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  1. We are sailing five nights on the Enchantment on Dec 18. We would like to have a group of ten at specialty dining on the first night. Are there any specials, First night done right or BOGO that anyone is aware of. I don't see anything on the cruise planner. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello. My hubby and I have cruised in suites the last few cruises - but in larger RCCL ships. This will be the first on Enchantment. One of the suite perks we really enjoy is eating breakfast and lunch in either Chops / Giovanni's. I know that the enchantment only has Chops, is dining there for breakfast and lunch still available for suite passengers? Thanks everyone!
  3. Hi - we will be going on our second cruise with Royal this coming Thanksgiving week. The first cruise was this past June/July on the Liberty OTS, also out of Galveston. While on the Liberty, I took full advantage of the Cafe Promenade (and the Windjammer, when open) to enjoy some hot tea (London Tea Company's English Breakfast tea.) I am wondering, since it appears that there is no Cafe Promenade on the Enchantment, will there be hot tea available during late hours (after 9 p.m.) and in the early morning hours at the Park Cafe? I tend to wake up earlier than my husband and would love to sneak up on the 9th deck (we'll be on the 8th) to get a cup of hot tea to sip. If not in the Park Cafe, is there (free) hot tea available elsewhere on the Enchantment, and if so, where? Will it be the London Tea Company brand? Finally, has anyone tried the famous kummelweck sandwiches there on the Enchantment recently? I have never had them, didn't know they existed until I was looking at a message board sometime after our first cruise. I don't believe they were offered in the Cafe Promenade, or if they did, they must have disappeared rather quickly. Thanks!
  4. Our family, ten of us, is sailing on the Enchantment on Dec. 18th and would like to eat at Chops one night, preferably the first or second night. Is there a way to make an advance reservation so that we might all sit together? Is this something the Diamond Concierge might be able to help with? (we are diamond plus) Thank you
  5. It's been years since I've cruised RCCL. Glad to be back. Going on the Enchantment for 5 night later this month. I'm assuming there is 1 formal night. Do they still serve lobster in the MDR or is it only available in Chops?
  6. This week's sailing of Enchantment has been rerouted with shorter port days for a "quick engine check" This after RCI announced several sailings in January will be impacted due to a "Propulsion pod" issue. Enchantment, Grandeur, and Allure all having issues.... geez.
  7. Was wondering if anyone sailed the Enchantment recently and knows if it has the freestyle machines for soda or if you have to go to the bars to use the refreshment package. TIA!
  8. Does anyone have a review of either Aquanauts or the Royal Tots Program on Enchantment of the Seas? I've read lots of vague things but nothing specific about this ship. I've got a 4 1/2 year old and a 2 year old daughter, and we sail on the Enchantment this September. We went on the Carnival Valor last fall and my older daughter tried the kids club once and never wanted to go back, but she seems more interested in the idea this time around.
  9. Hello. I have cruised on the Harmony of the seas and the thing I learned is that you needed to reserve for your shows before weeks in advance. In January we are going on the enchantment of the seas and I have a few questions 1. Does the Enchantment of the seas have you get tickets to the shows? I have not found anything and I suspect you don't... If you don't how early do you have to be there to get good seats? Are the seats in the back hard to hear or see? 2. One night we want to do the chef's table (at 6:30pm)... From what I have been able to find so far it looks like there is a performance in the theater each night at 7pm and 9pm ... so we will be able to make the 9pm show if we do the chef's table? 3. I have been trying to find what the current performances are on the enchantment of the seas ... what is the play? What is the comic? what is the singing performance? ... what else is there? Thanks 3 REEF SNORKEL BY BOAT COZUMEL, MEXICO
  10. I'm curious - seems that the last few cruises we've done, the pool band is getting less and less entertaining -- less hours of play and groups that hardly deliver on the "pool band" feel we enjoyed during earlier cruises. Our favorite pool band was the Rhythm Section (we had them on two ships!) but really just hope for a good steel drum band out around the pool. Can anyone tell me what the pool band situation is on the Enchantment of the Seas? We'll be sailing on her in November. Thanks!
