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  1. I have searched all over for MDR menus. Anyone know where to find them?
  2. I know this is a very new ship but has anyone stayed in cabin 6169 or has any information on it? In the HAL website it looks to be a little larger (longer room) with an angled balcony. Thanks in advance for any info.
  3. We heard many of the married couple’s wonderful themed sets in January, and wonder if they will still be performing when we take another cruise in June.
  4. Fellow cruisers, I booked a cruise on the Nieuw Statendam (NS) in December. My new girlfriend and I are in our early 50s. This is her first cruise, my sixth. When I booked the trip, I reasoned the NS is a new ship and assumed it must be an improvement over other Holland America ships. I like Holland America for being classy but not arrogant, offering a calmer, quieter experience. My last cruise on the somewhat smaller Nieuw Amsterdam (NA) was very good. The atmosphere on the NA was subdued and I felt the ship needed a slight "party buzz" (just a little, nothing Carnival like) and also felt what the ship offered in entertainment was just enough. The NA's elegance and other elements of the cruise made up for that slight gap in entertainment. Overall, I love the NA and would cruise again in an instant! However, since I made the booking on the NS, I read reviews that were not quite as praising of the ship. In particular, passengers said entertainment was lacking, and some said it was less than that on the NA. The following four criticisms from experienced cruisers caught my eye: - One said Holland America did away with Broadway-like shows, and whatever they replaced them with was sub-par: not enough and not quite entertaining. - Another wrote there were not enough music venues. The two main venues -- the BB King and the Rolling Stones -- were crowded since many passengers would tend to congregate there, thus lessening the experience. - A third complained about the music played in the back of the ship, or anywhere else for that matter, as not being lively. - A fourth complained the NS felt too "plain" (I guess he meant lacking in elegance) and worse, there was practically nothing to do on ship. This is a long way of saying I am concerned. I want to give the NS a fair chance, but must admit the reviews have made me nervous. I suppose I can enjoy a beautiful ship even if there is nothing to do on it, but I am coming with a new girlfriend and hope for at least some "buzz." Can anyone please share their experiences with respect to entertainment on the NS? Thanks in advance.
  5. Nieuw Statendam 3/17-3/24 Pre Cruise Hotel: Ramada by wyndham fort lauderdale airport/cruise port We drove to Fort Lauderdale the day before we left and stayed at Ramada. It was ok. It was dated in the bathroom and a bit dirty for my liking. It was a quick drive to the port, so that is a plus. I will be looking for a different place to stay for the next cruise. Port drop off and parking We drove to the port with my parents. We left at 10:20 and for to port 4 and arrived at 10:45. We dropped of my parents and luggage to check in. We parked and they went in to check in. Found a spot quickly and took the stairs to check in. Check-in We had a small suitcase and a carry-on bag with 2 bottles of wine. Everything went through without a problem. We got in line to check-in. While standing in line we were given a number (16) to board. With a quick check in, no need for new pictures, we were off to sit and wait for our number to be called. Getting on Board Boarding went by quickly and we were on our way to deck 6. We took the stairs and got to our room quickly. The room was ready when we arrived. Room 6161 We noticed that it was smaller than our room on Nieuw Amsterdam. It was clean and neat. Overall the room was fine, and we learned how to move around without getting in each other’s way. We had the mini (smaller than Nieuw Amsterdam) fridge clear out. It could easily fit two bottles of wine, a liter of water and a shelf to fit desserts. I liked the balcony and the chairs reclined some and had a foot stool. The bathroom was just fine. I felt there was plenty of room to store items. I did notice in my parent’s room that could be shared with the room next to it was louder than our room. Retreat I learned of the Retreat from this board. I don’t think I would like to cruise if I didn’t know about the Retreat. We booked two, 13 and 14, because we had four people and the family one was booked. After seeing the family one, I am glad we got two. They family one is smaller than Nieuw Amsterdam. We went up to the Retreat and they had us in one cabana. I had the printed reservation and the email to show the guys. After much discussion we were able to have our two cabanas. There some other issues that followed by others, but things worked out. Now my complaint about the Retreat. One cabana had 4 to 