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  1. lonslotguy

    Carnival Horizon Laundry

    Can't seem to confirm that there are self serve launderettes on board the Horizon. Can anyone confirm. Thank You
  2. cindik

    Magic or Horizon

    Both have Southern Caribbean itinerary. The Magic sails from FLL, the Horizon from Miami. Magic ports are HMC, Grand Turk, Curaco, and Aruba. The Horizon sails to Grand Turk, La Romania, Curaco. and Aruba. Looking at Dec. 2019. Please help me decide! The prices are similar.
  3. Does anyone know if the interior cabins on Carnival Horizon have a clothesline in the bathroom?
  4. landsear

    Horizon and movies

    So there's the free Dive in series, right? What's the deal with the Imax and isn't there one other type of movie on board? What's the cost?
  5. I saw someone had posted on FB there were not any shows on the Horizon? Because a cast member passed away at the end of December? Has anyone else heard about this? If they are not doing shows in the evening, what entertainment has been offered? Will there be shows for our sailing this Saturday? That all being said, I'm not worried about the shows - I'm sure we will keep ourselves entertained! Just curious (and I'm sure my husband would say nosy! ) If this is accurate, I hope the friends and family of the crew member are doing okay.
  6. Ace5614

    ATD on the Horizon

    Would someone tell me what dinning room Carnival uses for ATD on the Horizon?
  7. I am just wondering which games on the Horizon sports desk require a fee of some sort. For instance, I am sure that mini golf would be free as it is on most, if not all ships, but what about pool etc.
  8. norwane

    Horizon questions

    Hello~ We will be on the 8 day Horizon out of Miami. Is Quest going to be on our sailing? Does anyone happen to have the Funtimes? We were unable to get Havana cabins. Will we still be able to have a good time, suffering on the Serenity deck?! 😉 (Kidding, well kind of! ) Also, if one of the people in our cabins has Platinum, do we still need to have FTTF for the person that is not Platinum? Would the person that is not Platinum still be able to board and debark early? Thanks!
  9. Cant wait until March

    Formal Night On The Horizon?

    Is there a specific formal night on the Horizon? We are booked on the March 9th sailing and were trying to decide when to go to the steakhouse. Thanks.
  10. We are currently on the Horizon and at the beginning of the cruise there was a letter in our cabin stating that the Sky Ride would be closed for the duration of our cruise. To our pleasant surprise it opened yesterday and was open again today. Seems they got whatever needed to be fixed done. Hopefully this is a sign that is back into normal operation. Have ridden it three times and find it enjoyable. We did go up to it when there was a minimal line (while the ship was in port). Don’t think I would wait for it if there was a substantial line.
  11. landsear

