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  1. I am just wondering which games on the Horizon sports desk require a fee of some sort. For instance, I am sure that mini golf would be free as it is on most, if not all ships, but what about pool etc.
  2. lonslotguy

    Carnival Horizon Laundry

    Can't seem to confirm that there are self serve launderettes on board the Horizon. Can anyone confirm. Thank You
  3. I just got off Carnival Horizon, (full review will come later). While on the ship we came across the acoustic musician Owen Stephen. It was his first week on the ship. Owen plays different types of music from country to classic rock, besides his own music. Very talented and willing to sing almost every song that was requested. He plays in the pig and anchor, the atrium and a couple of times in the ocean plaza. Try and see at least one of his shows during the cruise.
  4. Do they offer a specialty dining package?
  5. IntrepidFromDC

    Carnival Horizon Tips

    Noticing Horizon is different than other Carnival ships I've been on, (e.g., elevators), it would be nice to have a consolidated thread where cruisers share their best tips, or links to tips. Here's one I like a lot: https://cruiseradio.net/39-carnival-horizon-cruise-tips/
  6. We haven't cruised in a couple of years. We were booked on the Vista this past June, but had to cancel because we were moving to another state. So needless to say I am a little rusty here on CC! The site is new and improved since I've been on it. So forgive me if this question has already been asked. We want to do a Southern Caribbean, which includes Grand Turk, Curacao and Aruba in March or April of 2020. There isn't much info on the Horizon yet, and I really didn't get much of a chance to do some research for Vista, when we were booked on her, which was also going to these islands. I don't have as much time on my hands like I used to, with my new job...so I'm hoping for a little help, to get me started. So if you had to pick, which would you pick? Horizon or Magic? or if you have been on the Vista, which I assume is a lot like the Horizon....which would you pick? (Horizon is obviously more expensive, but is it worth it??) Thanks in advance!
  7. Floridastorm


    I believe that this is Carnival's newest and largest ship and is one of the reasons I would like to try it out. It also has loads of eating places on board and that will please both my wife and myself. Two questions: How is the entertainment such as shows, etc.? I would think that a brand new ship would have excellent entertainment, at least for the first year or so. I see that there are Interior Cabins with Picture Windows. Some of the other Carnival ships also have these cabins. Can someone explain how they are set up? On the ship's schematic they seem located at the bow. Are they the same price as other Interior Cabins or more expensive? Thanks.............................:confused:
  8. tiger-91

    Pullmantur Horizon

    I'm cruising the Canary islands this week. Figured I'd post what I can. And answer questions. Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  9. I'm due to set sale on my first cruise on Sept 30, and the Horizon reviews are starting to worry me. Does anyone have any advice on what to expect? Also is it really that bad? It's a brand new ship so I am shocked to see so many things this early on.
  10. 228THSTREET

    Horizon Prioty

    If you book a Havana Cabana due you get a early on board
  11. cindik

    Magic or Horizon

    Both have Southern Caribbean itinerary. The Magic sails from FLL, the Horizon from Miami. Magic ports are HMC, Grand Turk, Curaco, and Aruba. The Horizon sails to Grand Turk, La Romania, Curaco. and Aruba. Looking at Dec. 2019. Please help me decide! The prices are similar.
  12. Hi All, On my first Princess cruise (Regal) I do not recall if I noticed a difference, probably I was just excited to see all the offerings. Wife and I are cruising Royal Princess on 11/24, can anyone tell me how the two sections are different. Thanks,
  13. landsear

    Horizon and movies

    So there's the free Dive in series, right? What's the deal with the Imax and isn't there one other type of movie on board? What's the cost?
  14. Just got an email that the skyride on our sailing will be closed for the duration of our cruise (september 30th - October 6th) kinda disappointing as I was looking forward to it! Does the skyride go down alot? Horizon is still a pretty new ship!
  15. 2xsin12mths

