less in volume). I see some of the small items in WalMart, etc. coming at 4 oz. and wonder why they don't size it as TSA insists.
We did that cruise and found that U.S. dollars were good everywhere.
Costco (if you have one near you) sells the meclazine (generic) - a big bottle for about 5 dollars.
First cruise
I suggest you use the CCL section of these boards to get even more information about your ship and upcoming cruise. Also, check out the Roll Call for your CCL ship and join your fellow passengers in...
Check Icelandair
We are using Icelandair for the second time next month. We are going one way to Heathrow (from Boston this time - last year we left from NYC). Their flights are one way fares. Check it out. The cost...
I haven't been there but when I want temperature information I generally look it up on the web. Perhaps weather underground or other weather sites will help. You can look up average temperatures...
LAN41: Some have criticized the design of the Eurodam for the Lido dining. They say it is narrow, hard to negotiate, and therefore gets too crowded. Did you find this to be accurate?
Dream cruise
I am now going to look this cruise up. It sounds fantastic, depending on the cost.
Eurodam laundry
Did you or were you able to purchase the "unlimited laundry package" once on board?