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  1. I am still waiting for my refund. My Feb. 1 cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam was cancelled and I have an email from Jan. 24 stating I would get a check by March 24. This all happened before the virus hit. I am still waiting after almost four months. Very frustrated!
  2. today is Fatigue Syndrome Day and International Nurses Day Two can Live as Cheaply as One for Half as Long. -- Howard Kandel Meal suggestion for today - Tender Strips of Chicken At Sea Atlantic Nieuw Amsterdam off Capetownn destination Jakarta eta 5/26 Nieuw Statendam English Channel destination Rotterdam eta 5/12 Rotterdam destination Cape Town eta 5/18 Veendam destination Cape Town eta 5/21 Zaandam English Channel destination Ijmuiden NL eta 5/12 Zuiderdam off Rio Grande Do Norde Brazil destination Salvador Brazil eta 5/14 Cape Town Anchorage Volendam At Sea Pacific Koningsdam destination Puerto Vallarta eta 5/13 Maasdam destination Labuan Malaysia eta 5/27 Noordam destination Manila 5/23 Westerdam destination Manila eta 5/23 La Paz Anchorage Oosterdam Manila Anchorage Eurodam At Sea Indian Ocean Amsterdam destination Manila eta 5/12
  3. We are booked on a 14 day cruise on the Rotterdam sailing May 29, 2021 out of Rotterdam. The ports of call are: Eidfjord Skjolden Alrsund Trondheim Hammerfest Honningsvag Bergen Stavanger Rotterdam We selected this itinerary because of reaching the Arctic Circle and the North Cape. We had visited Kristansand, Oslo and Copenhagen on a previous Baltic cruise. Copenhagen is worth staying over for a day or two, as is Amsterdam.
  4. Nieuw Amsterdam will be at pier 26 (starboard to) from 0530-1700. She is doing a 7-day Tropical Caribbean cruise. Key West, Florida (15 Mar 0800-1700); Amber Cove, Dominican Republic (17 Mar 0800-1700); Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos (18 Mar 0800-1700); Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (20 Mar 0700-1500); Fort Lauderdale, Florida (21 Mar a0700) Also in port are Celebrity Equinox at pier 25 from 0600-1530, Carnival Magic at pier 4 from 0430-1600, and Adventure OTS at pier 18 from 0515-1730. Sky Princess will be arriving at pier 2 at 0500. She is scheduled to leave at 1600 but with the cancellation of all Princess cruises, who knows. The PTZtv webcams can be found at https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com/ and https://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com/. Also, Nieuw Statendam will be in Key West from 0800-1700. https://www.keywestharborwebcam.com/ Next up: Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam on Sunday, 15 March.
  5. The light just came on as to your inquiry; it's a jarhead thing 😉 So Stein Kruse got his current job as CEO of the HAL Group effective December 1, 2013. Prior that that date he was president and CEO of Holland America Line Orlando Ashford joined HAL as president and CEO effective December 1, 2014, in fact taking over from Kruse one full year after the latter became CEO of the group It appears to me that for a full year, Stein Kruse kept running HAL in his function as CEO of the HAL Group until Orlando Ashford was hired as president and CEO of HAL The only explanation I can come up with as to how you saw him (Ashford) onboard Amsterdam in March 2014 in Southis that he must have been a special invitee by Kruse and that they were already looking at him to take over. At the time you saw him on Amsterdam, Ashford was still officially president of the Talent Business segment of Mercer, a global consulting firm Good catch Sir!
  6. I am scheduled to go on the Nieuw Amsterdam ship out of Fort Lauderdale on April 4th to Spain April 17th. We booked it through HAL directly, including the flight back. I'm trying to figure out if this will be canceled or changed in some way. Details are sparse from HAL directly. If Spain becomes a Corona virus target, would the ship go elsewhere, or would they potentially cancel the 13 day cruise entirely? Will HAL help with the flight back as it was booked through them? Definitely still looking forward to the trip, but also don't want to be in Quarantine for a month!
  7. Thanks so much for doing this report. I enjoy your new additions. I just want to point out that the Nieuw Amsterdam left Reunion Island on the 19th and is now on her way to Jakarta according to Cruise Mapper and Cruisin also shows her passing just south east of Mauritius.
  8. Our cruises were paid for in November and were for 48 days cruise commencing February 16, 2020. So, I'm not talking about cancelling a future cruise. We were onboard when the world began to shut down early to mid March. We were deep in the South Pacific at Rarotonga with our itinerary "blown out of the water". We weren't allowed to refuel or re-provision in French Polynesia. Two ports in Tonga were cancelled, all four ports in French Polynesia, Christmas Island, etc. A revamped cruise was organized and would have salvaged some of the time with lots of extra days in Hawaii. That plan lasted less than a day. We were told that we would prematurely debark in Hilo. A few days later, after flights were booked, this was changed to Honolulu. New flights were booked, and we were at the pier in Honolulu for 12 hours and 12 minutes, bunkered and received basic provisions and sent on our way. The Governor of Hawaii would not allow our healthy ship to debark passengers even though all passengers had flights booked and cruise line had arranged chartered buses directly to airport. Only two people in great need of medical care and eventually six to eight Hawaii residents were allowed off the ship. We then were redirected to sail to San Diego to debark! New flights again were arranged, all on our credit card. My point is that I'm grateful that we were well taken care of and on a healthy ship (Maasdam) with a fantastic complement of Officers and Crew. We paid for three extra flights each to come home as debarkation port kept changing. It was stressful, and also our long awaited special cruise was cut short. Yes, we expect reimbursement, some refund and FCC. I think it will happen within 90 days. We left the ship on March 28. After we arrived home, the Zaandam passengers were next priority, some ill with Covid-19 and transferred to hospital in Fort Lauderdale. Rotterdam helped with some passengers. Amsterdam's World Cruise was abbreviated in Fremantle, Australia, some passengers being too elderly and/or frail to fly. Now, the HAL ships are busy repatriating our wonderful crew members, and the Maasdam is just north of Philippines tonight. Some of the ships are expected to go into long layup in Malaysia. Am I concerned about receiving our FCC's and reimbursement? YES! But, I'm trying to be patient and understand what others have gone through and are still going through to get home. There have been a few deaths. The world has been turned upside down. Cruising is such a wonderful way to travel, and all cruise lines have been decimated. There are approximately 23 cruise ships today anchored in the bay at Manila, Philippines. I am hopeful and have been promised reimbursement and FCC's, but I'm trying to be patient and wait. We are thankful to be home safely and grateful for the Maasdam's Officers and Crew for their diligence, safety concerns, frequent updates on board, and all care and attention. Take good care. Be kind, be patient and stay safe.
