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  1. Anyone with recent experience with the tendering in Cairns. We arrive at 8 AM, we are Elite and need to know if we can be off the ship and into Cairns to meet an excursion by 11. The tour company seems a little skeptical. I hear it takes 30 minutes on the tender and 30 minutes to get to Cairns. I am curious what the process is that I might not make it. This question has been posted in the Australia/New Zealand thread but not much response. Thanks
  2. Hello. I posted this on the Celebrity board, but thought i would post here too. We are booked on Xpedition with the Machu Picchu land tour after. (It is not this year, so i hope they figure out the Xpedition issues). We are debating whether to do the MP/Sacred Valley with Celebrity or book a private tour. For those who did it with Celebrity, can you answer some questions please? 1. How many people were in the tour group? 2. Did you feel other passengers were prepared for and able to do the itinerary in MP and the Sacred Valley? We aren’t super fit, but we can do the stairs, hiking, city tours etc. I have heard on some cruiselines (not X) that some passengers sign up for things outside their level of comfort, which affects the entire group and how much can be done. 3. did you feel that a 1/2 day in MP was enough? I was thinking of a private tour because I thought it would be nice to stay in a hotel near there to get 2 days or parts of 2 days. 4. Overall, were the included tours, lunches, lunch at art collectors house, lunch at Wayra ranch, the equestrian show etc enjoyable? I guess I was wondering if, for $6000 pp, you felt it was worth it? I like the ease of Celebrity doing everything, and I know a private 6 or 7 night tour will be priced similarly or more. I also know some people do everything on their own, but it’s alot of flights, buses, trains, tickets, etc, plus hiring guides, booking fun events, etc. so i would likely use a tour operator, or Celebrity. Just wanted thoughts from those who have been, before I decide which way to go. Thanks!
  3. Hello. We are planning an Alaskan cruise with my daughter, her husband, and their 7 year old son. We are trying to decide on Hubbard Glacier which is round trip from Vancouver or Dawes Glacier Cruise, round trip from Seattle. We all live on the west coast of the US so air is not a consideration. Also we will be going on Celebrity. Any suggestions on which on would be most appreciated. Also, for a round trip does it matter which side of the ship we choose? We are going through the Inside Passage. Again thank you for any help. Joanie
  4. Good morning. Im cruising today from port Everglades on celebrity equinox. But i have no idea which terminal to tell the uber driver? Does anyone know which terminal? Or any advice to get me dropped off in the best place for dropping in the suitcases? Thanks very much in advance
  5. I appreciate live trip reports where I feel like I’ve being taken on a trip with the traveler. That’s my aim here. When I travel I like to enjoy myself and find good experiences, so I intend to slant positive, but I will share what happens as I see it. I’ll yield to the expertise of those more travelled / insightful, and instead just share my pictures and a record of events, thoughts, feelings, somewhere on the naive-wise continuum. For DW and me, this will be our 9th cruise, 6th time on Celebrity. We like non-cruise travel, too. We live in Columbia, MO, USA, a small college community, where we’re blessed to have all our adult kids and our grandkids in town. But my work days are long, and with limited vacation time, I want to enjoy time off when it comes. This cruise is a twice re-booked reservation, after a deposit on a previous cruise. We’ve rescheduled a few times since. On this trip, we’ll be with my cousin and her husband who live near San Francisco, CA, USA. On Celebrity we once had a suite (a random upgrade), else usually go in Aqua, but this time a Concierge balcony, port side, mid-ship. Itinerary is: Fri, 8/23: drive Columbia to St. Louis, fly to DFW, change planes to fly to London Sat, 8/24: land in London, change planes to fly to Venice, Italy Sun, 8/25: board ship in Venice Mon, 8/26: Zadar, Croatia Tue, 8/27: Dubrovnik, Croatia Wed, 8/28: sea day Thu, 8/29: Catania, Sicily, Italy Fri, 8/30: Valetta, Malta Sat, 8/31: sea day Sun, 9/01: Palma de Mallorca, Spain Mon, 9/02: Valencia, Spain Tue, 9/03: Barcelona, Spain We’ve been to the Spain ports, but not the others. Disappointed I couldn’t arrange for more time in Venice pre-cruise; we’re really not going to get to do much. On some cruises I’ve done a lot of reading and pre-planning, but this time, while I’ve read some, I’ve booked nothing, as there are 4 people to please with different wants and needs. We will take each day as it comes We used frequent flier points to book flights. Where we live means three airplanes to get to Venice. I hated the idea of starting a trip with a day and a half of airplanes and airports and fitful or no sleep sitting upright in a cramped seat. So, took the plunge and used (just enough) points for business class, one way to Europe. Very excited (never done it before). Hoping to have a good night’s rest on a proper flat bed. I travel light. Ok, I obsess over it. I got hooked about 15 years ago, and since then I’ve gone on every cruise (actually every trip since the 2000s, short trips, long trips, summer, winter) with one bag, a carry on, nothing else, no checked bags (alas, DW is no longer of this pure faith, making us a mixed marriage).
  6. My wife is a wheelchair user but can walk short distances, but stairs are out. She can step into a tender, but not go down the stairs. Has anyone used the wheelchair lift down to the tender on the Celebrity Eclipse? Various calls to the Accessible folks have not been helpful, depends on the Capitan and we fully understand. We are on the upcoming 15 night Hawaii cruise in October, and two of the ports are Tendered. Thanks for any help. Jerry
  7. I see the Infinity has a traditional promenade deck unobstructed from lifeboats, can anyone tell me if there are lounge chairs on the deck? Many of the photos I can find do not show any chairs so wondering if they have been removed as is the case on many of the ships due to safety concerns.
  8. Need some help. 50-something married guys....opportunity knocked. Princess for 21 days or Celebrity for 19 days. Both about the same time frame, both out of Sydney, both in similar premium type accommodations. All things being equal....which one? We typically sail NCL.....love them.....but they aren't offering Sydney in our time frame. In terms of service and value....which one? Thanx
  9. Can I bring my own cans of soda on Celebrity Solstice? If so how much can I bring. Cruising from Hawaii to Syd.
  10. We are booked on Celebrity Millennium on a cruise from Yokohama, 2 October. We found out that the departure terminal for this cruise will be in Daikoku, which is a way too inconvenient to reach by public transportation. Does anyone know if shuttles are provided to reach this terminal? From where?