    Horizon Havana Cabana

    Well we did it...we booked a Havana Cabana and now my husband wants every cruise to be in a Havana room. It is AMAZING! Just off the 6 day cruise out of Miami yesterday. We were on a ship with 4,000+ and felt like we were on a ship of 100. Obviously we will not be cruising in Havana every time since currently only Vista and Horizon have that option but what an amazing experience. From the room, to the walkout balcony to the hot tubs/pool to the Havana bar it was awesome!
  16. Does Carnival Horizon offer the Behind the Scenes excursion? Has anyone done it?
  17. landsear

    Horizon trip review

    First and foremost, I posted a few weeks ago if I should pay $800 to upgrade to the Havana area. I think most people thought I was nuts, but wow. The Havana area was our entire vacation. Best $800 I've ever spent! I truly don't know if we'll be able to cruise in the future on a ship that doesn't have this area. It was that good. I attached a picture I took of the sunset from the Havana area. The good: Havana! The bartenders and bar staff made the cruise. Best bar staff I've ever encountered. They were amazing and just made our vacation so much better. The Havana pool is a bit small, but was never full. The hot tubs were huge! Almost as big as the pool! They could have been hotter, but the staff did increase the temperature every time it was asked. Everyone in this area was just SO NICE! Best passengers we've ever cruised with. Pig and Anchor was great. It was the best pay restaurant IMO. And half the price of the Steakhouse or Teppanyaki. We ended up eating at Pig and Anchor for 3 out of the 6 nights. I really liked the decor and didn't miss the glass elevators at all. I'm a little bit confused now by everyone saying how much they didn't care for it. Carnival has finally entered the modern times and doesn't look like a floating Atlantic City casino. The elevators also were great. They were a bit slow at times, but so much more efficient. I'd love it if every hotel or big venue goes to this type of elevator. We didn't spend too much time up there, but we liked the Dr. Seuss splash pad and water slides. The water was warm and they were fun. Also embarkation! We just walked right on. We didn't have anything special and I would have been pissed if I paid for FTTF. I didn't hear one person who said they waited in line to board at all. Still happily shocked at how quickly the process went. Debarkation also was easy peasy. The average: The food. We only went to the dining room the first night. It just wasn't that good. Carnival's schtick of making you pay for better food definitely worked on us. The breakfast was the best breakfast at sea I've ever had. Lunch was pretty good too. I"m not a buffet person, and typically dislike all cruise food. However, between the Great Wok, Pig and Anchor, and Cucina for lunch, we did well. The sea day brunch is also still amazing. We did the Sky Ride. It was fun, but not worth waiting in a long line for. We went in port and didn't wait. I would have been disappointed if we waited more than 10 min for it. I did enjoy Guys and was surprised I did, I was not expecting to like it. Blue Iguana was fine too. The bad: The Steakhouse. I am honestly really disappointed. Before this cruise, I was team 'the steakhouse is the best meal ever and well worth the money!". Now I'm like 'ehhhh.....' Every course we had from appetizer to dessert was just...fine? Nowhere near worth the money we spent on it. My free filet at the sea day brunch well surpassed my filet mignon from the steakhouse. We also didn't love Teppanyaki. It was also just okay. Not worth the money at all. Pig and Anchor is literally half the price on average of these other two restaurants and so much better. Our Havana interior room was also just too small. There wasn't the standard interior couch or dresser. We had to basically live out of our suitcases under the bed for the week. Please note that although