7 people in it every day. They would close the curtain when they were all in there. They would spread out to the loungers, even one day drying their underwear on them. I thought each cabana would only hold two people and that is why we booked two. Food We mostly ate at the Lido. Everything was fine, we found something to eat. We at the Pinnacle for lunch. We had a free meal there. The reservation card was in our free tote for the first night on board but didn’t see it until the next day. We went to change the dinner to a lunch and the hostess said that she needed a manager’s approval and stop back later. We stopped back later and were told we didn’t need a reservation. Later to find out we needed one (my dad helped us with this). I called to see what the dress code for men at lunch and were told pants and a white undershirt. The food was fine. Billboard Onboard We went here for the pianos. The guys were great. The schedule was set up so you could hear and or see (depending on your seat) into the Rolling Stones Room. I didn’t notice smoke form the casino. If you want a straw for your drink you need to ask for one. Also, some nights they had some appetizers sent up in the corner around 7. Casino I like casinos. We go to Vegas once a year and have a large casino near home. This casino is small. Yes, there is smoking, but I understand that I am in a casino. We broke even with slots and tables. Ports The ports were great, even though we didn’t get to HMC. My favorite was St. Thomas. Disembark We were in group 2 pink. It was quick and got us through fast. There was a shuttle to take us back to port 4 where we parked. The shuttle didn’t wait for it to be filled to take us to the lot. We took the stairs to the car and left to go home.
  6. can anyone tell me if there is any self-serve laundry facilities (washers, dryers) on the Statendam? also, are irons readily available? thanks.
  7. can anyone tell me if there is any self-serve laundry facilities on the Statendam? also, are irons readily available? thanks.
  8. Just returned from a 7-night cruise on NS. This is a brief review. It is my opinion and reflection, and I won't take any offense to anyone who disagrees (especially if it is based on their personal experience). Background My wife and are in our lat(er) 40's, with no kids. We were traveling with another couple (and their two boys, 11 & 15). This is our 4th HAL cruise, but we've mostly been on Celebrity the past decade. We live in South Florida. The Ship Very nice. Elegant without being stuffy. Lots of places to sit and chat, read, drink, or play games. Artwork that seemed appropriate (although I liked some of the creative music-themed items and not others; but that's art!) The Clientele This cruise was over the spring break (week off) for local schools. We had about 275 children aboard, according to the Kids Club manager. Adult passengers ran the full gamut, from honeymooners to "experienced retirees". A really nice mix. We chatted with folks from South Florida, Virginia, Idaho, Holland, Belgium, UK, Germany... at least those are the places we remember. I would "guess" that the average age was 3-5 years older than Celebrity on this particular cruise/week. The Cabin We were in a standard veranda (category V). It was very similar to the Soltice-class ships on Celebrity. Perhaps a bit more storage space. I also like the shower on the NS better (better water pressure and larger). The two down sides in comparison to Celebrity -- the balcony doors open out (instead of sliding) and the table is tiiiiiiiiiny. Bed was comfortable. The Main Dining Room VERY pleasantly surprised. We ate in the MDR on 6 nights. The food ranged from good to very good. Our first night, however, was a service disaster. They seated us on a table where my wife was hit in the head twice as waiters walked by with trays. It was also too loud to talk to eachother, as the waiters were talking loudly. On the way out, I spoke with the Matre'D and calmly explained that it was not a good experience. The remainder of the time, he seated us in a table in the middle with an outstanding waiter (Budi). It made a huuuuuge difference in our enjoyment. The food quality was good (as always, it is subjective), and most of the dishes we ordered were nicely seasoned and cooked to our requests. We did have a gluten free diner with us, and Budi gave her the next night's menu so she should order and they would make hers without any gluten. To keep up with the "extra charge" discussion, we were not charged extra for multiple entrees. The boys generally ordered two entrees and two appetizer/salad/soups each. With the exception of a soup they didn't like the taste of (and two asparagus spears that one didn't like), there was no waste. The adults generally ordered 2-4 appetizer/salad/soups each, and one entree. Plus an extra 1-2 entrees for all of us to try (ex: guinea fowl --- winner! and asian duck --- loser!) Specialty Dining We ate two lunches in Pinnacle. Excellent. The cheese board by itself was worth it. The ambiance, service, and the food all made it a special, very enjoyable meal. Definitely would do this again. We ate dinner in Tamarind. We went because so many people loved it. It was, by far, the worst meal we had on the ship. The service was odd -- lots of people stopping by, but not clear roles. We were asked the same thing multiple times by different people (specifically ordering food and water; one even asked us if we were ready to order -- AFTER our menus were taken away???). We have a good, authentic Thai restaurant at home. The food at Tamarind was ok. The appetizers were certainly edible, but not well executed. The "seared scallop" was either steamed or prepared by someone who doesn't know how to sear a scallop. The seasonings were muddled. It also felt like a fast food restaurant in that there was no pacing of the meal. My wife and I ate (4 appetizers, 2 entrees, and 2 desserts) in 47 minutes. Maybe everything is pre-prepared. Anyway, OUR experience was quite disappointing. So we won't be going back to that restaurant! The Music In a word... excellent!!! I'm not a music person. Just not my thing, except for classical (and Billy Joel / Elton John). However, the BB King group and the Lincoln Center Stage group -- wow! Great performances. Really, really nice. The rock group was also good.... the dueling pianos weren't really dueling. They were working together, so it kind of lost some of the energy in my book. Enjoyable, but not on the level of the BB King / LCS groups. Those were A/A+. The Service Typical HAL quality. The room steward (Asis) kept the room very tidy and our ice bucket filled. Any question we had, he answered. Always with a smile and remembering our names. The accommodation by the Matre'D (whose name I don't remember because it was very long and I'm terrible with names), the food service by Budi, the wine service by Rex.... all reasons why HAL's service seems above our experience on Celebrity. Random Notes - Blend happy hour was 9-10 most nights. No one was there, and you had to ask at Club Orange for the "wine guy" to come out. It was BOGO on $17 glasses. Very enjoyable wines (both Cabs & Merlots; didn't try the others) - Formal nights were nights after visiting HMC and after visiting Grand Cayman - Chocolate croissants should be illegal because they tasted so good - Key cards were excellent (the RFIDs worked flawlessly and we didn't spend a minute each time trying to insert the key card and pull it out just at the right speed for the lock) - Lots of "buzzers" were around for obtaining drink service - Mixed drinks were the smallest pours I've ever seen on a ship - Dive In burgers were well executed as was the NY Deli & Pizza (pagers were very nice -- no standing around waiting for your food; when it vibrates, come back and pick up hot food) The Suggestions Not everything was perfect. 1. The "price matching" in the on-board liquor stores took 40 minutes because no one could find the manager and he was the only one who could approve. If you advertise this in multiple places, it should be a standard process that works whenever the shops are open. 2. No Dam merchandise. We really wanted some Dam shirts. And there were no prizes for trivia (like Dam mugs or Dam shirts). Those were really fun things!!! 3. But the big thing.... the SMOKING IN THE CASINO!!! We didn't play any craps or blackjack (first time in a while). The combination of the smoking and the lack of a high-quality filtration system really made it difficult to walk through, let alone play. Also, the smoke wafts down into the music rooms below. The smoking thing is a biggie. As much as we loved this cruise (and we did!!!) we aren't sure we'll book another HAL cruise on a ship that allows indoor smoking. And I love a cigar on a cruise, I really do. But never inside where the smell just lingers. Overall, a really fun cruise. Very pleased with this HAL product as we experienced it. If there are any questions I can answer, I'll try.
  9. We're going to be on NS April 7-14. Just wondering if past passengers might offer any food or dining tips - you know - "be sure to try this" or "go here". ....menu hidden gems...anything that really caught your taste buds or whatever...🤗 Don't want to miss anything good! FYI - just talking about within the "included" dining options here, not interested in the extra-charge or specialty dining. Anyone care to share?
  10. we're going to be on NS April 7-14. Just wondering if past passengers might offer any food or dining tips - you know - "be sure to try this" or "go here". ....menu hidden gems...anything that really caught your taste buds or whatever...🤗 Don't want to miss anything good! FYI - just talking about within the "included" dining options here, not interested in the extra-charge or specialty dining. Anyone care to share?