  11. going solo with just a carry-on and backpack. debarking either Fri 12/13 or, if i extend the cruise, sun 12/22. since i only need to be at airport 1hr before flight because it's domestic (Washington DC/Dulles), is it possible to make 8:50am flight on United? next non-stop flight is @ 2pm 😞
  12. xtremely friendly and helpful crew.....always cheerful and go out of their way (in most cases) to make your cruise enjoyable....the ship is in soso condition....some areas are good so, others are bad so...some areas have seating that's well past it's prime. The buffet lunch food was perhaps the best we've had on an M-class ship....the indian, asian, mexican areas are especially good. Desserts look wonderful, but sometimes the experience doesn't live up the look. The cheese selection is better than our last cruises on Celebrity....as are soups. If the sign says spicy, it is...not killer spicy, but spicy enough to be interesting. The MDR has also improved...subjective, of course. Yes, serving sliced turkey twice on a 7 day voyage shouldn't happen....and the everyday "NY strip steak" which I ordered one day should be used to resole shoes...but most everything else came out quite well done. The fish, which is always difficult to get just right, was sometimes a bit overdone, but understandable. We didn't need to return anything other than that shoe sole. Select dining worked very well....we quickly got to know the lady handling guests with reservations (we always reserve every night at 7 before the cruise)....she was wonderful and put us the same section each night at our request (great waiter, asst and wine steward) and always managed to seat us next to a window. We don't go to most of the evening entertainment....there was a wonderful magician, and we caught a not wonderful singer (subjective of course)....we do not attend Celebrity ensemble shows....to be honest, we avoid them, based on many years of experience. No string quartet or otherwise....bands and disk jockeys provide the music....in many cases the loud music. The cabin was perhaps the quietest we've ever had...no noise from neighbors, above, below...the only negatives were that the doors were missing hinge parts and one hinge wasn't even connected....it was fixed quickly when we mentioned the problems. The plumbing mostly worked...stopped flushing a couple of times, but quickly restored. One day it was difficult to get hot water in the shower. We did not have everyone pushing us to upgrade to the premium package...we had classic. I guess we were lucky.... Also had soft sell on specialty restaurants...the only one we ate at was Sushi which was actually quite good....well to be honest it was OK and nice for a change of pace. Fairly priced, had you not already paid for a meal.
  13. I originally placed the Tracker in the thread initiated by CruisingChick on April 23, 2018. However, the tracker gets lost amongst all the many questions/comments (understandably). Thus, I have decided to create a single thread for tracking purposes only (filtering out everything else). The purpose of this thread is strictly for compiling information into a spreadsheet. I will be running this tracker for ~ 6 months to see if any interesting trends come about and/or for general information purposes. Will reevaluate its usefulness thereafter. IF you wish to participate, answer the following questions as best as you can and I will transfer the info to the Tracker. Please do not ask questions here (redirect your questions/comments to the CruisingChick thread of April 2018). CELEBRITY MOVE UP TRACKER (effective April 19, 2019; but can back-fill data, if available) Ship: Length of Cruise: Cruise Sail Date: Date email offer received: Captain’s Club Tier [“PREVIEW” = first Celebrity Cruise]: Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: Current Cabin: Bid? Yes/No: If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: place winning category, if accepted (all category offers, can be mentioned in comments) Bid Offer: Notification Date: Accepted / Rejected General Comments (offer details, etc.)
  14. You could put your credit card in dispute but that might put your cruise in jeopardy. I would go to a higher up or call Celebrity and explain the situation. They should at least be able to tell you what your final payment should have been. Do you have a copy of the Celebrity Booking Documents showing the cruise cost and balance payment due? That would help when taking either to a higher up or Celebrity. For what it's worth, we had a bad experience with a large TA on our 1st cruise and have booked with Celebrity ever since, 22 cruises and counting.
  15. My husband and I, along with two other couples, will be taking our first cruise on a Celebrity ship. We have taken 34 cruises with 26 of them being on RCCL ships. I've heard that Celebrity is a bit "classier" than RCCL. Can anyone help us out as to the main differences between the two Lines. While I know the ships differ, I'm going to ask the age old question about the MDR and attire. We do not dress in formal attire on the formal nights but opt to wear "Sunday clothes". Since I keep hearing the term "classy" when talking about Celebrity ships, I just want to make sure that we dress in what is acceptable. Obviously, I assume, no shorts.....however, on RCCL people come in, in EVERYTHING and it appears there is no longer a "suggested attire", or it's just ignored. Is there anything else that is a big change between the cruise lines that would be helpful. We will be sailing on Silhouette in March 2020.
  16. Hi All! I devoured the last 2 years of trip reports while planning our 2019 Alaska cruise, so I think it's only fair I try to pay it forward a bit! Please pardon me if there's a gap between installments. Having just returned from our trip recently there's an awful lot of catching up to do on several fronts. Also, I tend to be wordy, so you're forewarned! Our cruise “planning” started about a year in advance with my Dad and Step-Mom and our old neighbors who are dear friends deciding they were finally going to go together on the Alaska cruise they kept talking about. I'd been wanting to do an Alaska cruise for awhile so my DH and I also decided to go. A little later two of our close friends also decided to join us, so we were a group of 8 (4 couples) ranging in age from about 40 to 65. Unfortunately, we all booked at different times through different travel agents/big box travel agents, which made it really difficult to link our reservations together for things like dining and reservations despite our best efforts. The neighbor friends going with us had taken a Celebrity Alaska cruise before but it had been part of a group event so they didn't feel like they'd had the full chance to explore the ports and see everything. They suggested Celebrity again and we were all willing to give it a go. The rest of the group, between us, have sailed Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, and Holland America (some of these on other group trips together), so there was a pretty decent basis for comparison. All of our prior cruises have been tropical destinations though, so this was a different experience. For convenience we opted for a roundtrip Seattle cruise. In retrospect I wish I'd insisted on a different itinerary, but it certainly didn't prevent us from enjoying the cruise! In the future I'd look for a one way cruise to see a little more of Alaska and I'd definitely be looking for a cruise that included Glacier Bay (this one did not). We wound up selecting Celebrity Solstice for our RT Seattle cruise and opting for the cruise that was over July 4th to line up with vacation days for the group a little better. A pic of our ship while in Endicott Arm (more about this later!): My first big planning tip – the thing I referred to the MOST often and was glad I had saved early for myself was a very basic clip of our itinerary showing the dates and port times. I sent this to myself in an email and put it in a folder for our trip. Super easy to pull up almost anywhere and reference. Here's where we were and when: I'll also include pre-trip logistical info and post-trip stay west of Seattle with family. If anyone has specific questions please feel free to ask. I'll answer anything I can! I also saved the Dailies if anyone wants those posted or has particular questions those can address.