    Horizon trip review

    First and foremost, I posted a few weeks ago if I should pay $800 to upgrade to the Havana area. I think most people thought I was nuts, but wow. The Havana area was our entire vacation. Best $800 I've ever spent! I truly don't know if we'll be able to cruise in the future on a ship that doesn't have this area. It was that good. I attached a picture I took of the sunset from the Havana area. The good: Havana! The bartenders and bar staff made the cruise. Best bar staff I've ever encountered. They were amazing and just made our vacation so much better. The Havana pool is a bit small, but was never full. The hot tubs were huge! Almost as big as the pool! They could have been hotter, but the staff did increase the temperature every time it was asked. Everyone in this area was just SO NICE! Best passengers we've ever cruised with. Pig and Anchor was great. It was the best pay restaurant IMO. And half the price of the Steakhouse or Teppanyaki. We ended up eating at Pig and Anchor for 3 out of the 6 nights. I really liked the decor and didn't miss the glass elevators at all. I'm a little bit confused now by everyone saying how much they didn't care for it. Carnival has finally entered the modern times and doesn't look like a floating Atlantic City casino. The elevators also were great. They were a bit slow at times, but so much more efficient. I'd love it if every hotel or big venue goes to this type of elevator. We didn't spend too much time up there, but we liked the Dr. Seuss splash pad and water slides. The water was warm and they were fun. Also embarkation! We just walked right on. We didn't have anything special and I would have been pissed if I paid for FTTF. I didn't hear one person who said they waited in line to board at all. Still happily shocked at how quickly the process went. Debarkation also was easy peasy. The average: The food. We only went to the dining room the first night. It just wasn't that good. Carnival's schtick of making you pay for better food definitely worked on us. The breakfast was the best breakfast at sea I've ever had. Lunch was pretty good too. I"m not a buffet person, and typically dislike all cruise food. However, between the Great Wok, Pig and Anchor, and Cucina for lunch, we did well. The sea day brunch is also still amazing. We did the Sky Ride. It was fun, but not worth waiting in a long line for. We went in port and didn't wait. I would have been disappointed if we waited more than 10 min for it. I did enjoy Guys and was surprised I did, I was not expecting to like it. Blue Iguana was fine too. The bad: The Steakhouse. I am honestly really disappointed. Before this cruise, I was team 'the steakhouse is the best meal ever and well worth the money!". Now I'm like 'ehhhh.....' Every course we had from appetizer to dessert was just...fine? Nowhere near worth the money we spent on it. My free filet at the sea day brunch well surpassed my filet mignon from the steakhouse. We also didn't love Teppanyaki. It was also just okay. Not worth the money at all. Pig and Anchor is literally half the price on average of these other two restaurants and so much better. Our Havana interior room was also just too small. There wasn't the standard interior couch or dresser. We had to basically live out of our suitcases under the bed for the week. Please note that although I greatly disliked this, my husband thinks I'm overreacting and he had no issue with it at all 🙂 Last note that has left such a sour taste in my mouth is how many people we saw removing tips. I knew from here that it was thing, but not to the extent it was. The moved the line to the Havana bar because the grand atrium couldn't handle all of the people. People were waiting 2 hours in line to remove them. It was insane and ridiculous to me. I thought it was like 20 people per cruise, not 1/4 of the ship! I wish Carnival would just remove them all together and just increase the cruise fare the $150 it cost. Any questions? Just ask!
  12. Wondering if anyone has sailed the Horizon and NCL Escape/Getaway? Was the motion was similar? Some of my party sailed the Carnival Breeze a few years ago and had motion sickness here and there, but never felt a thing on the other two ships. Of course weather and currents make a difference, but we're just wondering. Thanks!
  13. 2xsin12mths

    Horizon Havana Cabana

    Well we did it...we booked a Havana Cabana and now my husband wants every cruise to be in a Havana room. It is AMAZING! Just off the 6 day cruise out of Miami yesterday. We were on a ship with 4,000+ and felt like we were on a ship of 100. Obviously we will not be cruising in Havana every time since currently only Vista and Horizon have that option but what an amazing experience. From the room, to the walkout balcony to the hot tubs/pool to the Havana bar it was awesome!
  14. Does anyone have or know where I can find any photos of the layout of these interior cabins on the Carnival Horizon or Carnival Vista where the door is in the middle of the room? Looking at cabins 9204, 11207, and 11208 as an example... Thanks!
  15. starteryaron

    Horizon Family harbor

    Does any one know if there is a differnce between a family harbor ocean view cabin to a "regular" ocean view cabin - only in terms of the decoration, general looks of the room and toilet, size of thr room? Thanks
  16. norwane

