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  1. They made a big deal about it with us as well. I was even at a Celebrity Cruise sales event and we talked to the Celebrity rep, he basically said too bad so sad. Of course, as discussed the scope of work on the M Class and S Class are 2 different things. About the only thing we would have encountered as non suite guests in Eclipse was the new bedding and Craft Social in place of the always deserted Cellar Masters. I'm not sure if we're having some kind of argument here, I don't think we should. All I was saying is don't expect any compensation for the refit not being done. If by chance you do get something...good on you.
  2. Got an upcoming cruise with Celebrity and wondering where your vessel is just now? This will be an occasional update of where your cruise liner is docked or anchored until restrictions are lifted. Summer deployment should be APEX - still docked in St Nazaire awaiting her maiden voyage Europe CONSTELLATION - Akrotiri Bay, Cyprus Europe ECLIPSE - docked in San Diego, California Alaska EDGE - off CocoCay, Bahamas Europe EQUINOX - off CocoCay, Bahamas Caribbean INFINITY - off Tampa, Florida Europe MILLENIUM - anchored off San Diego, California Alaska REFLECTION - off CocoCay, Bahamas Europe SILHOUETTE - off CocoCay, Bahamas Europe SOLSTICE - off Bali, Indian Ocean Alaska SUMMIT - off Tampa, Florida Caribbean
  3. Indeed the M Class revolution was a more complete renovation than the one for S class ships. We don't know if the price was higher because we were supposed be on a post "revolution" cruise. The revolution of eclipse was postponed last October. Celebrity didn't even bother to let us know. I found out in early December. There is no adjustment or on board credit offered.
  4. Sorry folks but I’m going to vent. Last Monday I disembarked the Eclipse after a 29 day B2B from Buenos Aires to San Diego. We had a wonderful time, the crew is fantastic and the ship is in great condition but every time I went to the Oceanview Cafe I’d see numerous people eating while they were in line for food. Eating in the buffet line is the first cousin of double dipping and it isn’t sanitary, people eating greasy bacon then picking up the tongs to get hash browns or sadly not using the tongs. Constantly people were walking from one station to another while eating from their plate and then there was the man ahead of me getting chicken wings one day during lunch who finished devouring one of his 15 or 20 wings, set the bone on the side of his plate and with the same hand picked up the tongs to add another 6 or 7 wings. Most days in the Celebrity Today newsletter they mention the importance of hand washing and staying healthy onboard, it’d be nice if they would mention the basic buffet etiquette of not eating until getting to your table.
  5. Greetings! Next summer will be our first time staying in a suite on the Celebrity Eclipse. We understand that dining will take place in the Luminae dining room. Are we required to eat all meals in the Luminae or do we also have the option of having breakfast and lunch in the main dining room? We always enjoyed the main dining room on our past cruises, so this will be something different for us. Any thoughts on the Luminae are greatly appreciated. Also, are all bars/lounges open to suite guests. Or do suite guests have their own private lounges? Many thanks....Mick
  6. Thanks. I hope so too. We don't want a repeat of the "Cruise to Nowhere" on Eclipse although we were treated royally on the ship.
  7. Latest update on our fleet:- APEX Saint-Nazaire [moored] 47.29N 2.19W CONSTELLATION underway from Pireus, Greece 1.4kt 37.94N 23.62E ECLIPSE off San Diego [at anchor] 32.64N 117.19W EDGE Miami Cruise Terminal F [moored] 25.78N 80.18W EQUINOX off Bridgetown, Barbados [at anchor] 13.10N 59.64W FLORA Galapagos – no data INFINITY Red Sea heading for Mumbai, India 10.6kt 21.52N 38.17E MILLENIUM off San Diego [at anchor] 32.64N 117.18W REFLECTION off Bridgetown, Barbados [at anchor] 13.10N 59.64W SILHOUETTE CoCo Cay [at anchor] 25.83N 78.18W SOLSTICE off Bandar Penawar, Malaysia [stopped] 1.71N 104.65E SUMMIT CoCo Cay [at anchor] 25.74N 78.13W XPEDITION Galapagos – no data Copied from thread "Celebrity Cruises - where are our ships?