  17. This will be my trip review from our Celebrity Edge cruise from 6/22/19 to 6/29/19. I have never posted any kind of review before, so please be easy on me as I may skip around too much or skip over other items unintentionally. I took over 2,500 pictures on this trip so it’s taken quite a while for me to sort through them. I’m also a little later starting this than I hoped because I’ve been sick. I think I picked up some kind of virus on the plane home so I got sick 4 days after getting back and spent close to 4 weeks fighting an upper respiratory viral infection. Does anyone else get sick every time they fly? It seems to happen to me almost every time over the last few years, I guess my immune system is not what it used to be – just another joy of getting older I suppose. Anyway I digress. Most likely this will include much more detail and pictures than some may want, so feel free to skip through to posts that interest you. If you are looking for a short and sweet review this definitely is not it. This trip was just the two of us (myself and my wife), we have been married for 17 years and have traveled quite a bit; mainly land tours but this was our 7th cruise. We tend to rise early and as a result go to bed early as well – if you are looking for a lot of details about entertainment and shows on the ship then you will be disappointed. We booked this trip in July of 2018 so waited almost a year for this vacation to finally arrive. Although in a way that was almost necessary so I could have enough time to prepare. I am a huge planner and tend to find almost as much enjoyment in the planning stage as the vacation itself. I also tend to be somewhat obsessive-compulsive with researching and reading reviews to find the perfect hotel/tour/ship/restaurant, etc. I will never claim to be “normal” (whatever that is), and instead try and embrace my idiosyncrasies – so please bear with me! I closely followed the build of the Edge and enviously read about other’s plans once booking opened, but I didn’t pull the trigger until last summer. I just couldn’t stand not having a cruise booked on the Edge because it seemed to have everything we were looking for. There’s been a lot of negative comments about the ship on Cruise Critic but very few of the negatives seemed something that would bother us, and actually many of them were actually positives for us (i.e. we LOVED the infinite verandah). Different strokes for different folks I guess! Our itinerary was as follows: Day Date General Wed. 6/19 Fly to Barcelona Thurs. 6/20 Arrive Barcelona (9:00am) Food tour (4:00pm) Fri. 6/21 Barcelona No tour booked – HOHO bus tour planned Sat. 6/22 Board cruise ship Sun. 6/23 Valencia (docked 7am – 9pm) No tour booked – visit City of Arts & Sciences Mon. 6/24 Ibiza (docked 8am – midnight) No tour booked Tues. 6/25 At Sea Wed. 6/26 Marseille (docked 7am – 6pm) Independent tour company – Marseilles & Cassis 9am – 4pm Thurs. 6/27 Nice/Villefranche (tendered 7am -8:30pm) Celebrity excursion – Nice, Eze, & Monaco Discovery (8am – 4:30pm) Fri. 6/28 La Spezia/Florence/Pisa (docked 7am – 7pm) Celebrity excursion – Pisa & Lucca Highlights (9am – 4:30pm) Sat. 6/29 Debark ship (Rome) Private Tour – p/u in Civitavecchia and tour of Rome (8am – 4pm) Sun. 6/30 Rome Food tour (11am – 2:30pm) Mon. 7/1 Fly home *Spoiler Alert – we missed our flight home and ended up getting home on Tuesday night instead of Monday night. First time in my life I have ever missed a flight. This made for a really fun day at work on Wednesday with no day off to recuperate. Ugh!
  18. - Embarkation We had priority embarkation, so even though it said we were to arrive at 1, we arrived at 10. Dropped our luggage, parked the car, and entered the cattle call. We were a bit nervous being this was the first time sailing without passports. Ours expired 5 years ago. Showed the lady our BC and DL, and we went through. I mentioned that I didn't know if it mattered if we were Concierge Class. She said YOU KNOW IT MATTERS and led us right to the second row of seats. They started boarding at 11:15 and we were on that ship in minutes. Went straight to our room, dropped our stuff, evaluated the room and balcony, and it was off to the Lido. Well, sadly, no lido. Just "DEAK TEN". Eventually, we made it to the OC. Although we were offered sit down lunch, my group decided we would do the Buffet. Usually I prefer to head straight there AFTER checking out my room and then having my first FOO FOO, my party sort of disseminated, so first in line never happened. I found the quality of the food to be a bit sub par, but ample. That changed as the week proceeded luckily. After lunch, I was pleased to see our luggage outside our cabin, so I donned my suit and made it up to that VERY LOUD pool. - Muster Drill Now this was interesting. Having done 24 previous drills, I knew what to expect, but I would have been lost if I never had. It was kind of a big secret. It was also the first time I didn't need to don a jacket or put one on. I've known about this for a few years reading CC. But it was interesting how they scanned everyone's card, making sure EVERYONE attended. My wife was one of those that never went, and ended up hiding in the bathroom or the balcony. But she went to this one. And although our muster station was in the vicinity of our cabin down a few decks, I found it odd having a lifeboat completely fore, when our cabin was completely aft. - Sailaway No clue what time it was scheduled for, but I was sitting on my balcony around 3:45 when I noticed we were moving. There was some announcement that we were to be sailing past the SOL. I thought I heard it wrong, and thought they were using extreme language knowing she was hanging out there on the left, but sure enough, we made a left hand turn and sailed UP the Hudson to the Statue. The QM2 was also in Red Hook, so we got some good views of her as well. We stopped for photo ops of Ms. Liberty, then suddenly we were turning 180 degrees and were now facing the VNB, with a bunch of educated cruisers on this sailing. Not one person was heard calling it the GWB. And shortly thereafter, out to sea. - DINNER: We were scheduled for early seating at 6, but somehow, that first night, was at 5:15. A bit early, but we went at that scheduled time, and the doors were closed with a long line. Eventually they opened, and we were led to our table, rear aft port, in the center of that area. Had great views port and aft when the shades were up. It was also the first time we noticed a bit of rocking. Odd that we watched people arriving at their table past 6. But our service was never interrupted, so I didn't have an issue. I also noticed that, although it specifically said no ball caps or shorts allowed, every night, except chic, shorts seemed to be allowed or unnoticed. Personally, I would have loved to be wearing shorts all those non chic nights. I had asked prior to my cruise if you could order multiple starters and entrees, and was told yes. So that first meal I did, and boy was I glad. Celebrities portions are SMALL! And I never left the table hungry. Service was GREAT. We had both an efficient waiter and busboy/assistant. In fact, watching all the servers, they