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  1. Hi everyone. Can't wait for this new ship, and so excited it's USA inaugural cruise will be out of New York.
  2. Got back yesterday from a 6-day Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Magic out of Port Everglades, which departed Sunday, August 11th. The itinerary was: Embarkation day, Sea Day, Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk, Amber Cove, and Sea Day. I took pictures of the Entertainment Schedule given out on the first day, the daily Fun Times and the activity schedules for all age group onboard the Magic (Penguins, Sting Rays, Sharks, Circle C, and Club O2). I converted my pics to pdf files and have (hopefully successfully) attached them to this thread. Enjoy. Carnival Magic Entertainment Schedule.pdf Day 1 Embarkation Day 1 of 2.pdf Day 1 Embarkation Day 2 of 2.pdf Day 2 Sea Day 1 of 2.pdf Day 2 Sea Day 2 of 2.pdf Day 3 Half Moon Cay 1 of 2.pdf Day 3 Half Moon Cay 2 of 2.pdf Day 4 Grand Turk 1 of 2.pdf Day 4 Grand Turk 2 of 2.pdf Day 5 Amber Cove 1 of 2.pdf Day 5 Amber Cove 2 of 2.pdf Day 6 Sea Day 1 of 2.pdf Day 6 Sea Day 2 of 2.pdf Penguins Activity Schedule 1 of 2.pdf Penguins Activity Schedule 2 of 2.pdf Sharks Activity Schedule 1 of 2.pdf Sharks Activity Schedule 2 of 2.pdf Sting Rays Activity Schedule 1 of 2.pdf Sting Rays Activity Schedule 2 of 2.pdf Circle C Activity Schedule 1 of 2.pdf Circle C Activity Schedule 2 of 2.pdf Club O2 Activity Schedule 1 of 2.pdf Club O2 Activity Schedule 2 of 2.pdf
  3. Does anyone have any experience with Carnival Spirit and food allergies. I am asking about a serious fish allergy, gluetin allergy and dairy free foods. Are these readily available? Are they palatable? Thanks for your help.
  4. Just got this email from Carnival. Won't affect us since we'll be using a car service that day, but what about the people driving in, especially if we return to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal when the cruise is over? This could turn out to be a real cluster....
  5. Ok.. So I'm booked for Carnival Panorama's inaugural cruise. According to the FAQs, booking for specialty dining was to begin on 8/1/19. Well.... the system certainly wouldn't allow me to book anything on 8/1/19. I called Carnival, and of course, they had didn't even have a clue on what the Chef's Table was. The lady said she would send me an Email....I'll give you 3 guesses on whether she actually sent me that Email. Finally, on or about August 5th, the specialty dining option become available on the website. So I requested the Chef's Table and the steakhouse. On August 7th, I get an Email from the Carnival Horizon's Matre D, stating that the Chef's table is reserved for the Carnival Panorama. However, I have yet to hear back about the steakhouse. Has anyone else tried booking specialty dining for the Carnival Panorama?