  11. Nieuw Statendam will be at pier 26 from 0530-1700. She is headed out on a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise. Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos (02 Apr 0800-1500); San Juan, Puerto Rico (03 Apr 1300-2300); St Thomas, US Virgin Islands (04 Apr 0800-1700); Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (06 Apr 0800-1500); Fort Lauderdale, Florida (07 Apr a0700) Zuiderdam will be at pier 21 from 0545-1700. She is doing a 10-night Panama Canal Seafarer cruise. Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (01 Apr 0800-1500); Oranjestad, Aruba (03 Apr 1300-2300); Willemstad, Curacao (04 Apr 0800-1600); Panama Canal (Cruising Canal) (06 Apr 0500-0500); Colon, Panama (06 Apr 1500-2000); Puerto Limon, Costa Rica (07 Apr 0630-1600); Fort Lauderdale, Florida (10 Apr a0700) Also in port are Regal Princess at pier 2 from 0500-1600, and Celebrity Edge (I haven't missed seeing her😒) at pier 25 from 0600-1600. The PTZtv webcams can be found at https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com/ and https://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com/ Rotterdam will be in Tampa from 0700-1700. She is headed out on a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise. Key West, Florida (01 Apr 1100-1800); Santo Tomas De Castilla, Guatemala (03 Apr 0800-1800); Roatan, Honduras (04 Apr 0800-1700); Costa Maya, Mexico (05 Apr 0800-1700); Tampa, Florida (07 Apr a0700) Also in port are Carnival Miracle (departs at 1600) and Norwegian Pearl leaving at 1530 on a Melissa Etheridge cruise. The Tampa PTZtv webcam can be found at http:// https://www.porttampawebcam.com/. Nieuw Amsterdam will be leaving on a 7-day Mexican Riviera cruise at 1700 local time from San Diego. She Is the only ship in port. I cannot get the San Diego webcam anymore. When you click on the link (sundiegolive.com) it sends you to a slightly altered address (http://ww1.sundiegolive.com/) which appears to have no relation to San Diego and has strange ads. Has this been discussed previously? Here is another webcam I found but not sure if it covers the area we are interested in but it does have a nice clear picture and does not jump from place to place like the other one - https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/united-states/california/san-diego/san-diego.html For the Addicts: Rotterdam in Key West from 1100-1800 on April 1 (https://www.keywestharborwebcam.com/) Volendam will be in San Diego departing at 1700 on April 3 Zuiderdam will be in Aruba from 1300-2300 on April 3 (https://www.portarubawebcam.com/) Next up: As the Port Everglades season winds down, we will not have another sail-away until Saturday, April 6.
  12. We were ensconced in one of 11 Signature Suites. Noordam had over 40 Must attend Muster Drill put 2900 tired pax on deck 2-3 at 3:45. Elevators tied up well past 5pm Lido tables have a button you press to summon a drink steward Portions of Lido buffet has tiles and heavy chair scaping was very loud Some window seats in Lido look down onto portions of deck 8 balconies Aft lido pool deck smaller than Vista class but lots of chaise loungers up on deck 10-11 Crow's Nest café opens at 8am not 7 Happy hour is way down on deck 2, Crow's Nest was a like a morgue...sigh Main stage show was packed at 7pm, selection was poor. Music venues were well attended in the eve as well Our suite had no night light in bathroom Cotton balls and q tips on counter in bathroom Large shower with wand, side jets, a seat and shower head No CNN on tv Balcony had lots of seating and a table high enough to have a meal Some room service breakfast items cost ie...smoothie, $5 or Steak and eggs $9 Library had a few new books with HAL stickers inside cover..bring a book, leave a book 13,000 sweaty sailors meandering the cobblestone streets of San Juan Hope HAL bans spray sunscreen cans as some wait til on crowded aft deck to anoint everyone downwind with heady fumes!! Bath robes around your bathrooms please not in Lido
  13. I just returned from a Caribbean cruise on the Nieuw Statendam and wanted to share our thoughts on this ship, as I have benefited from many reviews posted here from you all. A little background about us, I am 41 years old and my husband is 37 years old, we have twin boys who are 6 years old. We have previously cruised on Royal Caribbean, but were looking for something "classier" with better food and drink options, so we tried out Holland America's newest boat. We also had my parents, his mom, my siblings (late 30s, married, no children and a single sister in her late 30s) and his aunt (late 50s) in our group. Everyone in our group had balcony rooms, non obstructed. Embarkation We arrived to the port around 10:45am, the process was super easy. We brought on board 2 bottles of wine and a case of water, noone