all hustled their butts off. We also had a pleasant somalier and bar waiter, but they were inconsistent in charging for Cappuccinos. The rest of the week's dining time was listed as 5:30. Second night, again, doors closed with a long line. The rest of the week we showed up at 5:45, and never waited in line again. Still also observed people showing up extremely late, but no bother to my service, so I didn't care. Following dinner we noticed the entertainment was already engaged in the theatre. Somehow, the concept of early dinner syncing with late show escaped us. We tried so hard to go with the X app, but were so happy when we started getting hard copy event listings. BTW, while home, my wife asked if I wanted to throw a bottle of Bacardi in the suitcase. I told her I assumed Celebrity was strict, and kept the alcohol if found. When we were unpacking, my wife pulled out a full bottle of Tito's. I guess she showed me. - ENTERTAINMENT: It was refreshing to see live entertainment once again. And a live band. The only thing we thought was poor was the dancers. The choreo was good, but the execution, not so good. The singers were all fabulous. The acrobats were also excellent. The rest of the week we had a repeat of the first group doing a different show (SOUNDTRACK), a singer (Laura Wright) from Vegas, A singer/comedian named Jesse Hamilton Jr.,, and another comedian who I found to be a bit racist. He was also unaware (I hope) of the El Paso shooting, while making jokes about Walmart. I wish I had walked out when I first had the inclination. Drink service was good, and there wasn't a bad bottle neck at shows end, although we did run when the lights came on. Although I was disappointed there were no broadcast TV available, I was thrilled they offered FoxNews. They also offered MSNBC.There was no CNN to be found. - DAY 2 SEA DAY Early morning and first day at sea found our Cruise Critic Meet and Greet. It was actually the first one I signed up for and attended. Not sure what to expect, but I was quite surprised at the poor turnout. I don’t think more than ten of the registered 45 people even showed up. But more surprising was finding the Captain, the officers, and the Cruise Director all in attendance. Rich spoke of Celebrity things, and coffee and light refreshments were served. There was one woman visiting each of the guests, who stated she was an active poster in CC as well as a contributor to the CC roll call. Being this was our first Celebrity cruise, I wanted to check out the MDR breakfast that first morning. I was quite pleased with the service and selections, including the made to order omelet option. Having done that, the rest of the week we did breakfast in the cafe After breakfast, and every sea day, we set up camp at the raised area between the two pools. Also, by now, I would have explored all corners of the ship, but that just never happened. It even took leaving Bermuda to make it up to deck 12, but got there during the non crowd times. Got some nice views of one set set, and the sail in under the bridge. But I never found the heart of the ship. To me it's the casino area (although not a gambler) or a promenade, which doesn't exist. I did resort to using the outside promenade on deck 4, but that was quick lonely, as well as a partial smoking area. An odd design of these pools is the loud skimmers of the filtration system. Quite annoying and over the top noisy, especially when IN the pool. My party was thrilled to find a service ice station upon boarding, and even more thrilled and shocked to see it open and serving the whole week! A nice touch I may add. I visited it myself a few times in the course of the week. Upon returning to our cabin that night, my daughter, who was sleeping in the pull out, was a bit distressed to find a bug in her "bed". I went over, and found a second. I collected them and went to the concierge. Emotionless, she picks up the phone and tells someone we have bed bugs. "Someone will come to our room." Some 30 to 60 minutes later someone shows up, and immediately starts telling me how bugs can get in the room. Then he starts educating me about bedbugs. I let him quickly know IT WAS HIS PERSON BEHIND THE COUNTER that called them that. I guess he thought I needed an education. Never once asked to see the bugs, he gets someone to come and change the sheets and examine the couch. I requested they do the same to our bed, which they did. The bugs remained in the glass for the duration of our cruise. By now, I was surprised how smooth sailing this class ship was. We were however going very slow, but even on the return trip, the ship and seas were smooth as glass. We also were following some ship off in the distance, mysteriously and silently leading the way. We eventually came to understand this was the Norwegian Escape. Their passengers told us they were curious as well as to who was following them. They were in port with us in Bermuda the entire 3 days. - DINNER CHIC NIGHT Kinda glad to see formal gone. No suit. Not Tux. No tie. LOVED IT. At least we knew beforehand what was expected. - DAY 3 SEA DAY CHILL OUT DAY. Calm before the storm. Tomorrow: BERMUDA! TBC
  19. So I just got off the phone with the Captains Club to try--using my 30% Elite discount--to buy an unlimited wifi package for 2 devices for our upcoming 12 night Solstice cruise in December. The wifi packages are currently on sale (20% off). However it appears that my 30% Elite discount doesn't give me an advantage because it can only be used on the non-sale price. In the end, I didn't use my Elite discount. Here is the math: Normal price for 1 device unlimited wifi package is $325. Normal price for a 2 device unlimited wifi package is $487.50 which is essentially marking down the 2nd device by 50%. Currently the sale price in my Cruise Planner for 1 device unlimited wifi package is $260 (20% off). The sale price for 2 devices is $390 When I called the Capt Club, I am told that I can get the 30% Elite discount but only on the single device packages and at their undiscounted price. They cannot apply it to the 2 device package. So my option is to buy 2 single device packages using our Elite discount (my wife and I are both Elite) = $455. This is worse than the current sale price for 2 devices available to anybody ($390). I know if I wait to buy on board, I can go to the iLounge and buy a 1 device package ($325) and apply my 30% Elite discount for a total of $227.50. And I can get 50% off the price for a 2nd device although I cannot use my Elite discount on that--which adds another $162.50. The grand total for both devices is $390 which is the current sale price for 2 devices available to anybody. So my conclusion is that the 30% Elite discount is of value only if you plan on buying a single device package. When you are buying a 2 device package, you are better off just waiting for the packages to go on sale (20% off) which is what I ended up doing. Anyone other Elites out there who have bought a 2 device package with a different (better) outcome? BTW, there will be a few of you who will suggest that my wife and I share a single device package. The reason I am buying a 2 device package is for my family of 4 to share.