  6. Last year family and friends ( approx. 40) made the decision to take a cruise out of NYC. I was definitely looking forward to this and enjoyed spending quality time with them, especially since this was my first vacation without my wife who passed away last year. Carnival Sunrise was marketed as a newly refurbished ship costing millions of dollars. What they did was get rid of the old Vegas glitz as well as remove 2 lounges in the back of the ship to add many more cabins = many more people! Check in, (as well as disembarkation) in NYC was quick and efficient. Upon entering ship you immediately noticed that all the previous "Carnival Look" was changed to muted colors. My cabin was fine and kept neat and clean. Our dining room waiter was very pleasant and cordial. The lounges were all very eye pleasing.Yes, they still do the waiter shows at every dinner. Pretty much wear for dinner what you want. No one at door that stopped anyone, they just said hello. We had opted for early seating. Ports: Grand Turk: we walked to Jack's Shack to enjoy the water … great day Puerto Rico: we waked around Old San Juan … fun exploring and doing some shopping Amber Cove: a duplicate of Margaritaville in Grand Turk with different signage … pool was refreshing We had beautiful weather all week … sunny and hot. What I didn't like … 1. The unbelievable crowds everywhere. The lido buffet where the food didn't look very appealing as well as the pool food options, which were good, always had very long lines. Never even bothered trying to get on the Deli line. I basically didn't eat what I wanted, I opted to eat wherever I found the shortest line. For breakfast we decided to eat in the dining room, lunch was a "free for all", dinner in dining room. 2. The only indoor area where smoking is permitted on the whole ship was the casino. I smoke, but I felt bad for the people who had no choice but to pass through the casino (it was a blue cloud) to get to the other venues, … unless you wanted to climb up and down staircases. 3. The lounge where they had the Punchliner comedy shows at night was stifling throughout entire cruise. I only went once, couldn't wait for show to be over. When my cousin found an officer who happened to be in the lounge and complained, she looked at her as if she was making it up. No response. 4. Lido Deck area … PACKED is an understatement! On the 4 sea days I never saw the water in either of the 2 pools, only bobbing heads. Never saw such a crowded pool area in my life. The bussing staff was overwhelmed by the amount of plates, glasses etc. they had to remove. It was very hard for them to keep up. 5. Guest behavior - I love having a good time and laughing; and our group did do that, but the amount of screaming vulgar language used by adults as well as unsupervised children running rampant was appalling. It wasn't uncommon to be woken up way after midnight by kids running up and down the cabin hallways as well as adults having loud screaming arguments right outside cabin doors as guests were trying to sleep. 6. Thankfully I was not one of many who had toilet plumbing issues in their cabins, thank God! We've cruised many times on many different cruiselines including Carnival … but unfortunately this cruise has left a very bad taste in my mouth regarding the Carnival product.
  7. What are the prices for washing and drying on the Conquest? Do you used your cruise card or do you need quarters or tokens? thanks!
  8. It's been a long six months. I'm ready for a break. My last four cruises have been Vista, Dream, Dream, Breeze so I can't say I'm super excited that the ship is Glory. I'm going from the newer, prettier ship to an older, wore out one with less features...And it costs about the same money. This is exactly why I won't get married!
  9. Hey all! I will be going on my second cruise in Oct. Our first port will be Ocho Rios. I’m having a hard time finding an excursion through Carnival that I’m truly interested. I am a single mother that will be traveling with my two teenage daughters so I tend to get a little nervous or weary when navigating ports without an excursion particularly this one. I would love some recommendations in regards to excursions here and the port. My main concern is of course safety while also enjoying the most that the area has to offer. I’d love something all inclusive, we are very outdoorsy and adventurous but it just really matters that we get a good vibe and experience enjoying the culture and beauty of a place. The touristy crowds of places (from what I’ve read) such as Dunn’s river falls is a bit of a turn off for me. Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appropriated! TIA!!!
  10. I know I will get these each day of my cruise I'm looking to see them ahead of time. I've searched everywhere and keep finding Southern Caribbean. I'm looking for the ones 7 Days going to Amber Cove San Juan and St Thomas anyone from a past sailing have them ? Please?
