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Found 211 results

  1. Here is my dilemma: we are cruising with our DS who is 3 years old and currently booked in a concierge cabin. A family veranda and a sky suite came available for a reasonable price, so I'm trying to decide which room to change to! Family veranda is ideal because of the two separate bedrooms but I don't know when we will be cruising again so I would LOVE to experience the "suite life"... For those of you who have traveled with children or with 3 or more people in a sky suite: is it noticeably bigger than a regular balcony room? I'm wondering how much of the extra square footage is taken up by the bathtub/bigger bathroom. Because our DS still naps, we spend at least 2 hours during the day and retire early in the evenings to our stateroom. We have 5 sea days, so I feel like we will be spending a lot of time in the stateroom. Is there any way to put up a partition so we can separate the bed and the living area?? I wonder if they would let me hang a curtain wall to wall somehow... The Sky Suite that is available is 2128, which is located below the Oceanview Cafe. I've done my research and the complaints about the noise from above seems to range from not too bad to so disturbing that the occupants did not enjoy their cruise at all! Should I not take the risk of booking this suite in case the noise is unbearable? Any way to dull the noise in the stateroom?? Please share your wisdom and experience with me!! Thank you 🙂
  2. During the days that the ship passes by the several noted Antarctic locations as printed in the itinerary, is there any narration from ship crew by way of explanation as to what we will be seeing? I prefer to watch from my obstructed view balcony on the starboard side heading south but do you think i'd be better served to go up on deck to see? Thanks in advance for the help.
  3. I am confused about what exactly "Kilauea Volcano (Cruising)" means for two days on our cruise after leaving Hilo and before arriving in Kona. Are these just days at sea? Or does the ship just leave for an evening cruise around the volcano and return to port for the day? Also does the ship dock in Lahaina or are there going to be tenders?
  4. I am organizing a group of Mah Jongg players on our roll call - and am attempting to confirm that the sets on Eclipse can be used for American Mah Jongg. I had called the Captain’s Club Assistance number and explained what I wanted to know: (1) Are Mah Jongg sets available and (2) are they in the card room or do they have to be checked out? I received a return phone call that the ship responded to my questions. I was told that a set can be checked out and that a $50 deposit is required. However, the sets are for Chinese Mah Jongg which I take to mean that the set is 144 tiles, and doesn’t contain jokers. So, I would like to confirm whether that is the case.
  5. Lots of comments re mosquito problems. Do I need to wear long pants, long sleeved tops for Peru, Mexico, Chile etc. Will mainly be using the ship excursions, but doing our own thing for a couple of destinations. Also do most countries take US dollars? Thought maybe we would take some Chilean pesos and US dollars for the rest? Any help much appreciated.
  6. EarthSky.org announced today that there will be a total lunar eclipse on Jan 20-21. It should be visible (assuming clear skies) throughout the western hemisphere. The website say many refer to this eclipse as a "blood moon" because for many viewers the moon will look red. Here's a link for more info: lunar eclipse map. Lucky folks who will be at sea then will have the best view because of the unobstructed view of the sky and the darkness surrounding a ship at sea. Enjoy! [Note: also posted this info on the Princess and HAL boards; feel free to post the info to other boards!]
  7. Are the shops, duty free and casino open while in Hawaiian waters?
  8. We are taking the Celebrity Eclipse South American cruise in March 2019 from Buenos Aires to Santiago. These may be silly questions but we are new to the cruising thing! 1. What's the temperature like in the common areas of the ship like bars/restaurants/theater and so on ... does it tend to be warm enough for short sleeved tops or are long sleeves required? 2. I've found some details about dress code requirements but not much info regarding footwear ... can anyone provide some insight? Are formal dress shoes needed for dinner etc. or can you wear trainers/runners as long as they are smart looking and clean? What's the deal with wearing jeans for dinner ... OK or no? 3. How exactly does the tendering process work for non-elite folk? How far in advance can you get tickets? We have private tours booked at a few tender ports ... what if anything can we do to ensure we get off the ship in a timely fashion? I've also heard the ships used for tendering can get pretty choppy ... I have a tendency to get sea sick - any suggestions to minimize the risk of puking?
  9. Does anyone know what Celebrations means under the ‘Add Ons’ column on my booking? I haven’t pre ordered anything.
  10. Does anyone know what Celebrations means on my booking under the heading Add Ons? I haven’t ordered anything.
  11. What production shows are on the Eclipse now.
  12. Anyone recently off Eclipse? Wondering if the Sky Lounge was open or the 3 vouchers or both.
  13. Hi all! New to Celebrity but veteran Disney cruisers. We've booked an ocean view on deck 3 of the Eclips for a Pacific Coastal Cruise. Tell me all about my cabin and deck 3 and well the Eclipse in general. All info is appreciated. We know nothing about the staterooms or dining or shows or anything. I have googled and read reviews but all of the info I found is kind of generic or more for people familiar with Celebrity which we are not. Although it does sound like the food, service and shows will be great compared to some other lines. Can't wait to experience it! So let's here it, the good, the bad, the everything!
  14. We’re staying in a sunset veranda - is it possible to buy a pass for the Persian Garden for the length of the cruise ?
  15. Hi, sorry if this has been asked before. I find the new system really hard to search! I need to find out quickly because I'm about to book a cabin on Deck 9 or 10 mid/aft port side. Can anyone tell me if those balconies will be affected by the smoke from Deck 5's smoking areas? My husband and I are both allergic to cigarette smoke. Thanks so much!