  20. Has anyone used the Private Journey shore excursion option offered by celebrity and if so what was your experience.
  21. New press release on Apex and 10 and 11 day voyages. MIAMI, Aug. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- With Celebrity Cruises' 2020 Europe season poised to be the line's most "revolutionary" yet, today the brand unveiled four new longer European sailings on board its newest ship, Celebrity Apex, the second ship in the brand's innovative Edge Series. "Like her industry-changing sister ship, Celebrity Edge – which was just named one of TIME Magazine's 2019 World's Greatest Places1 – Celebrity Apex will feature an innovative outward-facing design and transformational accommodations that invite guests to take in the breathtaking world around them," said Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, President and CEO, Celebrity Cruises. "Now, with these four new and longer Mediterranean sailings, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the peak European experience in true Celebrity style." Among the new sailings on board Celebrity Apex are three 10- and 11-night Eastern Mediterranean sailings and a new 11-night Western Mediterranean sailing. The two 11-night Greece, Malta and Turkey sailings will depart from Rome, Italy, visiting Istanbul, Turkey; Ephesus (Kusadasi), Turkey; Santorini, Greece; Mykonos, Greece; Athens, Greece; Valletta, Malta; and Barcelona, Spain; while on the 10-night Greece, Malta and Turkey cruise, guests will be immersed in eight beautiful ports, including Barcelona, Spain; Crete, Greece; Santorini, Greece; Mykonos, Greece; Bodrum, Turkey; Athens, Greece; Naples, Italy; and Rome, Italy. The one-of-a-kind 11-night Spain, France and Italian Riviera expedition will sail round-trip out of Barcelona, Spain, calling Provence (Marseille), France; Monte Carlo, Monaco; Nice, France; Santa Margherita, Italy; Rome, Italy; Naples, Italy; Palma De Mallorca, Spain; and Valencia, Spain. From impeccable accommodations, including Edge Staterooms with Infinite Verandas and two-story Edge Villas with outdoor plunge pools, to 29 world-class culinary venues, Celebrity Apex has it all. Following the ship's Southampton debut, Celebrity Apex will offer a mini season of five sailings to European destinations, including the Norwegian Fjords and the northern coasts of Spain and Portugal. Aboard the game-changing new vessel travelers can experience a new 10-night Capital Cities Cruise with visits to iconic cities including Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo and Paris. After Celebrity Apex's Northern Europe mini season, she'll spend the rest of her inaugural summer sailing seven- to 12-night itineraries in the Mediterranean, with visits to bucket-list destinations such as Lisbon, Portugal; Istanbul; Monte Carlo; Cannes, France; and more. Intrigued European explorers are able to book cruises on board Celebrity Apex now. For more details on Celebrity Apex and the exciting new sailings being offered, visit www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-ships/celebrity-apex. Joining Celebrity Apex in Europe is her award-winning sister ship, Celebrity Edge, and the newly revolutionized Celebrity Silhouette and Celebrity Constellation – featuring new staterooms and suites, new public spaces, and new luxurious designs. An exciting addition to the European itineraries is Trieste, Italy, and the first-ever mini season of sailings from Lisbon, that includes overnight stays in this incredible city. Country-immersive sailings are also being introduced that focus on Italy and Greece, designed to give guests an ever greater, in-depth experience. Celebrity will be returning to Istanbul and Kusadasi, Turkey, and Oslo, Norway, featuring overnight stays in the land of the midnight sun, as well as offering overnight stays in the guest-favorite cities of Dublin, Ireland, and Reykjavik, Iceland. Celebrity's European itineraries will offer incredible choice, with over 90 destinations and 48 overnights, so travelers have more ways to explore Europe like never before, all while sailing on an award-winning fleet of modern luxury ships. For more details on Celebrity's exciting European sailings visit www.celebritycruises.com/destinations/european-cruises.
  22. According to recent developments, the Xpedition license to operate in the Galapagos has been permanently revoked. https://portalcruceros.cl/celebrity-xpedition-no-podra-operar-en-galapagos-al-verificarse-que-causaba-danos-al-ecosistema-isleno/ (you may need to translate by clicking on the flag in the upper right corner) I wonder what this will mean for all of those booked on Xpedition?
  23. HOLLAND AMERICA BOARD'S FUTURE CRUISE LISTING Updated August 23rd, 2019 We all love to hear what cruises you are booked on. I post the Bon Voyage threads 7 days before sailing so, to be included in this, you need to post your details here to allow sufficient time to be on the updated Future Cruise Listing. It’s better to post earlier than later but if it is later please post THREE weeks in advance to make sure it doesn’t get missed. We would also be interested to know if this is your first cruise, your first HAL cruise or if you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary. Details needed are in the 2nd post of this thread. Please use REPLY and not QUOTE when posting to this thread. Using 'Quote' makes a very long thread and difficult for others to read. While this list is a lot of fun, please don't mistake it for a Roll Call thread. You can go to the Roll Call Section here on Cruise Critic and find your cruise to sign up there too. That's where your Meet & Greet planning, tour sharing, and other activities specific to your cruise will be happening. This week’s additions and changes are