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Got a rate for $195 inclusive of breakfast,taxes, etc. at the Penninsula Palace- someone on the boards also wrote of their rate of $190......check it out. I think the Hyatt is a bit less, but not...
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I couldn't agree with you more about the to get Breakfast included in your rate, however............I still cannot, however,:D get used to having sushi or dumplings in the...
beijing to tianjin 2006
Is there any recent information regarding private transfers from Beijing into pier at Tianjin? :cool:
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so, digby
Digby, where have you decided to stay in Beijing?;)
are there taxis at the pier or is a private guide preferable?
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:D :D everything STILL comes back to me and I can't get my mail thru to you.........wishes for a great trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
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a menu is only
have you ever been to a restaurant where the menu reads like a dream, so enticing that you cannot wait to order your food? On a large line, we traveled on their "small ship" -the menus were...
got it
hi i got it, did you get mine back?
mr.del rio
What harm would there be for some "perks" for past passengers: like some complementary cocktails, or waiving corkage fees, or adding complimentary are doing such...
For Scorpiosheila
hI SHEILA, i have been trying to reach you but your email seems to be down and i've been getting mailer-deamons:mad: you have an alternate email? Write to me privately........artgrl
ah i know where you'll be looking. Surprise Surprise, you never know:p
We were just at Ridgeway CC Ellen- is that close to where you are? Not a cruise, but it was CC casual!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks, Sheila, we love champagne. I've tried reaching you privately, hope you're okay!
no corkage fee
thanks jan ;) , I didn't think there would be, but wanted to know. cheers.
Corkage fees
If you are given a bottle of champagne (or wine) as a gift from the cruise line, is there a corkage fee to pour it during a meal?
you will like Oceania I'm sure...................a good blend of sea days and interesting ports.......try to book your own tours, however, the line falls short in this department.
Sea days are great and its a matter of "balance" to get everything in that you want to. Istanbul is fabulous, and if you can, go a few days early......we prefer the Four Seasons to the Kempinski,...
Hi Ellen- re tipping: while there was no tipping on silversea, we did "take care of" certain people who did extra special things for our waiters who gave us beluga every night and lots...
sea, rad or oc?
We are devotees of Raddison and Silversea as you are, and for the same reasons.........we prefer the refinement of all inclusive smaller ships with open seating, perfect service, etc......While...
Guess you will have the ship to yourselves.....................except for :rolleyes: ????????????
one might gather that Oceania is on their way to another realm............sneaky little charges here and there, excessively high tours, which aren't even good, etc. Already the prices for '06 are far...
Liquor, beer and all libations are very high, including a ridiculous corkage 18% gratuity......:(
Food Glorious Food :)
We found the venues for food to be varied and excellent, each different in their own way. Having said that, we found the Grand dining room to be surprisingly consistently excellent, and there was...
The Good News Is
There are a vast majority of hotels in Beijing, and while the city is sprawling, it is not a difficult city to negotiate if you stay with 4/5 star category hotels, you'll be just fine...
wE got the brochure because the company dh is with uses the same PR firm...........i will try to get an extra and bring it on board for you- or try calling Peninsula's 800 #.