  9. today is Eat What You Want Day and National Women's Checkup Day You never know how many friends you have until you rent a house on the beach. Meal suggestion for today - Southwestern Taco Salad At Sea Atlantic Nieuw Amsterdam destination Cape Town South Africa eta 5/12 Nieuw Statendam destination Rotterdam eta 5/12 Rotterdam destination Cape Town eta 5/19 Veendam destination Cape Town eta 5/21 Volendam destination Cape Town South Africa 5/11 Zaandam destination Rotterdam eta 5/12 Marine Traffic shows San Antonio Chile as Zaandam's destination but she is sailing in the same general area as Nieuw Statendam so I left the destination as Rotterdam [Fortaleza Brazil[/b] Zuiderdam At Sea Pacific Koningsdam destination Puerto Vallarta eta 5/13 Maasdam destination Labuan Malaysia eta 5/27 Noordam destination Manila 5/23 Westerdam destination Manila eta 5/23 La Paz Anchorage Oosterdam Manila Anchorage Eurodam At Sea Indian Ocean Amsterdam destination Manila eta 5/12
  10. I was sitting in the aisle seat for 14 hours over the Pacific Ocesn yesterday and after they put the lights back on, was chatting with a lady who had been on the Pacific Princess with its 550 passengers on its Wolrd Voyage that was also cancelled abruptly. We had quite an interesting conversation and when I have time, I will follow up with Cruise Specialists, Holland America and Carniva, the parent company who made the decision to cancel the cruise and force us all off the ship halfway around the wotld. This couple live on Islamorada in the Florida Keys and are heading there to hopefully arrive today. She is a travel agent and said that they are closing down all the Keys to all non residents and look to closing all hotels and restaurants. Her story is quite different from ours : She said that Princess handled it all very well as compared to us and made very generous offers as well. They, like us, boarded in January, but on their much smaller world cruise ship that usually sails out of Los Angeles and were going to go through the Suez canal I believe and were not going to Antarctica as we were. They were in Freemantle 20 days ago and had a lovely day there onshore and then set sail for Ceylon and got there, at least to the port. They left for a leisurely 8 or 9 days for Ceylon, but were refused permission to disembark passengers so they filled up with gas, got on supplies and left going very slowly until they got word from the captain that their world cruise was cancelled at the same time, as ours was as we were approaching Darwin. They in all took 19 days to leave and return to Freemantle yexterday the 22nd. But It was handled much better. As soon as an announcement was made, there was a letter waiting in their rooms about it and also any further changes and promises unlike us where written notification were delayed. With us, it sometimes took 2 entire days to tell the 1,113 passengers in writing what was happening so the ship dealt in rumours for the past 8 days. Rumours everywhere made the worry and sometimes panic worse. We received our news and messages from the captain over the PA system and sometimes as on the 21st and 22nd with contradictory messages within an hour of each other. The captain did read us the letter from the Carnival president cancelling the cruise but we never got got a copy of this letter. We had a message from the Holland America President about 3 days ago on our televisions saying how it was impossible to safely bring ANYONE home from Freemantle on the Amsterdam and learned YESTERDAY from a passenger on the Pacific Princess that 85 of its 550 passengers are sailing back from Frermantle while our ship is just leaving on the 23rd we ith the crew slowly for South Africa and then on to Fort Lauderdale for May 12th with some of vhf our luggage ! It is costing me $ 260 to send just one suitcase back to Can.ada as I did not believe that I could handle two big suitcases on the many flights. The 550 Princess passengers were given free internet access as soon as the cruise was cancelled. The Amsterdam passengers were only all given free internet access two days later as many did not have access at all without paying. I did get a rebate to my ship account for the unused days. ( We also received a credit on our account of $ 995. For the port charges for the 24 ports of the 48 that we are not going to get to) The Princess passengers were given free transportation to their homes and the ship arranged it it all at the Pricess` expense no matter how the transportation was first arranged to the West coast and embarkation in January. Many passengers on both ships are not computer savvy. When we heard through the grapevine that a petition was being organized to stay on the ship even though it meant no more ports, I went to the library to sign it at 10.00 P.M. and it was gone, so I went early to the front desk to add my name electronically and they said that there were 217 cabins on the list at 8.30 A.M. but not to expect to hear anything for 2 days as it was the weekend. The Captain did come over the P.A. system later in the day to acknowledge our petition but that it would take a day or two to get an answer back but that his orders were to keep on going to Freemantle and deposit all passengers on the dock on March 24th, later changed to March 21st and 22nd and later changed again to March 21st, 22nd and 23rd. The Amsterdam passengers were told that the ship would get them home by air and arrange their transportation home ONLY if they had booked their original flights to Fort Lauderdale via Holland America. ALL the other Amsterdam passengers, and this was well over half the passengers, were told that it was completely up to them how to get home and only that we were arriving in Freemantle on the 24th and all passengers had and to get off that day as the ship was leaving with the crew on the 25th. The company would reimburse those passenger for reasonable expenses up to $ 1,250 If we submitted them with proper documentation and were given a form in our staterooms which we would have to fill in and submit to Head Office with our receipts. This caused a frantic attempt by many passengers to try to contact their travel agents over the weekend from the ship other side of the globe or try to attempt to make reservations themselves with very slow internet. Being the weekend and on the other side of the world meant that many passengers could not get even a reply for two days. Any hotel reservations had to be made by the passengers themselves in Australia at various cities. Some passengers made reservations in Perth or Sydney as their flights were going on the 23, 24 or even the 28th. Some were going to stay for a week or more. Some airlines and destination cities had shut down flights from Australia. passengers who had made reservations were getting e-mails saying their booked flights were cancelled and panic was setting in for many, as even Qantas was shutting down all flights out of Australia towards the end of the Month, which was narrowed down to March 29th and as of yesterday our Qantas pilot announced as we were flying over the Pacific that they were shutting down on the 24th. Some of the elderly passengers did nothing until the captain finally announced on the 20th over the P.A. system that they would help those passengers make hotel and travel arrangements if they would go down to the excursion desk, One first time world cruiser made her own first class reservation home to New Hamshire for over $ 7,000 for the 24th only to have to change them all when were told two days later that were arriving on the 22nd and all would have to be off the ship that day. Another couple who live in Sitka, Alaska had to make their own reservations to get home at a cost of $ 2,500 each. Another lady by herself living in Northern New York said she was worried about U.S. West coast airports being closed and made her reservation via South Africa to Kennedy at much more than $ 1,250. One man from London thought the best way was by Dubai airport to London. The worst case we heard of was of a 93 year old lady we know with her daughter living in Idaho who has a bad heart and who uses a walker all the time, who was told her doctor not to fly more 6 hours ever and was so worried that she actually went to Fort Lauderdale on the ship from Los Angeles in December. Her flights to the U.S.A. were booked by her son in Canada was over 14 hours for the longest leg and she went to speak to Henk