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Agree with your post and Captain Scott is the...
Agree with your post and Captain Scott is the best Captain I have sailed with in over 40 cruises.
Loved his afternoon trivia he gave us and so personable.
Wish we could sail with him on every...
My opininion on HAL and Princess, only travelled...
My opininion on HAL and Princess, only travelled in SS on Eurodam & NS on Oosterdam & Westerdam, Elite on Princess mainly in Full Suites, but have stayed in all rooms.HAL wins;
for best non-smoking...
Aloha Laura, Would you please review posts by...
Aloha Laura,
Would you please review posts by BBQ788, posting on Holland America Eurodam, Sept. 30, 2017 Hawaii, Seattle to Vancouver.
This "solo" person posted about "Ricky's Tours" in Hilo, HI...
:cool:WCB, So nice of you to take your time to do...
:cool:WCB, So nice of you to take your time to do a "live".
Thanks for sharing Your amazing experience in Glacier Bay, the calving had to be spectacular.
Is there a puzzle set up, I presume in...
If your ship has cabanas, you could purchase a...
If your ship has cabanas, you could purchase a cabana.Cabanas have nice perks too! Looking forward to my first one soon.
Crystal Free Verandah Upgrade through June 30
In case you haven't seen it; most sailings are offering a B2 or B3 verandah upgrade from window rooms. Hope someone can get this.
We would have gone up to be hosted by Crystal. We have been hosted by other cruise lines seeking us. Glad it was a wonderful experience.
Ovation Flow Rider
Friends just off Ovation said Flow Rider busy, never got to use.
Sleeper sofa Ovation Junior Suite
Someone just off Ovation in Junior Suite said sofa bed awful even with two toppers. They did fine in a HAL Neptune Sofa bed without a mattress topper
Missing luxury
Cat lover54, as a first time Crystsl cruiser as well, I am appreciating your honesty. I specifically booked a standard room for our voyage as I wanted to ensure we get out and enjoy all that Crystal...
Weight gain and exercise
Walk promenade or treadmill in morning taking stairs to get there.
I just figured I would try to put on two pair of span (one on top of each other) to hold everything in so can fit into evening...
Thanks everyone
I appreciate your confirmations of what I thought the balcony would be like. It will be nice, can't wait. Sandipalms
Once again, thanks Keith1010, reminded us of a "Soarin" the Disney ride - Exhilarating! Sandipalms
Verandah Cabins forward and aft balcony
As a newbie; if sitting on verandah in a larger extended far forward or aft balcony can you still see out toward ocean without standing up if around 5'6" tall? Like photo below? Thanks,...
Make chart a "sticky"
Would appreciate it if chart could be made a "sticky".
Cruisinmommas, so glad you saw the savings. Nice to know Crystal would have made the adjustment, but in my case could have missed out on...
Price drop
Got price drop and spent it to bump up. Probably would have kept the reduction, but being a newbie want to see what all the hype is on a "Pure" room.
Thanks again!! Sandipalms
New too and cabin choice
With the price drop we did step up to P1 vs taking the price drop as Dh prefers to be higher up on ship. We are Willing to experience A "Pure" room for basically same price.
Good luck with your...
Fare Savings
Very much appreciate all of the work you have put into this. Hope to get a reduction too. What a surprise, did not expect to ever see a reduction when booked.
Again..Samantha Brown
Hello SadieN, HSN shopping network carries Samantha Brown luggage. She has a doctor style tote that has a slip through pocket on the back that fits over luggage handle like a glove and is stable on...
First forward balcony question
Appreciate your taking time to give your observations, very helpful.
Have you been able to use your balcony while ship is traveling or is it too windy?
Would you book current cabin again or would...
Have an excellent TA who explained it well and know looks after his/her clients. I understand it is per Ststeroom as well. Any OBC is appreciated and second spa....Ah the good life.
Platinum and Crystal OBC
We are getting OBC from TA and Crystal and TA said we cannot get the AE OBC as well, any thoughts? TA is an AE agent, but not AE as in AE travel that you call on back of card.
Thank you so much for responding Texas Tillie and Keith1010 and Patty,
I prefer to not be judged my bag, rarely ever comes out. So happy you travel like us and feel privileged to be able to do...
Question for Keith1010, Evening dress onboard
Hello Keith1010, on Crystal, will I be out of place if I do not bring my "top shelf" handbag? I have something smaller not as pretentious that I prefer to travel with and take to dinner.
Bag to go over handle
I have started to not spend alot on luggage anymore and want luggage I can recognize and can get roughed up a bit and is roomy, so try Samantha Brown. Has a vRey roomy Doctor type bag with pocket to...