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  1. So the ship isn't being launched until 2018, but have put down a deposit on an Antarctica cruise for Jan 2019. Any one else booked on this ship yet?
  2. Is stateroom 7354 larger than 7352? Wondering if that is why the cost is a bit more, or if that is because of it’s location. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, We have booked 2 cruises in 2020 on the Eclipse, I chose 2b 6220 balcony, would this be a good choice or a 2 b on deck 7? Any input would be great, thanks!!
  4. I'm so excited, we board the Eclipse on our way to Hawaii on Wednesday, my sons and I are in an aft Concierge cabin on deck 10 and can't wait to start this adventure. We have only cruised on Carnival before and decided we would like something more upscale this time around. Really looking forward to it 🙂 Andrea
  5. We're looking at Alaskan cruises in June 2020. We went to Alaska in 2015 on the Solstice and loved it. This time we are looking at both the Solstice and the Eclipse. Solstice leaves Seattle while the Eclipse leaves Vancouver. Itinerary's are the same except the Solstice goes to Skagway, and the Eclipse goes to Icy Strait Point. The price is almost the same, except Seattle is a little more in port fees. We've never been to Vancouver and it looks like it's beautiful. We've never been to Icy Strait Point, but it looks like there is not much there. We've been to Seattle, and there is a lot more there for us to see. We rode the train in Skagway last time, not sure if we would do it again. Hotels are expensive in both cities and it looks like airfare to Vancouver would be a little more expensive. Give me your thoughts and help us decide. Picture is from our 2015 trip
  6. Looking at the internet package on Eclipse- after paying for a package do you still have a charge for using it?
  7. Celebrity Eclipse cabin 9137...what is across the hall from this cabin, storage?
  8. Boarded yesterday in Buenos Aires. From here it’s Around the Horn, then on to San Diego. Any questions? Ask here.
  9. Any friends of Dorothy on this cruise
  10. Has anyone done the Chef’s Table or the Progressive Dinner on the Eclipse? If so, how was the quality, service, wines and price? we recently heard about the Progressive Dinners, a different course in each of the Specialty Restaurants. Anyone experience this? We are sailing LAX to Santiago in November and are looking to take advantage of some special dining experiences. TIA for all info!
  11. I am confused about what exactly "Kilauea Volcano (Cruising)" means for two days on our cruise after leaving Hilo and before arriving in Kona. Are these just days at sea? Or does the ship just leave for an evening cruise around the volcano and return to port for the day? Also does the ship dock in Lahaina or are there going to be tenders?
  12. While my husband and I have sailed on the Eclipse previously, this fall will be our first time in a suite. If anyone has any tips to share about how to maximize our suite enjoyment, would you please post them here? Thank you!
  13. Generally I think we all are much more Celebrity Critics than we are Celebrity Compliments, so thought I would share this. To me it's one of the reasons why Celebrity keeps my loyalty. It shows me again and again that sometimes it's the things you DON'T see/affect you that matter the most Celebrity Eclipse March 24th Sailing Day 3 of a 15 night cruise (next port Lima Peru ~.1.5 days out)) about 10-12 of us had gotten together in a smallish conference room for a small celebration. During the get together one in our group started convulsing and stopped breathing & he turned blue. Luckily no one panicked and we took the right steps We called the emergency number on the phone We flagged down a nearby ships officer who used his mobile to alert everyone that needed to be notified We cleared the room of chairs and got the man on the floor and started cpr, and after about a minute he started breathing again Within about 2-2.5 minutes, about a half dozen senior officers , a doctor, and a nurse arrived on the scene with a gurney to move the man to medical. We would find out that the plan was to move him off in Lima, Peru. Until then he would be kept stable and monitored in the ships hospital. We were just glad he was breathing and even making jokes the next day, even though he realized how serious it was. Celebrity has a policy of "No one is left behind" so a member of the specially trained "care team" was left with the afflicted gentleman and wife in Peru. She arranged for a hotel for the wife (The care team member stayed in an adjoining room at the hotel), and stayed with her for the next three days, providing comfort and translating everything since not a lot of the people in the hospital spoke English, and neither of the couple spoke Spanish. She would tell us later on that Erica (the Guest Relations Care Team Member) was their "true angel", and they really don't know what they would have done without her. The human resources manager on Eclipse (Kathleen I think her name was) also checked in with all of us individually to see how we all were doing after it all happened, and to see if we needed anything. The couple was medevaced home and Erica returned to Guest Relations after 4 days in Peru. He still has some medical battles ahead at home, but the whole team both onboard and shoreside showed genuine compassion, and really treated them both like they were family members, not just cruisers. When I returned home I was recounting the story to a friend, and she said "when I hear of a company go above and beyond obligations, and treat people like that it restores my faith"
  14. Hello, I am looking at a cruise to Alaska on the Eclipse and was wondering what kind of facilities it has for teens and tweens? What has been your experiences as a family on the Eclipse? How are the kids clubs and are there some family activities? Our kids are experienced cruisers and have been on Disney, Hal, and Royal before. My wife and I have cruised Celebrity a few times but never with the kids. Any experiences and thoughts would be welcome. Thanks.
