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  1. sassy~one

    carnival conquest

    Does anyone know what is going on the carnival conquest right now Thanks
  2. Been trying to book chefs table on Carnival Conquest. Non response. I would like to know if worth the effort of writing several email to try to book or we should skip it? Thank you!
  3. Does anyone know who is the Cruise Director presently on the Conquest?
  4. Sightseeing In San Juan. Need help please!!!!
  5. I have a question to ask confirm the rumor that there was a natural death of a passenger on Conquest about 5 weeks ago? I tried to google search, search CC, and other sites to confirm this rumor. The guy who is saying this is only providing pictures of the cabin where they taped it off and the picture of the corners.. I'm sorry if it's inappropriate to ask this.
  6. escentialssoycandles

    Carnival Conquest Muster Stations

    I am sailing with a group of 50 for our wedding on the Conquest. I have extreme claustrophobia and abhor muster drills. Can someone tell me where Station C is?
  7. Hello Cruisers! Anyone been on Carnival Conquest lately? Wanting to be sure they still have Corn Hole / Bean Bag toss boards available for passengers to use. Last couple of times we've been aboard they were always up on deck 12, port side, by the ping pong table and large chess board set that sits on the deck. Would appreciate it if anyone could verify they observed them there, or wherever recently. Thanks in advance!! Here is a couple of pictures of them on deck. Happy sailing!! Dandeck
  8. DW and I have sailed all the major holidays except New Years so we are really excited to be headed out over New Years this year, even if it is on a 6 night cruise 😔. Family has brought us back to Carnival again this year, they prefer the line due to the cost difference, and for us a cruise is really just a cruise. While we may prefer one line over another we have yet to sail any cruise line that we would never go back on. This is our first time on the Conquest and we are excited to try places like Guy’s and the Blue Iguana, although DW just found out that she cannot eat gluten, dairy or eggs, so this is going to be very interesting and I will report how we progress throughout the trip. While she is not allergic, she does become ill when she eats those things in quantity, so thankfully we don’t have to worry about cross-contamination or life threatening consequences. We did have our TA contact Carnival and let then know about it ahead of time and we have read that carnival has things like almond milk generally on hand. I did notice that on the site under my wife’s medical conditions it does now say “other” instead of none like mine so they clearly did mark her reservation with my TA’s phone call. We leave on Sunday the 30th and are flying in the day before as we always do, especially in the winter you just never know with the weather so we don’t take any chances. We also bought Faster to the Fun for this cruise, luckily we got it before they increased the rates, I am not sure we will get it again with the current pricing structure. On tap for this cruise is Nassau, Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk, and finally Amber cove. We only have 1 sea day (the last day) since its just a 6 night cruise. We have a Cabana on HMC with some of our family members, there will be 4 adults and 2 teenagers, which hits the capacity on paper for the cabana, we will see how well we all fit! Grand Turk is one of our favorite places, mainly because the beach is right next to where we dock. In Amber Cove we booked the waterfall excursion through the cruise line. DW and I are pretty risk adverse on cruises and stick to cruise line offered excursions. I know we can get better deals with more expansive offerings by going private, but for us I don’t want to risk the headache should something unforeseen happen. But, we did take advantage of Carnival’s price guarantee and saved over half the cost of the excursion by finding a similar private excursion and sending int he form. We will get back a little over $110 in OBC for the both of us. I am not planning on buying a Wi-Fi package on this cruise. I just picked up a Google Fi SIM card and plan to rely on that to be able to post while in port. It’s a great deal, the main line is only $20 a month which, domestically, includes unlimited talk and text and data is only $10 a GB. You can only pay $60 a month in max data fees, but they never shut off your data if you go over. When abroad you get unlimited texts and phone calls are $0.20 a minute. They have coverage in 170 countries around the world. You can also get data only SIMs that do not have any monthly fee and you only pay for the data you use. So DW and the iPad will get data only SIMs and it will allow us to stay in touch while in each port. I used to use AT&T’s passport feature and pay $10 for a rolling 24 hour period, but this is a way better deal. So good in fact I am tempted to switch our primary service to it. So why have I started this Live From so early you ask? Because Mother Nature strikes again! We always fly in a day early (Saturday in this case) because you just never know about anything these days. I had a work trip that was unavoidable before the cruise and was planning on getting home today (Friday) and then leaving with DW tomorrow. Unfortunately weather has struck again and my flight home was cancelled. So I am headed directly to FLL today on an unexpected detour. Luckily we planned for this in advance. I had pre-packed my bag for this trip for precisely this type of emergency. So DW is all set and ready to leave (provided weather doesn’t cancel her flight!) tomorrow and I will meet her here in FLL. Nothing like a little pre-cruise excitement
  9. Trying to save time here, as we leave this Saturday, and don't really have time to really search, so my apologies if the topic is buried here somewhere. My question is this: What is the best way to attach pictures, signs, etc. to the exterior of our stateroom door? Magnets or tape? And, does Carnival object to either? Thanks in advance for any assist.
  10. I haven't been on Conquest since last January. (I cruise in 12 days) I need to check my emails daily, which I don't get on my phone. There used to be a small bank of computers on deck 5. Any recent cruisers notice if they are still there? If so, I will pre-purchase a value plan. Thanks so much!
  11. Can anybody who's been on the Conquest recently let me know if the bars serve Crown Royal vanilla?
  12. I have waited a long 455 days and finally my long awaited cruise is finally here.. Hi Everyone my name is LaToya (33) and I will be traveling with DH Nick(36). The Carnival Conquest will be a cruise of many first for us. 1. This is our first time on the Conquest. 2. This is our first time sailing out of Port Lauderdale\ Everglades. 3. This is our first cruise having the cheers package. We spent way too much money on drinks our last sailing. 4. This our first time to Turks and Caicos and my Husband's first time to Dominican Republic. I have been with family since my family originated from there.. I am super excited to finally cruise and to be writing my 2nd review. So sit back, relax and enjoy the Carnival Conquest, Our day before drive from Atlanta, GA with stops at Coco Beach, Jet Ski fun at Merritt Island , our stay at the Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott Fort Lauderdale Downtown Las Olas the night before, and lots more fun with me. I promise to be detailed, add lots of pictures( food and drinks included) and try not to bore you to death. Lol. If you have any questions please ask away. All I ask is for you to please be patient, stay positive and friendly!! ALL ABOARD!!!!!
  13. Bob NC