I greatly disliked this, my husband thinks I'm overreacting and he had no issue with it at all 🙂 Last note that has left such a sour taste in my mouth is how many people we saw removing tips. I knew from here that it was thing, but not to the extent it was. The moved the line to the Havana bar because the grand atrium couldn't handle all of the people. People were waiting 2 hours in line to remove them. It was insane and ridiculous to me. I thought it was like 20 people per cruise, not 1/4 of the ship! I wish Carnival would just remove them all together and just increase the cruise fare the $150 it cost. Any questions? Just ask!
  18. We are going to be sailing on the Carnival Horizon in October with our 1 year old son. We just found out that children in swim diapers are not permitted to use any water facilities on board. We did not plan on bringing him in the pools on board, but we weren't aware that he would not be allowed in the Waterworks area either. We wanted to ask how likely is it for us to be kicked out of the Waterworks area if we let him play in there with a swim diaper? I already know the policy, but my question is more about if we do give it a try for him to play there a little bit on days at sea how strict is the security going to be with kicking us out of there? Thanks!
  19. I saw that there is no Park West Gallery on the Carnival Horizon and Panorama. I was wondering if Carnival was doing away with these art auctions. Not that this would break my heart as I find the art people annoying and have gone twice (I forgot how annoying it was the first time) and will not buy art or go again. I just thought it was odd that it was on all the ships except for the new ones. Perhaps Carnival has contracts on the older ships and is phasing them out?
  20. First of all the trip was awesome! Great weather except for 2 half days of rain - otherwise beautiful. Great ship - loved it was new. Havana aft was perfect - room 7467. Agus was our steward and he was great. Dining room food was good - didn't particularly like the buffet at dinner but lunch was good. Guy's burger was always good. The burritos were really good too. Did Carnival transfers from LGA and back to JFK. LGA was confusion for the transfer people but the ride back was good (and on a large bus). Shows were good but the cruise director Chris was amazing!! Do not miss his atrium shows every evening. Packed! No issues getting into the regular shows as I heard in the past you needed to be there 30 minutes early. I walked in about 10/15 minutes early and always seats available. The show on night 2 was the best - it had a scary theme to it and was awesome. Carnival gift cards - added to sign and sail during trip. At end of trip if money left over they mailed you what was left over $10. Also used that money at the casino so didn't have to carry cash. If you want the cash and not have them send you a check just add left over money to your card in the casino and go to the counter and cash in your card and they will hand you the cash. Disembarkation at ports was easy and moved well. Disembarkation at end of trip was also smooth. I'm so tired today that my brain isn't working so any questions, please ask and I will try to answer. I'm sure I have alot more to say but again I'm exhausted from my vacation. :cool:
  21. Hello everyone, I'm pretty new here. So i just came off of a cruise on the Carnival Fantasy. The rooms were SO small it felt as if we were stacked on one another, and that was a simple room of 3. When i viewed the room of my family member, 5 people, they "literally" were stacked upon each other (two twins pushed together, and three bunk-beds, one over the two twins). So what I am wondering is that if I book a room with 5 people on the Carnival Horizon, are the rooms as small and as cramped as the rooms on the Carnival Fantasy? Thanks so much for the answers!
  22. What's the deal with the muster drill now? Is it still outside?
  23. alwayslisad

