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  1. This thread is exclusively for those wishing to post questions and updates on when rate windows will open only. Information posted elsewhere will be dropped here. Likewise - posts that are not specifically on this topic will be deleted from this thread. Thanks Mike ***Note - There were posts for Jet Blue and South West on this board - however in setting this up I lost them. Please feel free to re-post your information here. I will stick this thread to the top once it gets started. *** This thread will drop posts over 90 days old.
  2. Does anyone have any experience with Carnival Spirit and food allergies. I am asking about a serious fish allergy, gluetin allergy and dairy free foods. Are these readily available? Are they palatable? Thanks for your help.
  3. Does anyone know the cost of a taxi from the cruise port to the airport? How long is the trip?
  4. Cruised with a friend of mine on the recent 7/29 12 day Baltics cruise, including 3 days in St. Petersburg. Itinerary was awesome, including what we thought would be a really boring day down the Kiel Canal...ended up being a had a great day watching the locals waving enthusiastically as we made our way down the canal. Food was great; especially the Signature Chef’s Table ...first Chef’s Table either of us had attended...my best friend and her husband who were on a France-Intensive Cruise recently (at my recommendation...they had never been on Azamara and her husband hated cruises) highly recommended doing this. We met some wonderful people including our next door cabin neighbors; who we continued to speak with throughout the cruise. Iwan, the chef, was great; it was a wonderful meal and we were proud to be a part of the first Signature Chefs Table! But, the best part of the meal was meeting our table host, the Journey’s Safety Officer..the first time he had ever hosted a table. He was an absolutely charming host....funny, sharp and self-effacing at the same time...and obviously so proud to be on the Azamara team. After a few rounds of wine which we all enjoyed, he invited us all to attend a private bridge tour, and to our surprise, a few days later, an invitation appeared in our cabin. What a great guy and the bridge tour was so interesting! Captain Johannes was there and everyone answered all questions so patiently and of course, we have the obligatory photos of each of us steering the ship with huge smiles! And, to come to how valuable a knowledgeable and caring crew is—-my roommate had her passport (and credit cards and money) stolen our last day in St Petersburg. For those of you who have been there, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE RUSSIA and board the ship.... She discovered it at lunchtime; we called the emergency numbers at the US Embassy in Washington DC and the US Embassy in Moscow; got voicemail at both. We called the emergency number on my ship keycard (since hers was stolen); Azamara told her they would send someone to meet her at Immigration at 4:30pm before the ship was due to leave Russia. I’ll cut to the chase...she was told by the ships officers who met her at Immigration she was stuck in Russia and would need to head to Moscow that night ( a 8hr drive) to be at the US Embassy the next morning to apply for a new passport. Separately, when I went through security to get back in the ship (I thought I was just packing an overnight bag in case she needed it...haha) I was instantly summoned into a meeting with the chief officers of the Journey, who reintegrated the need to make sure my friend had a secure and safe passage to Russia (via taxi, since you had to have a passport for the train!), a safe hotel for several days, etc. and that I needed to go pack her bags since she would not be able to rejoin the ship...it would take several days to get the new passport! And, kudos here to TJ Travel, our St Petersburg tour company, and the wonderful fellow people from our cruise in our tour group...everyone helped in trying to help out with cash for her to take to Moscow since she had no credit cards/money.. I.was in tears at the generousity of you all! And, the story had a happy ending after all! If any of you who were on the cruise you already know how it ended ( we were a pretty infamous at this point!) Jan was in a car on the way to Moscow (she never got upset; I think she was in shock!), and I was in the cabin luxuriating in a room by myself (haha) —-it was about 10 minutes before we were leaving port. The cabin phone rang and it was one of the officers saying the Hermitage Museum had found her passport in the trash (whoever stole it just dumped it and kept the cc/cash) and there was someone on the way to the museum to retrieve it and they had called the car to Moscow and it was turning around....and, no matter what, THE SHIP WOULD WAIT FOR HER. So, she made it back to the ship. Our officers were absolutely wonderful; our fellow ship passengers awesome....we both made so many friends! Special thanks to: Fred, the Hotel Manager, Tiago, Guest Relations; Danny, the Cruise Director (what a sweetheart!), our Safely Director (can’t remember how to spell his name, sorry!), the Port Security guy (I know he has a title; he was great!), the Security folks at the scanning stations when you reboard the ship who had to relive me getting on and off the ship with my roommates’s bags (damn, she had a lot of crap!) and the Head Bartender who actually brought a glass of wine down to the gangway upon hearing the situation! So, what could have been a disastrous ending to a great trip ended up being a great travel story! It was SO great meeting so many new caring, fun friends and hope to see you all soon!!!! And, I think this whole “adventure” shows how you can’t recreate the camaraderie and caring from the crew and fellow passengers that you see on an Azamara Cruise! And, apologies for the long post!! Thought it was important to call out the crew and all the friends we made for all the caring and fun!!