  11. My husband and I were looking for a last minute get away and an OS on the Enchantment of the Seas popped up that works for our schedule. Before I plunk down the full payment, any comments or anything I should know about either the boat or the ship? I have not cruises RC in 25 years since I cruised it with my parents in 1994. We typically like the Carnival Havana cabins that give you a private pool area. (Like Haven on NCL.) Is there anything like that for a suite on RC?
  12. Will be in suite on December 5 day cruise. RCCL website indicates suite lunch amenity. At the bottom it says something about the newer ships have new perks. In threads here on CC, because I search first, it appears some ships yes some no. Specifically about Enchantment does she have the amenity? And if so is it available embarkation day? Thanks, jan
  13. We usually cruise longer cruises (10 days plus) in Jr Suites. We booked Cuba with 2 other couples that have not cruised before. Cuba was on all out bucket lists and thought it would be a good first time cruise for them. With what is going on with Cuba we are looking at other options and found a 5 night (same as our Cuba cruise) on the Enchantment that fits our schedules. There are 3 Owner's suites available and the cost is slightly less then our Jr Suites to Cuba. Questions Will be first time in a full suite and don't know the perks on Enchantment. I know each ship has different perks (tours, suite breakfast, lounge, suite deck area or seating area) Can anyone tell me what to expect on Enchantment? All three are under the Windjammer. Any noise issues? Usually I would not book these, but all the suites seem to be under the Windjammer. Is the lounge like the Diamond lounge - free drinks and snacks? Is it open all day or same as Diamond hours? Any other comments about Enchantment or Owner's Suite? Just came off Vision and loved the ship. We like the medium ships. Not looking for all the bells and whistles. Thank you
  14. From wife on board - Enchantment OTS headed back to Galveston with a medical emergency. First and foremost, I hope the affected party will fully recover. Secondly, with the propulsion issues she's been having, will they even be ale to make it Cozumel on time? I'll provide updates if I receive them.
  15. This older ship doesn't get a lot of publicity here, so I thought I'd share a little so when someone comes looking like I did, they might have a little insight. We are nearly Diamond (not a brag - just a point of reference as to our experience with Royal ships). We have been on a variety of classes of ships, but Enchantment "scared" me a bit. My buddy gambled enough on an 11 night reposition aboard the Ovation that he was offered a free cruise. We were invited to join. The timing was good and the pricing was right, so we crashed the party. I've said in the past I would not sail for less than 7 days. But I am coming around on that bit of cruise snobbery! We booked a deck 2 cabin (an area of the ship we typically try to avoid), didn't do any real extras, and basically just tried to low key cruise! The ship has seen better days. A little rust here, some disrepair there, paint chips, carpet fray and so forth, but all in all, the ship really is still quite beautiful and one can easily see how she was the belle of the ball in her day. The smaller ship certainly makes standing in line a much shorter proposition and easier to maneuver without massive crowds. One other thing I noticed on this ship - it was easier to disconnect. Fewer TV's in bars with news or sports playing - so if you are addicted, beware. Luckily I was able to record my college football team, not hear any of the news of their game and came home to a shortened viewing of my game of interest. We enjoyed the deck 2 location except for heading to the Windjammer. That was a 7 flight climb (we never rode an elevator - get those steps!), but coming back on board from a port was a breeze going up (and down to get to the gangway) only one flight. Food was hit and a little miss. We never went hungry! Selections are a little less than the bigger ships, but we had plenty of choices. Entertainment and activities seemed a little more streamlined with not quite as much going on, but the normal high points were there (Quest, Battle of the Sexes, Karaoke, Trivia, Bingo, etc...). The orchestra and musicians onboard were high quality. The shows are a little rough around the edges as they are rather dated; but not having seen these shows before, it was good to get a fresh look. Bobby the Cruise Director is a Texan! So, that was fun having so many Texas cruisers with a leader that speak the language! 🙂 The ship had a little extra action on the way north, but rode like a smooth champ heading south. Some crew mentioned it had a little more motion than the big girls, but oddly, I liked the motion that has been missing from prior cruises! Not too much creaking or odd noises, so the old girl is aging gracefully it would seem. So, shorter cruise, older and smaller than normal vessel - no problem! It was a great experience if you can overlook that it's not a shiny new thing. Short of having some bells and whistles, the cruise was a very fine experience. I viewed this as a bonus vacation that was not planned at the beginning of the year. If anyone has any questions, I'll do what I can to share from our experience.
