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  1. Not sure they type of ship or the cruise you are booking but I can tell you my average Haven fair is $1000 a night for 2. So that would be $7000 compared to MSC, which I find to also be around $1000 a night when I do the rooms. Also, as you can see in this discussion, the Joy has fairs (even without all the extra discounts and such) that I was looking at this fall that could have you in a Haven room for just about $5000 for a week for 2, so less then the price you are quoting. ***EDITED*** To add that my prices include all taxes, port fees, dining and beverage packages. I forgot to menti
  2. I am booked to sail from Greenock on 7th July and have contacted the terminal about parking and they said nothing had been arranged and to contact MSC. MSC said they do not have parking so I left it a few weeks and tried MSC again by email. They have stated that nothing will be arranged through MSC and advised to check local hotels for park and cruise packages. I have already pre booked a few days to stay in a Glasgow hotel and have already paid for this so only looking for parking. I have tried searching for nearby secure parking but can only find on street car parking. Has anyone m
  3. After reading the details of the latest CDC guidelines and the comments of Frank del Rio (CEO of Norwegian Holdings) I have considered what the cruise industry can do to move forward and survive financial ruin (which may happen in any case). It has become obvious that some folks within the CDC have a major anti cruise point of view and intend to destroy the US-based cruise industry. Unless something or somebody gets the CDC to make a major attitude/policy change in the next few months I believe the entire US cruise industry is doomed unless they quickly change their entire business plan.
  4. OP's information seems to come from: https://www.cruisemummy.co.uk/msc-drinks-packages-prices-menus-offers/ I've seen Aurea will be getting Easy Plus once the ships switch to the new packages. Canadian FAQ: What drink package is included in the Aurea Experience? The Easy Plus Package will be included for all cruises booked with the Aurea Experience. https://www.msccruises.ca/on-board/dining-and-drinks/drinks-packages
  5. I’m not sure that YC guests will get the new Premium Extra - they don’t get the Premium+ now and I don’t see MSC upgrading to that. In fact it will be a real downgrade (as are all the new drinks packages relative to the current ones). Another problem with MSC’s drinks packages is that the items they cover differ according to the region in which you’re sailing.
  6. The decision of whether or not to get the drinks package for your cruise is always a tricky one. To further confuse matters, MSC Cruises has introduced five new drinks packages for 2021 and 2022 cruises. Plus, they’ve removed all of the drinks package prices from their website! They will adjust prices according to the season. There are five different packages to choose from. So let’s take a look at what’s included in each, compare the prices and pick the best one. MSC Cruises offers five different drinks packages: Easy Package Easy Plus Pa
  7. Cruising with MSC pre-Covid in YC was a wonderful experience. Between 2018 and 2019, what was included for YC guests became somewhat murky. What exactly was the drink package associated with YC etc.? Why did some ships allow crepes and not others? Why could you get gelato on pool deck but not in the shop? This is what lead to a lot of confusion among new YC guests. Going forward, the MSC site has some exclusions for various Drink Packages. Exclusions apply and include Venchi, Lavazza Shop, Jean Philippe Chocolate , crepes and Gelato. Others are listed but,
  8. Reality is with the cruise planner pricing games RC are currently playing very few people (I was going to say no one but I guess it’s possible someone) will purchase dining and drinks packages... we’ve been recording and monitoring pricing for a few of our upcoming (well hopefully) cruises for later this year and next and just laughed when we saw the ‘35% off sale...’.... we’d seen that RC had added (roughly and generally) about 20% to the prices we were following (still not historically cheap base level).... and then took about 10% off for the ‘sale’.... ie net net it
  9. Hello cruisers, I'm not sure Celebrity's prices are out of whack with the rest of the industry. For example, we are doing several cruises during the fall and winter of 2021/2022, some with Celebrity and some with other cruise lines. We board the NCL Joy 11/20/2021 in an inside cabin -- the total cost is $2,509.78 (includes drink package + NCL's up charge, a two night alternative restaurant pkg + NCL's up charge, for two people) On 11/27/2021 we will board Celebrity's Apex, in a CAT 9 inside -- the cost is $2,200.54 (includes drink package + gratuities + a WiFi package). We
  10. Based on their new pricing model, Celebrity only wants solos in the Single Infinite Verandas on Edge-class ships. I don't really want to pay Edge-class pricing and I don't want to support the business practice of soaking solo cruisers for perks we cannot actually use. Also, Celebrity's base drinks package classifies Blue Moon beer and Woodchuck cider as "premium" beverages not available on the standard package. Seriously? The more I look at pricing models, the more I'm beginning to like the RCI/MSC versions. Both sell cabins without perks (although MSC does have a bundle option) an
  11. I only like Butchers Cut on MSC - and I get one visit free with my Voyager Club status. Remember that all the Dinner Packages are "limited menus" - perfectly fine for Butchers Cut as its meat and therefore filling lol - you still get a few menu choices so its not like a fixed meal. I guess it depends how much OBC you have and how many days your sailing - it still needs to be spent onboard so Id probably save it and book an excursion or two. You don't really need money for anything else onboard if you have the drinks package hic lol