Mensick, the ship's hotel director, about this and was told by him that she should take a shorter flight ! She was dumbfounded at the comment and went away. The insensitivity of this was just apaling to me. Many passengers simply did nothing as some did not know how to do it and the ship did not offer any help at all until the 20th as we were approaching Frermantle. Some were just hoping that the company would relent and waited to hear about the results of their online petition before starting to panic. The Princess passengers were given free shuttle service from their ship docked in Freemantle behind us to the airport in Perth. The first thing the Amsterdam passengers were given was an order form for us to pay $ 59. for our shuttle which was quickly charged to out ship account on March 20th. It is not a lot of money but shows how Holland America treats its customers compared to Princess. The biggest difference between the ships other than providing no help to their often very long time passengers was in the compensation offered for cancelling the cruise just before Darwin : The Princess passengers were first offered in writing a prorated cash credit of their full fare from March 1st onwards which would amount to a little over half their fare PLUS a credit of 100 % of their cruise fare towards a future cruise. This was later amended in writing to the same cash credit PLUS a credit of 125 % of their cruise fare towards a future cruise. The Amsterdam passengers were offered by the captain over the P.A. system a choice of : 1) 50 % cash credit of our cruise cost and a credit of 50 % of their full cruise fare towards a future cruise. OR 2) No cash credit at all and a credit of 125 % of their full cruise fare towards a future cruise. We had until Aptil 1st to decide. The letter confirming this was only finally delivered to our cabins two days after it was told to us over the P.A. system The captain did come over the P.A. system to tell us that the company had decided to let us have until June 1st instead of April 1st to decide which offer to take. This change did not come to us in writing. We wonder if this credit is transferable to out heirs? So the Princess deal is significantly better than the Amsterdam deal ! The captain kept on repeating that we had no option at all about staying on the ship. EVERYONE had to get off the ship on March 24th Later on this was changed to March 21st or 22nd and later changed again to the 21st, 22nd and very early on the 23rd. News came over the P.A. system to say that the government had suddenly decided that no one from our ship could stay in any Australian hotel and if they did, they could be fined $50,000. so the ship had cancelled all the hotel reservations that they had made for passengers flying later and that all the other passengers had to do the same asap. We could thus stay on the ship if we had to until early in the morning on the 23rd but could not go off the ship for any reason. Once we left the ship we had to take all of our belongings. We could not come back. This caused a new absolute panic as many had booked hotels on their own and in fact had been at one point encouraged to do so even for a part day and there were a lot of flights leaving between 10.00 and 11.00 p.m. and others leaving at 5.00 A.M. We were shown where all the hotels were and normal rates etc etc. People were trying to cancel desperately via slow or on down internet. If they had flights later, they had no idea what to do. The captain came on later over the P..A. system that the Autralian government had relented and that we could again stay in hotels if we wanted to. Many passengers just gave up. I know of one couple who were booked to fly to Sydney to stay there for 4 days before their flight over the Pacific home. Many got the dreaded e-mail from their airline cancelling their booked flight. The people who could not fly were sort of told over the P..A. hat they might be taken care of somehow but the captain came on the P..A. system an hour later to say that many people people had rushed down to the doctor and even threatened her and for us not to go downtown the doctor except for a CD current emergency? This P.A. call said that ALL passengers were going to be put off the ship no matter what their condition. The Pacific Princess had a meeting of all 550 passengers and they could opt to stay on the ship as it returned via Hawaii to the West Coast. Many passengers could sign up to go back by ship and were called down one by one to the doctor and 81 of those were allowed to stay on the ship. Many more were not. Plus another 2 couples who said that they had rented out their house until May and had nowhere to go until then, so they were allowed to stay as well. So the ship was due to sail with 85 of the 550 passengers. They were told that absolutely no one from the Amsterdam would be allowed to come to their ship. Rumours abounded in the airport that some passengers from the Amsterdam were allowed to transfer to the Pacific Princess but I do not know if this is a fact , One passenger did say that every passenger from the Princess ship had to get off the ship for 5 hours with all of their luggage in the terminal on the 22nd but that the lucky 85 were allowed to reboard. this may be why we were delayed until 4 p.m. in anyone getting off the Amstedam. We were never told why. There was an altercation when one passenger who was a lawyer on the Princess ship absolutely refused to get off the ship but was told that if he did not get off in 10 minutes they would call the police to remove him. He left. He said that he was going to launch a class action against Princess when he got home. I do hope that all the Amsterdam passengers will all get home safely somehow and that our settlement is as good as that for the Pacific Princess as our distress and uncertainty over the future was a good deal worse. They were at least given a choice on how to get home. Our passengers were left in the lurch especially those who were afraid of flying, let alone flying for 14 hours and all those with medical worries. There were a lot of passengers with many walkers, canes and motorized scooters on the Amsterdam where the average age has to be in the high seventies range going up to the high 90's. Many including myself took the cruise because it was returning to its home port and there would be minimal or no flying. Peter Fortin, CABIN 3319
  11. Btw, Amsterdam, Royal Princess and Sapphire Princess have now joined the Manila Bay group with Carnival Spirit and Pacific Area still underway 1. Eurodam - Holland America Line 2. Amsterdam - Holland America Line 3. Royal Princess - Princess Cruises 4. Sapphire Princess - Princess Cruises 5. Golden Princess - Princess Cruises 6. Sea Princess - Princess Cruises 7. Ruby Princess - Princess Cruises 8. Sun Princess - Princess Cruises 9. Majestic Princess - Princess Cruises 10. Queen Elizabeth - Cunard 11. Voyager of the Seas - Royal Caribbean 12. Ovation of the Seas - Royal Caribbean 13. Celebrity Solstice - Celebrity Cruises 14. Costa Venezia - Costa Crociere 15. Costa Neoromantica - Costa Crociere 16. Costa Serena - Costa Crociere 17. Carnival Splendor - Carnival Cruise Line 18. Carnival Panorama - Carnival Cruise Line 19. Pacific Explorer - P&O Australia 20. Pacific Dawn - P&O Australia 21. Explorer Dream - Dream Cruises Enroute/on the way: 22. Pacific Aria (the former HAL Ryndam) - P&O Australia 23. Carnival Spirit - Carnival Cruises
  12. G'day from down under! I am posting this early because I expect to be out all day walking around Sydney. Nieuw Amsterdam will be at pier 26 (starboard to) from 0530-1700. She is doing a 7-day JoCo Cruise. Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (08 Mar); Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (10 Mar); Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos (12 Mar); Fort Lauderdale, Florida (14 Mar) Also in port are Sky Princess at pier 2 from 0500-1600, Island Princess at pier 21 from 0400-1600, Celebrity Equinox at pier 25 from 0600-1530, Carnival Sunrise at pier 4 from 0545-1600, and Independence OTS at pier 18 from 0615-1630. The PTZtv webcams can be found at https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com/ and https://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com/. Also, Koningsdam will be in St. Maarten from 0800-1700. https://www.portstmaartenwebcam.com/. Next up: Nieuw Statendam and Zuiderdam on Sunday, 8 March.