    Horizon room #of plugs ?

    How many plugs are in the room? At the desk? Nightstand?
  24. Has anyone stayed in this cabin? Just wondering if you hear music from the disco above??
  25. laumicmah

    Just off the Horizon

    So we got off the Horizon on Sunday after 8 lovely days. It was my 9th Carnival cruise and DH's 8th. We are 45 and our kids are all off to college. The kids have been on 5 Carnival cruises with us. We have done the Fascination, Sensation, Imagination, Pride, Glory and Magic previously. We kinda liked the Magic most out of those. But also didn't mind the Pride and have warm fuzzies for the Fantasy class (our first few were Fantasy class and they are easy to navigate with less pax to deal with). Just wasn't stoked about the Glory for some reason. At any rate I will give a bit of a summary of my thoughts and maybe share a few stories but won't do a full on blow by blow. We cruised with some friends of ours who are close in age to us but their 3 kids are young so they brought them and their eldest brought a friend. They stayed in 2 family harbor suites and said it was totally worth it for the kids to have access to that lounge (especially the younger 2). I saw their suites and was quite unimpressed. I liked the curtain between the kids beds and adult bed and the 2 part bathroom. But the bathrooms were super duper small and the decor was bright plastic looking blue (bathrooms). There was a nice walk in like closet and a lovely balcony but narrow and the room rather plain and small. And though there were clear dividers between their two balconies, the steward claimed they could not be opened. Our friends said the suites were meh...they did suites on DCL and said those are way more impressive. (and I would get to tour a Havana Cabana suite during the cruise and that suite was AWESOME). But they loved the lounge (breakfast, ice cream, games and such). Hubby and I were in a Havana inside on deck 6 (6470). If at the Havana bar looking towards the Havana pool, there is a set of stairs tucked to the right of that bar that go up to Havana cabins...up one flight and, bam, you hit my cabin. I loved that there were doors that closed us off from the long NON Havana cabin hallway. There was just a back row of aft cabins in Havana on decks 6-8 at least (maybe higher but I talked to some folks in a Havana aft deck 8 cabin). Those are all off that tucked away staircase and door-ed off from the main hallway. It was 'hallway' quiet. And I emphasize 'hallway' quiet for a reason. So...day 1 I am loving that cabin. I love quiet as I am a very light sleeper. And, man, was our cabin area super quiet...by day. I loved the quick shot to the Havana section and LOVED LOVED LOVED that Havana pool area. Yes, they enforce Havana guests only. And it's not crowded. So much so that you get to meet other Havana guests (hence me getting a tour of the cabana suite). The bar service there is pretty good too due to no crowds (the inside bar, by day, was pretty dead). You can get coffee and water at that bar and right around the corner (towards mid ship on deck 5) was a place that had a small breakfast buffet (and lunch, though we never checked it out at lunch). We ate breakfast right there almost every morning. And around the corner from that was the coffee counter where we'd get cappuccinos each morning. There was also a corner open bar out there with all that and we got to know Camillo the bartender there. That's where we'd meet up with our friends before dinner. Down the ship from those things is Guys Pig and Anchor bar and outside on the deck there is the BBQ lunch window (which I grabbed 2/8 days). So that whole area was our main hangout and it was nice to avoid the masses up on Lido. Okay, so now for the cabin 'by night'. Seven out of the 8 nights the Havana bar had a Latin music band play until 1am. It was like 9-10 and 11-1 or something like that. We tend to call it a night at 10-11pm. With that dang drink package and all that food (especially after spending 2 hours in the MDR), we crashed early (super early some nights). I also ALWAYS wake around 7am on vacations. Can't sleep in (probably being a light sleeper and other folks start moving about at 7am and it wakes me). So...we could hear that band play while in our bed with the TV blaring and hubby snoring (and eventually even with my earplugs in). It was clear as day, as if they were playing in my room and the bed vibrated. I started asking other Havana guests if they had the same and discovered that deck 8 was fine as were the cabana cabins on deck 5. Our cabin was directly above that stage in the bar so we had the worst spot...by night. And if you tend to be out until 1am, you wouldn't notice it. But we love the Havana section and will book that anytime we can. My dream cabin would be a cabana suite...heck just a cabana will do. Food...MDR was a let down so we stopped going and did Lido once and then 4 nights of specialty dining. We did the sushi (Bonsai???) place twice and it was delish. We did the, upstairs off Lido, Asian place once and that was delish. The last night of the cruise we did the steakhouse and it was very very good too. But I was