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  1. Does anyone know when American Cruise Line’s American Song debuts? Or has it already? I am booked for 2019 but can’t seem to find information on this ship. I looked at the website, but can’t find any date. I want to read some reviews on this ship. It looks incredible. Thanks for your help.
  2. I understand that this may be a can of worms, as much of this topic is very subjective. I know for every good review you can find two bad reviews, and vice versa -- but from Forum browsing and googling, it does appear that MSC gets weighted a little to the less favorable side, but again there are MANY proponents on here. Im a semi experienced cruiser, Caribbean primarily, but across Celebrity, Norwegian, Royal and Carnival. Im not blown away with the food or the venues - they all have their pros and cons, but Im simple, I like my interior cabin cave, I do like the staff being friendly, I like some deck antics by the entertainment staff but I dont need 5 Star treatment and Top Tier food. Im all about getting away and waking up in a new port, exploring and coming back to grab a less than impressive, but very satisfying burger. With all that said, most of the negative reviews of MSC tend to lean towards not reaching that pinnacle class of experience. For a casual cruiser, as described, that is interested in trying a Mediterranean MSC Cruise, do you think it would live up to the expectations that I typically have for cruise lines? Or is it really that much different? Would love your feedback
  3. BeachyGirl64

    American Regatta excursion

    Hi - has anyone taken this sailing excursion? I've never sailed before and it sounds exciting but I would like to hear about other people's experiences.
  4. We were in Pago Pago, American Samoa last month and, like numerous cruise ship passengers, did not book tours with the ship. We simply got off the ship to look around. There were some vendors set up nearby and one of them was a tour company called Best Tours - American Samoa. There were a lot of people wanting their 3-hour tour ($40 USD) and we were one of the lucky ones to get seats. They took us to parts of the National Park and to some small villages. The memorable thing about the villages was seeing school children walking home. Without exception, every single one of them wanted to engage us in some way, be it conversation or just exchanging smiles and waves. I have never seen such a happy, friendly and welcoming bunch of children anywhere. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and, had we known about this tour company in advance, would have made reservations by email. Contact information: Web site: https://www.touramericansamoa.com/ Email: paulam@ampacresources.com
  5. Food is poor and service is worse because of high turnover of personnel.
  6. Hi: Husband and I are planning on a cruise July 14 or 28, 2019 Pacific Northwest on the Columbia and Snake Rivers; Clarkston to Vancouver. Looking at Cabin C Deluxe Veranda Stateroom. Would appreciate all feedback positive and negative regarding the cruise; excursions; premium excursions (worth the extra money?). Called AAA and they claim that they can provide more perks than going direct with AQSC as well as giving better service for pre-cruise advise. Anyone else go this route? I read Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose. Excellent history of the entire Lewis and Clark expedition. Looking forward to actually being there. Looking forward to all feedback and chatting with anyone who has/is going on this cruise. Joanne
  7. deec

    Pan American Pier East

    We were just notified that our cruise out of San Juan will not be from the Pan American Pier East rather than the one close to Old San Juan. Is there a shutlle that runs from the pier? if so How often? How about a ferry? or water taxi. Thanks for your help
  8. mafig

    American Express OBC

    On one travel agent site I saw that if you booked through your American Express card you were entitled to additional OBC. I recall doing this several years ago for a Norwegian cruise and the obc was substantial and was in addition to the cruise line obc and travel agency obc. Just wondering if this American Express deal is limited only to that particular travel agency, or if it applies to any that I would book with. I know I could call my TA and ask. However, I'm not ready to book just yet, and I know she'll start with the "ready to book yet" emails if I initiate an inquiry.
  9. I just saw on a Facebook group for the Star Trek The Cruise Facebook page that somebody posted a photo of an announcement for the 2020 cruise. I cannot vouch for its credibility, but it was added by a member of the group, most likely a Trekkie, so was probably seen at a convention. If it's true, looks like the ship will be Royal Caribbean, not Norwegian like the 2019 cruise, and March instead of January like the 2019 cruise. Click on the attachment below to see the pic. (Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to show it in-message.)
  10. bellebaby

    American Express

    A new offer was added to my American Express account last night. Spend $750 or more at The World's Leading Cruise Lines (Carnival, Princess, HAL, Seabourn, Cunard) and get a $150 credit. Expires 10/15. There are some exclusions and details. I plan to call Carnival this morning and pay my balance. We'll see if it works! B
  11. AspirationalFlyer