  13. Thank you for the report. I think Nieuw Amsterdam and Volendam were due originally to refuel in Walvis Bay but ended up going straight to Cape Town. I wonder if they were denied access even to refuel. Nieuw Statendam is just passing Bishop Rock, the traditional Start/end of transatlantic voyages. Things are actually happening in Manila; I saw tenders off on a couple of ships including Explorer Dream which has crew from Crystal Serenity. Amsterdam appears on course to pass pretty close to Pacific Aria, former Ryndam as she approaches Manila. I think today really be eat what I want day and not "eat whatever's in the store" day. I hope a lot of women get at least telemed checkups. Roy
  14. today is Mothers Day and Clean up Your Room Day which seem to go together If I had a resort in Georgia and a home in Hell, I'd sell the restort and go home. -- Eugene P. Gallagher (edited) Meal suggestion for today - French Onion Chicken At Sea Atlantic Nieuw Amsterdam destination Cape Town South Africa eta 5/12 Nieuw Statendam destination Rotterdam eta 5/12 Rotterdam destination Cape Town eta 5/19 Veendam destination Cape Town eta 5/21 Volendam destination Cape Town South Africa 5/11 Zaandam destination Rotterdam eta 5/12 Marine Traffic shows San Antonio Chile as Zaandam's destination but she is sailing in the same general area as Nieuw Statendam so I left the destination as Rotterdam [Fortaleza Brazil[/b] Zuiderdam destination At Sea Pacific Koningsdam destination Puerto Vallarta eta 5/13 Maasdam destination Labuan Malaysia eta 5/27 Noordam destination Manila 5/23 Westerdam destination Manila eta 5/23 La Paz Anchorage Oosterdam Manila Anchorage Eurodam At Sea Indian Ocean Amsterdam destination Manila eta 5/12
  15. HOLLAND AMERICA BOARD'S FUTURE CRUISE LISTING Updated March 6th, 2020 We all love to hear what cruises you are booked on. I post the Bon Voyage threads 7 days before sailing so, to be included in this, you need to post your details here to allow sufficient time to be on the updated Future Cruise Listing. It’s better to post earlier than later but if it is later please post THREE weeks in advance to make sure it doesn’t get missed. We would also be interested to know if this is your first cruise, your first HAL cruise or if you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary. Details needed are in the 2nd post of this thread. Please use REPLY and not QUOTE when posting to this thread. Using 'Quote' makes a very long thread and difficult for others to read. While this list is a lot of fun, please don't mistake it for a Roll Call thread. You can go to the Roll Call Section here on Cruise Critic and find your cruise to sign up there too. That's where your Meet & Greet planning, tour sharing, and other activities specific to your cruise will be happening. This week’s additions and changes are in BOLD and highlighted in aqua (sea colours). MARCH 2020 Queen Mary 2 - 06-Mar-20 - 50-day World Cruise Segment Sydney to New York rafinmd - B2B with Crystal Serenity January 22 Oosterdam - 07-Mar-20 - 7 day Mexican Riviera GTVCRUISER Seasick Sailor - B2B2B with Mar. 14th & 21st N Statendam - 08-Mar-20 - 7 night Caribbean Chocolatemom2 Rotterdam – 11-Mar-20 – Panama Canal San D to FLL DeeniEncinitas - B2B with Oceania Riviera – March 30th summer slope Kilkennygirl - ROV for 25th anniversary, 4th HAL cruise, 2nd time on Rotterdam Oosterdam - 14-Mar-20 - 7 day Mexican Riviera KroozNut Seasick Sailor - B2B2B following March 7th & with March 21st Westerdam - 14-Mar-20 - 14 day China Explorer LTC_Motes - daughter's graduation cruise Maasdam - 15-Mar-20 - 19 day South Pacific madera1 Eurodam – 18-Mar-20 – 18 day Circle Hawaii lakeside42 jeda -celebrating 40th anniversary - B2B with Pacific Coastal Apr. 5th CaliforniaAC - with friends Bill & Di Cailey53 Loreto Zuiderdam - 18-Mar-20 - 11 day Panama Canal Sunfarer Crazy For Cats - 1st cruise as 5* Oosterdam - 21-Mar-20 - 28 day Hawaii, Tahiti, Marquesas Tomndeena crystalspin & dr'spin - belated celebration of dr'spin's retirement at end of 2019 VacationingCharlene Seasick Sailor - B2B2B following March 7th and 14th N Amsterdam - 21-Mar-20 - 7 day Tropical Caribbean wdw1972 - solo cruise fatcat04 - 3 generation cruise with grand moms, fatcat04 & kids neuronbob - with DW, DS & MIL, 3rd HAL cruise - achieving 2* Volendam - 22-Mar-20 - 14 day Southern Caribbean smokesmom - celebrating 27th anniversary Oceania Riviera – 30- Mar-20 – TA Miami to Rome DeeniEncinitas – B2B following Rotterdam March 11th APRIL 2020 Eurodam - 05-Apr-20 - 6 day Pacific Coastal jeda - B2B following Mar. 18th Rotterdam - 06-Apr-20 - 16 day Azores & Normandy Explorer grest NIAGARANGIE - first HAL cruise StartrainDD sailingdutchy MaisonRose Vict0riann Idog Zuiderdam - 08-Apr-20 -11 day Panama Canal Sunfarer goddessofchaos Eurodam - 11-Apr-20 - 4 day Pacific Coastal Taters - B2B with April 15th N Statendam - 12-Apr-20 - 7 day Western Caribbean seagarsmoker luvtwotrvl & trvlcrzy Maasdam - 15-Apr-20 - 12 day Mexico/Sea of Cortez 57redbird Luvtennis6060 RetiredNow - B2B2B with April 27th & May 4th Eurodam - 15-Apr-20 - 17 day Hawaii out of Seattle luvteaching - celebrating 43rd anniversary, Karen’s 67th & DH’s 80th birthday, 1st time to Hawaii Taters - B2B following April 11th Veendam - 15-Apr-20 - 7 day Eastern Caribbean Momma_Bear - sailing with 3 Bro’s & Brides celebrating 2 birthdays & BIL’s 50th anniversary Oosterdam - 18-Apr-20 - 7 day Mexican Riviera Esmercos - 1st cruise, celebrating their 40th birthdays. Louise Knowles - 1st cruise celebrating 50th birthday Oceania Riviera - 19-Apr-20 - 10 day Monte Carlo - BCN DeeniEncinitas - Christmas present from DH Zuiderdam - 19-Apr-20 - 14 day Passage to Rome gigianne - celebrating anniversary on the high seas 1ANGELCAT kazu - celebrating 25th anniversary & followed by visit to Galicia, Spain N Statendam - 19-Apr-20 - 14 night Azores & Normandy Expedition TriumphGuyAL - 1st HAL cruise, 4th overall - celebrating 43rd anniversary on board richwmn Queen of DaNile Zaandam - 21-Apr-20 - 11 night repo from FLL to Mtl NCTribeFan Veendam - 22-Apr-20 - 17 day Azores & Normandy Explorer lizzies_mom esther e Oosterdam - 25-Apr-20 - 7 day Pacific Coastal lazey1 - 1st time cruising as 5* & in a Neptune wrap around suite kakalina - enjoy your 1st aft Neptune suite Maasdam - 27-Apr-20 - 7 day Pacific Coast RetiredNow - B2B2B following Apr. 15th & with May 4th Sharon in AZ N Amsterdam - 28-Apr-20 - 12 day Mediterranean gailellen12 MAY 2020 Maasdam - 04-May-20 - 14 day Great Alaska Explorer Sue from Canada Av8rix RetiredNow - B2B2B following April 15th & 27th N Statendam - 10-May-20 - 14 day Jewels of the Baltic rwams DinkyDee67 N Amsterdam - 10-May-20 - Europe Summer Venice to Rome richwmn Noordam - 17-May-20 - 11 day Triple Denali Reagan0712 - land & sea - 3 days in Denali pre-cruise, 1st time to Alaska Zuiderdam - 15-May-20 - 12 day Mediterranean Empires gwilli SeaVuPlay Koningsdam - 16-May-20 - 7 day Alaska mean - 1st HAL cruise Eurodam - 16-May-20 - 7 day Alaskan Explorer AJSkarbo Maasdam - 18-May-20 - 14 day Great Alaska Explorer TomAndJane woodworker & knitter AlanF65 - first HAL cruise Cruizer Bill & Cruizer Diana Veendam - 23-May-20 - Baltic Cruise highfields Zaandam - 23-May-20 - 7-Day Canada & New England Discovery BRWolf - (Bruce and Karen) Oregonpoppa - 4th HAL cruise, celebrating 59th wedding anniversary Amsterdam - 26-May-20 - 11 day The Atlantic Coast HELENPSL - with brother and sil - surprise! JUNE 2020 Maasdam - 01-Jun-20 - 14 day Alaska Aussie_traveller13 - celebrating 40th anniversary N Amsterdam - 03-Jun-20 - 24 day Mediterranean Empires/Adriatic Dream taxmantoo Eurodam - 06-Jun-20 - 7 day Alaska saturn93 - with sister (her 1st HAL cruise) Veendam - 06-Jun-20 - 14 day North Cape & Gems of Norway StLouisCruisers - B2B with June 20th N Statendam - 07-Jun-20 - 14 night Voyage of the Midnight Sun travelingla Zuiderdam - 20-Jun-20 - 12 day European Splendour (Rome - Copenhagen) mr. godfredo - celebrating 25 year anniversary azalice Eurodam - 20-Jun-20 - 7 day Alaska Noella Mary - first HAL cruise & first time to Alaska Veendam - 20-Jun-20 - 35 day Spitsbergen, Iceland & British Isles RetiredNow - celebrating 40th anniversary on board & 34th year cruising with HAL StLouisCruisers - B2B following June 6th N Statendam - 21-Jun-20 - 7 day Norse Legends vicd1969 Westerdam - 21-Jun-20 - 7 day Alaska, Seward to Vancouver KidCruze - with in laws, first HAL cruise N Amsterdam - 27-Jun-20 - 12 day Greek Odyssey calebandjess - celebrating 10th anniversary, CAleb’s birthday & 1st HAL cruise JULY 2020 Zuiderdam - 02-Jul-20 - 24 day Northern Isles & Jewels of the Baltic Lucie73821 Zaandam - 04-Jul-20 - 7 day Canada & New England sevenseasnomad - B2B with July 11th Zaandam - 11-Jul-20 - 7 day Canada & New England sevenseasnomad - B2B following July 4th, 1st cruise as a solo Eurodam - 11-Jul-20 - 7 day Alaskan Explorer Loreto - cruising with family & celebrating Loreto’s birthday on board N. Statendam- 19-Jul-20 - 7 day Norwegian fjord Bramcruiser Empress of the Seas - 20-Jul-20 - 7 day Best of Bermuda rafinmd - B2B with July 27th Empress of the Seas - 27-Jul-20 - 7 day New England & Canada out of Bayonne rafinmd - B2B following July 20th Maasdam - 27-Jul-20 - 14 day Alaska kenphy AUGUST 2020 N Statendam -02-Aug-20 - 14 day Northern Isles Cailey53 Viking Orion - 04-Aug-20 - 68 day Grand Cape Horn Adventure ArtsyCraftsy Zuiderdam - 09-Aug-20 - 10 day Jewels of the Baltic shudie- B2B with Aug. 19th Caribbean Princess -17-Aug-20 - 16 day Greenland & Canada StartrainDD Zuiderdam - 19-Aug-20 - 19 day Viking Passage I like vacation Vict0riann - big birthday on board shudie- B2B with Aug. 9th crystalspin Queen Mary 2 - 21-Aug-20 - 7-night Eastbound Transatlantic rafinmd - B2B2B with Crystal Serenity 30 Aug and Zuiderdam Sept 17th Veendam - 22-Aug-20 - 17 day European River Explorer (Ams - Ven) Scrapnana - B2B with Sept. 8th Zaandam - 22-Aug-20 - 7 Day Historic Coast Crazy For Cats Koningsdam - 22-Aug-20 - 7 night Alaska sachinbapat - 1st cruise celebrating 25th anniversary Crystal Serenity - 30-Aug-20 - 13 day TA Discovery (BCN - Que) rafinmd - B2B2B following QM2 Aug 21st and with Zuiderdam Sept. 17th SEPTEMBER 2020 Veendam - 08-Sep-20 - 14 day Turkey & Greek Isles Explorer Scrapnana - B2B following Aug. 22nd N Statendam - 13-Sep-20 - 12 night Iberian Peninsula Poulsbo Cruisers - 30th anniversary cruise Zuiderdam - 17-Sep-20 - 10 day Newfoundland & New England Discovery (Quebec to Boston) rafinmd - B2B2B following QM2 Aug 21st and Crystal Serenity Aug. 30th N Amsterdam - 19-Sep-20 - 12 day Adriatic Dream vcd1969 Westerdam - 20-Sep-20 - 17 day Circle Hawaii carlyshenk Divi - 1st time to Hawaii & on the Westerdam lynanken -1st time to Hawaii & on Westerdam Viking Sea - 21-Sep-20 - 10 days Empire of the Mediterranean (Venice to Athens) terrydtx - 1st Viking Ocean cruise, celebrating50th anniversary Koningsdam - 26-Sep-20 - 7 day Wine and Country & Pacific Northwest crunchii & Zarmengar madera1 Oosterdam - 27-Sep-20 - 26 day South Pacific Crossing - Seattle to Sydney Mud_Shark - 1st HAL cruise Oosterdam - 27-Sep-20 - Seattle to Auckland B2B ending Nov. 7th sailingdutchy Noordam - 27-Sep-20 - 28 day North Pacific Crossing & Japan Collector gigianne - new horizons kazu richwmn OCTOBER 2020 Viking Tir – 01-Oct-20 – 14 day Grand European River Cruise (Budapest to Amsterdam) aliaschief & DWaliaschief - 1st Grand river