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Thanks for the help.
Thanks for the help.
# of posts
I am wondering if the # of posts is stuck. I look back at what I have posted and they all have the same # on them.

Answer? Lets see if this is still the same #.
Exactly. It just feels like home, there's no...
Exactly. It just feels like home, there's no place home. *click ruby shoes* :D
Norris, I am late to the reading of your...
I am late to the reading of your magnificent cruise. You and Carol seem to be totally enjoying yourself.

I am currently on page 15 and know that I have many, many more pages to read.

Last post read
I think the new format is good.

What I have been and still do have problems with is clicking the last read page and it automatically goes to the very last page even though I know I didn't get...
Thanks for the reply
Scrapnana, thanks for the reply.

It did get a little snippy. I seriously wanted to tell them to grow up.

Also the subject was beaten to death as well.

Thanks! :)
Why CLOSED thread?
What makes a thread closed? I was participating in one and now its closed with no explanation. I'm sure the subject was beat to death but like most threads they eventually die down.

Why close a...
What do you want to get from it?
I think what you need to figure out is what do you want to get from your visit to Hawaii'?
What plays a factor? $$, time, sites/islands, mode of travel?

We were stationed on Oahu for almost 4...
So, its like this..

Its like this, the reason I am adding to this so late is that I started to read your comparison blog, a week ago, between X and Princess. So...I slap myself across the forehead and realize...
Thank you for answering. Have a wonderful day! :D
Which cruise line?
My DH was telling me about a cruise line where you can get a room that has a view to the inside of the ship where there are a lot of things to see. Kind of a reverse balcony.
Which cruise line is...
SF airport wine store
Flying from Phoenix to San Francisco same day as cruise. We do not want to pack wine in our luggage.
Has anyone bought wine @ the San Francisco airport? If so, was it that much more expensive?
Golden Princess states they have Lifeboats: 22...
Golden Princess states they have Lifeboats: 22 lifeboats including tenders, 2 rescue boats

Capacity of ship: 2600 passengers and 1100 crew.

I'm gonna have to take another look at those...
Lifeboat capacity
I was just wondering if anybody knew what the capacity of the lifeboats are on these ships? Does it vary? Just curious :)
Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! That is fantastic!

Our very first cruise with Princess was on the Golden - 14 day - LA to Hawaii. It was absolutely fantastic! It was so relaxing.

Hyatt Place
We too are staying @ Hyatt Place 17th St. Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale. It seems to have everything we need and then some! Can't wait!:D
Rodeway Inn
After several days online looking, I found Rodeway Inn & Suites. I must have a refrigerator (medicine) and looks like there is transportation from the airport and to Port Everglades. It also has a...
Thank you
Thank you for answering. I am looking at so many hotels, its hard when you are not familiar with the area. Thanks again! :)
Bahia Mar
I was wondering if anyone had stayed @ the Bahia Mar Hotel? Its just my DH and I for one night. If you have stayed there, what was your experience like? They do have a restaurant on site, right?
Castaway Cay
You bring back fond memories of Serenity Beach on Castaway Cay. It was for us the most beautiful and peaceful hours we had. When I am stressed, I go back there in my mind with my feet in the water...
Thank you
Thank you for taking the time to review your vacation! You do such a wonderful report! Great pictures and narration!
It was because of Disney that my husband and I have decided that cruising is the...
Thanks for catching that error! :oEither way,...
Thanks for catching that error! :oEither way, that's a lot of people in a small area. I know my cruise is many, many months away but like everyone else, I want if NOW! Thanks for you assistance in...
Thanks for answering Lois, you have put my mind @...
Thanks for answering Lois, you have put my mind @ ease. I have a friend who is a TA and was planning on having her do all the arrangements (air,hotel,car) for me sometime in April / May. Wow..six...
I just happened to stumble upon the ship schedule for Ft. Lauderdale on our departure date and it says there are 4 ships scheduled to depart on Nov. 8th. Now that's a lot of people right? So how...
Day before
I too am from Arizona and will be going to Ft. Lauderdale to cruise in November. I have been looking @ flights for several months now and the one that leaves @ 9 am in Phoenix and arrives like at 4...