    T-mobile and Horizon

    Hello, Sorry if this has been asked and answered. How is T-Mobile on the Horizon and the islands we will be going to? We will be going to Aruba, Grand Turk, Curacao and La Romana. I will probably be getting the social media package. I know I need to put the phone on airplane mode once on the ship. Thanks!
  17. I am looking to book an excursion for next April in Curaçao when I am on the Horizon. Has anyone used Irie Tours, and if so have you done the West Beach Hopping Tour? How was it? TYIA! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  18. I just got off Carnival Horizon, (full review will come later). While on the ship we came across the acoustic musician Owen Stephen. It was his first week on the ship. Owen plays different types of music from country to classic rock, besides his own music. Very talented and willing to sing almost every song that was requested. He plays in the pig and anchor, the atrium and a couple of times in the ocean plaza. Try and see at least one of his shows during the cruise.
  19. Off the wall question ... but for those of you who are far sighted ... lol Do they have the magnified mirror on the wall in the bathroom? I don't want to unnecessarily bring mine.. Thanks !
  20. If you were only going to dine in one of the Horizon’s extra charge specialty restaurants, which one would you choose? We will be on the ship next week with our family, which includes grandchildren aged 5, 7, and 9.
  21. Hi. Just curious what the earliest check-in time normally is for the Horizon out of Miami? I know we definitely didn’t get the earliest check-in time, but we got 12:30 which I am hoping is fairly good. I can’t seem to snag FTTF. Thanks!
  22. I received notice yesterday that I should arrive an hour later for checkin as the Horizon will be late into Miami tomorrow. (12:30 arrival appt instead of 1130). Anyone been through this before who can share their experience? Is this orderly or does chaos and long queues become the order of the day?
  23. Hullo! My husband and I are doing our first back-to-back cruises, on the Horizon. 24th of March 2019 Athens to Malaga and then 31st March Malaga returning to Malaga. I usually organise excursions myself but I'm a bit in a quandary over Rome. We're docked from 9:00 to 19:30 and were planning on taking the train in ourselves but the timetable isn't great. If I allow for a delay getting off the ship (I'm assuming they'll let folks off for their own excursions first) the train we could definitely catch doesn't get us into the city until 11:48 and for safety we'd need to return on a train that leaves us with only about 4 1/2 hours in Rome. The tour that we want to take is 3 to 3 1/2 hours, which doesn't leave much time for anything else - I've been to Rome already but my husband hasn't and I want to show him around a bit. This is a very long-winded way of asking if anyone out there knows if Pullmantur offer the special train excursion that I've seen elsewhere on the forums. I've been on the Pullmantur excursion site to have a look but it has so many glitches that it's doing my head in and I can't get any excursions at all to load 🙄... If they do offer this then I'll happily pay the price for an earlier start and a guarantee that we won't miss the boat, lol! (Plus, it looks to be a very cool train!) I want to get our tour booked asap as it's pretty popular so I'm hoping one of you experienced Pullmantur cruisers will know the answer... Cheers!
  24. Carnival Horizon Wedding review Package: Carnival Classic Platinum Package – On board ship in Grand Cayman Carnival Wedding Coordinator: Michelle Fleites Michelle was absolutely wonderful to work with. She answered any and all questions we had. If she didn’t know an answer right away, she was able to get back to us within 24 hours. There was a little confusion a couple of times because when we originally booked my wedding, we booked with the old packages. When Carnival announced there were new packages in January, we decided to cancel the old one and rebook one of the new packages. A couple of times we called in they referred to the old package and we had to keep reminding them we had rebooked. Our “2 week” phone call was actually around 10 days and was not with Michelle, it was with someone else as she was out of the office. The coordinator on the phone stated our wedding was at 12 noon, which later we found out was island time, not ship time. (make sure to specifically ask if the time they provide is ship time if you are getting married at a different port) The Wedding Experience: We only dealt with the wedding experience when we needed help with our marriage license, since it came from Grand Cayman. They did take forever to respond to an email, so eventually I just started calling and speaking to someone when I needed an answer. The final detail phone call came 3 days prior to sailing. The Wedding Host on Carnival Horizon: Julia Our host, Julia, was phenomenal. She made sure to meet with us on our first sea day to go over all the final details and show us where the ceremony would take place. She came to dinner to make sure everything was going okay and kept making sure we knew that if we needed something that we could come find her and she would take care of it. She took our cake topper and our guest book and kept it safe until the reception. During the reception she was making sure that everyone was where they needed to be and made sure that we always had a drink in our hand and food at our table. The Wedding Ceremony: Our ceremony was in the Limelight Lounge (aka Punch Liners Comedy Club). We had 39 people (including my husband and I) sailing with us and this room was the perfect size for all of us. My suggestion is that you do a rehearsal prior to the wedding taking place if you can. We opted out of the rehearsal and the ceremony went smoothly, however after you say “I Do” and walk down the aisle with hubby/wifey, there’s no direction to where you are to go next. The Reverend they brought on the ship from Grand Cayman performed a wonderful ceremony. He came to us both before the ceremony (separately of course) and