  5. Hi! We have a very pleasant problem. We are planning our winter cruise in January 2021 and have such hard time choosing which alternative to choose. I appreciate any comments... A) Two weeks back to back on Summit from Puerto Rico. Probably one week in oceaview cabin and one week in aqua class. As you might know the itineraries are port intensive. B) 11 nights on Constellation out of Tampa in Sky suite. It would be our first time in suite. It is five seadays and 11 nights so it is a more about the ship than the ports. We have visited most of the ports before but would like to try suite life but I don’t really know if it is worth it. We are a bit hesitant about Tampa because of the weather. Do you guys like Tampa as a pre-cruise destination? We are from Sweden and have been to San Juan but not Tampa. We have travelled quite a lot in US but Tampa would be a new destination. And how is the suite experience? Would you prefer a longer cruise in a lower cabin class or shorter cruise in suite? We need a bit of advice in this very serious problem of choosing the best cruise....
  6. Cruise Ship Crime Personally and thankfully I have never witnessed a crime on board a ship during any cruise and it is a surprise to learn the prevalence of this activity. Below you will see just how much criminal activity we are very close to when cruising. Cruise ships are required to report serious crimes. This includes a homicide, any suspicious death, an assault that results with a bodily injury, or a sexual assault. Any money theft above $10k is also supposed to be reported. Outside of these crimes, however, the cruise ship company can resolve the case internally without saying another word. Needless to say, there are thousands of victims of cruise ship crime that will never see justice served. Incredibly since 2011 more than 950 crimes have been reported to the FBI by cruise ship lines. According to the head of the FBI of New York's city division, almost every cruise ship that comes into port in New York requests agents to come on board because something had happened. These reports ranged from people going overboard to sexual assaults and thefts. Makes you want to look over your shoulder on your next cruise. However be aware.
  7. I have 3 NCL cruise next certificates for sale at $125 each. Each certificate worth $250 on NCL cruises 6 nights or longer. Please contact me if you are interested.
  8. Hi all, When you get off ship in FLL cruise - is there a shared shuttle taking you directly to airport? In Tampa, there's a shared shuttle for $8 to airport. Wondered if FLL has similar type thing. Thanks! NJ
  9. Hello, I’m hoping I can receive some friendly advice on how to handle this situation. On May 31st I paid the for my cruise in its entirety. I received confirmation and booking information regarding my flights, room, and boarding information both via email and the Norwegian agent who has been facilitating my arrangements. I completed my online check in weeks ago, and today I was informed that two weeks ago my payment from May was refunded to my banking account and that I have to repay it . Our cruise sets sail on the 28th if this month. Just 16 days away. I was unaware of the defaulted payment (and apparently so was my agent who I’ve been in contact with weekly since May) and I’m unable to pay $900 again with such short notice, as I get paid monthly. Are there any options for me? Is this my fault or the companies? I’ve gone over documents and itineraries that reflect the refunded payment and still showed that I was in good standing and that I didn’t owe anything. I’m at a loss. Thanks in advance fr any advice!
  10. We just returned from a wonderful voyage on the QM2. I found the Cruise Critic Log Book in the library. Quite a few Cruise Critic members signed on our voyage. Prior to this voyage, no one else had signed in 2016. There were two signatures in 2014 and one in 2015. As others have pointed out on this forum, the Log Book was placed in the library on the maiden voyage of the QM2. In the early days, there were lots of signatures. I know that it was lost for a while, but thankfully it is now safely in the library. When I went to the library to ask about the book, I expected to be meet with a confused expression and be told that they had no knowledge of the book. However, the library immediately opened a drawer of the desk and pulled out the book. It is a lot of fun to look thru the book and see signatures of so many of the frequent posters on this forum. I hope that everyone will make an effort to sign the book on their next voyage. Let's keep the tradition alive!
