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Since you enjoyed The Valor Video. here is one I...
Since you enjoyed The Valor Video. here is one I did on the carnival Magic a couple of years ago
Thanks....22 Carnival cruises all out of...
Thanks....22 Carnival cruises all out of Galveston...45 minutes from the house!
thanks for the Love!
thanks for the Love!
mostly GoPro Hero 6 with Karma grip stabilizer,...
mostly GoPro Hero 6 with Karma grip stabilizer, also JVC GY-HM 100 ProHd Camcorder,
Just back off the Valor Video
Just back home from the Carnival Valor, so I posted a new video
Thanks for bringing it back to the original post....
Thanks for bringing it back to the original post. I was getting tired of all the lecturing about rule breaking, smuggling, ruining the vacation etc. I was just pointing out that we like to...
a Bottle of Crown Royal is 100.00 plus gratuity,...
a Bottle of Crown Royal is 100.00 plus gratuity, no wonder people sneak liquor aboard
we do. 2 Bottles? that will get us through night...
we do. 2 Bottles? that will get us through night one..We just like to have it WHEN we want it.
Carnival now limits wine you buy online before departing
This was a bit upsetting, I ordered two bottles of wine to be delivered to the room on the second night at their ridiculous overpriced amount. Like I always do, then my wife went online to order a...
10 dollar minimum on casino tables on the MAGIC
Just back from the Magic on a rare 4 day. I was very disappointed that all the table games had a 10 dollar minimum bet. Not sure if they jacked it up because the Magic doesn't do 4 days normally....
Just off the Triumph and last day at sea, went for coffeee at 8:30. I thought I would watch the seasside theater for a while while the wife slept in. All the chairs facing the theater were occupied...
Carnival Triumph HD Video
Just back off the Triumph out of Galveston. Here is HD look set to music. Easier than writing a review. Best viewed in HD.
Just a thought on liquor pre purchases
I know Carnival wants to make money on liquor. I wanted to buy a bottle in advance so I could have it in the room to make cocktails. I was SHOCKED to see how much prices have gone up. 70.00 for a...
Puerta Maya Video

well that embedding didn't work
Puerta Maya Video
here is a video of Puerta Maya Cozumel
Puerta Maya Video
Here is a look around Puerta Maya Cruise Pier in Cozumel. plenty of shopping, restaurants and bars if you shoose not to do any excursions.
Puerta Maya
I shot a bunch of HD video at Puerta Maya, Let me see if I can throw it together and post it to youtube. There a bunch of shops right there and a little park area with a view of the ship.

Sunset Beach Resort
Yes admission is for all you can eat and includes alcohol, We never pre-book, just take a cab over and the front desk will excort you to a room where they collect your money, take your ID and give...
Forum: Cozumel
You can take a cab for 8 bucks and admission is 21.00 which includes the shows. It's close to the pier. We always just go on our own. Snorkel equipment is available there. We just bring our own. The...
Money Bar Cozumel HD video
Here is an HD look around the quiet snorkeling spot at Dzul Ha. The Money Bar is one of our favorite places to go when we dock in Cozumel.
Thanks for the nice comments on the video. Sunset Beach Resort is a close alternative to the cruise lines excursions. Jamaica is a pretty country. But not necessarily safe to explore on your own.
Sunset beach Resort
I hate the bothersome peddlers and beggars in town, It's overwhelming. We take a taxi about 4 blocks to Sunset Beach resort. All-inclusive and private. It's on a peninsula, so nobody gets in except...
Sunset Beach Resort video
Hope this helps. An Hd look around Sunset Beach Resort.
Sunset beach resort
here is a quick HD video of Sunset Beach resort Montego bay.
not on the seaside theater. it's vacation