  11. Hi Everyone! I have been debating this for about a week now and keep going back and forth on my options. My family of 8 are planning a cruise for summer 2020. That being said, we are currently looking at two options and I need some honest feedback in order to make a good decision. Option 1: Sail on the Carnival Sunrise out of NYC June 15, 2020 on a 9-day Bermuda (docked for 2 days), Grand Turk, and Half Moon Cay cruise. We are looking at booking two connecting ocean view rooms in the hopes of getting upgraded for a minimal cost to a balcony like we usually do since we have platinum status with Carnival. Option 2: Sail on the new Norwegian Encore out of NYC May 31, 2020 on a 7-day Bermuda (docked for 3 days). We would be booking two balcony rooms since NCL's rooms tend to be smaller and we will have 4 people in each room, plus the balconies are cheaper than ocean view for this specific sailing! We have cruised NCL only once before on the Escape and liked it a lot, but did find some things that we preferred Carnival better. I have read some horrible things about the new Carnival Sunrise that makes me weary, plus we have been on the sister ship, Sunshine, when it was new and did not have a good experience. The Sunshine problems were mainly due to other rude passengers, not necessarily the boat itself although it was pretty crowded AND the Sunshine had an adults only pool in serenity which the Sunrise does not. The dilemma comes that the Carnival cruise is a fair amount cheaper for a cruise that is two days longer and goes to two more ports compared to the NCL cruise. Anyone that has sailed on the Sunrise, feel free to leave opinions on the decision you would make! Obviously, no one has sailed on the Encore yet, but maybe if you have sailed on the NCL Bliss, that would be most comparable. Thanks!
  12. Sorry for asking this for the umpteenth time, but I can not seem to find it anywhere. I promise I will write it down and bury it in a mayonaise jar in the back yard for the next time I need it. TIA.
  13. Has anyone ever received a charge for camp Carnival? We just got off the conquest where my 2.5 and 5yo attended camp and I found a $96 charge on my account. Before I call them I figured I would ask here.
  14. Hey all! I will be going on my second cruise in Oct. Our first port will be Ocho Rios. I’m having a hard time finding an excursion through Carnival that I’m truly interested. I am a single mother that will be traveling with my two teenage daughters so I tend to get a little nervous or weary when navigating ports without an excursion particularly this one. I would love some recommendations in regards to excursions here and the port. My main concern is of course safety while also enjoying the most that the area has to offer. I’d love something all inclusive, we are very outdoorsy and adventurous but it just really matters that we get a good vibe and experience enjoying the culture and beauty of a place. The touristy crowds of places (from what I’ve read) such as Dunn’s river falls is a bit of a turn off for me. Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appropriated! TIA!!!
  15. Does anyone have any experience with Carnival Spirit and food allergies. I am asking about a serious fish allergy, gluetin allergy and dairy free foods. Are these readily available? Are they palatable? Thanks for your help.
  16. So we are 31 days out from our wedding onboard the carnival vista! If you are bubbling with excitement like we are I definitely don’t recommend doing your ship tour too early. We are even more excited and can hardly talk about anything else. We were originally scheduled to have our ship tour on July 6th but that was when vista had its engine issues and canceled its next three cruise. I feel so sorry for the poor brides who had to rescheduled their weddings, I know I would be a reck! I am on this site all the time and have read over 100 reviews so honestly the ship tour did not give me any extra insight. However it was very beneficial to see the process my non-sailing guest would go through once they arrived. The info the coordinator gave me over the phone in regards to parking did not work at all for the port of Galveston. Yet when I simply asked one of the many people directing traffic. I was easily directed to a parking garage that is way too expensive to park for the cruise(we have free cruise parking at our hotel) but was a flat and reasonable all day rate for one day parking. This garage was also literally just across the street from the ship and was very easily accessible. That was a major plus! We were asked to arrive at 10:30 and we were finally parked and starting the check in process at 10:29 oops. It all worked out however I remembered to say you here for a wedding tour/wedding and they sent us through priority boarding. It took us a total of 8 minutes to check in. Everyone during the check in process seemed to know exactly where to send us(they have a whole wedding section to wait in). Yet once in the section it was very awkward. There was