so full and sick of drinking at that point that I didn't truly enjoy it. Left half my filet and didn't do dessert. Sad sad. Next time I'd move that up earlier in the cruise. Buffet didn't wow us either. We ended up mostly doing the non buffet stuff up there...pizza, Guy's burgers, wok (was Asian pay place at night and free wok for lunch) and the pay extra seafood counter. And the BBQ counter down on deck 5. We did get cake a few times though...and it was meh. DH and our friends really liked the seafood counter. Ship was clean. Staff was friendly and good. The CD, Mike Pack, was pretty good. John Heald was on the ship for a few days and he went past me a couple times. We didn't see any theater shows. We saw 1 comedy show and it was good. We saw Jo in the piano bar 1 night and she was good. We saw a little karaoke. We saw a boy girl duo in Pig and Anchor. We were at some of the electric white party. DH and friend and his kids watched Venom movie in the theater and DH and I did the short thrills theater thing. We did 2 nights in the casino for just a little while (I won $59 and DH lost $50). We tried a lot of drinks at almost all the bars (never made it in the Library bar). We played a few trivia games. The kids did the slides. The older 2 did their own thing. The skyride was broken at first but got fixed for the 2nd half. DH went to the gym a couple times. The 2 negatives...one was the sports bar didn't play the big football games or the baseball play offs. And our 2 guys are BIG sports fans (and eldest kid of friends along with his friend...both 16). The day we got on the ship, in Miami, FL State played Univ of Miami and they did NOT have that game on. The sports bar and casino bar and Pig and Anchor bar had like 10 TVs each and 3 played 1 same football game (but never a good one) and one played Cricket and the other had like Poker, soccer or something odd. And cabin TV have zero zilch nada sports channels. The other negative was my spa hair salon experience. I pre-bought (with spa sale) a wash and style in the salon for formal night. It was like $42. I was not feeling great on that first seaday (little seasick and little hung over) so I went to the salon and asked if I could cancel. I was told it would not be refunded. So I asked if I could move it to the last night (when we had steakhouse resies) and was told I'd pay twice as I'd lose the money for cancelling that day. So I went ahead and got my hair done. She suggested I put it up and not get it washed as the curls and updo stays better with dirty hair. So she curls and throws it up in like 15 minutes (really 25 because she had to stop midway through to go deal with something in the computer for like 10 mins). It's cute but nothing spectacular. So then she hands me receipt to sign and it has a total on it but I don't have my reading glasses to really read it. But I say why am I being charged when I prepaid. She said 'oh, you'e not...don't worry...it's nothing'. I then see a line and ask if I can add a tip and she says 'of course'. I put $8 in the tip line and the total line. I see, later, on the TV that she refunded the $43 and charged me $56 (I suppose for updo instead of style...but I didn't get a wash so I figured the price would be same and she never told me otherwise)...and, here's the big kicker, there was already an $8 auto tip so she got $16....for $72 total. And she tried to get me to sign up to come the next night for treatments to my hair. Ha...nope. And never doing the salon on a cruise again. Another negative, but off ship, was at Grand Turk Margaritaville. Each family got a poolside cabana. We went to desk on ship to ask to have them next door to each other and was told it was noted...but we got there and were taken to 2 cabanas not together and told that was all that was left (didn't see any folks in the far right 3 then so I think she was just too lazy to go back and switch keys). Then she tells us our buzzer (for service) didn't work in one cabana...but she swore the server would be there every 5 mins (NOT). Then, us adults and the 2 younger kids hang out in one while the two 16 year olds hang out in the other. We all go to the beach and when we adults come back we see a lady sacked out on the lounger on the deck of the boys' cabana. We tell the server to please go shoo her off and she replies 'no, I am making tips off her and you aren't using that cabana'...our friends say 'we paid a ton of money for that cabana so it doesn't matter' and she mumbles something about 'you all are over here and I want to make tips off of her' and she leaves. Then when we pay our tab on CC she asks us to pay her tip in cash so she wouldn't have to split it with the cooks and bussers. Won't EVER be booking a poolside cabana there again. In fact, after 3 times at Grand Turk, we won't be going back if we can help it. The water is gross. There are like 25 free chairs on the beach and then you have to pay. The time before, on Magic, there was another big ship there too and it was ridiculously crowded. The ground in the water is all rocky. It was a thumbs down 2/3 times I've been...so the average is not good. My DH also left his sneakers in the cabana