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D2 Accessible Stateroom
Attached is a thumbnail of a D2 Accessible room. We are sailing the Grandeur for our 50th Anniversary and looking forward to a great time. We are in 7102 which should be a wonderful location.

D2 Accessible Stateroom
Hi Seeshore!

The D2 Accessible Staterooms are very well located near the midship stairs and elevators. They are huge with loads of storage and space to maneuver.

Cabin 7602 is over the entrance...
Shower Curtain "Attack"
Our shower curtain on the Grandeur had the track which did indeed keep the curtain inside the shower but the curtain still blew in and stuck to us as we tried to shower. I had a plastic clip but...
Chesapeake Bay Bridges Annapolis
Here is a shot I took from our balcony as we passed under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge(s).
Key Bridge
On the May 30 sailing out of Baltimore we passed under the Key Bridge at 4:44 pm (time stamp on my photo).
MTD Service
We were on the May 30 departure on Grandeur. We had MTD and did not a have more than a few minutes wait at any time. The service was good and one night we were out in about an hour. Like any...
Grandeur Deck Cracks
On our sailing May 30-June 6 the deck cracks had not been repaired. There were two speed bump type temporary repairs on deck 10.
Extended Balcony
I personally prefer the extended balcony cabins on the hump near the elevators. All of the cabins (except for suites) are the same size with only the balconies varying in size.

Check the Sticky...
Diamond Balcony Discount
I booked a cruise in October 2013 for August 2014. At the time I got a balcony discount and was told to call back when I became diamond.

I reached Elite on Celebrity in March 2014 which made me...
Chip clips for shower curtain?
Quote: On the Grandeur we had shower curtains that would have stuck to us but we brought chip clips.

We were just on the Grandeur and will be on her again in August. She is a great ship except...
Captain and CD
Trond is the current captain and Paul Rutter is the Cruise Director.
Balcony Dividers etc. May 30 Departure
We were on Deck 7 cabin 7530 of the Grandeur and our balcony divider opened.

The cruise director on the May 30 departure was Paul Rutter.

The food in the Windjammer was average and the food...
Some of the above information is not accurate. Diamond is equivalent to Elite on Celebrity. The middle part of the above list is for a lower level.

Check the Celebrity website for a list of...
Cabin with sofa bed
If you book a cabin with a sofa bed and extra bunk it is yours once you make your deposit. Those cabins have the bed by the bathroom. The location forward and aft is more important than deck 7, 8,...
Sun on Balcony
Both balconies can be sunny depending on the time of day and the direction the ship is sailing. There is no overhang on these balconies, only the floor of the balcony above. 7282 should have the bed...
Enjoy Grandeur
Each ship has its own personality and while we like the larger Solstice class Celebrity ships we also really enjoy the smaller Grandeur. The crew on Grandeur is wonderful and even though it is an...
Grandeur Cabins
I wouldn't worry about the cabin location. Once your stateroom door is closed the room will be quiet. We've been in a cabin near the Centrum and didn't have any noise issues.

My only concern...
Just ask your room steward for extra hangers. I usually ask for wire hangers because they take up less space in the closet.
Great Read!
I have really enjoyed reading your report and am sorry to see your suitcases in the corridor!

I agree that Quasar is wasted space. The only time I went in there is was much too loud etc. The...
Marvelous Photos!
The photos are marvelous. I've been on the Equinox and Eclipse several times and never thought about taking some of the closeups that you have in your album. They really capture a sense of place.
Fueling the Ship - Bunkering
[quote=FRMPEI;42530810]Back to Port

So after the arrival KLM we stuck around for a little bit and I made sure I did not make the same mistake. I didn't buy a t-shirt at Sunset Bar last year so...
No Golf
No, there is no mini golf on the Grandeur.
Thanks for the replies. So far I haven't found any group listed on the Grandeur for August 29 but am still wondering why the n/a appeared rather suddenly in March.

Any other ideas would be...
How can I find out if a large group has booked a departure?
I booked a cruise from Baltimore that departs in late August 2014. In early March there was availability in all categories. Around March 21 the cruise was listed as N/A and since then only two...