only one wedding that day(A small one about 17 ppl total). And they kept looking at us like what are you doing here, we didn’t invite you. And we were looking at them like yes we know we are just here for the tour. This was still interesting to me cause I got to see the whole process I was always reading about. Bride and groom pulled to the side, coordinator met with them. I was prepared not to speak with the coordinator as her priority is the bride and groom but I was wondering if the guide I was told who meet us would come. That never happened, this annoyed me at first. At 11:04 they announced the ship was clear and for the wedding couple and guest to follow them they also said over the loud speaker that they had a wedding and many other cruise guest were cheering. Not wanting to steal anyone’s shine we just sat there, when the guy who was rounding up diamond and platinum guest saw we were not moving he said follow along. We told him we were not wedding guest but we’re on a wedding tour. He said that’s fine follow the wedding party and guest, so we did. Right before he noticed us my mom tried to ask the coordinator(stand offish kinda rude woman/ I hope she is not my coordinator) what we should do as to not over step on the wedding couple and their day. She barely listened to my mom and waved her away saying guest need to just follow behind. once on the ship I knew the wedding and ceremony would not start immediately because of all the reviews I read. I figured this was the best time to go see the venues and get a feel of the distance of them from our room and all that jazz. I immediately went to the limelight lounge where some of her guest and family were setting things up. I told them that we were doing a tour and not trying to intrude at all, they were very nice and congratulated me and encouraged me to take pictures, I declined out of respect(I did however take pictures of the reception because no one was in there when I walked by.) and just wanted to see the space and what it would actually look like. At that point the wedding coordinator walked it, we were all dressed in street clothes unlike the wedding guest. She asked us are you guest of the wedding? To which I replied no we are here for a wedding tour, she then with the same dismissive attitude said that we you are not supposed to be here. You are supposed to go to guest services to get a guide who will then show you around. This was the first I was ever hearing this so I apologized and left. Now I read on reviews before that if you check in they give you visitor passes. I had already looked at every YouTube video of the Vista as possible and only wanted to see what I was interested in(we are bringing our own friend/photographer) which was the venues and places I wanted to take pictures. So we never went to guest services, we explored the ship and everyone thought we were guest. We ate lunch, hung out on the lido deck, and even could have went for a swim if we had brought our swimsuits. Overall it was an amazing experience my fiancé, his best man, and my mom enjoyed it. Everyone has been thinking our wedding will be on a small scale and they have no idea how nice cruise ships are and I have planned this event with our own personal touches to make it an amazing event, we are so excited for that! Lastly I will say having cruising carnival before on the freedom and valor, although the Vista is bigger just about every room/even space(atrium, comedy club, show room, piano bar) seem a lot smaller. With some rooms even being by half. Thats all, my full wedding review will be coming soon!
  17. I look forward to your report. I generally read BJ forums for trip reports-they are rarely done here so it will be a treat. I am a solid “medium roller” playing primarily BJ and VP. But liking HeadsUp Hold’em and Let It Ride for a change of pace. In LV I stay (gratis) at The Venetian or Palazzo and generally go 3-4 times annually. My cruises are primarily Princess and Carnival now but soon a second MSC (which just discounted me 30% when I shared my Carnival w/l statement) and Cunard. My play generally earns me chocolate strawberries, cookies, Prosecco, a free night in a specialty restaurant and free drinks in the casino. And, at the end? A free interior or oceanview cabin with $3-500 in casino cash. This year i am taking my second Carnival ultra cruise in Dec out of Canaveral. I have never received an elite offer. I frequently find myself alone at the 3/2 $25 minimum BJ table. And I only gamble at night, even on sea days. The most I have ever lost is $4K, the most I ever won was $14K, paid off my bill and walked off the ship with over $12K. I budget about 1K daily and, when I am ahead, immediately go pay cash on my bill. I generally like the ship casinos. My only desire is for Ocean Players Club (who manages all the Carnival-owned lines casinos) to have a REAL players club, with points and perks that are transparent and would accumulate from voyage to voyage. I hate “starting from scratch” every time I board a new cruise.