gave us a rundown of how the ceremony would go. It was absolutely beautiful. Once the ceremony was over and our guests were escorted to the reception venue, it was time for family pictures. I’ll get into the photography a little later. The Wedding Reception: Our reception was in the Liquid Night Club (aka Liquid Lounge – where all the theater shows are) the room was absolutely stunning! DJ Extreme made the introductions and once my husband and I were introduced we went right into the first dance. We opted to have everyone join us as soon as the song went underway. Next was the Father/Daughter dance, then the Mother/Son dance. We should have let the DJ know not to play the entire song since it took forever. Once the dances were over with, we went right into the cake cutting. Our top tier was Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese filling. Our bottom tier was Marble with Vanilla filling (I think they put cream cheese in this tier too but I could be wrong) We opted and paid for an extra 30 minutes (the package comes with an hour reception for 20 people) so we ended up with a 90 minute reception and it went by so fast! In the Liquid Lounge, the table for my husband and I to sit was directly in line with a spotlight. It made that spot very hot to sit in, let your host know and they’ll move the table out of the spot light for you. Dream Studio Photography: Wilma was our photographer for our Wedding. She was a pleasant person, however her photography skills were severely lacking. On the morning of my wedding she came to the stateroom I was in to take some pictures of me pretending to get ready since I was already dressed and ready to go. We took lots of pictures in the stateroom but standing and sitting in the sun for pictures wasn’t something I had planned for. During the ceremony, she kept getting in the way of our guests trying to watch us get married. At one point she was a few inches away from my face. She was moving my vail and my hair instead of having my maid of honor do it. She was consistently in the of other guests photos that my mom had to finally ask her to back off so our guest could watch the ceremony. After the ceremony we got family photos taken, they don’t give you enough time between the ceremony and reception to really take photos so you either way, you cut into your reception time due to pictures. During the reception she was getting all sorts of photos, still in the way of some guests but it was the reception so it really didn’t matter. Once the reception was over, she took us around the ship to get some pictures of just the two of us. (make sure you bring some friends/family with you so you can have some photos right then and there) We took some pictures in the Havana Bar (pretty but not my favorite), then we went to the back of Deck 11 to get some pictures of us against the railing and against some of the windows of Cucina Del Cappitano, then she said we were finished. I really wanted a picture with Carnival’s Whale Tail (the funnel) and had mentioned it to her when we were getting ready that this was really the only picture I wanted outside, so we went upstairs to get that picture and we could tell she was a little irritated at that point. Once we finished with those pictures, she said we would get an appointment card to view the pictures on Friday around 11:30am and we agreed. Come Friday morning, my Husband, Aunt, Mom, Grandmother and myself all went down to the Dream studio to view my pictures. The first thing we watched was the video. The video was shaky and blurry and overall not a really good quality, this should have been our first clue that our pictures would turn out bad. Next we saw a storyline photo book. The photos in here were not horrible, however it really didn’t tell a story, they were just pictures pieced together. Next we come to our Wedding Photos. We were not impressed with any of the pictures. Out of all the pictures Wilma took, there were only 2 of my immediate family to pick from and neither one of them were of good quality. Someone was blinking, someone was talking, they were blurry and the lighting was pretty bad. My husband’s immediate family had multiples to choose from. Not a single photo that Wilma took, was of better quality of my dad’s camera. Our guests took better photos of our wedding than Wilma. Of the 200+ photos we looked through, we only purchased 7 of them. Wilma let it be known that only “certified” photographers can photograph weddings….. well Wilma, you are certainly not a “certified” photographer. We should have been able to look back at our wedding photos and smile, not all I can think of is how horrible the photographer was. This was supposed to be a memorable day, however Wilma ruined it with her pictures. Not a single picture of my husband’s face as I’m walking down the aisle. Not a single good picture of my immediate family, except when I’m kissing my husband and she had them all look at me (can’t really mess that photo up) How can you print out hundreds of pictures, and not crop or edit any of them (DJ in the background, cam lights on the celing)? If you are sailing on the Carnival Horizon, and your photographer is Wilma, I highly suggest either requesting someone else, or make sure you are asking that multiple pictures be taken. Make sure that they edit the photographs prior to showing you. The DJ was in the background of multiple pictures, there are two cups in the background of my favorite picture. We are not impressed with Wilma. I can only speak for my experience with Wilma on the Carnival Horizon, I’m sure the other photographer certified to do weddings did a much better job, but we are very disappointed with the quality of pictures. If you want any of the guests sailing with you, our guests were not allowed to view any of our pictures until 11pm Friday night… we got off the ship on Saturday morning. None of my guests had the ability to view or purchase any pictures they were in. for the Ceremony/Reception I’d rate carnival a 9-10 the photography service I’d rate. 2/10 Under Florida Law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by telephone or in writing.