  16. I just wanted to share my thoughts on our June 28th 5 night cruise on the Enchantment of the Seas. I've posted this as a review and I'm posting here so I can answer any questions. Ship - As many have pointed out, the Enchantment of the Seas needs some serious maintenance. So much so, that it's not really maintenance anymore. The ship just needs a major dry dock for new paint and varnish. This did not in any way affect our cruise. In fact I really like this ship and its layout. I really hate seeing it so unloved by Royal, but a small ship like the Enchantment isn't the focus of the company. I wouldn't hesitate to book this ship again, but I would hesitate to bring first time cruisers that I was trying to convert to cruising. During our cruise, there were some issues with air conditioning. We were in 7168, an aft junior suite on the port side. The cabin was very warm when we got on the ship. I reported the problem and someone looked at it while we were out. The cabin then got cool enough to be comfortable, but the only time it was really cool was when it was cooler outside and raining. The hallway to our room remained very warm all cruise. Our room steward had just returned to the ship and was commenting on how warm it was. Most of the public areas were very warm when we boarded the ship. I wonder if some of the air conditioning had been turned off during turnaround. By the time we finished dinner, the public areas had cooled off. I really enjoy a full promenade deck on a ship and thought that EOTS had one. Unfortunately the bow portion of the promenade was blocked off. It obviously had been closed off for some time. But that left at least a 3/4 promenade until the 2nd day when the aft portion was blocked off, and then most of the port side was blocked. I was quite disappointed. I know that for most people this wouldn't be a problem, but then I wouldn't care if they closed the casino. Cabin - We were in 7168, an aft mini suite. I booked this cabin because we really like watching the wake and the more expansive views. We liked this cabin, but it is not for everyone. There was a lot of motion and vibration. DH said it was like being rocked to sleep, but I think many people would have problems getting to sleep in this cabin. The cabin is right over the Spotlight Lounge. I was concerned before the cruise that this might be a problem. It might be if the Spotlight was busy, but it's so rarely used that this wasn't a problem. Food - Our last cruise was on Carnival and we were not impressed. The food on the EOTS was much better. I though the food in the MDR was better than in the Windjammer. The service in the Windjammer was the best I've had in a buffet. We had lunch in the MDR on day because I wanted the Tutti Salad. It wasn't as good as I remember from the Mariner of the Seas. They were having problems running out of items. We had dinner in Chops which was good, but not fabulous, except for the Key Lime Pie which was just awful. The best dessert is actually a drink - the Red Velvet Cake, which tastes like a chocolate covered strawberry. We had the same problem on this cruise as we had on our previous Royal Caribbean cruise - the dining hours just don't work for us. Having dinner at 9:00 pm is not unusual for us, especially on vacation. We had one night where we ran up to the Windjammer at 8:55pm to make sure that we had dinner. I think the MDR should be open until 9:30 and the Windjammer until 11:00pm. Also I don't understand why the Windjammer is closed for so long in the afternoon. On port days we often come back hungry, and since Royal Caribbean doesn't have many choices for food at 4:30pm, they are easily overwhelmed by the crowds at that time. Entertainment - We enjoyed the shows and bands. We really liked the EOTS orchestra which did a couple of jazz sets in the atrium on the last day. We missed the first comedian and wished we had missed the second one. We loved the parade of flags on the last night. I just wish that we had gotten there earlier to get a better spot. I liked the way the atrium was used, but the other venues were often the wrong ones for the event. For example, Karaoke should be in the Spotlight lounge and trivia should be Boleros. You often need to get to activities early, because the space is too small for the activity. I did enjoy the trivia and won a highlighter. Ports - We were scheduled to stop at Costa Maya and Cozumel. We missed Costa Maya due to high winds. I've missed two ports on my 10 cruises - both times it was Costa Maya. I was really disappointed because I was looking forward to trying Maya Chan. However I was pleasantly surprised that as a consolation prize, we docked at 7:00pm in Cozumel. This meant that the shops and casino were closed that night, so I really appreciate that RC chose passenger satisfaction over profits. I really expected that we would just spend the extra time floating in the Caribbean until morning. Fellow Cruisers - There were a lot of large family groups on this cruise, including a wedding which added a nice touch. All in all, it was a good cruise. Our most recent cruise before this one was a 5 night cruise out of Galveston on Carnival, so this was a chance to compare the two. It really comes down to personal preference. For us Royal Caribbean is a better fit than Carnival.