  8. Latest update on our fleet:- APEX Saint-Nazaire [moored] 47.29N 2.19W CONSTELLATION underway from Pireus, Greece 1.4kt 37.94N 23.62E ECLIPSE off San Diego [at anchor] 32.64N 117.19W EDGE Miami Cruise Terminal F [moored] 25.78N 80.18W EQUINOX off Bridgetown, Barbados [at anchor] 13.10N 59.64W FLORA Galapagos – no data INFINITY Red Sea heading for Mumbai, India 10.6kt 21.52N 38.17E MILLENIUM off San Diego [at anchor] 32.64N 117.18W REFLECTION off Bridgetown, Barbados [at anchor] 13.10N 59.64W SILHOUETTE CoCo Cay [at anchor] 25.83N 78.18W SOLSTICE off Bandar Penawar, Malaysia [stopped] 1.71N 104.65E SUMMIT CoCo Cay [at anchor] 25.74N 78.13W XPEDITION Galapagos – no data
  9. Well with all the concern about travelling in 2020, we chose to lift and shift to 2021. This will be our second trip to Alaska, and out first cruise on Celebrity. We are looking forward to the trip and plan to spend a day or so in Vancouver and we are looking forward to meeting all of our fellow cruisers. I can't wait to get planning on excursions, plans. We would love to get your input on making it the best trip ever. Please join and tell us about you and your cruising experience. Jeff and Mary
  10. Greetings, Celebrity Cruisers ~ If an effort to give our members a place where we can discuss how things are where YOU are related to the Coronavirus, hosts are starting these threads so we can chat during the crisis. Let's talk about creative ways our families and neighbors are coping and helping one another out; share ideas for parents who are at home 24/7 with their school age children; you get the idea..... My only request is that we AVOID turning this into a political or health debate thread. This is a stressful time for everyone. Let's practice some kindness and make Cruise Critic a place members want to visit in this difficult time. I'll start .... We're in Florida and consider ourselves fortunate that while we are dealing with lots of closures and social distancing, at least we have warm weather and sunshine. We're also fortunate to be able to work from home with our small business. The craziness at grocery stores seems to have calmed down except for a few items (toilet paper which I still don't understand and frozen veggies). There is plenty of food in our grocery stores and at least here, they have a great crew wiping down carts, shelves, conveyor belts, credit card machines, etc. As of yesterday, all restaurants were closed except for those who are able to provide carry out and/or delivery. We love to cook and while we enjoy going to local restaurants, we're fine cooking at home for awhile. I do, worry, though about the all those who work in our restaurants and small businesses and hope they can all make it through this challenging time. It will be more important than ever to support them once they re-open. In addition to working from home during what would be typical work hours, I'm also going to take this "quiet time" to finish going through the thousands of photos I took on our Eclipse cruise in South America in January (feeling VERY grateful that we got to take that terrific trip). We don't have any upcoming cruises until 2021 but we did have a business cruise postponed last week that was disappointing. But I believe we did the right thing in deciding not to go. It wasn't worth the risk. I do want to support the cruise industry so we may try to sneak another cruise in this year once things settle down. How about you? Here's one of my favorite cruise photos from Eclipse in South America. I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe ..... let's chat! REMEMBER....BE KIND!
  11. Just home from the March 1- 30 sailing of the Eclipse. We were told NO ONE was sick with the virus. Now we found out a passenger has tested positive with the virus. The passenger was diagnosed by the ship's doctor with bronchitis about a week ago. They were sent back to their cabin. Then the passenger was diagnosed with pneumonia several days ago. Upon arriving home the passenger has tested positive with the virus. Way to go Celebrity for exposing 4,000 passengers & crew to the virus. Way to go Celebrity for sending thousands home exposing who knows how many to this. You are always saying the health & safety of our passengers is #1 to us. Looks like your bottom line is #1. Anyone who had symptoms of any breathing disorder should have been confined to their cabins. This passenger should have been tested before anyone was permitted to debark the ship.
  12. Are you on the Millennium or Eclipse? We are on the 9/25 Eclipse which has disappeared from the X site. The Millie is still showing. Eclipse is also not showing on 2 other large sites. Maybe just a IT mess-up but hope it means they cancelling. Final payment is coming soon.
  13. Thank you, I needed something a bit later. I have ended up switching to the Eclipse on the 15th July sailing. Very happy with the outcome and the invoice has already been updated and reissued. Kept the CDP and USD 300 spend. They allocated us a very nice cabin whilst on the call.
  14. I ended up switching to an Eclipse sailing. They have already allocated me an excellent inside cabin and the invoice has already been adjusted and updated in the account, within two hours of calling Celebrity. I had only paid £600 each for me and my DH; including CDP and USD300 OBC so wasn't looking to even take the 125% FCC. I don't think I could even replicate that deal, so more than happy with the outcome.
  15. I have just lifted and shifted two bookings. I had an Alaska cruise that has just been cancelled for this July and I have moved it to July 2021....had to change from the Millennium to the Eclipse ie Vancouver to Vancouver as no inside cabins left on Millie for the whole of July/Aug 2021. Also moved our April 2021 to the following April 2022 Cycle Japan cruise, as not enough holiday leave to do two long-haul trips in one year. Very happy with the result, kept the price, perks and although we had originally an inside guarantee, they allocated us two very nice cabins straight away. Called less than two hours ago and just received both of the new invoices and price updated in the account already. Excellent service, cant thank them enough!