    £100 American Express Discount on Cunard

    Hello everyone Just to say that I was delighted to see (using the offers tab in the American Express mobile app) a special offer of £100 off when you spend £500 or more with Cunard. The offer lasts until 31 December, so I suspect it could possibly be used in conjunction with any Xmas/Black Friday offers Cunard launches. Terms and conditions, as always, apply.
  12. Hi, My husband and I (mid 60s) are experienced ocean cruisers but have booked our first river cruise for next spring on the Constitution. I am hoping that those of you with more experience can answer some of the questions we have. Some may be very basic but I am having difficulty in finding answers. First we are booked on the Revolution cruise out of Baltimore. The website lists excursions for each stop but not with details such as cost and time. When and / or how do I get more information on the excursions so that I can start to plan for each port? Second, I have read that the average age is usually an older crowd, does that mean similar to us or even older? Patience is not my husbands greatest characteristic so I want to prepare him for a slow pace. and lastly, with much fewer passengers than on our previous cruises do you rate the 1:1 service that much better than the ocean cruise lines? If anyone has any pictures of the Constitution I would also love to see her details. Thanks Donna
  13. I am allergic to sea food and the WEB seems to concentrate on shrimp, lobster, etc. How can I get sample menus for the meals?
  14. Experience of Non North-Americans booking HAL through North-American TA I am looking for information if there are cruise guests from outside North-America, that have successfully booked through a North-American TA and making use of the far lower prices and successfully sailed a HAL cruise or even cruises, although not in possession of a North-American passport and or home address. I have tried to do a lot of different searches through the internet and CC specifically, but have not stumbled upon genuine experiences of European/UK/AUS/NZ customers, booking successfully trough a North-American TA on HAL. I have seen general comments about several cruise company’s but have not seen any regarding HAL in particular, or missed it in my searches. Some cruise companies specifically seem to prevent Non North-Americans booking their cruise through a North-American TA or even deny boarding as I have read somewhere, or even have to pay the difference before boarding (do not know that statement to be genuine). Just hoping to get some experiences from fellow cruisers from outside North-America. Thanks in advance.
  15. I am usually able to get lots of info off the boards about ports but not so much for South America. We are looking at a cruise on Costa Fascinosa at the end of February. These are the ports and times: Day 1 Buenos Aires -leaving 16h00 Day 2 Montevideo 08h00-16h00 Day 3 and 4 cruising Day 5 Angrados Reis 08h00-18h00 Day 6 Buzios 08h00-20h00 Day 7 Cabo Frio 07h00-18h00 Day 8 Rio 08h00-20h00 Day 9 Ubatuba 08h00-20h00 Day 10 and 11 Ilhabela 08h00-17h00 Day 12 and 13 cruising Day 14 Punta del este 07h00-18h00 Day15 Buenos Aires arriving 08h00 We don't often do excursions with the ship people because they are just too crowded and you often end up on a coach most of the time. We like site seeing rather than sitting on a beach. We also like good food and I assume these countries serve a good steak. Any info would be appreciated. Alicat
  16. I have $550 onboard credit from different sources for a 14 day cruise. And just got of the phone with HAL to verify that all amounts are showing. :-) The HAL customer service rep went over the rules, she said that we would not be able to apply the OBC towards the gratuities...but confided that she knew some were able to but on others that usage was denied. Forgive if this topic has been beaten to death, I couldn't find anything newer than 2013 on it. What have people been experiencing lately using OBC towards gratuities? Thanks!
  17. I am considering getting the Amex Platinum for the travel benefits including the lounge access and all. I noted that there is an opportunity for credit to your ship board account when paying with the AMEX. For those that have the card does this apply if booking through a PCC or do you have to book through American Express Travel? I would appreciate any other comments or tips. With the high annual fee I want to make sure it is worth it and that if I take the plunge we get all the benefits! :cool: Thanks in advance
  18. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  19. New article on Cruise Critic: Just Back from American Empress: Cruising the Quirky Pacific Northwest
  20. This will be our first river cruise for my wife and I.We have been on a number of ocean cruises. We found it fun to chat with people prior to the cruise and then meet them on the boat/ So here goes. We are from Missouri and plan to fly out to Portland on the day before and maybe rent a car and drive up to Mt St. Helen and see the volanco:):):)
  21. There used to be a liquor/wine store located in the Pan American Pier. Although I think they moved it's location, it is still there after the hurricane repairs. Can anyone confirm this please?
  22. I am wondering if December is a good time to a South American cruise? What kind of itinerary is good and what cruise line? We have cruised many times but I don't know anything about this part of the world and am looking for a Dec. Destination. Any guidance about must see ports, best cruise lines for this, weather in Dec is appreciated! Sent from my SM-G960W using Forums mobile app
  23. philbob84

    Americans on Costa?

    Do a lot of Americans book on this line? there are some really great looking itineraries
  24. We took the new Ameican Song from Memphis on November 10, 2018 heading to New Orleans. The cruise was a mixed experience of good and disappointing. The new boat is very nice. The cabins are large for such a boat, with bigger than usual bathrooms. Some beautiful lounges for sitting and shows. Very easy to get around with 2 elevators and an open stairway. The disappointment was the food, which was usually OK, but nothing special and the waitstaff is amateur. They try hard and are pleasant, but it isn't like on a big cruise ship. The cocktail hour in the lounge was very popular and quite a success. Out cruise was made less wonderful by the unusual cold weather. It was too cold to sit on our balcony or enjoy the beautiful top deck with all the seating. And two days we had some rain too. The coldest November day in Memphis in 25 years when we left. Another thing was the lack of scenery on the lower Mississippi. You see vitually nothing except muddy water and scrawny trees most of the time. The levees block the view of anything on the land. The last stretch from Baton Rouge to NoLa is more interesting, including a lot of large ships and barges. The excursions were all good, though the Vicksburg Battlefield tour dragged on too long for me. Others enjoyed it. We only took the included tours. The staff was very good at helping those passengers who needed extra help. The lectures were mostly interesting..And the entertainment was mostly excellent. We were delayed because of loose barges and had the same duo 3 evenings (instead of 2), but they did 3 different shows and were wonderful. Dan Knowles and Eddie Coffey on banjo and other instruments. This was our first experience with ACL and we loved the boat, but found the entire cruise to be somewhat disappointing. I expected excellent meals and more scenery. The weather didn't help, but I realize ACL can't be blamed for that.
  25. Paddle wheeler first timer. Looking for fellow "paddlers" to communicate with prior to cruise. Lewis and Clark itinerary. Should we buy coonskin caps? Bop