  16. I booked a starboard side cabin for this itinerary but now I'm thinking port side may offer better views. My only concern is that port side deck 5 is smoking correct? That would ruin my trip. I have cabin 8252 booked. https://www.celebritycruises.com/itinerary-details/10-night-hawaii-cruise-from-honolulu-oahu-hawaii?packageID=EC10H023&sDT=2019-10-03&cCD=CO&aCB=false
  17. I was just wondering what the blow dryer is like on the Eclipse. Is it different in concierge? Does anyone have a picture? Thanks Michelle
  18. Even built in 2010, she made her first call yesterday . tQKNCIcjsvs
  19. We enjoyed a fantastic cruise on the Eclipse from Barcelona to Buenos Aires. The only negative experience was on the last day of the cruise. I reported the issue to Celebrity after returning home, but was rebuffed, as if my concerns were unfounded. I am not seeking retribution or reimbursement, but felt Celebrity needed to be aware of the unfortunate circumstances we encountered. I would appreciate input from people who disembarked in Buenos Aires at the conclusion of the Celebrity Eclipse cruises beginning on 11/23/18 or 12/9/18. Could you please tell me how long the ride was on the shuttle bus from the ship to the terminal where luggage was collected? For example, were you on the bus for 5 minutes, 20 minutes, etc. Thank you in advance. Paula
  20. Does anyone know where I can find a complete list of shops on the Eclipse? After years of trying to avoid shopping on board, I'm now doing packing for a Christmas cruise next week and wondering if I will be able to pick up some gifts on board for my kids. I'm thinking like balls or puzzles or stuffed toys. I'm not that picky.
  21. I'm looking to book a b2b in Jan2020 on the Eclipse and am trying to figure out the best option for a 2C cabin. It looks like the ones available for both sailings (l like the bed by the bathroom so that narrows down the list) are: 6249, 6253, 6257, 6246 and 6254. I think the best bet is to be above the smaller lifeboats (not tenders) but I defer to those of you that have been in or seen these cabins for advice!! Any help would really be appreciated!
  22. Sorry this topic has been asked on the temporary Floating Lounge before but the post is nowhere to be found now. So I'll post again: Eclipse: Honolulu, Kona, Kilauea Volcano sail-by, Lahaina, Hilo, Cruising x 5, Vancouver Solstice: Honolulu, Hilo, Kona, Lahaina x 2, Cruising x 5, Vancouver I've been to all those islands before so I don't mind either itinerary. Both sailings offer "The World is Open" promo giving free tips and Classic Beverage Package (my 2 choices). Both ships have good reviews. It's just that I've read more positive comments about Solstice so I was leaning more towards it. But now Eclipse has this Resident offer that is much cheaper than Solstice even after adding back the extra costs of tips and drinks (we don't drink much). I am thinking of booking the Eclipse instead. 1. What are the negatives if I book Eclipse instead of Solstice? Both itinerary and ship wise? 2. How calm will the water be normally in April/May when coming back from Hawaii to Vancouver? 3. How bad is it to book forward balcony cabins as far as rough seas is concerned? Will taking Bonine be good enough? Bonine worked on all my previous non-pacific crossing cruises. 4. For the 5 sea days, did you find enough things to do/attend/see? 5. Does anyone have the Daily Activities print outs (or whatever it's called for Celebrity) for 10-day cruises on the Eclipse or Solstice? (I never cruised with Celebrity before) Thanks in advance! 🙂
  23. We've just booked a cruise on Eclipse in a Royal Suite on Deck 11, based on the information provided on the X website. It appears from the cabin diagram on the site that the RS has a separate half-bath near the door to the suite. Would someone who knows that suite be so kind as to confirm that is the case? Thanks for the help.
  24. CCL site says that the Retreat will be fleet wide by Feb. 2019. Does anyone have information to confirm (or deny) this to be true for the Eclipse? Thanks so much
  25. Even though I have cruised many times, this is my first attempt at a LIVE BLOG. My name is Norma and I am traveling on this trip with my friend Liesa. I retired 2 years ago April and have never looked back at returning to work. I live north of San Francisco in Novato, Ca. I have lived here for 13 years, previously I lived in Beaverton Oregon. I hope that I can follow in the footsteps of ChicagoPaul, Jim_lain and Trainman-2 who is an avid cruiser on RCCL. Unfortunately he has been given a shorter lease on life than he would have hope and its what made me want to do a blog. SO HERE’S TO YOU JIM AND YOUR WIFE JUDITH!!!! The Transatlantic portion of the cruised was booked when we were on the Silhouette TA in 2016. The Med portion was booked in April 2018. The first leg for the Med we are in a veranda 2B accessible cabin, on the TA we are in inaccessible A2 Aqua cabin. My partner in crime needs to use a scooter due to health issues. I fly today from SFO to Barcelona via Paris on Air France flight 083 in Premium Economy. Liesa fly’s from Newark non stop to Barcelona on Norwegian in Premium Economy. We are staying at a quirky hotel in Barcelona, the Hotel Continental for 2 nights. The best part is its on La Rambla. Rooms are clean and we have a small balcony right on La Rambla. I know it can be noisy as I have stayed there one other time but folks its Barcelona!!!! Next issue was luggage all packed but when I went to zip both cases each had an issue, so out I went yesterday to purchase new suitcases. Norma
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