  12. I have caught up with posts having been away on a staycation in the Lake District. With regard to staff from India, RCI have stated that no staff from there, whether already in the UK or en-route will be allowed to board their ships to work. All assignments for staff from India are being cancelled temporarily. Any staff already in hotels pending joining a ship will be provided accommodation under quarantine requirements till further notice. In another change MSC have extended some 4 night 'staycations' into 7 days at no additional cost to those booked on these, including extending
  13. My cancellation e-mail from MSC reads like this: How to Use Your Future Cruise CreditWith the Future Cruise Credit, you can choose to upgrade your stateroom category or treat yourself to an add-on that you pre-purchase such as specialty dining, beverage packages, Wi-Fi or spa treatment. As an added level of comfort, if you do not use the Future Cruise Credit by December 31, 2021, we will automatically provide you a full refund equal to the original amount paid.Your Future Cruise Credit is good for any future cruise of your choice – including any ship and any itinerary in MSC Cruise
  14. Hi The MSC website in UK mentions that if you book Fantastica then you get drinks package included in your Med and Caribbean sailings. However, when I've click on the link and found the cruise I want there is absolutely no reference to this. I did note that the week previous, when select the best promo only, it DOES include the premium package. Do I just assume that this is only on specific sailings and not all? There's no other reason I would book Fantastica rather than Bella if this isn't the case? I could ask MSC but they aren't the fastest at answering questions;-)
  15. I have never seen the drinks package that high! I thought RCI didn’t normally do the drinks packages on the short ones out of Southampton? Maybe they are seeing at which price people will bite? I looked at MSC which you don’t have to be vaccinated on which put us off. The other lines were too formal. Like you we+have had quite a few cancelled. We are on NCL in September and they have chucked everything in, drinks, dining, WiFi, OBC etc. We are not paying that much more for 10 nights compared with four. we are looking at it as a treat, plus only an hours driv
  16. This is what I found for MSC's cancellation policy. If they cancel the cruise they provide a FCV. https://www.msccruises.com/en-gl/Itinerary-Updates/Cruises-compensation-packages.aspx
  17. I am not sure re the dining packages, but for consistency would imagine so....that said, MSC is known for it's inconsistency so it could be either.
  18. Has anyone seen if MSC are offering any dining packages on these UK trips?
  19. I don't normally weigh in on tipping threads, but in US, but the suggested tipping goal posts move every five to ten years. It was 10% for long time, then 10-12 then 10-15 then 15-18 and now 15-20. Heck, even NCL surcharge on free packages is 20% if IIRC. Right or wrong, it is a long term mindset in the US and in other countries not. I know when MSC started out of the US, there was discussion here and the brochures were specific tipping not needed. It would be interesting what actually happened purely from what else to talk about but we don't see much from the crews.
  20. Excellent, that's a relief, thank you so much! It's good you can actually get bottled water with MSC on drink packages, too! 🙂 I wouldn't have been too happy if I'd bought a coffee package either.
  21. It does mean All-Inclusive. For some time, all UK bookings have included free drinks and free gratuities. Historically, the free drinks were the basic drinks package though and you could upgrade to another 2 packages which included more choice. Because of the way the MSC website is designed, if they offer Aurea it auto states free drinks (plus other perks you pay more for under that package) - basically, its NUTS to book Aurea if drinks are included anyway. For this UK season, they are including PREMIUM DRINKS in your cruise price. Wh
  22. My US bookings also disagree with the current MSC drinks packages info page. My bookings for 2022 show Easy Plus and Premium Extra packages can be used in specialty restaurants. The Canadian site seems a little more correct. One interesting thing I saw on the Canadian site FAQ was Aurea may be getting Easy Plus. It still disagrees with the experience info pages but I think this will likely change when the new packages are implemented. What drink package is included in the Aurea Experience? The Easy Plus Package will be included for all cruises booked with
  23. MSC USA has... Before Winter (November?) 2021 EASY PACKAGE Select drinks priced up to $/€6 Includes: Draft beer (Heineken*) Select house wines by the glass (sparkling, white, rosè and red) Select classic cocktails Select alcohol-free cocktails Soft drinks, fruit juices by the glass, bottled mineral water Coffee (espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte), hot chocolate, hot teas *Drinks can be consumed in all onboard bars as well as the self-service buffet, restaurant and Ocean Cay M
  24. Hi, Rachel!... First of it all; be welcome at the MSC's board!... As you can see on all the other posts MSC can have a large specter of opinions. Even though, on one hand with my 7 cruises with them against 1 RC and a few smaller companies river cruises, I may to be counted as an MSC's cheerleader, on the other hand I'm pretty much the first one to recognize that MSC might not to be for everyone. First of it all, they're an Italian line, catering mostly to Italian and other continental Europeans coupled with a more American and international twist for quite
  25. It has been a while since I have been on this board - and not seeing much chatter with regards to Marella itineraries in Caribbean and South America for winter 2022. We were booked on Panama Experience in March 2020 which was cancelled. We now have a credit with the Canadian tour operator that we can use for land based or cruise (Marella, MSC or NCL) packages. We are leaning with rebooking a cruise on Marella , but not the original itinerary as we have a similar holiday booked with HAL in December 2021 (fingers crossed). This time we are thinking about the Exotic Explorer as it h
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