in BOLD and highlighted in aqua (sea colours). AUGUST 2019 N Statendam - 25-Aug-19 - 14 day Jewels of the Baltic asebastian we're sailing away.... - B2B2B2B2B2B2B following Aug. 4th & 25th & with Sept. 8th, 15th, 27th & Oct. 7th Cailey53 - 1st sailing as 4* Mariners N Statendam – 25-Aug-19 – 53 days - ? we’re sailing away…. Veendam - 26-Aug-19 – 12 day Voyage of the Explorers JR42 ksmaxey & DW Amsterdam – 26-Aug-19 – 14 day Great Alaskan Explorer StLouisCruisers – celebrating 50th wedding anniversary on board Av8rix N Amsterdam - 31-Aug-19 - 7 day Alaskan Inside Passage crunchii & Zarmengar SEPTEMBER 2019 Oosterdam - 01-Sep-19 - 7 day Alaskan Explorer/Hubbard operakatz Zuiderdam - 03-Sep-19- 12 day Colors of Canada & New England vms & majormomma- mother - daughter trip lynanken Eurodam - 07-Sep-19 - 7 day Alaska Explorer R/T Seattle Gonzowifey - 1st HAL cruise & 1st Alaska Nieuw Amsterdam - 07-Sep-19 - 7 day Inside Passage R/T Vancouver threebluestars - first HAL cruise - sailing with Mom & family friends Oosterdam – 08-Sep-19 – 7 night Alaska Explorer razzinger – 1st time on HAL & to Alaska, 9th cruise overall N Statendam - 08-Sep-19 - 7 day Norse Legends we're sailing away.... - B2B2B2B2B2B2B following Aug. 4th, 18th, 25th & with Sept. 15th, 27th & Oct. 7th Amsterdam - 09-Sep-19 - 14 day Great Alaskan Explorer IrishSmileyM3 - 3rd HAL cruise, 1st Alaska, celebrating 12.5th anniversary N Statendam – 15-Sep-19 – 12 day Iberian Adventure travelqueen101 - celebrating 60th birthday we're sailing away.... - B2B2B2B2B2B2B following Aug. 4th, 18th, 25th, Sept. 8th and with Sept. 27th & Oct. 7th Zuiderdam – 15-Sep-19 – 12 day Quebec to NYC mamaofami – 60th anniversary trip Amsterdam - 23-Sep-19 - 35 day Incan Empires ArtsyCraftsy woodworker & knitter Volendam - 25-Sep-19 - 23 day Panama Canal Av8rix N Statendam - 27-Sep-19 - 10 day Mediterranean Mosaic we're sailing away.... - B2B2B2B2B2B2B following Aug. 4th, 18th, 25th, Sept. 8th, 15th & with Oct. 7th Eurodam - 29-Sep-19 - 16 day collector R/T Vancouver - Hawaii & Pacific, Mexico pizzadog -celebrating 54th wedding anniversary cemnm18 - celebrating DW's birthday gypsymama5996 Westerdam – 29-Sep-19 – 13 day North Pacific CrossingK rwams – with granddaughter OCTOBER 2019 Rotterdam – 05-Oct-19 – 14 day European River Explorer doncarlos & Fishbabe N Statendam - 07-Oct-19 - 10 day Mediterranean Dream I like vacation - celebrating an anniversary & achieving 3* status we're sailing away.... - B2B2B2B2B2B2B following Aug. 4th, 18th, 25th, Sept. 8th, 15th, 27th N Statendam - 07-Oct-19 - Best of the Mediterranean Dismomx5 - celebrating 35th anniversary on their 4th HAL cruise Koningsdam - 31-Oct-19 - 13 day Passage to America vinonme2 -with sister, DS's 1st cruise, pre-cruise stay in Lake Como & Tuscany for 2 weeks Eurodam - 15-Oct-19 - 4 night Pacific Coastal msmayor - B2B with 7 night Mexican Riviera Koningsdam – 18-Oct-19 – 13 day Mediterranean Legend we’re sailing away…..- B2B2B with Oct. 31st & Nov. 13th Koningsdam – 18-Oct-19 – 26 day Mediterranean Legend & Passage to America Sailingdutchy Vict0riann Cruizer Bill & Cruizer Diana Queen Mary 2 - 18-Oct-19 - 7-night Eastbound Transatlantic rafinmd - B2B2B with Crystal Bach Oct 25 and Crystal Serenity Nov 5 Eurodam - 19-Oct-19 - 7 night Mexican Riviera msmayor - B2B following 4 night Pacific coastal N Amsterdam - 19-Oct-19 - 7 day Eastern Caribbean DFD1 N Amsterdam – 19-Oct-19 – 14 day Eastern/Tropical Caribbean saturn93 Rotterdam – 19-Oct-19 – 32 day Holy Land and Passage to America aliaschief & DWaliaschief Cinder Again Oosterdam - 20-Oct-19 - 17 day Circle Hawaii cat shepard Zuiderdam - 20-Oct-19 - 10 day Panama Canal Sunfarer RetiredNow AMA Amacerto - 27-Oct-19 - 7 day Legendary Danube (Nuremburg - Budapest AZNATIVE2000 - visiting Prague Oct. 21st precruise Crystal Bach 25-Oct-19 - 10-night Enchanting Moselle rafinmd - B2B2B following QM2 Oct 18 & with Crystal Serenity Nov5 Amsterdam - 28-Oct-19 - 51 day Tales of the South Pacific Traveling Dot FlorenceItaly Veendam - 30-Oct-19 - 7 day Eastern Caribbean anderson1203 - first HAL cruise Koningsdam - 31-Oct-19 - 13 day Passage to America we're sailing away.....- B2B2B following Oct. 18th & with Nov. 13th NOVEMBER 2019 Eurodam - 02-Nov-19 - 7 night Mexican riviera dobiemom Crystal Serenity - 5-Nov-19 - 19-night Explorer Combination - Barcelona to FTL rafinmd - B2B2B following QM2 Oct 18, Crystal Bach Oct 25 and with Symphony Nov 24 N Statendam - 10-Nov-19 - 7 day Eastern Caribbean Crazy For Cats the2ofus- B2B with Nov. 17th Judyrem - first HAL cruise, 70th birthday celebration Himself DFWGUYZ - achieving 3* on this sailing Koningsdam - 13-Nov-19 - 11 day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer we're sailing away.... - B2B2B following Oct. 18th & Oct. 31st Celebrity Silhouette - 14-Nov-19 - 8 Day Southern Caribbean Cruisinetta N Statendam - 17-Nov-19 - 14 day Western/Tropical Caribbean taxmantoo the2ofus- B2B following Nov. 10th Volendam – 20-Nov-19 – 30 Night Amazon Explorer Loreto – celebrating 50th wedding anniversary Chergs N Amsterdam - 23-Nov-19 - 7 day Tropical Caribbean Cruise twin - with twin & a friend celebrating the twins' belated birthday grest - celebrating Thanksgiving birthday N Statendam - 24-Nov-19 - 7 day Tropical Caribbean HELENPSL - annual Thanksgiving cruise with Angelo N Statendam - 24-Nov-19 - 14 day Tropical/Eastern Caribbean oldpharmguy Koningsdam - 24-Nov-19 - 10 night Southern Caribbean Seafarer wdw 1972 Crystal Serenity -24-Nov-19 - 7-night Caribbean Cornucopia from Miami rafinmd - B2B2B following QM2 Oct 18, Crystal Bach Oct 25 & Crystal Serenity Nov 5 DECEMBER 2019 N. Statendam - 01-Dec-19 - 7 day Eastern Caribbean deliver42 Eurodam - 01-Dec-19 - 10 day Panama Canal partial transit DFD1 - celebrating birthday