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We will be in 8466 next January. Did you like the cabin??
Hi Melissa, I'm on the next cruise, leaving...
Hi Melissa,

I'm on the next cruise, leaving the 9th, with WillieBill and pokeyjones (Hi guys!). I'm working on my packing list. I'm guessing the formal nights are the first sea day before Aruba,...
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Thanks! I was able to get mine included in my...
Thanks! I was able to get mine included in my signature too. If you wanted the banner to link to another page when you click on it, you would probably just need to include an <a...
How did you get it to work?
How did you get it to work?
Early morning coffee
Hi Sharon,

Tea and Coffee service is available 24 hours in the Sports Bar & Grill (breakfast buffet starts at 6:30), Deck 12, Aft. Breakfast Buffets are available at 6:00am in the Pizzeria, Deck...
Muster drill
The first drill came promptly at 5:00PM. All but one small suitcase was at our cabin by 4:00 so we were nearly unpacked before we had to go up to deck 7. It didn't take very long, maybe 15 minutes.
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Alas, no luck....
Well, I checked both Stop and Go locations that the Altoids site email to me, but neither one carried the ginger altoids. Target didn't carry them either, so I just picked up some ginger capsules.
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I'm not believing this.....
I sent an email to the Altoids people through their website. They searched their database and (supposedly) found a Stop and Go that sells the ginger altoids that is right around the corner from me!!...
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Yep, we have Targets! I'll check there this weekend. Thanks for the info!
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Altoids shoppe
I looked at that earlier this week, but they are out of stock.

We are flying out Monday morning, so I will have a couple of days in Oahu to look around before we get on the ship. Do you have any...
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7-eleven stores
I have a question for the locals. According to the Altoids website, 7-eleven stores sell the Ginger Aloids. Do the 7-eleven stores in Hawaii sell them?? I cannot find any in our area and the closest...
Found a set
These are from an 11 day last May:

Thanks to the OP!
Freestyle Daily from Hawaii cruise on Wind
Does anyone have recent copies of the daily papers from the Wind availabe for download? We are going on a 10 day cruise on March 1.

Thanks in advance!
We're going in March
We used Tom Barefoot to book our excursions/luaus:
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Travel Channel
I had the VCR set to record the Hawaii shows today: Best of Hawaii, Top Ten Hawaiian Beaches and Hawaii FAQ. I missed Hawaii's Best on a Budget because I didn't realize the times listed were EST....
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Revealed books
My dad sent us the Oahu book for Christmas and we love it! I ordered books for the other three islands that we will be visiting as well. I also have the Fodor's book, but these have lots more...
Thanks, drummer!
That's cool! We'll have to check it out.

One of the people joining us would like to know about the water temp these days. Will it be warm enough to snorkel in March?

Thanks in advance!
2 cars
Thanks, Sceptic. We'll probably need to plan for a second car so the snorkelers can do whatever they want to do too.
Rethinking our schedule
I am so glad I happened upon this thread. We are a party of 4 couples cruising on the Wind in March. We will be in Hilo on Thursday, Mar. 2, 9:30 to 5:00 and Kona on Friday, Mar. 10, 8:00 to 5:00....
[quote=Middleager]I don't recall which were the formal nights. I saved most of the dailies. I can dig them up later and see if I can find the days.

In the restaurants there were no dance floors,...
10 day cruise on Wind question
Thanks for your wonderfull review! We are a group of four couples cruising on the Wind in March. Do you recall which nights were the formal nights? I'm guessing the first sea day to Fanning and the...
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Norwegian Wind
March 1, 2006!

WooHoo!! :D