cruise Rotterdam - 03-Oct-20 - 29 day Iberian Adventure & Passage to America obriendan Westerdam - 07-Oct-20 - 37 day Inca & South America Discovery GeorgeCharlie N Amsterdam - 13-Oct-20 - 12 day Mediterranean Romance canadianbear - 1st time in Europe Rotterdam - 17-Oct-20 - 15 day Transatlantic (BCN - FLL) sambamama- 1st time to Africa Reagan0712 - 1st time to Africa ger_77 & Honey Bunny - 5th Transatlantic N Statendam - 27-Oct-20 - 15 day Passage to America canadianbear NOVEMBER 2020 Koningsdam - 03-Nov-20 - 18 day Hawaii mcrcruiser packercruising - 3rd HAL cruise Eurodam - 08-Nov-20 - 14 day Eastern/Western Caribbean saturn93 N Statendam - 11-Nov-20 - 11 day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer Overhead Fred Susanmaz Westerdam - 13-Nov-20 - 14 day South America Passage (BA - Santiago) Taters Zaandam - 17-Nov-20 - 32 day Hawaii, Tahiti & Marquesas RetiredNow N Statendam - 22-Nov-20 - 10 day Southern Caribbean Seafarer cruiseguy56 Veendam - 22-Nov-20 - 14 day Southern Caribbean Crazy For Cats Westerdam - 27-Nov-20 - 22 day South America, Antarctica & Solar Eclipse Loreto Obnxshs & Missy's Mom - achievieving 5* on this cruise Zuiderdam - 29-Nov-20 - 10 day Panama Sunfarer Cruisinetta HAL Sailer - celebrating 25th anniversary DECEMBER 2020 N Statendam - 02-Dec-20 - 11 night Southern Caribbean Wayfarer wdw1972 phyllisrf GeriatricNurse N Statendam - 02-Dec-20 - 21 day Caribbean (B2B Dec. 2-23) cate54 - mother & daughter cruise Zuiderdam - 09-Dec-20 - 11 day Panama Canal Sunfarer Mr and Mrs CIQ -retirement cruise grest Eurodam - 09-Dec-20 - 10 night Southern Caribbean Wayfarer CruisingAndDiving Westerdam - 19-Dec-20 - 22 day South America & Antarctica Holiday StartrainDD - pre-cruise trip Dec. 13th to Igazu Falls Noordam - 20-Dec-20 - 15-day Far East Discovery LTC Motes - party of 7 Amsterdam - 21-Dec-20 - 14 day Christmas & New Year richwmn NCL Escape - 27-Dec-20 - 7 night Eastern Caribbean msmayor - holiday cruise to celebrate with adult children JANUARY 2021 Koningsdam - 02-Jan-21 - 7 day Mexican Riviera mab4285 - first solo cruise & HAL cruise as an adult N Amsterdam - 02-Jan-21 - 14 day Western/Tropical Caribbean summer slope doncarlos & Fishbabe Amsterdam - 04-Jan-21 - 128 day Grand World Voyage vinonme2 Mtn2Sea Volendam - 04-Jan-21 - 74 day Grand South America & Antarctica Voyage StLouisCruisers - 2nd Grand Voyage, 3rd time to Antarctica Maasdam - 04-Jan-21 - 40 day Australia, Indonesia & Indian Collector aliaschief & DWAliaschief - B2B2B with Feb 13th & Mar 4th N Statendam - 06-Jan-21 - 21 day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer/Seafarer crystalspin - with dr'spin, mom & DBr0 & SIL, celebrating 30th anniversary & DB's 60th birthday Cailey53 Koningsdam - 09-Jan-21 - 24 day Collectors' Cruise - Hawaii & Mexico DeeniEncinitas N Amsterdam - 09-Jan-21 - 7 day Eastern Caribbean deliver42 Westerdam - 10-Jan-21 - 20 day South America & Antarctica (Santiago - BA) I like vacation bluesplayer N Statendam - 27-Jan-21 - 4 day Caribbean (HMC & Key West) Roz FEBRUARY 2021 Maasdam - 13-Feb-21 - 19 day Papua, New Guinea & Phillipine Adventurer aliaschief & DWAliaschief - B2B2B following Jan. 4th & with Mar. 4th Rotterdam - 21-Feb-21 - 32 day Hawaii, Tahiti, & Marquesas Overhead Fred josumello - first HAL cruise samsonmo MARCH 2021 Maasdam - 04-Mar-21 - 25 day South Pacific Crossing aliaschief & DWAliaschief - B2B2B following Jan. 4th & Feb. 13th N Statendam - 21-Mar-21 - 10 day Southern Caribbean doone - Friends & Family cruise wdw1972 - with hubby & friends Veendam - 21-Mar-21 - 7 day Western Caribbean Crazy For Cats Rotterdam - 25-Mar-21 - 16 day Panama Canal (San Diego - FLL) samsonmo - B2B with April 10th APRIL 2021 Maasdam - 09-Apr-21 - 14 day Mexican Riviera sambamama - 1st Mexican Riviera, birthday celebration on board Rotterdam - 10-Apr-21 - 14 day Transatlantic - FLL - Rotterdam samsonmo - B2B following March 25th MAY 2021 Ryndam - 15-May-21 - 7 day Premier Venice to Rome 1ANGELCAT richwmn - B2B with May 22nd Ryndam - 15-May-21 - 17 day Premier Voyage & European Splendor Cailey53 - 1st inaugural voyage Ryndam - 22-May-21- 10 day European Splendour richwmn - B2B following May 15th doncarlos & Fishbabe JUNE 2021 N Statendam - 06-Jun-21 - 19 day Norse Legends & Jewels of the Baltics Stefanni0522 N Statendam - 15-Jun-21 - 10 day Jewel of the Baltics Veenendaal6 - celebrating 28th anniversary Westerdam - 19-Jun-21 - 12 night Greece & Adriatic Antiquities madera1 - celebrating 50th anniversary on board AUGUST 2021 Rotterdam - 12-Aug-21 - 17 day Greenland, Newfoundland & New England Discovery Crazy for Cats Oosterdam - 22-Aug-21 - 7 day Alaskan Explorer crunchii & Zarmengar NOVEMBER 2021 Zuiderdam - 10-Nov-21 - 17 day Spanish Farewell NextOne JANUARY 2022 Amsterdam - 04-Jan-22 - Grand World Voyage golflover51 HAPPY CRUISING EVERYONE! Jacqui
  16. Both Nieuw Amsterdam and Volendam approaching the coast of South Africa after their long journey south from the Bahamas. It's currently Monday morning 0411 (4:11 AM) in Cape Town. They'll be next up to repat South African crew and take on fuel and provisioning Amsterdam has passed Palawang Island in the Philippines