  11. Time for a new review: Summer Break 2019!!! We cruise the Breakaway out of Miami this time (despite my rule of not cruising the same ship more than once LOL). I try to do a different ship each time but it had been awhile since we cruised with NCL (2016) I still had 2 cruise certificates that needed to be used up before the first of the year. We've been trying to do land vacations in Aruba during the summer months and reluctantly decided we would need to forego that this year in order to use up certificates. I have to say that one of the main reasons we started trying other lines is that for some reason NCL seems to think that cruisers don't want to cruise the Caribbean during the summer months and don't have many options during that time frame. Yet, here are all the other cruise lines...cruising the Caribbean during the summer! Hmmm.... The other issue is that they just seem to cruise to the same ports over and over with no variety like the other cruise lines we've been cruising with lately. Come on NCL, spice it up a little. Well...my only option this time around would be on the Breakaway (which we cruised to Bermuda in October 2015 and had a blast) going to the "normal" routes: Cozumel, Belize, Roatan, and Costa Maya. However, I did notice that it would be going to Harvest Caye in Belize instead of Belize City. At least I would get to experience a new port. WOO HOO! The other great thing about NCL is....I'M PLATINUM and enjoy the platinum benefits PLUS those free drink packages is always an added plus! So, why not? We booked and looked forward to this cruise and the planning began. OUR ITINERARY: August 4 Sunday: Board the ship August 5 Monday: Sea day August 6 Tuesday: ROATAN 10-6pm August 7 Wednesday: HARVEST CAYE BELIZE 8-5pm August 8 Thursday: COSTA MAYA 8-5pm August 9 Friday: COZUMEL 8-5PM August 10 Saturday: Sea day August 11 Sunday: Back to port This time around would just be myself, the hubs and our daughter Sakari. The rest of the family decided to sit this one out, especially Kendra and family since they had just joined us on RC Freedom a few months ago for Spring Break. This time around, we picked an interior room. The prices were a little high and I figured it would just be best to get an interior. Honestly, balconies are nice to let the sunlight in and watch us pull in or out of port, but other than that, we really don't hang out on the balcony or enjoy it the way a lot of others do. We are hardly EVER in our room and it just seems like such a waste for us to upgrade to one (unless there's just a deal we can't refuse). To each their own I guess. The last time we sailed the Breakaway we had a balcony (I think it was a mini suite) and loved the shower area (it had the shower spouts up and down the wall that were amazing!) and the shower was pretty big as well. But other than that, it was your normal balcony room. So, I just expected the regular interior room when I booked. The other nice thing is that when I booked, I was allowed to use 2 cruise certificates for the booking and was able to use up those last 2 I still had in one shot. But before the review begins...just a few non-legal formalities heh heh heh..... ***********************************************************NOTICE******************************************** ALSO...notice my new signature line...I have my website up and running. In my signature line you will find all the hotels in various areas we have stayed in, all the ports we have been to, and all the ships we have sailed along with my land Aruba vacations and all the things there is to do there. Hopefully this will help others when planning and hopefully you'll find it useful and easy to navigate. If you find any broken links or anything wrong, please let me know.
  12. Hi, Can anyone push me onto a good insurance plan for a 14 day cruise leaving Singapore>Sydney Australia. No Pre-exsisting medical, just good value covering any problem that may pop up. Thanks
  13. Does anyone have any experience with Carnival Spirit and food allergies. I am asking about a serious fish allergy, gluetin allergy and dairy free foods. Are these readily available? Are they palatable? Thanks for your help.
  14. Came across this article on overtourism Cruise ships are singled out as a major concern. First because they bring so many people all at once, and second because those visitors are "day trippers" who don't stay in the city and don't actually spend much money there. Compounding this problem is the fact that almost all of the mainstream lines visit the very same ports. It got me to thinking that maybe there was a win-win-win solution for tourist destinations, cruise lines and cruise passengers. Simply stated.... it's about time cruise lines get aggressive about developing new ports of call and lessening the burden on the same old, same old, ports. I scour the new itineraries when they are released looking for something new and interesting, only to be disappointed by seeing the same ports on very similar itineraries across all of the cruise lines. I know that expedition and luxury lines offer more variety, but they aren't the problem with overtourism (and often aren't in my budget). Given the growing problem of overtourism, don't cruise lines have a responsibility to expand their ports of call?
  15. Has anyone been brave enough to book a gty on a World Cruise? I'm interested in the 2021 Island World Cruise but Princess is only booking Gty. Any experiences would be appreciated!
  16. Today I got a flyer in the mail that is offering me a "free" cruise (ocean View) and $1,000 AUD in casino "fun play". I have several cruises to select form, ranging form 9 days to 16 days, all sailing from Sydney or Melbourne. What cost ate not covered on these 'free" cruises, how much would that costs come to? The cruises are on the Splendor and Spirit. What are the advantages/disadvantages of each of these ships? Lastly what is "fun play"?