Maasdam - 03-Dec-19 - 20 day New Zealand & Pacific VK3DQ - first HAL cruise, with MIL, celebrating 95th (MIL) & 73rd (VK3) birthdays on board N Amsterdam - 07-Dec-19 - 7 day Tropical Caribbean 1ANGELCAT- celebrating with friends - 1 receiving their Platinum medallion sp2 - celebrating 23rd anniversary & sp2's birthday & their 25th cruise WScruiser & Kopfhunter - B2B with Dec. 14th (on their longest cruise) Rotterdam - 06-Dec-19 - 15 day Panama Canal sambamama - 1st time on Rotterdam & West to East Panama N Amsterdam - 14-Dec-19 - Eastern Caribbean WScruiser & Kopfhunter - B2B following Dec. 7th Amsterdam - 18-Dec-19 - 17 day Panama Canal Holiday Infi Veendam – 18-Dec-19 – 10 day Southern Caribbean Seafarer Holiday Crazy For Cats Zaandam - 18-Dec-19 - 22 day Holiday South America& Antarctica RetiredNow - B2B with 09-Jan-20 Cruizer Bill & Cruizer Diana Volendam - 20-Dec-19 - 16 night Christmas & New Year hal lover - 1st time on Volendam Westerdam - 21-Dec-19 - 14 day Far East Discovery TN Fem Rotterdam - 21-Dec-19 - 17 day Panama Canal (FLL - SD) dbaudit & Doc Bear- 2nd Panama Canal Koningsdam - 22-Dec-19 - 11 day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer Holiday jagger16 - 1st extended holiday cruise Oosterdam - 28-Dec-19 - 7 day Mexican Riviera LynnObie - 50th wedding anniversary with 3 daughters, spouses & 2 grandchildren JANUARY 2020 Koningsdam - 02-Jan-20 - 10 day Southern Caribbean Seafarer RevNeal Amsterdam – 04-Jan-20 - Grand World Voyage we’re sailing away…. mame42 scluvsrain Scrapnana DeepWaterMariner – 2nd World Voyage N Amsterdam - 04-Jan-20 - 7 day Eastern Caribbean kcohleffel - 1st HAL cruise Volendam – 05-Jan-20 – 77 day Grand South America & Antarctica Voyage Oak Hill Cruisers travellersrest TBcruiserguy N Statendam - 05-Jan-20 - 14 day Tropical/Eastern Caribbean ger_77 - escape from the frozen tundra Zaandam - 09-Jan-20 - 22 day South America& Antarctica 0bnxshs & Missy's Mom – birthday celebration on board & achieving 5* RetiredNow - B2B with 18-Dec-19 bobalink - 1st time on Zaandam & South America N Statendam - 12-Jan-20 - Eastern Caribbean pjck71 - celebrating 25th anniversary & DH's 50th birthday, 2nd time on HAL Westerdam - 16-Jan-20 - 30 day Far East Discovery Collector pictonite Koningsdam - 22-Jan-20 - 12 day Caribbean aliaschief & DWAliaschief Crystal Serenity - 22-Jan-20 - 40-day World Cruise Segment Los Angeles to Sydney rafinmd - B2B with QM2 March 5 Silver Wind - 23-Jan-20 - 11 day Eastern Caribbean Randyk47 Regent Seven Seas Mariner - 24-Jan-20 - 131 day World Cruise ArtsyCraftsy - first World Cruise N Statendam - 26-Jan-20 - 14 day Tropical/Eastern Caribbean forwardho - celebrating birthday on board FEBRUARY 2020 Oosterdam - 05-Feb-20 - 17 day Panama Canal VintageGeo-1st time through the Canal Zuiderdam - 08-Feb-20 - 7 day Tropical Caribbean OVgirl - B2B with 11 day Panama Sunfarer cruise N Statendam - 9-Feb-20 - 14 day Tropical Caribbean Typhoon1 Zuiderdam - 15-Feb-20 - 11 day Panama Canal Sunfarer OVgirl - B2B following 7 day Tropical Caribbean Feb. 8th Eurodam - 16-Feb-20 - 14 day Panama Canal (FLL - SD) RetiredMustang summer slope N Statendam - 16-Feb-20 - 7 day Tropical Caribbean Brewgirl1 - 3rd HAL cruise, travelling with parents & adult children Koningsdam - 23-Feb-20 - 10 night Southern Caribbean Seafarer esimon - Robert, Ellen, Lynn and Will Ohio MARCH 2020 Queen Mary 2 - 06-Mar-20 - 50-day World Cruise Segment Sydney to New York rafinmd - B2B with Crystal Serenity January 22 Zaandam – 07-Mar-20 – 31 day South America, Inca & Panama Canal Discovery kazu Rotterdam – 11-Mar-20 – Panama Canal San D to FLL DeeniEncinitas - B2B with Oceania Riviera – March 30th summer slope Oosterdam - 14-Mar-20 - 7 day Mexican Riviera KroozNut Westerdam - 14-Mar-20 - 14 day China Explorer LTC_Motes - daughter's graduation cruise Koningsdam – 15-Mar-20 – 44 day Voyage of the Americas – (FLL – SD) Overhead Fred – longest cruise ever Maasdam - 15-Mar-20 - 19 day South Pacific madera1 Eurodam – 18-Mar-20 – 18 day Circle Hawaii lakeside42 jeda -celebrating 40th anniversary - B2B with Pacific Coastal Apr. 5th CaliforniaAC - with friends Bill & Di Cailey53 Oosterdam - 21-Mar-20 - 28 day Hawaii, Tahiti, Marquesas Tomndeena crystalspin & dr'spin - belated celebration of dr'spin's retirement at end of 2019 VacationingCharlene Oceania Riviera – 30- Mar-20 – TA Miami to Rome DeeniEncinitas – B2B following Rotterdam March 11th APRIL 2020 Eurodam - 05-Apr-20 - 6 day Pacific Coastal jeda - B2B following Mar. 18th Rotterdam - 06-Apr-20 - 16 day Azores & Normandy Explorer grest NIAGARANGIE - first HAL cruise Oceania Riviera - 19-Apr-20 - 10 day Monte Carlo - BCN DeeniEncinitas - Christmas present from DH Zuiderdam - 19-Apr-20 - 14 day Passage to Rome kazu - followed by visit to Galicia, Spain N Statendam - 19-Apr-20 - 14 night TA to Amsterdam TriumphGuyAL - 1st HAL cruise, 4th overall - celebrating 43rd anniversary on board Veendam - 22-Apr-20 - 17 day Azores & Normandy Explorer lizzies_mom esther e Westerdam - 25-Apr-20 - 16 day North Pacific Crossing Taters Oosterdam - 25-Apr-20 - 7 day Pacific Coastal lazey1 - 1st time cruising as 5* & in a Neptune wrap around suite MAY 2020 N Statendam - 10-May-20 - 14 day Jewels of the Baltic rwams Zuiderdam - 15-May-20 - Mediterranean Empires gwilli Maasdam - 18-May-20 - 14 day Great Alaska Explorer TomAndJane woodworker & knitter Zaandam - 23-May-20 - 7-Day Canada & New England Discovery BRWolf - (Bruce and Karen) JUNE 2020 N Amsterdam - 03-Jun-20 - 24 day Mediterranean Empires/Adriatic Dream taxmantoo Zuiderdam - 20-Jun-20 - 12 day European Splendour (Rome - Copenhagen) mr. godfredo - celebrating 25 year anniversary JULY 2020 Zuiderdam - 02-Jul-20 - 24 day Northern Isles & Jewels of the Baltic Lucie73821 N. Statendam- 19-Jul-20 - 7 day