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Found 119 results

  1. There has been a lot of chatter on FB about refunds and or On board Perks. We are on the sailing out of San Diego March 30. Has anyone on that ship been informed of any refunds etc or contacted Celebrity to inquire abut them? We got a pretty good deal and we are not unhappy with our selection but if we can get a few perks..why not!!
  2. Odd question but I'm trying to find out the size of the bedside nightstand. For some reason it's not a feature in the photos I've been able to find lol. We're in a Concierge Veranda stateroom. Wondering if it is large enough to accommodate a book, glasses, water bottle? TIA
  3. Hello all....so I have made a quick change in ship and destination and I was just curious about some things. I was on the 3/14 Millennium sailing and was told when I called in they are offering 100% FCC for anyone that wants to cancel. I just swapped to a new cruise same time. So now I'm going to S America. This thread wasn't set for 3/14 questions, but there are many looking for info. If you ask, I will do my best to answer. I did post in the roll call. I went from AQ aft(1133) to a Sky Suite(2137)...mainly because there were no AQs left. I have sailed the Reflection and I believe the Eclipse is in the same class. Anyone been here? Good room? I know this ship hasn't had it's makeover yet...another reason I'm bummed about missing the Millennium...is there a Retreat or does that come with the makeover? I know about Luminae and am pretty excited. I know I will have a butler and that still feels weird to me. It's just a level of pampering that I'm not accustomed to. I guess it would be nice to know there will be cold bottled water in the fridge in the afternoon or morning. Maybe breakfast in the room....but that just feels like room service. That reminds me, does Luminae serve breakfast? Any other extras that come with the suite that a first timer couldn’t possibly know?
  4. I just read on a thread about the Sunset Suites that you are currently on the Eclipse. You mentioned that Eclipse will now be shifted for renovation dry dock to October of this year. Is this an official new change? The dry dock was originally scheduled for October of 2020 and was changed late last year to April of 2021. We are booked on Eclipse on B2B2B in September and October of 2020, so very important to us!! Thanks much!
  5. Hi, We have only cruised a few times, never on Celebrity and never for 8 days. It's our 20th Anniversary so I booked us in a Celebrity Sky Suite #2114 on Deck 12. I just saw today that there are now Sky Suites available on Deck 11 and Deck 7 both Aft (far end of the ship). I've read good things about having a suite at the end of the ship and I've read bad. I'm just curious should I stay where we are already booked or look at changing our Sky Suite to one of the aft rooms that's available. Thanks for the advice.
  6. The April 10, 2020 sailing was delayed to April 12, 2020. I seem to recall it is due to an extended or unanticipated drydock. Does anyone here have insight to what the drydock is for? Eclipse is not scheduled for Revolution until October 2021. Thanks.
  7. I have thick hair and wondered what type or more importantly what is the power level the included dryers Celebrity has on the Eclipse. I hate to bring my own because of luggage space but if the dryers are the old, attach to a walk or drawer, I will have to bring a stronger dryer. Any information would be appreciated.
  8. I have been out of the loop since they started redoing all these ships. I booked a cruise on the Eclipse and am getting assorted information on what has been done it it. Any answers would really be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I have just booked a Celebrity Suite on the Trans Pac after the Eclipse Revolution Dry dock. When buying they had a pop-up quoting the price for an Undisclosed upgrade. When you look for more details the link takes you to photos of the “Sunset Suite”. it does not show any location just says the cabin is 527sqft. I could not find the cabins on the deck plan either. Does anyone know where these cabins will be located? The price is about 20% more than a CS and 10% less than RS. Seems steep for only 30 or so square feet.
  10. Hello - We had a WONDERFUL Celebrity Suite on the Millie recently (Asia Cruise) with the exception of the HORRIBLE HIGH tub/shower combo - that you had to climb in/out of to take a shower or bath. We are looking at a great itinerary on the Eclipse ((Singapore-Sydney,Australia) This may sound silly to those that have not experienced it - but - Can anyone tell us if the Celebrity Suites on the Eclipse have the same combo shower/tub as the Millie (HIGH, HIGH, HIGH) ? Thank You 😀
  11. We're going to Alaska on the Eclipse in July 2020. Does anyone know if there will be a Naturalist on board and if so who it is. We were on the Solstice in 2015 and Brent Nixon was the Naturalist and was excellent, he usually had at least 1 presentation daily .