  17. We came back from our first cruise this August and I am thinking of planning our next. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it and how interested I am now in the different ships and routes. We sailed from Vancouver to Seward on the Noordam. Now that I'm back I get excited when I hear friends have also sailed the Noordam-it's like we have a good friend in common. I was surprised that I loved the days at sea as much as the days in port. I appreciated just how relaxing it was, the beautiful scenery, walking the promenade for exercise, healthy choices for meals, interesting people I met-all things I didn't especially associate with cruising previously. In the ports I appreciated the amount of time we had to explore and the ease of getting off and on the boat. I am hoping to retire this January-my husband is already retired. We'd planned to fly to New Zealand and take a few weeks to hike there. Now dances of cruises are also playing through my mind. What cruises have you loved the most and why? Do you find yourself attached to certain ships or cruise lines? Looking forward to reading your stories.
  18. I would have loved to have come to Vancuver a few days before our cruise, but we are doing a land tour to Denali as well and I had limited vacation time. So we arrive in Vancouver at 2:30, hopefully at hotel and checked in by 4:30. I'd like to walk around near Stanley Park. We are staying at Sheraton Walle - I was thinking of taking a cab to Stanley park and then walking back to Canada Place and meandering back to hotel. ( finding somewhere for dinner along the way ) We will be tired - since we are flying in from Boston, but at least will get a look at some of the city. next AM, plan to get up early (6:00 AM ) - walk over to gas town and make our way back to hotel to check out and get to terminal . Would appreciate any tips or suggestions ( note - DH recently had a foot injury. It's healed - but we are babying it in anticipation of a lot of walking in port - so that's why i thought a cab would be good ) Thanks !
  19. Sea Princess leaves Sydney today on her Grand World Tour. Bon Voyage to all on board .
  20. Hello friends, after going back and forth and forth and back, I have just given myself a BIG retirement gift and my first Seabourn cruise is it. (my boss does not know I am leaving yet). It is also my first TA Crossing! And I am staying on board for all 22 days...Miami to Rome in April. I have sailed with Silversea twice and once with Azamara, along with years of cruises on Celebrity. Once I moved up to luxury, I don't know that I will go back to mass market. Anyway, I have been on a river cruise with AMA and have another booked on Uniworld, sailing in October in Venice. So my cruising experience is varied and I am very much looking forward to my first cruise on Seabourn. I sail solo and have heard they treat solo guests very well. Any input from you folks would be appreciated!!!
  21. I have been going to do a trip report of our awesome Cruise Tour in May this year, coming from Western Australia. However I just don't get the time to get it all down so I thought I would give you all a link to the Photobook that I have just finished creating of our "Bucket List" Alaska holiday. It is best viewed on a computer for the size of pics and to be able to read my ramblings😀 I will also attach the trip plan that I made for our holiday, which details our flights (and the flight times 😐), hotels, day trips and shore excursions that we pre-planned 😍 Alaska Cruise-Tour, Coral Princess, May 2019 Alaska Daily Planner Photobook.xlsx
  22. I've been on many cruises but never a one nighter. How different is it in terms of entertainment, dinning, and activities, movies under the stars?
  23. Can anyone tell me of their experience parking in a private lot close to the cruise terminal. Is it worth it to save the extra bucks? is it easy? Wouldn't want to park more than 3/4 blocks away. Reserve in advance?
  24. Are there advantages to either. Is the price the same?
  25. So I just got off the Miracle and I've never been more satisfied with a Carnival cruise. After my cruise on the Breeze in May I was pretty sure I was done with Carnival, but as long as they keep a Spirit class ship in Tampa I'll keep sailing on those at least. Compared to the Breeze: -The ship was way, way less crowded. Never had trouble finding a lounger, never waited in long lines, and didn't even have to arrive too early for the comedy club. -The Serenity is the best in the fleet and a great use of the aft pool area -There's so much more open deck space per person than on the Breeze -The service was much friendlier and faster, with more staff per passenger -There weren't sales pitches for the fun shops, casino, spa, etc every 5 minutes like on the breeze -I think Frankie is a better CD than Schwartz -Getting on and off in the ports is a lot faster since there's less people overall on the ship I just wanted to share my experience since I've seen a lot of the same complaints that I had about the Breeze on the other newer/refurb ships like the Horizon, Sunrise, etc
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