    Conquest Fun Times

    Does anyone have the Fun Times for the 8 Day Conquest Southern Caribbean to share?
  14. We had originally booked an interior for a 6-night cruise on the Conquest, then accepted an upgrade to a 4J for $44 total. I couldn't locate a lot of information on the cabin before the cruise, and am providing some photos in case others have questions. We really enjoyed this cabin and would definitely book it again. It is located on Deck 10 on the outer starboard corner; it is not designated handicapped but has some features of a handicapped accessible room. The bathroom was huge, with a walk-in shower that did not leak water onto the floor. The cabin was large, I believe 220 square feet, with the bed tucked into one corner of the room, close to the window. There were about 20 people on the "secret" deck for sailaway, then only 4-5 at the most at other times; many times we were alone out there. I thought the sound of the door to the secret deck would be loud, but it was barely noticeable; the cabin was always very quiet. Once we kept the cabinet to the cooler open constantly, we found drinks cool enough as is and cancelled our daily ice request. We were not asked if we wanted morning or evening service, and received both without asking. The cabin stayed cooler than any other one I have been in, and we actually had to turn the a/c off (normally we keep it on max). It was impossible to see into the cabin from the secret deck during the day time, but we needed to keep the curtains closed when we had lights on at night for privacy. The only tiny issue with the cabin was the inoperative clothesline in the shower (we did not ask to have it repaired as we take magnetic hooks to hang bathing suits, etc.), everything else was perfect and we really enjoyed it. The walk to the room was not bad at all, and the majority of the time the elevators were prompt and not full.
  15. critcatny

    Conquest Info needed

    We are sailing on the Conquest in 3 days. Any help with these questions would be appreciated. 1) Does anyone know if there is a specific dining room used for YTD? 2) Does anyone know if there is a way to go online to just check in for a flight home from the ship without purchasing a plan for the whole day? 3) Does anyone know recent movies being shown on the Lido deck? Thank you in advance.
  16. In “as a ship turns” here is the Carnival Conquests arrival on Monday November 5, 2018 in Nassau... Here she comes sneaking around the corner.. Her entrance is now been made.... Its time to start turning now...
  17. BallFour4


    From the album: At Sea

  18. hi all, Has anyone had one of these rooms? Thinking of booking for next April, is it noisey? Do you get noise when docking because it's so far forward? Looking specifically at room 1216, can't find any reviews or videos of these rooms anywhere, thanks!
  19. Does any body know what the latest Dive-In movies are on the CONQUEST 6-Day Eastern cruise from FLL??? And how often do they change the movies, we are on April 21st 2019 and would like to know what will be showing!. Thanks!!
  20. I just got an email from Carnival asking if we want to upgrade to a a cabin on the Spa deck, cabin 1115 for $35. We are currently on the 9th deck, cabin 9241 with cabins below and above and I’m hesitant to say yes as the Spa cabin is below the serenity deck. It’s closer to the gym but I wonder if there will be noise from the elevators, people going to the gym or spa or noise from above. Anyone stay in one of these cabins before? Tia.
  21. BallFour4

    Conquest Class.

