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  1. My husband and I am trying to decide between the NCL Bliss to the Mexican Riviera or the NCL Epic to the Southern Caribbean for March 2021. We plan to book a Haven suite. Please give me your opinion of pros and cons of both ships and routes. The Epic is scheduled for dry dock so may be updated but I am not sure what will be done. The Bliss is relatively new, correct? Any advice would be welcomed. Thank you in advance for your input. Lisa
  2. I'm trying to decide if I should keep my reservation for the Epic TA on 4/11/2021 from Miami to Barcelona. I'm in an H9 Spa Haven and have the premium beverage, internet, shore excursion credit & 5 night dining package. We also have flights from Detroit plus 2 day deviation at beginning and end and transfers from airport to the port. Our total price for 2 of us is 7200. I think this is a pretty good deal. These are the points making me second guess the reservation: The SPA cabins are in terrible location and there is alot of noise from the pool deck above. This is the only Ha
  3. The current conditional sail order ends on 11/01/21. Hopefully, if it ends on time, they will be allowed to do a TA crossing. Good Luck, the Epic has the best Haven in the fleet. Enjoy.
  4. Fantastic video. Thank you for sharing. We were on the Epic to the Southern Caribbean (from San Juan) in February/March, 2020. We made it there and back before the lockdowns. Cannot wait to do a similar itinerary again.
  5. My major fault with EPIC is the lack of windows in public areas and a connection to the sea. It's like being in an interior Las Vegas hotel. The Breakaway and Breakaway Plus class corrected this, with the Waterfront outdoor promenade. I get what you're saying though. EPIC does have a lot of innovations, plus the best spa/gym and Haven in the entire fleet. I like the pool that converts to a dance floor in Space H2O too!. Fun to say I've danced on that pool till wee hours! LOL. EPIC has a great Bliss Nightclub too. Doesn't really exist on the other ships, or at least a poor
  6. You should not have cancelled the cruise but re-booked to another cruise. I had deposited the CN cert. for a cruise in AUG 2020, when final payment date rolled around I rebooked to the following cruise. We have a cruise booked for April 2021, which is longer than the 7 day CDC guidelines. So it will be cancelled. However before final payment date I will book for another date thus not losing the CN cert. It will be the last CN I buy as NCL doesn't refund you money after 4 years if you choose not to go like Princess does. I bought 2 in 2016 on a wonderful NCL cruise, but after the last NCL Epic
  7. So I’m looking at booking a B2B well kinda. I’m already booked on RC Freedom in Jan 2021 out of Puerto Rico. Jan 31st - Feb 7th And was thinking about booking the Epic for when we get back on the Freedom. Feb 7 - Feb 14th. It visits 2 of the same cities as the Freedom, but I’m ok with that. So your thought on the Epic. And suggestions for a good Mini Suite cabin would be appreciated.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Lets hope this time next year we are full of Thanksgiving cruise reviews! I never cruised during Thanksgiving but did so during Christmas. My best memory was watching "A Christmas Story" on Christmas Eve in the atrium while eating popcorn aboard the brand new NCL Epic in December 2010. Cant believe its been 10 years already.
  9. We had an extended balcony mid ship cabin in the Epic a couple of years ago.as complawyer says the rooms are narrow, the beds are short and the bathroom isn't to everyone's taste but all these issues exist in the standard balcony cabins too. We found that the room was dark because of the extended balcony. The balcony itself wasn't as big as I expected it to be but certainly big enough. The big thing about med cruises are with the long port days you don't get a lot of time to enjoy your balcony, or at least we didn't. All in all I would choose that cabin again because it is centra
  10. Sorry this one has been a little late coming - with Christmas and the NY following it I didnt get round to putting it together till later than usual and find I must now catch up as we have another cruise in a couple of weeks. I'll post as quickly here as I can but you can keep in front and see all the photos on the usual blog entry. NCL Epic - Transatlantic 2019 - Part 1 Barcelona - Palma Mallorca - Gibraltar Day 1 Barcelona The Norwegian Epic - often referred to as the marmite of cruise ships she is certainly one of a
  11. Yes it is because of the lifeboats. Although Escape, Joy, Bliss, Encore all belong to the largest "Breakaway-Plus" class, but Escape is the odd one since her lifeboats still follow the old design on Breakaway and Getaway (overhang more outwards). Starting from Joy, the lifeboat positions are modified (hidden inside the hull) in order to fulfil the canal transit requirements. Below pictures are the comparison between Getaway (old design) and Joy (new design). To summarize which NCL ships can use the Panama Canal, from largest to smallest: Encore: Y Bl
  12. The lifeboat positions (and their large size) prevent some ships (Epic, Escape, and the Aways) from using the locks. The Bliss, Encore and Joy have their lifeboats tucked under the waterfront on deck 8, therefore these Mega-ships can transit the new locks.