said anything about it. We were on board in less than 45 minutes and it was very smooth. Our Cabin We had a VA Cabin 6055. It was smaller than the cabin on Royal Caribbean, but adequate. The balcony was very tiny and a few cabins over we could see in to their balcony. We "upgraded" from a VC to a VA, and in hindsight, I probably shouldn't have done this. The rest of our group had VC cabins and no other balconies were visable from their balconies. The shower was AMAZING and there was plenty of storage for all of our stuff. We ended up not having to use the pullman bed since the sofa bed was closer to a full size vs the twin that they said it was. The boys never complained about the size or the comfort level. Our bed was excellent and we slept awesome the whole vacation. Food We only ate in the main dining room the first night, it was just ok. I know food is subjective, and we are probably pickier than most when it comes to restaurants. We did not buy any specialty dining packages, but if i was to do it again, I would have just eaten in specialty restaurants the entire time. We tried Tamarind twice, the first time was fantastic, the second time was just ok, but I think we just ordered the wrong items. We ate in Canaletto, with the kids, and it was good. The vibe was a bit strange being in the Lido Restaurant, but the view was nice. We also did Pinnacle Grill (excellent) and Rudi's Sel De Mer (the one I was least excited about, that ended up being our favorite meal). For lunches, we ate at Dive In and NY Pizza (which were ok) and the Grand Dutch Cafe (that was better). Breakfasts we enjoyed room service, but truthfully, we mainly just got dry cereal and coffee as we are not big breakfast eaters. Service was a bit strange in the specialty restaurants as they never really came over to ask how things were or at the end of the meal. It always felt awkward at the end just leaving the table. Drinks The wine offerings on board seemed slim and the pricing was all over the place. Some wines that are definitely less expensive were offered at higher prices than others that are more expensive at lower prices. I work in the wine industry, so maybe I'm just nitpicking here. We ordered a few bottles on board, but mainly drank cocktails since the offerings weren't what we were looking for. We did not buy a drink package, and I think it was the right decision as we came nowhere close to the price it would have cost us for it (and we drank every day and never limited ourselves). In the future, if I was to cruise again with HAL, I would bring more bottles on board and just pay the $18/per bottle and corkage. Club HAL I cannot say enough positive things about Club HAL. They were AMAZING and my kids never wanted to leave (they went every single day). My one complaint was that the hours were not posted on the dailies and you had to find the hours on the TV. Activities We went to a few shows, America's Test Kitchen, Rolling Stone Rock Room, BB Kings and watched a movie under the stars. The daytime activities were LIGHT at best. Without many things to do, most people are around the two VERY small pools on board. We still felt that the pools were nice and the drink service was excellent. Our fellow Cruisers We did have a few "comments" about the kids. Most people commented on how well behaved the boys were and how lucky they were to be on a cruise, but we did have some comments that were just odd and rude for no reason at all. Overall We were very happy and will most likely consider HAL in the future. We want to do Alaska next and are considering the Nieuw Statendam sister ship, Koningsdam. Hope this helps and I'm happy to answer any questions.
  14. The insurance through Holland America seems expensive. Has anyone bought trip insurance from someone other than a Holland America? If so who? Thanks. Too old to go without but retired & watching my money.
  15. Looking to book on the Nieuw Statendam for January but not sure about going for the Aft Vista Suite, the SY at the way front of the ship, or an SS on the bump-out middle. I know these are three different "animals" with different prices. But looking for your opinions and experience(s) in any or all. Also, anyone been in the Cat. SY at the front of the ship? Trying to figure out the balcony, and if strangers can walk past the bow window, as I see on the deck plan there is outdoor space that appears to wrap around the entire bow on Deck 5. Thanks!
  16. Looking at booking an aft Vista Suite on Nieuw Statendam for January. It is currently 1/2 the price of the Cat. SS! Any recommendations on which aft cabin? All on Deck 7 are available, and according to the deck plan, the middle cabin looks skinnier than the two at the side next to the Cat. SB wraparounds. Is the deck plan correct? Thanks for any info on these aft Vistas!!!