Norwegian fjord Bramcruiser AUGUST 2020 Viking Orion - 04-Aug-20 - 68 day Grand Cape Horn Adventure ArtsyCraftsy Zuiderdam - 09-Aug-20 - 10 day Jewels of the Baltic shudie- B2B with Aug. 19th Caribbean Princess - 16 day Greenland & Canada StartrainDD Zuiderdam - 19-Aug-20 - 19 day Viking Passage I like vacation Vict0riann - big birthday on board shudie- B2B with Aug. 9th Queen Mary 2 - 21-Aug-20 - 7-night Eastbound Transatlantic rafinmd - B2B2B with Crystal Serenity 30 Aug and Zuiderdam Sept 17th Crystal Serenity - 30-Aug-20 - 13 day TA Discovery (BCN - Que) rafinmd - B2B2B following QM2 Aug 21st and with Zuiderdam Sept. 17th SEPTEMBER 2020 N Statendam - 13-Sep-20 - 12 night Iberian Peninsula Poulsbo Cruisers - 30th anniversary cruise Zuiderdam - 17-Sep-20 - 10 day Newfoundland & New England Discovery (Quebec to Boston) rafinmd - B2B2B following QM2 Aug 21st and Crystal Serenity Aug. 30th Viking Sea - 21-Sep-20 - 10 days Empire of the Mediterranean (Venice to Athens) terrydtx - 1st Viking Ocean cruise, celebrating50th anniversary Koningsdam - 26-Sep-20 - 7 day Wine and Country & Pacific Northwest crunchii & Zarmengar OCTOBER 2020 Viking Tir – 01-Oct-20 – 14 day Grand European River Cruise (Budapest to Amsterdam) aliaschief & DWaliaschief - 1st Grand river cruise Westerdam - 07-Oct-20 - 37 day Inca & South America Discovery GeorgeCharlie N Amsterdam - 13-Oct-20 - 12 day Mediterranean Romance canadianbear - 1st time in Europe Rotterdam - 17-Oct-20 - 15 day Transatlantic (BCN - FLL) sambamama- 1st time to Africa Zaandam – 31-Oct-20 – 14 day Southern Caribbean Overhead Fred NOVEMBER 2020 Westerdam - 13-Nov-20 - 14 day South America Passage (BA - Santiago) Taters N Statendam - 22-Nov-20 - 10 day Southern Caribbean Seafarer cruiseguy56 Westerdam - 27-Nov-20 - 22 day South America, Antarctica & Solar Eclipse Loreto Zuiderdam - 29-Nov-20 - Southern Caribbean Cruisinetta DECEMBER 2020 N Statendam - 02-12-20 - 11 night Southern Caribbean Wayfarer wdw1972 N Statendam - 02-12-20 - 21 day Caribbean (B2B Dec. 2-23) cate54 - mother & daughter cruise Zuiderdam - 09-Dec-20 - 11 day Panama Canal Sunfarer Mr and Mrs CIQ -retirement cruise grest Westerdam - 19-Dec-20 - 22 day South America & Antarctica Holiday StartrainDD - pre-cruise trip Dec. 13th to Igazu Falls Noordam - 20-Dec-20 - 15-day Far East Discovery LTC Motes - party of 7 NCL Escape - 27-Dec-20 - 7 night Eastern Caribbean msmayor - holiday cruise to celebrate with adult children JANUARY 2021 Koningsdam - 02-Jan-21 - 7 day Mexican Riviera mab4285 - first solo cruise & HAL cruise as an adult Amsterdam - 04-Jan-21 - 128 day Grand World Voyage vinonme2 Maasdam - 04-Jan-21 - 40 day Australia, Indonesia & Indian Collector aliaschief & DWAliaschief - B2B2B with Feb 13th & Mar 4th N Statendam - 06-Jan-21 - 21 day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer/Seafarer crystalspin - with dr'spin, mom & DBr0 & SIL, celebrating 30th anniversary & DB's 60th birthday Koningsdam - 09-Jan-21 - 24 day Collectors' Cruise - Hawaii & Mexico DeeniEncinitas N Amsterdam - 09-Jan-21 - 7 day Eastern Caribbean deliver42 FEBRUARY 2021 Maasdam - 13-Feb-21 - 19 day Papua, New Guinea & Phillipine Adventurer aliaschief & DWAliaschief - B2B2B following Jan. 4th & with Mar. 4th Rotterdam - 21-Feb-21 - 32 day Hawaii, Tahiti, & Marquesas Overhead Fred josumello - first HAL cruise samsonmo MARCH 2021 Maasdam - 04-Mar-21 - 25 day South Pacific Crossing aliaschief & DWAliaschief - B2B2B following Jan. 4th & Feb. 13th N Statendam - 21-Mar-21 - 10 day cruise doone - Friends & Family cruise APRIL 2021 Maasdam - 09-Apr-21 - 14 day Mexican Riviera sambamama - 1st Mexican Riviera, birthday celebration on board AUGUST 2021 Oosterdam - 22-Aug-21 - 7 day Alaskan Explorer crunchii & Zarmengar HAPPY CRUISING EVERYONE! Jacqui
  24. Don't know if anyone has had this problem but we booked our first cruise not thru Celebrity, but thru a highly recommended TA. been a complete nightmare so far. Got to have 20 calls and 25 emails to her. Just to get us to final payment.we gave her our credit card for final payment never thinking what she would charge. $100 overcharge..after 3 more emails she says yes i noticed that to and because Celebrity overcharged they have to straighten out.. Really why did she catch it so we don't have to deal with it after all our emails and calls to her already. She should be the one to contact them. I have never been so unhappy with service, lack of concern, slow responses to anything. Incorrect info all the time. Im tempted to call the higher ups at her company to get it resolved. we are not high maintenence people. Booked many cruises on our own so kinda know the ropes.how would you handle the overcharge? any help would be appreciated.
  25. Per Folkfan13, " I do think though (as you have posted a few times) that Celebrity has not handled the communication well on this." All I can say is, YA THINK!! If I had not read the CC News article this past weekend on the Xpedition problems, I would know nothing about it. Neither I nor our TA had been contacted! Really poor on Celebrity's part! We're booked on the 9/12 cruisetour, but probably NOT on the Xpedition (cruisemapper.com has her just offshore near Guayaquil - nowhere near the Galapagos). We're still planning on leaving for Ecuador on 9/5, as we have the Tren Crucero luxury train booked for Guayaquil up the Andes to Quito. I and our TA have been told by Celebrity reps that we'll hear what the story is for our cruise "the week of" our cruise tour. Great advance notice - we'll already be in Ecuador! We should be put on the Flora (we're booked in the Royal Suite on the Xpedition and I was told we wouldn't be downgraded to a window cabin - read: Xperience). So, we'll see.
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