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  1. Sashi was a solo performer I saw on Eclipse, and she was going to be on Apex. Amazing! https://www.sashiatsea.com/music
  2. not freebies but ....A few years ago we were doing a 35 day B2B2B2B on the Eclipse through Europe and my husband injured his knee on day 4 on a non-Celebrity tour. The kindness shown to us by all members of the crew and medical staff was exceptional. They organized specialist medical appointments on shore during turn-around days, and managed the injury on board for us, adjusting knee braces etc so we would not have to cancel our holiday. The staff would help with the wheelchair whenever they saw us in the hallways, and special seating organized in the restaurants when necessary. As the injury improved and he progressed from wheelchair to crutches to walking with the brace on, all the crew would stop to chat and comment on how he was progressing. We had dinners in the specialty restaurants to celebrate each small improvement. We really felt that they cared about us. This is one of the reasons that we will continue to sail with Celebrity
  3. Gilly and the Girl! They were wonderful throughout my Italy Croatia Malta cruise on the Eclipse. ( I enjoyed a shore excursion through Dubrovnik's Game of Thrones tour with them.) Hope to see them again when we start sailing, meanwhile they are entertaining in the central Florida area. They were recently featured in an article in the Daily Sun newspaper in The Villages.
  4. Sashi from Bali (sashiatsea.com) Been on Equinox, Eclipse and Solstice and scheduled to bring out the Apex if and when.... SRO at virtually all her shows, including when she gets tapped to play in the theater.
  5. Rave Ons absolutely the best act on Eclipse on our 30 day cruise
  6. So we have a bit of a time frame situation here. I think you will see a Celebrity ship in Asia in 2021 but it will be in the fall. Last I heard Millenium and Eclipse are both in San Diego. I doubt they will do the TP for the "Asian" season. They still have our January 2021 New Zealand cruise but we suspect that will not happen. I do think the 2021 Alaska season will happen and the resulting repositioning to Alaska in the fall of 2021. I have no special knowledge or insight that just my opinion.
  7. We were booked on the 9/25 Eclipse as well and the 2 October sailings thst were finally cancelled this week. We cancelled those 2cruises shortly after they announced the TP was cancelled. We are booked on the Eclipse for 4/4/21 and the 4/18 TP. We haven’t booked air, hotels & only 2 tours. Until the Eclipse heads to Asia I’m not Investing time and $ again.
  8. We had been scheduled for the Eclipse September 25th TP from Vancouver to Yokohama as the first leg of a B2B. We received our notice that the TP was cancelled on June 2nd. We are also scheduled on the Millennium April 11, 2021 Japan cruise followed by the April 25th TP. Since I am an optimistic person I haven't lost hope yet that those cruises will sail, but realistically I know that they likely won't happen.
  9. Anyone know where the Millie and Eclipse are now? We're booked on a B2B2B on the Millie in April/May 2021 to go around Japan, then on a TP to Vancouver followed by a 5 day Alaska cruise. Knowing where they are now might give a clue as to their availability, especially if it's mooring somewhere in SE Asia. We're still hoping the vaccine will be in wide use by then, but only time will tell.
  10. The fall transpacific sailings for both the Millenium and Eclipse were cancelled about 6-7 weeks ago so neither ship has headed to Tokyo. This week the sailings for October on both ships were cancelled. So at this point both the Eclipse an Millie are not in Asia and it is doubtful if they will go over for this season. The blocking of bookings may be to limit capacity should they send the 1 or both ships to Asia later this year but have to sail at reduced capacity. We are booked on the Eclipse for April and don't expect that will occur.
  11. We're doing it Sept 21. incl 1 night in Lake Louise, gold leaf Rocky Mountaineer and 7 nights on the Celebrity Eclipse to Alaska. The whole package was advertised on TV cruise program. Hope it goes ahead.
  12. That could be or they could just leave the Apex, Connie & Infinity in place until the spring season next year. it has been reported on other threads that during a panel discussion yesterday a Celebrity representative stated that they do not plan to send any ships to Asia in 2021. . They cancelled the September Eclipse and Millennium TPS and this the Asia sailings for Oct were cancelled this week. So if they don’t send those ships to Asia they could move from the west coast to cover some of the winter booking on the Infinity, Connie & Aprx.
  13. We were very fortunate to celebrate our 50th anniversary last year on Eclipse In September (Vancouver to Hawaii) & On Reflection MardiGras & ABCs in March (yes, we celebrated for a year, why not) take the silly photos, take a professional photo, revel in the hot waffles with orange butter, stroll the ship at 4 am, dream on the balcony, get to Martini Bar early enough to get a seat at the bar, enjoy a specialty dinner (or several). Do everything or nothing, just be.
  14. Congrats on 40 years! May you get to celebrate another 40 together... Not sure we will live long enough to see 40 - but we'll give it our best shot 🙂 We had planned to sail Celebrity Eclipse 03/15/20 to celebrate our 15th Anniversary... The cruise was of course cancelled, the afternoon before...
