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Take care of the ship. I am boarding her on Monday.
Cabin with 2 uppers
My cabin shows that is has two twin beds and two uppers. As I am just traveling with my wife we will have beds placed together. Do the uppers stay in place or are you able to fold them into the wall?
U209 Carnival Paradise
Has anyone stayed in U209 on the Paradise? Wonderign if it is a nice cabin. I upgraded from a no window room on the Riveria Deck.
Carnival paradise
I cruise on 09-12-11 and I just purchased my alcohol from Bon Voyage. Paid 55.00 for Jack Daniels and 40.00 for Vodka. I figured why try and sneak stuff on the ship. Just be honest and have the...
Carnival paradise
Does anyone have any comments about the Carnival Paradise? I am sailing September 12th on her and I have heard many a mixed review. My main thing honestly is do they have good food, good buffet?...
Packing a bottle of alcohol
So I will be sailing in September and would like to pack a medium size bottle of Jack Daniels to take with me and drink in my state room. If I pack the bottle into my checked suitcase do you think I...
Elation in 24hrs
My only advise is for you to have fun. You will have a blast. Just sit by the pool, eat, then eat some more. The french fries are good at the grill.
Reply to Elation Food
The dinning room food was great when we sailed the exception was in the buffet. The buffet food was terrible and a big dissapointment. The buffet name is Tiffanys and we ended up calling it...
To answer the question on Walgreens. No there is not a Walgreens near the cruise terminal but there is a Longs Drugs at Horton Plaza a short walk from the terminal.

As far as the cruise review. I...
Elation Shows and Cruise Director
I was on the Elation June 28th and the shows were pretty lame. They had a show called Spin and it was a singing program geared to various US locations like NY etc...
Tina is now the cruise director...
Questions Answered
As far as the sea being rough. I did experience some rough seas and probably the size of the Elation allows us to feel them more. Elation is a smaller ship but give it a couple hours and you are used...
Elation Questions
As far as the remodel to the ship, it has not yet happened. The ship did look nice and had been update in 2002?? It looked great and the pool area is just fine.

The sandwich shop was in the...
Info on Cabo/Elation
I loved Cabo the water was awesome. The weather was nice for most of our cruise with the exception of one cooler morning. Cabo weather was warm I would say hi 90's. We ate at the Office which was a...
The elation did have omlettes and waffles. They were both good.
Carnival Elation Review
Carnival Elation Cruise June 28th-July 3rd

Embarkation: San Diego is an awesome city to leave from. It was so easy getting on and off of the ship. I have boarded ships in San Pedro and found the...
Leaving Tomorrow for cruise
Hi all,

After waiting a full year since the purchase of my cruise it is finally here. I leave tomorrow from San Diego on the Elation.
I have to say that Cruise Critic made the wait more...
A few questions
After years on other cruise lines will I enjoy my cruise on CCL?
Also, I would like to know how much money to bring, can I wear flip flops in the dinning room and what will the weather be like in...
Lemonade and Iced Tea is included also coffee and tea. Really all you need to pay for is soda and alcoholic drinks.
I leave on my cruise this Saturday with a tender stop. If I am charged we will know if it is/not true.
Sounded like a load of junk but I thought I would ask.
Tender Charge
It was an idividual. That is why I am wondering if there is any truth to this at all.
Tender Charge??
I read on the financial page for Carnival (Symbol: CCL) that they will start charging a $5.00 tender charge. Has anyone been charged for the tender?
There is a long term parking lot right across the street from the cruise ship terminal. I live in San Diego but see cruisers heading to and from this lot. Seems to provide a nice close location.
Weather on Elation at sea
I am wondering if coastal temperatures are the same as the temps while you are out at sea? Weather predicted during my cruise is 70 so will it be 70 while on sea days? Hope that makes sense.
Have a great time on your cruise. I am the next 5 day after you on the 28th.
Elegant Dinning
The formal dinner is the first full day at sea or Sunday. When is your cruise. I will be on board June 28th and will write a review when I get home.