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Cozumel to Cancun
leaveitallbehind: Did you take a shore excursion from Cozumel to Cancun? If so, what shore excursion company did you use?
RE Norwegian Dawn Eastern Carib 11/2008
It wasn't our stewards that told us about the 9:00AM "deadline." I believe I was told the morning before at the disembarkation briefing presented by the cruise director.
Regarding Nov '08 Dawn cruise
If I am not mistaken, we were informed the night before that the staterooms should be vacated by 9AM the next day. We were invited to lounge in the common areas until 10AM.
My Dawn Eastern Caribbean cruise November 2008
The cruise was out of Miami, and we were told by the crew that we had to vacate our cabins by 9:00AM.
For all recent Norwegian Star passengers...
How late can passengers remain in their staterooms on disembarkation day? I've looked at the posted dailies for the Mexican Riviera cruise and I don't see this subject addressed.
Thanks, Tom, for the info!
Thanks, Tom, for the info!
What did you have at Mama's? What didn't you like...
What did you have at Mama's? What didn't you like about the restaurant?
Thanks for the info, flvol77!
Thanks for the info, flvol77!
Breakfast juice in the Jewel's Garden Cafe
Can anyone tell me what juices are available in the Jewel's Garden Cafe?
Breakfast juice in Jewel's Garden Cafe?
Thanks so much for the thorough and thoughtful review, atlantacruise!!
Do you recall what juices were available for breakfast in the Garden Cafe?
The AFT balcony cabins on PoAM appear to be 49 sq...
The AFT balcony cabins on PoAM appear to be 49 sq ft larger than those either starboard or port. A whopping difference!
My only hesitation about choosing an AFT balcony is that my view would be...
I've always wanted an aft balcony...
Aft balconies solve the problem of having to decide which is the best side of the ship.
But, I usually buy my cruise so far in advance of the sail date that the aft (regular) balcony rooms appear to...
Past PoAM cruisers: Port or Starboard cabin and why?
I'm shopping for a stateroom on PoAM and would appreciate any feedback.
WWLL--thanks for the review! I have one question...
Did your stateroom have a coffeemaker in it?
Regarding bidding on priceline today...
I bid today on a 2 1/2 star hotel in Miami (no luck) and could not find the list of categories of hotels available in each area of Miami--in other words, I couldn't find the info I needed to make...
I appreciate the info, Cosmopolitan!
Jewel Owner's Suite balcony question
Is the owner's suite port/starboard balcony about the length of 2 standard balconies (e.g., two BA balconies)?
The only picture I've seen of a Jewel OS "side" balcony looks as if it is only as big...
Question about the Jewel's 4 ports
Did the Jewel dock at any of the four ports visited (versus having to tender to land from the anchored ship)? Docking is so nice because you can walk on and off the ship at your leisure.
Is trip insurance worthless?
I've read comments on this board today that seem to say just that: The insurance companies won't reimburse you in the case of cancellation even for a legitimate cause. I'd love to stop buying trip...
Solita--questions about piers
Thanks for keeping us up-dated about the tendering situation!
What does TMM stand for? Also, is the fiscal pier the downtown ferry pier?
Where is Playa del Carmen news on the website???
I just got done looking at the Carnival website and couldn't find any reference to Playa del Carmen replacing Cozumel in any itinerary.
Misguy--you had mentioned in a previous post that...
Misguy--you had mentioned in a previous post that your taxi dropped you off on the wrong side of the building at Pier 66. I'd like to prevent this from happening to me. Is there a good description...
Jana, Thanks so much for responding! I am...
Thanks so much for responding!
I am also going to bring my own decaf espresso and basket-style filters on the trip.
Glad to hear that your 10-cup filters worked well in a 4-cup maker.
Jana-- I'm glad to hear that there is a...
I'm glad to hear that there is a coffee-maker in the room. I am wondering how big the coffee-maker is. Also, is it a 4-cup Melitta/Braun cone-type or a Mr. Coffee-type basket-style?
Misguy, What stateroom were you in on the...
What stateroom were you in on the Spirit? I'll also be on Deck 9 somewhere.

Norwegian Wind 11/22/03
Norwegian Spirit 6/19/04