  17. The Hague or in Dutch "Den Haag" or more formal "'s-Gravenhage" is the third city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam and Rotterdam but, because The Hague is the seat of the Dutch government, the fact that the city is the official residency of the Dutch Royal Family, and some other justifications, people who hail from the City, like our friend "Sir PMP," often think that they are numero uno over folks from the two larger cities 😉 Whereas Amsterdam and Rotterdam are typical "labor" cities who have a huge rivalry with each other, The Hague has always had a reputation of "genteel" ("deftig" in Dutch), some would say that its inhabitants walk around with their "noses held high in the air" something akin to thinking that they are "much better" than those "laborers from Amsterdam and Rotterdam." Pretty funny, actually since "Amsterdammers" and "Rotterdammers" have lots of nicknames for folks from "Den Haag," most not too flattering 😉 A saying that can be mentioned here is "You make money in Rotterdam, spend it in Amsterdam and sleep in The Hague.” The surname of the current captain of the Volendam has no connection to the Dutch Royal Family of Orange however, multiple surnames like that could indicate nobility and/or an "upper class" background in the past
  18. Some people on our cruise got post cruise surveys. We did not. I wrote to HAL and got the following reply. If you didn't get a survey and want one you may want to contact HAL. 📷 May 18, 2020 Mr. Richard McClear Mrs. Susan McClear Email: rich@mcclear.net RE: Case: 1-8474623051 Booking: Dear Mr. McClear: Thank you for contacting us regarding your sailing on ms Amsterdam. We understand that you would like to have a Guest Satisfaction Survey sent to you. Our system is set up to send a survey to each email address associated with a booking, and we regret if you did not receive one. We do value all guest comments and are happy to send you a mail-in survey; we simply ask that you complete the survey and return it to us using one of the methods listed below. Please be assured the information you submit will have equal value to the surveys that are sent electronically. Please return your completed survey to: Holland America Line Attn: Guest Relations 450 Third Ave West Seattle, WA 98119 Email: guestrelations@hollandamerica.com Fax: 206-905-8962 You may either reply to the questions on the attached PDF in the body of your e-mail reply, or each print out the form to fill in by hand and send scanned copies to us or mail the physical copies to our mailing address noted above. Please be advised that we are receiving a higher volume of guest communications and regretfully our response time is delayed. As such, kindly allow us sufficient time to review your comments with the attention and care they deserve, and you can expect a response in approximately 3-4 weeks. We sincerely apologize for any resulting inconvenience and greatly appreciate your patience during this time. Thank you again for contacting us with your inquiry, and we look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Ilene Barton Special Advisor Office of the President
  19. Oceanic was a memorable vessel on which I cruised. Homeric: as a visitor prior to a sailing, she was as "old world elegant" as the Nieuw Amsterdam of 1938 was when I visited her in 1971.
  20. today is American Indian Day and Lost Sock Memorial Day Concept, n.: Any "idea" for which an outside consultant billed you more than $25,000. Meal suggestion for today - Turkey Meat Loaf At Sea Atlantic Nieuw Amsterdam destination Cape Town South Africa eta 5/12 Nieuw Statendam destination Rotterdam eta 5/12 Rotterdam destination Cape Town eta 5/19 Veendam destination Cape Town eta 5/21 Volendam destination Cape Town South Africa 5/11 Zaandam destination Rotterdam eta 5/12 Zuiderdam destination Walvis Bay eta 5/19 Marine Traffic shows San Antonio Chile as Zaandam's destination but she is sailing in the same general area as Nieuw Statendam so I left the destination as Rotterdam At Sea Pacific Koningsdam destination Puerto Vallarta eta 5/13 Maasdam destination Labuan Malaysia eta 5/27 Noordam destination Manila 5/23 Westerdam destination Manila eta 5/23 La Paz Anchorage Oosterdam Manila Anchorage Eurodam At Sea Indian Ocean Amsterdam destination Manila eta 5/12
  21. today is National Tourism Day According to my best recollection, I don't remember. -- Vincent "Jimmy Blue Eyes" Alo Meal suggestion for today - Smoky sweet potato & bean cakes with citrus salad At Sea Atlantic Nieuw Amsterdam destination Cape Town South Africa eta 5/11 Nieuw Statendam destination Rotterdam eta 5/12 Rotterdam destination Cape Town eta 5/19 Veendam destination Cape Town eta 5/21 Volendam destination Cape Town South Africa 5/11 Zaandam destination Rotterdam eta 5/12 Zuiderdam destination Walvis Bay eta 5/19 At Sea Pacific Eurodam destination Manila eta 5/8 Maasdam destination Labuan Malaysia eta 5/27 Noordam destination Manila 5/23 Westerdam destination Manila eta 5/23 Ensenada Koningsdam Oosterdam At Sea Indian Ocean Amsterdam destination Manila eta 5/12 I was going to change today's holiday because it somehow doesn't seem appropriate given yesterday's announcement. However, I saw this as part of the writeup: Yesterday we found out that most cruises are over until next year. An opening was given for a "soft" start with Caribbean cruises starting with the usual season around the beginning of November. I would suspect that any itinerary currently on the books would be subject to change. Ships, ports, and dates are all subject to being altered due to the new circumstances. It looks like several ships will spend the pause near Cape Town, South Africa. A couple will be in Rotterdam with the rest around Asia unless things change. I am also not sure of the future of this forum, as there won't be much positive to talk about for the next few months. Rich
  22. Looking to see if anyone has had Aft cabin 7055 on the Amsterdam. Would love to see photos of the inside of the cabin as well as one looking out to see how much is obstructed by the stairway. I would be very interested in experiences and opinions of this cabin. I will be doing the 14 day Alaska roundtrip out of Seattle in July. Thanks in advance!!