  17. We are thinking of booking on Enchantment of the Seas - the suites are mostly below the Windjammer Cafe. Our concern is that it will be loud...footsteps, chairs moving, etc. from above. If anyone has been in those suites, would you give us your feedback? Thanks!
  18. Good morning! I wanted to write a review for this ship for a few reasons. Mostly because not many write a review on this ship that I have read. Also, most responses were if you are thinking of Enchantment, it would be better to take the Liberty. I have sailed the Liberty and do have kids. :) So my review will also be comparing both ships. The ship is what I expected from all the research I have done. They are correct. First look at the ship and you do see a lot of rust. You can tell it is a small ship as well and may have seen better days. This is also JUST COSMETIC. So my first impressions were not that great at all. I was unimpressed. Especially since the Liberty was amazing to look at. So, if you want to be those people who when in port wants to say, "I have the better ship" yeah, this is obviously not for you. Getting onto the ship, you can tell it is a classic feel. A lot of brass. I would not say it is ugly in any shape of form. The Liberty was dressed to impress and EOTS was for function. At this point in time it did cross my mind if we were going to even have a good time. I admit. I was being snobbish about the whole situation at this point. However that is where my bad review stops. I kept an open mind and boy I am sure glad I did. Food: Windjammer: On the Liberty, we HATED Windjammer. It even had a smell to it as we were walking up to it and for us it was unpalatable. But we were forced to eat there a few times do to what we had planned for that day. It was what it was. On the Enchantment it was a bit more crowded due to the smaller space, but the food was very good. The coffee still sucked but that was about it. WAY better hands down. Chopps Grille: Both ships performed amazing Dinning room: Both ships were great. I will add higher scores to EOTS simply because we never got tired of the food as we did on the Liberty. We also got our food out much faster. I do eat Gluten Free and not sure if it was because of the couple years in between both sailings, but EOTS had a TON of options whereas the Liberty I was limited. Drinks: This will have to go to the Liberty. We like to have the occasional drink but still bought the drink packages. EOTS we felt like we drank all freaking day. The drinks tasted good for sure! But I SWEAR there was no alcohol in them even though I watched them put it in! My husband and I are light weights in this category and for us to have drinks all day without so much as a buzz, headache, or hangover should tell you something. Beer and wine, for obvious reasons, were right on par but that is because they can't mix them hahaha. Shops: This defiantly goes to Liberty. I don't shop much. But had fun going through all the little shops. EOTS didn't have hardly any. But I suppose it is because it is such a smaller ship. What was there was ok. But I was in and out of there in 10 minutes. Water activities: This one is a hard one to compare. On Liberty we did everything we could from the slides, to the pools, to the waverider. We did them a lot and had a blast. I was worried that we would be bored with the small pools on EOTHS. This was a surprising win going to EOTS. People may differ on this opinion so I need to expand on this subject. Our kids are in Elementary, Middle, and High school. The only times the pool was crowded on EOTHS was during certain games that were listed. I hate crowds, yet I found myself standing near the pool to see the action on EOTS. I did not dare to do that on the Liberty. WAYYYYY toooooo many folks trying to get a look and we couldn't even see what was going on. EOTHS we could see all the action and the Entertainment staff really really got the crowds going. They had the same size pools as Liberty, but since it is a smaller ship, there aren't as many people on board. So it made for an enjoyable time at the pool. We found lots of opportunities to hop into the hot tubs as well. Kids clubs: My youngest hated the club on the Liberty. But I honestly believe it was because of his age and not because of the environment. The older kids had a blast. We didn't enroll them in the clubs this trip. However I spoke to many families who's kids were in the clubs and said they were all having a blast. Would rather go there than hang with the parents. So take that for what it is worth. Stage shows: We did see a couple shows on the Liberty. They were good. I can't for the life of me remember which shows we saw at the moment. But I remember that they were good. We went to two shows on the EOTHS. The first show went through several musicals. MY middle child is into musicals so we wanted to make sure we went to see it. I have to say, all the