  13. i dont want to rain on your parade, but you might be slightly disappointed. the room is ok size, the balcony is a little larger because of the way the ship is built. a few years ago, we had an aft suite in the epic, and with the shape of the round bed, one person had to get out the way so the other could pass. i hated the way the bathroom/shower was set up. you might want to check on the club balcony suites. the rooms are a little bigger, although the balcony is a little smaller. personally i'd go with more room in the cabin itself, but the price is slightly higher. yo
  14. So I’m getting ready to book on the Epic for next year. And I’d like to try and get the best balcony I can in the BA section or? Im open to suggestions for a good balcony location like a corner location, Aft, forward . any and all suggestions are appreciated.
  15. Just booked Epic Haven Courtyard penthouse 17009. I know some of these rooms have solarium type balcony with a little window but it looks like this one might have an open one. Anyone know? First time in Haven!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  16. Among the larger ships, only Joy / Bliss / Encore can transit through the Panama Canal. They use the new locks. Breakaway / Getaway / Escape / Epic cannot have any Panama Cruises due to the limitation of their design. Even the new locks of Panama Canal cannot accommodate them. That's the reason why these 4 ships never go to West Coast and Alaska.
  17. I'm not a NCL expert, but we have sailed NCL about a dozen times, most recently including Epic, Breakaway, Jade, and Getaway. For me, the EPIC wins this battle hands down. Instead of the sweeping forward views of Breakaway and Getaway, the Epic offers sweeping aft views including an outside aft balcony with about 7 or 8 lounges/couches. To me, this makes Epic the best thermal spa at sea (and I do thermal spas on just about every ship that offers them). After awhile, the chlorine smell of the interior spas gets to me a bit. On Epic, you could lounge outside, on a covered balcony, in the fresh a
  18. In the beginning... Before the Getaway, Escape, or Bliss, there was the Breakaway. It was the first of a new class of ship for Norwegian Cruise Line. It went boldly, where no other NCL ship had before. On the first day, Kevin Sheehan said "Let them have a deck close to, and overlooking the water" and the Waterfront was born... A new innovative concept that would shape all of the new ships to follow. It was also the first NCL ship to feature Ocean Blue, by Geoffrey Zakarian, an all new dining concept at sea. The hull art was done by Peter Max, and featured the New York City skyline. In a way, t
  19. I spend too much time living vicariously on here; I love reading reviews, especially those with lots of food pictures, and have learned so much here that made my first few cruises so much easier and more enjoyable, thank you. I like reviews with lots of preamble as it gives me a perspective on the poster, so please excuse mine … Preamble I’m a 40-something Scot living in Ireland, I travel with my 50-something Irish friend. I’d always wanted to cruise but when I’d looked into cruising in the past the whole notion of set-dining and shared tables was more of a puni
  20. One year ago today I got off the Getaway in New Orleans. It turned out to be my 2nd to last cruise, as I did manage to get on the Encore the last week of February this year. Had two more booked...Epic in the Med and Escape to Bermuda (see the pattern...all 3 ships started with E) but of course, those didn't happen. Right now I am not planning anything but hope to be on one of the first Leonardo class sailings in 2022...either a Med or maybe the TA. I am thankful for the times I did get to travel and will never take it for granted again!
  21. O Sheenan's isn't just about the food its the ambience. I ate at the bar on the Epic (didnt drink that cruise) and often people from the ship would stop by and eat or have some drinks.
  22. Anyone have an update from the Epic? Supposed to be in Puerto Rico this morning?
  23. When I simulate a booking for a balcony on the Bliss it appears that all beds are close to the door as opposed to the balcony. Is this true for 100% of the cabins? I hated this on the Epic. Also, are there any oceanview cabins with seating (besides the bed!) Thank you in advance.
  24. We tend to ask the butler to bring a pitcher of OJ on the first day, so that day 2 we'll make our own mimosas with the free sparkling wine they give you. We've only sailed Haven twice so far, and it was a night and day experience from the first Haven cruise to the 2nd. Not so great on the Jade, simply amazing on the Epic. If all goes well with Covid we'll be on the Bliss in April for the tie breaker experience. Seeing what I've read so far from the rest of you who've sailed the Bliss in Haven, my guess is that we'll be hooked going forward - at least on those classes of ships that
  25. Wow! What a cheap cruise on the Epic! I'm shocked that they are not charging a single supplement fee either for a non studio cabin! Is there issues with the Epic? Wish I had vacation time! Lol!
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