  18. Hello everyone. I just got back from the 7/6-7/14 8 day Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Magic. I love reading other people's cruise reviews while waiting for my next cruise to begin and I hope that by sharing my trip with others, I can help someone else pass the time as well. A couple disclaimers, I LOVE cruising and always have a good time. But I like to be honest in my review. Everything is not perfect on a cruise and I do intend to include the bad with the good. Just because I complain, does not mean I did not have a great time. Also, I may not hit on everything that interests you as a cruiser. I would say from reading many reviews that my cruise style is different from the norm, and that is okay. Please feel free to ask questions about something I do not cover and I will do my best to answer anything that you would like to know about. About Me: I am 31 years old and am lucky enough to live in Florida so taking cruises is more affordable and easier to do than for many people. This was my 24th cruise, my 19th cruise on Carnival and my second time on the Magic. This is my first time writing a review in a few cruises due to some technical difficulties I was having with my camera. I somehow forgot to pack my charger one cruise and since this was a trip to Cuba, I saved my battery for that instead of taking pictures for a review. Then on my next trip my memory card died. I think I spilled water in my camera, I was just glad it was only the memory card and not the camera. All photos are backed up online so nothing lost. Then as I was getting ready for my next cruise I somehow managed to lose my charger again and didn't have time to replace it. I still have no idea what I've done with it, but I have bought a replacement charger and appear to be good to go. I am taking this cruise solo. Both the people I cruise with are a little bitter about it, but I love solo cruising. It is the ultimate relaxing vacation, you do what you want when you want and don't have to work around someone else's wants and schedules. Perfect. I can't always afford to cruise solo, but I have decided to make it work at least once a year. This was going to be a cruise on MSC Seaside but I waited too long to book and when I went to book it, all inside rooms had sold out. I had a voucher from MSC casino for 30% off and $225 OBC but I would need to use it on a balcony and to be honest, I was not impressed enough with my first MSC cruise to pay that much to sail with them again. I already had the dates locked in at work and I could have gotten them changed, but I just didn't feel it was worth the effort and so I let my voucher with MSC expire. I also had a voucher for Carnival for 30% so I started looking at what was available on that date. I really wanted to do the Breeze. It was my first Carnival cruise and it is very close to home at Port. Canaveral. Knowing I was going solo, I just couldn't get past the price tag that Carnival wanted. Horizon was my second choice but it was doing a 6 day cruise which I just don't have a desire to do at this time. I ended up picking the Magic and although not my first choice, it was a pretty good choice because it was an 8 day cruise which is always better than 7 🙂 It also was still a Dream class ship. I am finding myself a little bored with the Conquest class and older ships. It is a great problem to have indeed. Although a lot less expensive than Breeze this still ended up being the most I have ever paid for a cruise even with my 35% off. A balcony on MSC was only a little more, but I bet their prices start going up soon. If they are sold out of inside rooms four months out, it won't take them long to realize they are under pricing their cruises.
  19. Just booked this cruise. Who will be joining this group. Carol
  20. My military unit is having a a reunion cruise next month on a Carnival ship, causing this Princess guy to move over to the sister line for one cruise. So, a couple of questions, if I may, please: Tea: I don't drink coffee, but do drink strong black (not herbal) tea. Does Carnival stock the MDR and buffet with good black tea (something a little vacation worthy than Lipton)? Toiletries: Good quality or should I bring my own? Breakfast: I'm a maple syrup purist. Does Carnival carry real maple syrup (not Aunt Jemima or some other corn-syrup based, artificially flavored stoff) or should I bring my own. Wine: I presume Carnival will allow one bottle per adult to be brought on board? Rum: We'll be in the Caribbean; if I buy some souvenir rum, can I bring it aboard for bringing home? Thanks in advance for your forbearance and kind answers.