  16. Indeed you are an exception to my generalization, your situation is indeed untenable. I have to assume you got a great deal. Now you feel rightly betrayed, just as we did when they postponed the "Revolution" for Eclipse. We are fortunate that our cabin already exists. That being said we aren't at all confident that there will be a cruise in New Zealand at the end of January 2021 and yes we have accommodations pre and post cruise booked as well as air fare of over $8,000.00 already paid. I doubt it will help but I think you will need to call their ploy before final payment. I'm really beginning to have bad feelings towards Celebrity for some of their business practices. It started with the postponement of the Eclipse refit without notification. Then there was the Canada cruise re-route (even though that didn't effect me personally) it is still pretty shoddy to book an East Coast Canada cruise and then switch it to a cruise full of sea days and a trip to Nassau. That is NOT a similar product, not even close. Now the ridiculous lag cancelling cruises that they know full well will never happen. And then add to that the fact that they won't address the situation that they have sold cabins that will not exist. I know that the walls are caving in from every direction but they can't expect people to cough up final payment on the cruise to never, in the cabin that doesn't exist.
  17. Taking Celebrity Eclipse as an example, there are 66 suites out of 1426 total cabins. Most of which are Sky Suites and very few actual high end suites. So do we really think Celebrity will spend all that money to run a ship for a week with only a few suite passengers no matter what they charge them??
  18. All sailing in August & September have been removed from the Celebrity website- that includes the Eclipse 9/25 Vancouver to Yokohama TP, although the scheduled Eclipse October Asia sailings after the TP are a showing. The Millennium 9/11 TP sailing is sill showing but that will have to have a new embarkation port in order to sail.
  19. We are booked on Eclipse in January, at the time of booking it was supposed to be "Revolutionized" before our cruise. Well that was postponed months ago, we were disappointed and almost cancelled. Then we looked more closely at the plan and realized there is almost nothing on an "S Class" revolution for the non suite passenger. It really is all about the suite guests; taking half the Skyview lounge for a ridiculously large suite, making yet another public area and making it suite exclusive and depending on your point of view, it screws up the suite class dining room and lounge. I'm kinda glad they postponed the "Revolution" of Eclipse, there was nothing in it for us peasants not in suites and it was scheduled to take a a huge chunk of the Skyview for a single suite. The only thing that may have been of interest to the great unwashed not in suites was the conversion of the always deserted "Cellar Masters" into Craft social. All in all if you're not in a suite the "Revolution" on "S Class" is a bust and even if you are there's no guarantee you'll like it.
  20. The same thing has happened on the Millennium TP for Sept. Yesterday all Eclipse sailing in August & September disappeared. Today 2 Of the sailings are back but with only suites.
  21. Hi there, Looking at changing our cruise to next year which gives us several room options. My TA has indicated that the balconies are the same size in square feet, however I see the 1233 appears much bigger. Just wondering your thoughts if you have any insight. TIA
  22. I usually start here when shopping for a cabin. Then I move on to youtube to see if there are any videos on my cabin of interest. Often times, if the cabin you're seeking isn't shown on one ship, it will come up on a sister ship. Here's a youtube of your cabin on the Eclipse (a sister ship). Should give you some idea.
  23. Any help from people in the UK that were on this btb cruise of South America that ended in San Diego, would be appreciated. As you know on the 14th March we were told that we were going to debark in San Antonio, Chile as the cruise was not going to continue to San Diego, USA. We all had to pack our suitcases as we had to leave the ship the next morning. There was a mad scramble to book flights home, which we had to do independently as it was very difficult to get through to any airline. We did not have Choice Air so Celebrity would not help us. We managed to book but as it was less than 3 days before the flight we could not cancel when we were prevented from leaving the ship. Some people on the 15th April cruise that could not board the ship have been fully reimbursed their airfare. I know their circumstances are different but has anyone from the UK received any money from Celebrity for these flights to nowhere?
  24. Luminae is excellent and is open for breakfast and dinner every day. For lunch it is open on sea days but not port day. You are not required to eat in Luminae and for breakfast you can go to the MDR, Luminae, or Blu (the restaurant for Aqua Class guests. As @begood2me said on the Eclipse the kitchens for Luminae and the MDR are in the same area so you can dine in Luminae and select your meal from either the Luminae or MDR menu. Should you want to eat in the MDR ask the MaitreD in Luminae to arrange that for you. The Eclipse, although not yet revolutionized is a beautiful ship. Michaels Club;The Retreat is the dedicated lounge for Suite guests and is open from early morning to late in the evening. In addition to cocktails you can pick up cans of soda, bottled water. Afternoon tea & goodies are served in the afternoon, coffee is available all day and there is a Conceigre in MC to assist you as needed. Of course you are welcome to visit any of the other bars/lounges on the ship.
  25. Hi Mick. Luminae is the designated dining room for suite guests. It is very nice, in fact many suite guests have said they think it is better than the Specialty restaurants. The staff are wonderful, and will do their best to make sure you are happy, all you have to do is ask. I am not sure about eating breakfast in the MDR, but if you’re not happy with Luminae, tell the Maitre D' and they will take care of you. Michael's Club is the designated lounge for suite guests. It is nice and comfortable. We were just on Eclipse this past October and it had not yet been “transformed” (renovated) into the Retreat. You can still go to any other bar on the ship if you like. The Martini Bar is very popular, don’t miss their “show”. I hope you enjoy the Eclipse.
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