and hoped they'd have found them and sent them to the ship. We called the desk later that night and no shoes. The next day, in San Juan, we went off in search of a sneaker store (Footlocker was right in port there, thank goodness). St Kitts we did a catamaran snorkel and had a blast. But then in town we bought conch fritters but they turned out to be just corn. DH and I took a taxi to that Princess Juliana airport beach in St Maarten. That was nice but then it began to rain and rained all afternoon. We went back on ship early and watched the mountain goats running down the mountain while sitting in the havana pool area. Getting on the ship was easy. Though driving into port and dropping off luggage and parking was kinda chaotic. We ended up parking and having to haul luggage down to street where a guy took it and we worried we might not see it again. But then everything went smoothly. We had 11:30-12:30 time and we got email bumping it back to 12:30-1:30. We arrived at 12 and was on the ship at 12:30. Our cabin was ready at 1:30 and we had muster at like 4:00. That was THE longest muster ever. We sat there FOREVER....like 45 minutes. They had to keep waiting for folks to get there and finally listed a bunch of names and said to meet in some lounge for their muster since they missed it. It was a lot of names. That ship is too big to get muster organized. Getting on and off in ports was easy too (Glory was a nightmare in that department). Disembarking was crappy. We were told the self assist would go from 7:30-8:30 and then they call luggage tag numbers for the folks who put out their bags from 8:30-10:30. Well they arrived in port on time but Mike came on and said it would be a delay in getting off and they began by calling deck 12 and up at 7:45. Plus luggage tags 1 and 2. Then they didn't call the next group until 8:15 and it was decks 10 and above plus more luggage tags. DH and I said screw it. There was a lot of folks pouring down and out and no way were all those folks 10 and above. We go and get in massive customs lines where the agents are thoroughly examining every person (made DH take hat off and asked us where we were heading and what our names and DOBs were). There were folks at every bag lane number getting luggage and I thought self assist was all supposed to go before they started allowing the luggage out folks to go. Man, we lugged all our crap down and would have much preferred to put it out the night before but we had to drive back to NC and and needed to get going so we wanted as early as possible. Then we walk outside and hit a wall of folks waiting for taxis. So, no more port of Miami which is sad because we love that Havana section and only 2 ships have that. I hope the new big guy going to Port Canaveral has a Havana. That's our fave port. Another 'won't do again' is getting the drink package. We got specialty coffee every day and a few big bottles of water. We also drank about 7 drinks on seadays and like 3-4 on port days...but some days I wanted to NOT have any and maybe had 2-3. I also left a lot of drinks half drank. I figure I averaged 1 coffee and 4 drinks a day plus 3 big bottles of water and one movie theater soda and one milkshake over the whole trip...so 5-6 per day but wanted more of an average of 3/day. We also wanted to have more drinks in the ports but felt we should limit those since we had free ones on the ship. And we felt obliged to add a tip. I think we spent more money than when we don't do the drink package (which was all other cruises as this was our first time getting the package). We also don't mind bringing on the 2 bottles of wine. So never again for this as well. There were 4 port days in a row with the last 2 days being seadays. I was ready to be off the ship by then and felt it was 2 days too long. So we decided we will stick with 5-6 nighters (maybe 7). We have a 9 night Royal booked and I am a regretting that. Too long. So shorter and preferably out of PC and with a Havana and no drink package but bring 2 bottles of wine and do all the specialty dinner venues. Also will pack less. That inside cabin was SMALL. We've been in insides before (on Carnival) and had more storage space. This one had one closet with one tiny hanging side and one shelves/drawers side. The desk area was half with only the hairdryer drawer with a little section to put stuff. And the TV channels sucked...that reminds me...no more cruising during football. DH has great memories of watching football on the pride one October with some friends of ours...in the sports bar. And he remembers watching in the cabin too as I remember watching Survivor and Walking Dead (not this time). Anyway, I will pack lighter and have easier luggage to drag off the ship. Don't need as much stuff as I brought and I did laundry twice since DH wears the same 4 things over and over. So one small rolling suitcase each. Well this report went on longer than anticipated. More blow by blow after all. We did have a nice cruise. Would give it a solid B. Just tweak some things for next time. Can try to post some pics tomorrow. Will see if I can figure this new fangled CC out (I say, if it aint broke...).