  23. My wife and I have sailed several times on the Nieuw Amsterdam and on our last trip from San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale, via the Panama Canal we booked a family cabana for the entire cruise. It was delightful and I would be glad to answer questions on the Cabanas if anyone is interested.
  24. Originally booked a 14 day cruise on the new ship Ryndam after our much anticipated Alaska cruise got cancelled due to me having a foot injury. Then Covid happened. It had 2 days in Norway, 3 or 4 days in Iceland,and 3 in Scotland. Then with all this happening I really wasn't sure we should fly even though the trip wasn't until August,2021.. So I played it safe,and booked an e/w Caribbean cruise for late January to celebrate our 47th anniversary instead. All the perks that are offered plus the 10% discount,and the extra 250$made it worth it. I booked us a Signature Suite on the Nieu Amsterdam. This is our 3rd time sailing on HAL,and we really love it.
  25. Seven ships in port today with a possibility of 19,000 passengers debarking and an equal number embarking (glad I am not going to be at the FLL airport!). Eurodam will be at pier 19 (starboard to) from 0545-1700. She will be doing an 11-day Panama Canal Sunfarer cruise. Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (05 Jan 0800-1500); Oranjestad, Aruba (07 Jan 1300-2300); Willemstad, Curacao (08 Jan 0800-2300); Cartagena, Colombia (10 Jan 0700-1300); Panama Canal (Cruising Canal) (11 Jan 0500-0500); Colon, Panama (11 Jan 1500-2000); Puerto Limon, Costa Rica (12 Jan 0730-1700); Fort Lauderdale, Florida (15 Jan a0700) . Nieuw Amsterdam will be at pier 21 (starboard to) from 0630-1700. She is heading out on a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise. Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos (06 Jan 0800-1500); San Juan, Puerto Rico (07 Jan 1100-2000); Philipsburg, St. Maarten (08 Jan 0800-1500); Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (10 Jan 0800-1500); Fort Lauderdale, Florida (11 Jan a0700) Amsterdam will be at pier 26 (port to) from 0430-1600. We are leaving on the 128-day Grand World Voyage. I would be extremely surprised if we actually left at 1600, however. First of all, the paperwork we received said 1700 and secondly, there has not been a GWV departure before 2000 since I began watching the webcam. In fact, some have not left until closer to midnight. Roseau, Dominica (08 Jan 0800-1700); Castries, St Lucia (09 Jan 0800-1700); Iles Du Salut, French Guiana (11 Jan 1200-1800); Belem, Brazil (13 Jan 0800-1700); Recife, Brazil (16 Jan 0800-1700); Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (19 Jan 0800(+1)1700); Punta Del Este, Uruguay (23 Jan 0800-1600); Buenos Aires, Argentina (24 Jan 0800-1800); Montevideo, Uruguay (25 Jan 0800-1700); Port Stanley, Falkland Islands (28 Jan 0800-1700); Ushuaia, Argentina (05 Feb 0700-1400); Punta Arenas, Chile (06 Feb 0800-2000); Puerto Montt, Chile (09 Feb 0800-1700); San Antonio, Chile (11 Feb 0700-1700); Easter Island, Chile (16 Feb 0800-1800); Pitcairn Island (19 Feb 0800-1200); Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia (22 Feb 0800-1800); Rarotonga, Cook Islands (24 Feb 0800-1700); Nukualofa, Tonga (28 Feb 0800-1700); Auckland, New Zealand (02 Mar 0700(+1)1800); Bay of Islands, New Zealand (04 Mar 0800-1600); Sydney, Australia (07 Mar 0800(+1)1900); Townsville, Australia (11 Mar 0800-1700); Cairns, Australia (12 Mar 0800-1800); Darwin, Australia (16 Mar 0800-1700); Komodo Island, Indonesia (19 Mar 0700-1600); Bali, Indonesia (20 Mar 0800-1800); Surabaya, Indonesia (22 Mar 0700-1600); Semarang, Indonesia (23 Mar 0700-1800); Singapore (25 Mar 0900(+1)1700); Colombo, Sri Lanka (30 Mar 0800-2300); Male, Maldives (01 Apr 0800-1800); Mahe, Seychelles (04 Apr 1200(+1)1700); Mombasa, Kenya (08 Apr 0800(+1)1700); Zanzibar, Tanzania (10 Apr 0800-1700); Mayotte, Comoros (12 Apr 0800-1700); Nosy Be, Madagascar (13 Apr 0800-1600); Maputo, Mozambique (16 Apr 0800-1700); Richard's Bay, South Africa (17 Apr 0800-2300); Durban, South Africa (18 Apr 0800-2300); Cape Town, South Africa (21 Apr 0800(+1)2300); Luderitz, Namibia (24 Apr 0800-1700); Walvis Bay, Namibia (25 Apr 0800-1600); Saint Helena (28 Apr 1000-1800); Ascension Island (30 Apr 1000-1800); Bridgetown, Barbados (07 May 0800-1800); Pointe A Pitre, Guadeloupe (08 May 0800-1500); San Juan, Puerto Rico (09 May 1000-2300); Fort Lauderdale, Florida (12 May a0700) Also in port are Adventure OTS at pier 29 from 0400-1730, Carnival Magic at pier 4 from 0330-1600, Celebrity Equinox at pier 25 from 0600-1530, and Sky Princess at pier 2 from 0500-1700. The PTZtv webcams can be found at https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com/ and https://www.ftlauderdalewebcam.com/. Next up: Nieuw Statendam and Volendam on Sunday 5 January. On that topic, I am going to post Sunday's sail-away this evening (Friday) because I may not have time on Saturday to post. Please note arrival and departure times will likely change between now and then and even the piers could change. If I have the time Saturday night I will put in a revised schedule and bump up the post.
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