music was performed live which made the whole experience amazing. The singers were just, wow. We have seen a few shows on Broadway in NYC, and I would say defiantly comparable!!! Other entertainment: We didn't do as much of this stuff on the Liberty just because there was sooo much to do. But what we did do was so mild and didn't make that much impression on us. We did things like the scavenger hunt, etc. Fun little 20 minute deals. But I am gonna give this one to EOTS. I suppose because it doesn't have all the thrills, you have time to look through the planner and pick and choose. We did a LOT more of these on EOTS. The same activities we did on the Liberty we did on EOTS and the entertainment staff was so energetic that EVERYONE wanted to do something. Trust me. I would have NEVER EVER in my LIFE want to dance in front of a million people but I won 3rd place (GO ME!) in a dance off! Even got myself a medal and had a TON of fun doing it! Believe me when I say I am one of the shyest people you will ever meet. The staff is just so freaking fun you swear you have known them your whole life haha. We did go to the 70's disco dance. HANDS DOWN the best cruise party we have been to. ALL our kids are STILL talking about it. I won't say much. Just know if you sail EOTS and this is offered it is a MUST. Overall: EOTS is the surprising win. Of course a cruise it what you make of it. If you feel like you need to be the biggest and the best, or need all the latest tech, etc, EOTS will surely disappoint you. My family likes to stick to ourselves. We aren't prudes, but we don't really talk to others if you know what I mean. We enjoy each others company and have fun just the same. We have sailed Disney Dream, and the Liberty. Each have their unique qualities. But EOTS we felt like family. Everyone. I mean EVERYONE on that ship was our best friend. Because it was smaller we saw the same people all the time and by day 3 everyone was BFF's with everyone. Lots of laughter. Everyone encouraged each other to make a fool of themselves during games and everyone no matter how terrible you were was winner and cheered on for a great job. High fives in the hallway. EOTS was a very unique experience and one for the record books.
  19. My wife, sister, sister-in-law, and myself just returned from a 4-day to Cozumel aboard the Enchantment of the Seas. Full disclaimer: we "won" this cruise from Casino Royale (IE, it was a payoff because they massively changed the rules for their casino points system). First off, you can tell it's an older ship. It seems worn, and it was glaringly obvious when we were docked next to a much newer ship in Cozumel. The newer ship (don't remember the name), was gleaming white and Enchantment seemed a bit dingy next to her especially with the rust around the portholes on deck 1. Everything was maintained, but little things popped up here and there -- like a good 10-15% of the LED's on the big screen on the pool deck not working, the aforementioned rust, etc. Our cabin was in good shape, except the water in the shower never got hotter than lukewarm. I told our cabin attendant about it, but it wasn't fixed during our trip. The safe glitched once, also, requiring someone to come down and open it for us. We didn't hit any shows, since this is our 11th cruise and we just wanted to relax and gamble. We did do a couple of trivia games, which were fun. The only issue there was that one was Star Wars trivia, and the person who was asking the question had a strong accent and difficulty with some words...his English was still a work in progress. Valiant attempt on his part, though. The deluxe beach break in Cozumel was worth it, even if I did discover that I'm much too old and much too fat for some of the activities I attempted. Getting off the ship in Cozumel was an exercise in frustration. We were told that the line to get off the ship started on deck 4. However, deck 4 was a mass of milling, uncertain people and there was no staff on hand to organize things. Worried we were going to be late for our shore excursion, I found a crewman who was kinda rude and told me to go back to deck 4 and get in line. I told him there was no "line", just a crowd, and explained that we were going to miss our excursion, to which he replied that that was impossible since the excursion staff was still on the ship. Kind of hard to figure that one out, since the excursion was operated by Mexican nationals ashore. Later, I overheard a young lady from RCCL explain that they had told the excursion people that things were backed up and that they would wait for us to get off the ship. Dining was as expected for RCCL (good), except the food at the Windjammer wasn't of the same quality as it was on the Liberty or Navigator....not bad, but not up to par. Overall, it wasn't bad for a "free" 4-day cruise. We are looking forward to going back on the Liberty later this year, though.