  21. Our family of four were on the Carnival Magic a couple of weeks ago (LOVED IT!). I'll be posting a lengthy and in-depth review, but happy to answer any questions in the meantime. Here are some areas where I may be helpful: Chef's Table Cloud 9 Spa Deck 12 balcony Circle C (13-14 year olds) O2 Club (15-17 year olds) Art Gallery/Auction Steakhouse Cucina del Capitano Italian Restaurant Snorkeling (Grand Turk, Aruba, Curacao)
  22. Does the Pride still have the French door balcony cabins?
  23. Hi all: This is my first time posting on this Forum, though I have thought about doing so before.. I love to gamble, and go to my local area casinos and Las Vegas often, but have only recently (in the last few years) found out that about the generous (and in many cases not-so-generous) comp programs aboard the major lines. I will be going on my first Carnival Elite cruise in November, and am planning to do what I have thought about doing many times before - writing a detailed trip report, focused primarily on the casino activities. To get in the mood for trips in the past, I enjoyed searching the web and these Forums to find information about cruise casinos, and other people's experiences in them, and found very few results that were of interest.. There seems to be quite the dearth of information related to casinos on board cruise ships, and I am writing this post in the hope that it will spur me on to actually write the trip report this time around! I'll start with a recollection from a previous Carnival Splendor, which as it was happening, I was kicking myself that I hadn't started a live trip report so that I could report it to these Forums in real time.. My primary game is Blackjack, and as this was a Premier cruise, the tables were always fairly busy, usually at least one other person to play with most of the time.. There was one gentleman on board that always bought it for around $4,000 and bet big but randomly, sometimes $50, sometimes $500, and he usually lasted around 30 minutes before losing it all. So far, so typical. This one night, late, around 12/1am, he pitched up to the table with his chips and started to bet in his usual erratic style. This particular evening, Lady Luck was smiling on him, and he managed to amass quite a collection of black ($100) chips.. At this point, he questioned the pit and asked if he could bet over the table max (this table's bet range was $25-$500), and the pit granted his request.. I think their working theory was that this crazy old dude will give us all our money back if we let him. The pit boss instructed the dealer to accept any bet on his space, and he was then regularly throwing out $1,000 or $2,000 bets. He continued to win, and amassed so many chips that the pit actually brought him a rack to put his black chips in. Somewhere around this time, he actually managed to clear out all the black and most of the green ($25) chips from the rack, and the pit had to order a fill. He requested that they bring out mainly purple ($500) chips as he expected to win them all, and they laughed, and told him that they could only bring out black. He requested to color up some of his chips with the few purple chips that were currently in the rack, and they told him he needed to win more black before they'd do that. Again, I think they were totally expecting to get all the money back from him and almost goading him into continuing his bets.. The joke was on them, however, as he managed to clean out the rack for a second time (of the newly re-filled black chips), and this time, they granted his wish and cracked out the purple chips for the second fill.. He kept pressing the bets, some winning, some losing, but not really diminishing his stack, and by the time he finished, he walked away from the table with (at my estimate) $40K or $50K in two chip-racks full of purple chips. I did see him a couple more times back in the casino after that, and he had reverted to what usually happened - buy in for $4,000 or so and lose it all in less than an hour.. I talked to the pit staff towards the end of the cruise, and they mentioned that he had indeed had another big winning session when I wasn't present, and he was significantly up for the cruise, so it does happen - people can walk away from cruise ship casinos with significantly more than they walked in with. This has yet to happen to me though, and as I'm sure it takes a particular combination of recklessness, luck and sheer craziness to make it happen, I doubt that it will.. Hope springs eternal. Anyway, that was a bit rambling, but does anyone else have any crazy stories of things that happened in a cruise casino that they wish they had documented at the time? Does anyone have any questions related to my experiences in cruise casinos or in the comp system (with RCCL, NCL and Carnival), or thoughts about what questions could be answered by an intensive casino-focused trip report? Any information you have searched for online and struggled to find any relatable personal experiences recounted elsewhere?
  24. I can't seem to find the intenirary for this cruise. Can anyone find it?
  25. Hi does anyone know the e mail address to send your proof of purchase to please? P & O just gave me an e mail but it has come back no such user. Thanks
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