  15. In the past few days we have had: - passengers reporting that they called to make final payment & after a hold the rep advised that the final payment had been extended a few days as an announcement would happen Monday - TAs post the cruise cancellation schedule dated 8/3 which cancels almost everything in October and the westbound TAs, -Celebrity UK is advising passenger that inquire their cruise is cancelled -TA advises passengers their cruise is cancelled - Captain Kate posts that the ships crew is being reduced to the minimum manning level of 77 Nothing from Celebrity that I can find. I get the delayed refund & FCC issues ( we had multiple cruises cancelled) that has been an unprecedented situation that not many companies were prepared to handle. Including our credit card company we are at 40 days and counting for a airline charge to be disputed. But really it’s about time to tell us what they are planning. Are the ships whose westbound TAs were cancelled coming over empty? Or will they just stay in place until next Spring. What about the Eclipse & millennium whose TPS were cancelled ( and it looks the October sailings) But not November and future cruises. I realize things change daily, ports and countries are closed today that could be open next week or next month. Personally I think it’s about time for some straight talk from Richard Fain & LLP. I think most of us can understand they are facing huge challenges and we want them to survive this pandemic. Hell just say the Infinity (Name your ship) probably won’t come to the US this year but we are working hard to get the Equinox, Edge & Summit ( name the ship) sailing by Thanksgiving. I can accept and understand that but this constant death by a thousand little cuts does nothing but frustrate customers. We have final payment on 4 cruises due between late August and January 4 none of which we will make unless there is more info other than another month of cancellation announced. End of rant!
  16. This reminds me that a dear friend on my Eclipse cruise last year told me to get this vaccine. Of course with all that is going on in the world just now I haven't done it, but need to make a point of doing so as shingles can be extremely unpleasant. I remember my dad having it. Thanks for the reminder. Phil
  17. Eclipse Oct 11 has been canceled like many other cruise and they are just not showing on the public website yet. Internally Celebrity calls them Phase 7 cancellations. It does show canceled as do several of my cruises on the the Travel agent specific websites. It seems that the public would like to know at the same time travel agents do. Richard Fain has numerous YouTube videos addressing the travel agents. Neither he or any senior Celebrity management provide videos on YouTube addressing the loyal celebrity cruisers. Hence much speculation on Cruise Critic, very little facts. Mirage
  18. X has shown little interest in longer sailings. Really miss the 14 night So. Caribbean itinerary they used to run on Eclipse. To get me interested in a world cruise they'd have to throw in free laundry.
  19. Beginning with the Infinity, as the ships get revolutionized the FV will be redone as Sunset Suites. Those new suites will be priced at or above the Celebrity Suites and below the Royal Suites. We booked one for a upcoming cruise on the Eclipse, however with the revolutionizing on a indefinite hold we are waiting to see what X will do since they won’t have Sunset Suites in place.
  20. Agree - I was just looking at a South Pacific cruise out of Sydney, Australia on the Celebrity Eclipse departing October 18, 2020 - I'm sure that won't be going anywhere.
  21. Lift and Shift has been a failure for me. I had a B2B2B2B booked starting Nov 10 and 2 of the 4 segments aren't eligible as there are no alternatives. The cruise was on Eclipse out of Singapore - They do not have any cruises from Singapore to Australia in 2021. I'm just about to start the cancellation process for all the cruises as I don't want to pay $30,000 plus only to deal with the hassel of trying to get FCC's. As it is I have more FCC's than I think I will be able to use in a year unless you can apply more than one per person to a cruise.
  22. Did I miss a lot of posts that were removed?? I read jg51 and Lady Arwin posts and the responses to them and I haven’t seen insulting attacks. I’ve seen posts pointing out that there is a difference between opinion and fact, and what someone is comfortable with and what is needed to protect our communities. If you won’t wear a mask....stay home. I think I put in my initial post that personally, I’m not going on a cruise that requires wearing a mask in public areas.....not because I dont’ think it should be required, but because I’m not going to pay for a cruise and spend the majority of time in my SR or walk around in a mask. I’d do that if I chose to cruise, but I’ll wait. There is a big difference between stating that and going on and on about how masks hurt my ears. To be quite straightforward, no one cares what the ‘issues’ someone has with wearing a mask. My mother-in-law complained that seat belts put wrinkles in her blouses....I explained to her it was better than having her brain matter splattered all over her blouse. You can guess how well that went over!! And even if you think you need to stress some word or phrase or sentence, most of us quit reading when someone throws capital letters into their post. Put ‘Quotes’ around it or start it with a Capital Letter or whatever. enough. I’m sitting here sipping a Nice (Capital letter because it Is Nice!) Chardonnay and relaxing. But I do I do I do wish I was on the Eclipse enjoying it!! Den
  23. We cancelled our December 2020 cruise twice. Looking forward to our Alaska cruise and land tour next August and out B2B on Apex in 2022. We really splurged on these cruises, PH on Eclipse and Villa on Apex. We got good prices on both.
  24. They are both still in San Diego area, Eclipse at anchor and Millennium doing a circle and heading back there.
  25. Did Millennium and Eclipse leave San Diego? does anyone know where they are now?
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