  12. Eclipse departure out of San Antonio, Chile was delayed due to fueling not completed by scheduled departure time. Underway at 2200. The Coral Princess encountered the same issues and according to reports will sail on Monday 1500 hrs.
  13. I haven’t cruised Celebrity in about 10 years. I have been looking at a cruise on the eclipse and have some questions. I have cruised with my elderly father. He uses a folding rollator. He gets around pretty good on it. He thinks he is running a race in airports and we have to remind him it is not a race. He uses because he has mobility issues. Inside the cabin he uses his cane to get around. He Parks the walker in the dinning room and uses his cane to walk to the table. When we have cruised with Holland America I have been able to order a shower stool for him. Are you able to Request a shower stool with Celebrity? I use a CPAP and am wondering the location of outlets in the cabin. Are you able to order an Extention cord to use on the ship? Are you able to buy distilled water on the ship? I take warafin and need to get my INR checked. I usually get it checked before leaving home. Every once in awhile the INR will go whacky before leaving on a trip and I need to have it checked out while on a cruise. Are there medical facilities on board that will do this for a fee. On Princess and Holland America I have been able to get it checked if I need too? I am looking at a 13 day cruise with adding a possible 8 day on for back to back for a total of 21 days. We usually do anytime dining on a cruise. How does anytime dining work on Celebrity? Thanks, appreciate any answers to my questions.
  14. Is there a Retreat Sundec on the Eclipse for Suite guests? I know the "revolution" has been postponed, but wonder if they have perhaps made some modifications. If so, where is the sundeck located? Thank you!
  15. Hi, If anyone can advise me. im having trouble deciding on staterooms 9276 and 9268 on Eclipse. 9268 I believe has a larger balcony and ive heard good things about the location. However, 9276 allows for views of the length of the ship which i like. The cabin should be the same size as far as i can see. Thank you
  16. We booked a sunset balcony on deck 7 of the Eclipse. After viewing the back of the ship on a youtube video, I notice that not all balconies are the same size. Both 7364 and 7360 seem about 30% bigger. Can anyone confirm this ? It's very clear on the video that they are.
  17. Hello, I'm hoping for some help on these cabins please, should I go for the 1A 8279 or go a higher deck to a C2 cabin 2111, 2144 or 1552, all are the same price, so not sure whether to take the C2 because of foot stools or take the 1A without stools? Help please lol Cheers Jill
  18. Hello - planning our first cruise to Alaska (7 nights, to/from Vancouver) and are about to pull the trigger on a Sky Suite, but the best option available is 2133, which I've read is noisy due to the restaurant above. My husband and I are both light sleepers. The Celebrity sales rep has assured us that the noise isn't a real issue, but I would hate to spend all of the money on the upgrade to the Sky Suite, and not be able to sleep - would ruin the trip. Does anyone have recent experience? 2137 is also an option btw, but also under the restaurant. Thanks so much for any insight.
  19. We will soon be sailing on Celebrity Eclipse to South America, where will I be able to order smoothies? Anyone have any images of the bar menus where they offer them? Thanks in advance
  20. Do all the Eclipse FV cabins sleep 5?
  21. I know that we can pay to have Celebrity do laundry, but does the Eclipse have any public laundry facility where we could do our own laundry? I haven't seen it on other Celebrity ships, but thought I would double check as we are starting to pack. Thank you.