    From the album: At Sea

  22. Hi, I'm looking for the daily fun times for the 6 day cruise out of Fort Lauderdale going to Nassau Half moon cay Grand Turk Amber Cove Day at sea Back to Fort Lauderdale We are on this cruise Feb 24th 2019 Thank you in advance Sent from my SM-G930V using Forums mobile app
  23. Considering an upcoming cruise in Room # 6425 on the Carnival Conquest ~ any info regarding this room location? Should we upgrade if possible? Pros/Cons from anyone that has stayed in this location? Any insight would be appreciated.
  24. Just a quick review of our cruise. This is our second time on Conquest. The family includes DH, DD and her boyfriend, DS and a friend, and myself. This was the six day cruise out of Fort Lauderdale. Ports included Nassau, Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk, and Amber Cove. We live in Tennessee and usually drive to ports due to the number of us and the price of flights. We left Friday after work and made it to Valdosta, GA by midnight. We stayed in the Hampton Inn right off the interstate. It was very nice and clean. Nice breakfast included. Drove to our next stop of Orlando. We had made reservations for lunch at Planet Hollywood at the Disney Springs area. Disney Springs has grown so much in the last few years. We did some shopping and then headed to Fort Lauderdale. We checked into the Comfort Inn Airport and Cruise. Tired by the time we were in our room, so take out supper for us. Can't wait till tomorrow . We we were up early, had breakfast, then headed to Walmart and Burlington. Both are close by. Then off to Port Everglades. We arrived at port at 10:33, dropped everybody and headed to park. We usually park at port to save time leaving. We had priority for 3 of us due to suite and the other 3, I had purchased FTTF. We were walking up gangway at 11:08. This had to be the fastest embarkation for us. As the boys room would be ready, we headed to deck 7 to put our belongings in their room. We had to pass our suite on the way and it was ready. Our cards were in the mailbox, so we were able to check it out. Checked out boys cabin, interior about 12 cabins down. Next stop, lunch. We all split up, going after our favorite foods. We made it a point to always eat on the 10th deck. Just up the stairs from the buffet. It is hardly utilized the first few days, so always a table. We like your time dining, but make it a point to get there as its opening. I'm going to group dining all together. There was always something good to eat at dinner. The basic menu, but always several great choices. I will say that we had 5 different serving teams. In the past we usually ask to stay with the same team, not this time. The first 3 nights, I was not impressed. Adequate service, but not the happy servers I'm used too. The next 2 nights we did have the same. Of the three servers, only 1 was happy and smiling the entire time ( extra tip for him). The last night we had the best service. If only we had started with them. Nassau - This was our first time at this port except for our daughter, she's been twice in the past. We walked to Junkaroo beach. At the Tiki Hut, we had 6 chairs, one umbrella, and 12 drinks for $150. That included gratuity. The water and beach were clean, but there were a lot of rocks. Shopped a little in town then back to ship. Half Moon Cay - OMG! Our first time and I could move there in a minute. Gorgeous beach, water, sun. I have never seen sand so fine and white. I truly think it is the most beautiful place I have been to. I did rent a clamshell, but it ended up not getting used. Grand Turk - We have been here before. There must have recently been a storm in the area, as there was massive amounts of seaweed in the water. We ended up at the pool. Back on board early this port. Amber Cove -. New port for us. DS and friend stayed at pool. The other four of us took taxi to Puerto Plata. My daughter has a friend from there and she assured us it was safe for tourist. It was $70 to town and back. We were taken to Amber Museum first with its attached gift shop. Next to the town square and cathedral. Each stop we were handed to someone to show us around for tips of course. We were taken to gift shop where our driver would be picking us up. Amazing how this works! After this last handoff, I told the driver we wanted to go to the chocolate factory. Del Oro is an organic chocolate factory with a free tour and samples. We purchased quite a bit to bring home. When we returned to taxi, we told him just to take us back to port. You pay him when you are back at the port. I think if you just tell them where to take you, you'll save a lot of tip money. Our cabins - the boys had the normal interior. They like this as its dark and can sleep in. This was our very first suite. I had originally booked us an aft balcony. After reading reviews, changed to a regular balcony. As I was checking one day for price drops, I found a suite that was lower in price. I immediately called my PVP. She said she'd never seen one this low. Booked it quickly. We went from balcony $2265 to suite $2221. Now we are spoiled and a balcony will never be the same. Debarkation was also amazingly fast. We were off, thru customs, and on the road by 7:30. Unfortunately, our 12 hour drive took 15 due to traffic issues. Can't wait till next year!
  25. moeferg

    Carnival Planners

    Does anyone find any specific advantages of using a Carnival planner? I got the same info, prices ,ect from the website. Am I missing something?