  15. I write this with hesitation, knowing that many will label me a 'negative nelly', someone who is never satisfied, who complains about small things and on and on. But I am going to give my opinions anyway. I am, in fact, quite a Celebrity cheerleader. Just got off the 9 night Coastal Cruise, and it was our 8th Celebrity cruise in the last six months, on several different ships. Clearly I love Celebrity! Last year I sailed Eclipse for 28 days (14 night in January, then again in March) and she was FANTASTIC! No complaints at all. I was so looking forward to this cruise, as I love the ports and our experience last year was excellent. I came away quite disappointed. When I describe why I am disappointed, the best way I can describe it is" nibbled to death by ducks", if you are familiar with that expression then you will get my point. There was no one thing wrong that was awful, or horrendous, or anything like that. But so much either was wrong, or not up to par, or average at best. And no, I was NOT looking for things to be wrong - in fact quite the opposite - our other cruises were so great my expectations were high, as they should be with Celebrity. We sailed in Aqua Class and ate all our meals in Blu except for one night in Tuscan. The food ranged from okay to very good to occasionally awful. My very favorite appetizer in Blu is the shrimp cocktail and I order it almost every night. On this cruise, I tried it a couple times and it tasted so awful I gave up. The cocktail sauce was watery ketchup. My hubby's two favorites are standards as well - Caesar salad and French onion soup. They were edible, but good would be an exaggeration. His favorite breakfast is Greek yogurt - nope, not available on this ship. Our favorite wine in Blu is Decoy cabernet. Nope, they took that off the menu. This left one choice of cabernet - Elegance - which is Classic package level at best. (to be fair, we complained to the wine steward and maître d' about this and they were able to scrounge us a bottle of Decoy twice - but no cruise should have no Premium package cabernet options in their restaurants!). Service was initially quite bad in Blu, but we discussed it with the maître d' as well and it got better from there. I should point out, we are NOT ones to generally complain about things onboard. We just don't. Believe that or don't but it's true. The food in Tuscan was good, but not very good like it usually is. Service at first was very bad. We literally sat there for close to 15 minutes before anyone came to our table at all - not an assistant waiter, waiter, or wine steward. Once again we had to say something before we could get good service. Once we said something, service improved quite a bit. But we shouldn't have to complain to get good service. It doesn't sound like it when you read this, but I HATE to complain, I really do. I know the staff works their behinds off and I have made many friends through the years with crew members, several of which I communicate with regularly via Facebook, and on multiple sailings. The internet in our cabin was almost unusable. We could not even open our emails, let alone stream anything. After several conversations with Guest Relations and the IT guys, after several days they put some kind of signal booster in our cabin which helped a lot. The live entertainment was decent, but there were long gaps of time when there was no live music anywhere on the ship pre-dinner (nowhere). We were spoiled on Reflection where there was always music somewhere. Service overall on the ship was adequate usually, but overall definitely lacking compared to our other recent cruises. On all our other cruises this year we wrote thank you cards and tipped extra to a whole bunch of crew members, and always gave extra tips to our bartenders. On this cruise, we did that to the few crew who went above and beyond, but I came home with a lot of unused thank you cards and tip money. In fact, on this cruise I actually got so frustrated with a bartender that I called her out on an occasion where she asked me a question and then when I was in the middle of a sentence answering she turned her head away and started talking to someone else. I was shocked to say the least. I have NEVER, ever done this before, nor needed to. The condition of our cabin was ok, but clearly they are not doing much upkeep pre-revolutionizing. The balcony rail was quite bad, the sliding door had large gaps of paint missing, the chair in the room had a torn cushion, and the curtains had so many pinholes in them that at night when the lights were on outside I told my husband I thought I could see the Milky Way Galaxy in the pattern. I have never been on a ship running out of so many things. Besides the yogurt and the wine, they ran out of their most popular light beer (can't recall the name as we don't drink it), were running low on Cointreau (could not keep it at every bar, if you asked for it sometimes they had to run to another bar to get it), if the meal indicated asparagus you got one stalk and none with the eggs as usual, lemons and limes were unavailable in some bars on some days. I have never seen this happen so much on any other Celebrity ship. They were blaming the previous sailing around South America, but as we embarked in San Diego I find it hard to believe they could not adequately stock up there. I could go on and on even further but I'll give it a rest now. And once again, I know each and every one of these things is little, but they add up to a sub-par sailing. Did we make the best of it and enjoy ourselves? Of course we did. Are we very, very grateful that we can afford to cruise at all, of course we are. But I will certainly think twice about sailing Eclipse in the near future. Hopefully things will improve as she was so wonderful last year. Fingers crossed.
  16. New cruiser to Celebrity....What are some good Veranda cabin locations on Eclipse...Anyone have some pics from outside with cabin #'s included. Right now I'm booked in #9290..when I booked rep said it was a good location and surprised it was still available. Also just on the off-chance I can upgrade....any Concierge or Aqua-Suites I should avoid. I don't think there's a chance to go with a Sky-Suite although the final payment for my cruise is next Tuesday and I'll certainly be checking. Thanks all of you for taking the time to respond to this newbie X'er.
  17. Just booked this cruise with my husband, Marc. Looking for other gays, lesbians, and couples to have drinks with and get to know! Hope to hear back from you guys soon!
  18. We are going on the Eclipse leaving from Buenos Aires on March 11th. And looking at excursions in Patagonia. We are either two or three people and wondered if anyone has done research and is looking for others to join in perhaps private tour together.
  19. I will be on the Eclipse Mar. 24 Santiago to San Diego. I wonder who will be the cruise director.
  20. Does anyone know what Celebrations means under the ‘Add Ons’ column on my booking? I haven’t pre ordered anything.
  21. We will be on the 24 Mar 19 Eclipse and I was wondering who is the Captain's Club Host? Thanks.
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