  22. Got back from the Infinity yesterday and on the last night, we had the following experience. I'm curious as to what you'd expect and/or do in the same situation. We had a meal package with one meal left, so we ate in the Tuscan Grille. It was $109 for three meals. The other two were second night in Tuscan, which was not without its issues. So much so that we asked for a different table before we were seated as we were not happy with the waitress! Anyway... I ordered a Filet Mignon and fries for my main course. When a steak arrives, the waiter usually sticks around to make sure it's cooked right. It wasn't. As soon as I touched it, I could tell it was raw (it felt like jelly) and sure enough, it was so raw you could hear it mooing! No problem, it happens, although a monkey could tell it was raw simply by touch. The waiter took it away and returned a few minutes later with the same piece of steak. You could tell they had broiled or grilled it a little more and, you guessed it, it was still totally raw! After another wait, a third attempt was made and a new steak was delivered and this time, it was a close resemblance of a rare steak. However, the fries were the same as the ones that came with the original piece of cow and were cold and stale! The waiter went to get some fresh fries and while he was gone, the Maitre'D came by and I told him to tell the waiter not to bother. I was not going to sit there waiting while my steak got cold. We also refused dessert and coffee as all we wanted to do at this time was leave! So, after a big disappointment, the Maitre 'D apologized and said he would like to give us a credit to our ship-board account for the trouble, which I (obviously) accepted. We sat waiting for about 10 minutes before realizing that he wasn't coming back to tell us anything more, so I asked him as we left, how much credit as it was non-refundable and I'd have to spend it before leaving the ship. He told me it was $20, which, he explained, was approximately half of the cost of my meal! I replied that $20 was not acceptable because it completely ruined our evening. We could have eaten for free in the main restaurant and we were paying for an experience, which we didn't get (well, technically we did, just not the one expected!!). He wouldn't budge, so I made sure I went to Customer Services, which was not far from the restaurant, to make sure they knew how disappointed we were. After the CSR talking to the Maitre'D and the Hotel Manager, they agreed to comp the full cost of my meal ($36), which I still felt was not enough, but I took it as we were now tired and fed up with dealing with the whole situation. Anyway, I calculated that, with the $30 I had remaining of my OBC, plus the $36 credit, I needed to spend about $66 to use up the credit. This was not difficult to do so a couple bottles of Tequila was coming home with me that came to about $70, so the total out of pocket for me should have been around $4.00. Fast forward to Saturday and my Amex app beeps to tell me that the bill was settled at a cost of $20.xx! When I get the full bill in a PDF, I see that the $20 was credited, but not the extra $16 I was promised! I realize we're only talking about small amounts of money when compared to the rest of the costs associated with a cruise vacation and it's certain not a 'I'm never sailing X again' post, but I think there's a principal here. What do you think?
  23. Our group of 8 is looking at the 9 night Eclipse Alaska sailing May 2021 out of Vancouver. I was wondering do all the cabins have balcony doors that open so we can walk in between each cabin. We were on the Refection in May to Norway Fjords it was great to all sit outside together. Trying to decide about Aft balconies for Alaska or the hump ones or just regular balcony. Also, which side is better on r/t Alaska or does not matter. I was reading the the Eclipse is going to dry dock in March 2021 so I assume May 7th trip to Alaska should be one of the first with the upgrades. Do they ever get delayed? Thanks.
  24. Hello - Am hoping to get some opinions on which of the Solstice class ships would be considered "the best" and why. My partner and I are open to various itineraries and it is more about finding the best updated ship with nice veranda cabins. Any subtle differences between these ships would be appreciated.
  25. Those of you who know me here from when I first started cruising on Celebrity will appreciate how enthusiastic I was about the cruiseline, but that latterly over the past five years or so the X experience has not been so rosy for me. I have favoured Azamara since 2011 and apart from the occasional venture onto Royal, Windstar and back to Celebrity have cruised exclusively with the smaller ships of the sister company. i had the opportunity to cruise to Hawaii on Eclipse to celebrate a significant milestone of friends of mine and this celebration was the main reason for trying Celebrity again. I am pleased to report that I had a fabulous time with great service from all over the ship, not just pockets of it in the suite areas. This seemed like a very happy ship. I know some don’t share my opinion of the importance of the top team on the ship (Captain and senior officers), but I really believe that their attitude filters down. Happy Captain and officers = happy crew. And this has a knock on effect with the guests onboard. The whole ship was happy and I don’t think I experienced so many greetings of good morning/afternoon from other cheerful guests on any Celebrity cruise. Captain Leo is really such a nice guy and an absolute laugh in Liars Club. A special mention to a wonderful team in Luminae who provided excellent service at all times. Marjan, Lorendo, Sintu and Nertela were all fantastic. The breakfasts served there were so good that I went every day. It is cooked perfectly. Ask for eggs over medium and that’s what you get. Beautifully presented and it’s detail like this that makes a huge difference. I would say that the evening meals are still a bit limited in their offerings and the one day when I ordered from the MDR wasn’t great, but also I shout out to the buffet for lunch. I really enjoyed it. I had an evening meal there once when I didn’t feel like dressing up and it was very good. My bugbear in recent years has been the terrible music around the ship. I was very happy to hear some very good tracks played over the public system rather than incessant beat music I’d heard before. Way better. I will admit that I never ventured to the martini bar this cruise. I used to love it, but maybe I wanted to preserve my good thoughts of the lack of loud music and either went to Michael’s or Ensemble. Perhaps also those martinis at the bar are getting a bit large for me these days. So overall i had a wonderful time and am very pleased to report that my faith has been restored. Phil
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