  17. Viking Sky is reported having engine troubles in a storm near Norway and drifting to the coast. Apperantly she has sent out a mayday and is beeing evacuated! https://news.sky.com/story/cruise-ships-1-300-passengers-to-be-evacuated-after-engine-failure-11673395 https://www.euronews.com/2019/03/23/cruise-ship-adrift-off-norway-to-evacuate-1300-passengers https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/23/reuters-america-update-1-cruise-ship-adrift-off-norway-to-evacuate-1300-passengers.html Hoping all passengers and crew will be in safety soon!
  18. Saw a post on Facebook HAL fans group from person on NS reporting that there are engine problems and they are skipping HMC and heading back to PE. Only report I've seen- will be interesting to see when she gets into PE
  19. We're booked on NS next month. Could anyone provide me with a copy ot the (bottle ) wines offered in the MDR and prices (which I guess is part of the. Menu, or. Wine List)? Dont need info for specialty dining...wont be going. Also, what is their corkage fee? Trying to see if its worth it to bring on a couple of extra bottles of el cheapo wine & pay the corkage vs buying off the menu? Help? thanks. hic!
  20. so....we just booked NS for a 7-day Caribbean run in April. Anyone been on 'er? Please tell me all about her? Thanks!
  21. As many of you know I recently completed a one week voyage on the NIEUW STATENDAM and I thought you would want a few observations.. I will be brief. I hate to say it but this is the new mid size. That was made clear to me when we were in Cozumel and docked next to The Harmony of the Seas. The Nieuw Statendam looked like a tug boat next to this monster ship. That being said, I still prefer the Signature Class Ships. My friar is they will get bigger and bigger.in the future. One thing I do not like is the promenade walk around deck. It is too narrow . It was good that they moved the Lincoln Center performers to the Queens lounge. However since they now share the space with the BB Kings Blues Venue, the classical music does not go that late. &:30 they are furnished. This ship and the Koningsdam cannot go through the New Locks in the Panama Canal. It has to do with the fact that lifeboats are out way to far. I understand that the next ship they will be relocated closer to the ship and hopefully more like they are on the other classes of ships. Maybe we will even get a decent size Promenade Deck in the next one. I had a nice room on the Navigation Deck (8059) midway between the Forward and Mid ship elevators. The problem was it was right below the Lido pull area and I could heart them dragging tables and chars late at night as I was trying to go to sleep. I liked this ship better that the Koningsdam but I still favor the Vista and Signature Class ships. I miss those Sea View Elevators at the mid ship. I also notice that there are not as many offerings at Dinner as HAL used to offer. For instance, we used to get three soups offered each evening: A broth soup, a cream soup and a cold soup. Not there is one but I think you can still get French Onion. It also seemed that there are fewer options on the minu but you can purchase a President Cut Steak for another &%.00. Baked Alaska is gone from the minuet on the last night of the cruise. The have a Chocolate offering on the last Gala night but with Diabetes, I took a rain check. These are my observations. I will be Chaplain on b2b Cruises on the Nieuw Amsterdam in June. It will be nice to get back on a Signature Ship. If you to the time to read these thoughts and observations, thanks for reading them . They are subjective. They were written in that spirit.
  22. We have a spring break cruise in 2020 book for the Nieuw Statendam booked, and as excited as I am, curious to hear about how many kids and any reports from Club HAL - so far, not a lot of family reviews. We originally had a Disney 4 day booked, but at almost 2k less and 3 more days, this was a easy choice, buuut, I'd feel better knowing that our 8 and 13 year old are going to have fun too:)
  23. Where is the sauna located? Is there a fee? Are there separate saunas for men and women?
  24. Hello and welcome aboard our cruise on the Nieuw Statendam starting tomorrow. Currently we are leaving cold Ohio and heading toward warm Ft Lauderdale. On on our trip, I’ll be providing information and photos of the ship, hotels and food. If if you have questions, please ask. Thank you you and welcome aboard!
  25. Anyone sailing on the Nieuw Statendam November 17, 2019. My wife and I will be sailing with my Daughter and Son in Law. Would like to connect with any others folks that will be traveling on the Nieuw Statendam
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