  20. Enchantment of the Seas Sails on First Cruise from Galveston May 07, 2019 Royal Caribbean International’s Enchantment of the Seas began its homeport seasonal sailing itinerary from the Port of Galveston with a seven-day Western Caribbean cruise on Monday, May 6, according to a press release. “We are excited to welcome yet another Royal Caribbean ship, Enchantment of the Seas to its new seasonal homeport in Galveston. Short cruising is in demand, the market is growing so it’s great that Royal Caribbean is expanding their shorter cruise program from Galveston by bringing newer and larger ships to accommodate the growth in the short cruise market, ” said Rodger Rees, CEO, and Port Director. “Giving cruise passengers various sailing options is one of the reasons that this port has climbed the ranks to become the four busiest cruise port in the nation.” The Enchantment of the Seas joins the largest cruise ship to sail from the State of Texas, Royal Caribbean International’s Liberty of the Seas, Royal Caribbean International has scheduled 50 four- and five-day cruises and one seven-day cruise from Galveston during the 2019 cruise season. These new cruises will result in an estimated additional 122,400 passengers leaving on cruises from Galveston, the port said. Next year, the Adventure of the Seas will call Texas home for the first time, becoming the first Voyager class ship and the largest Royal Caribbean ship sailing short voyages from Galveston.
  21. This is going around..... apparently Enchantment has some long term propulsion issue too.
  22. I'm looking at excursions and the sort for the cruise. As i'm looking at Coco I'm not finding anything I can prepurchase for waterpark passes. Am I missing something somewhere?
  23. Hi All! We will be on the Enchantment OTS next celebrating our 25th anniversary as well as graduation for our twins. I have book a 2 bedroom suite (it's a surprise for the kids, they think they are in an interior room). I just had a question about getting off the ship when we return. We have never been in a suite before...are there any perks for this? TIA Also, any tips or great perks of having a suite?
  24. I'm looking for some advice from RCI experts on cruises departing from San Juan, PR. My husband and I are thinking about a New Year's Eve 2020 cruise on the Enchantment. The itinerary looks great. It is port intensive going to BVI, St Kitts, Martinique, Barbados, and Grenada. We've sailed on RCI for NYE before and had a wonderful time! As some background, we sailed Carnival out of San Juan about 6 or 7 years ago over the 4th of July, and it wasn't the best trip. There were huge groups of families/friends onboard that took over the ship. We travel a lot and enjoy meeting people from all over the world, but this wasn't what we expected. The large groups spread out across the whole pool area stacking away dozens of loungers to create play areas and a dance floor for their own music on the deck. The seats were so limited that other guests brought chairs from the buffet so they could sit in the sun. The MDR was probably a worse situation. Tables were pushed together to sit parties of 20+ people, and they stayed for 3-4 hours. After the first formal night when we waited over 2 hours for a table, we gave up on the MDR. Was this an exception? Do you think other crews could have managed the situation better? We don't want or expect a quiet holiday cruise, but we want a chance to enjoy the ship too. Thanks in advance for the advice!
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